How to Revive Lyophilized or L-Dried Cultures

Keep the ampoule on a flat place, and make a file-cut at the neck. Wipe the ampoule with cotton-wool containing 70% alcohol.
Cover the ampoule with a sterile cotton sheet, and cut it carefully at the neck. Do not use a cotton sheet containing alcohol. Using a sterile Pasteur pipette, add 0.3 to 0.5 ml of suitable rehydration fluid into the ampoule.
Spread the sample on a suitable plate and incubate it under the directed condition. The subculture should be established in fresh media only after confirming its purity. A careless single-colony isolation may lead to picking up an unusual strain. It is recommended to revive the strain simultaneously using liquid culture. How to Revive Lyophilized or L-Dried Cultures (PDF 320KB)

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