How to Revive Frozen-thawed Cultures

JCM distributes some fungi to users in the form of frozen-thawed agar disks in cryotubes. These cultures were prepared according to the method of Ito (1993). To revive the cultures, please follow the directions shown below.

  1. Prepare a suitable medium for the fungal strain by consulting the JCM On-line Catalogue of Strains.
  2. Check that the cap of the cryotube is closed firmly, and then wipe the tube with cotton wool containing 70% alcohol.
  3. Open the cap slowly under sterile environment. To prevent contamination, it is recommended that the upper part of the tube is covered with a sterilized cotton sheet or cotton wool (NOT containing alcohol).
  4. Pick up agar disks from the cryotube with a suitable tool (e.g., microspatula, platinum loop, etc.), and inoculate them on the medium.
  5. Incubate the culture under the directed condition for several weeks.


Reference :

    Ito, T. 1993. A simple method for the transport of fungal cultures stored by freezing. Bull. JFCC 9: 9-12.

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