JCM On-line Catalogue of Strains

 Scientific name 1
    Example 1: Genus = Micromonospora
Example 2: Species = aurantiaca
Example 3: Genus = %monospo, Species = %ensis
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 Scientific name 2
 Scientific name:
    Example 1: Scientific name = Micromonospora chalcea
Example 2: Scientific name = Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei
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 JCM accession number
    Example: JCM = 12345 (Exact match search)

 Accession number of other culture collection
    Example 1: Acronym = DSM, Number = 43067
Example 2: Acronym = VKM, Number = Ac-636
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    Example: Keyword = toluene
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 Culture medium
 JCM Medium No.:
 Name of Medium:
    Example 1: JCM Medium No. = 58
Example 2: Name of Medium = malt extract
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JCM Strains in Publications

An important mission of RIKEN BRC-JCM is the contribution to scientific communities. JCM discloses research publications of our users to the public in order to promote our service.

To Users: When you have published your research results in a scientific journal, please inform us (inquiry.jcmriken.jp) of the publication. Also, please refer to the origin of materials that were provided from JCM as shown below. We appreciate your feedback and cooperation.

Example :

Strain JCM xxxxx was provided by Japan Collection of Microorganisms, RIKEN BRC which is participating in the National BioResource Project of the MEXT, Japan.


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