JCM On-line Catalogue of Strains

 Scientific name 1
    Example 1: Genus = Micromonospora
Example 2: Species = aurantiaca
Example 3: Genus = %monospo, Species = %ensis
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 Scientific name 2
 Scientific name:
    Example 1: Scientific name = Micromonospora chalcea
Example 2: Scientific name = Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei
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 JCM accession number
    Example: JCM = 12345 (Exact match search)

 Accession number of other culture collection
    Example 1: Acronym = DSM, Number = 43067
Example 2: Acronym = VKM, Number = Ac-636
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    Example: Keyword = toluene
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 Culture medium
 JCM Medium No.:
 Name of Medium:
    Example 1: JCM Medium No. = 58
Example 2: Name of Medium = malt extract
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JCM Staff

HEAD OF MICROBE DIVISION Moriya Ohkuma, Ph.D. mohkuma riken.jp
Aerobic Bacteria & Actinomycetes Takuji Kudo, Ph.D. kudo jcm.riken.jp
Takao Iino, Ph.D. iino riken.jp
Yumi Oshida yumi riken.jp
Youko Morishita youko.morishita riken.jp
Anaerobic Bacteria & Lactic Acid Bacteria Mitsuo Sakamoto, Ph.D. sakamoto riken.jp
Archaea & Extremophiles Takashi Itoh, Ph.D. ito jcm.riken.jp
Yeasts Rikiya Endoh, Ph.D. rikiyasu riken.jp
Filamentous Fungi Gen Okada, Ph.D. okada jcm.riken.jp
RESOURCE ADVANCEMENT Toshiya Iida, Ph.D. tiida riken.jp
Kouji Suzu kosuzu riken.jp
Research & Development Scientist Masahiro Yuki, Ph.D. masahiro.yuki riken.jp
Shingo Kato Ph.D. skato riken.jp
Postdoctoral Researcher Yuki Nishimura Ph.D. yuki.nishimura riken.jp
Akira Hashimoto Ph.D. akira.hashimoto riken.jp
Visiting Researcher Hiroyuki Sakai, Ph.D. hiroyuki.sakai.vs riken.jp
Visiting Scientist Jun-ichi Inoue, Ph.D. jun-inoue riken.jp