JCM strains in publications in 2005

Ref. No.JCM strain No.TitleAuthorJournalVol.PagesYearPMIDdoi
C05001JCM 12613TDesulfovibrio aerotolerans sp. nov., an oxygen tolerant sulphate-reducing bacterium isolated from activated sludge.Mogensen GL, Kjeldsen KU, Ingvorsen KAnaerobe11339-349200516701597
A05002JCM 9066TCryptococcus allantoinivorans sp.nov., an anamorphic basidiomycetous yeast (Tremellales) physiologically resembling other species of the Cryptococcus laurentii complex that degrade polysaccharides and C2 compounds.Middelhoven WJAntonie Van Leeuwenhoek87101-108200515793619
B05003JCM 2321, JCM 12561T, JCM 12562Metschnikowia viticola sp. nov., a new yeast species from grape.Peter G, Tornai-Lehoczki J, Suzuki M, Dlauchy DAntonie Van Leeuwenhoek87155-160200515723177
A05004JCM 2013, JCM 2530TA newly constructed primer pair for the PCR amplification, cloning and sequencing of the flagellin (flaA) gene from isolatesof urease-negative Campylobacter lari.Sekizuka T, Yokoi T, Murayama O, Millar BC, Moore J, Matsuda MAntonie Van Leeuwenhoek88113-120200516096687
C05005JCM 12201TTrichosporon wieringae sp.nov., an anamorphic basidiomycetous yeast from soil, and assimilation of some phenolic compounds, polysaccharides and other non-conventional carbon sources by saprophytic Trichosporon species.Middelhoven WJAntonie Van Leeuwenhoek 86329-337200515702385
A05006JCM 1463TSeasonal change in bacterial flora and biomass in mountain snow from the Tateyama Mountains, Japan, analyzed by 16S rRNA gene sequencing and real-time PCR.Segawa T, Miyamoto K, Ushida K, Agata K, Okada N, Kohshima SAppl Environ Microbiol71123-130200515640179
A05007JCM 2180, JCM 2521T, JCM 3166T, JCM 3225TMolecular detection of Mycobacterium bovis and Mycobacterium bovis BCG (Pasteur) in soil.Young JS, Gormley E, Wellington EMAppl Environ Microbiol711946-1952200515812024
A05008JCM 1217T, JCM 1254Novel putative galactose operon involving lacto-N-biose phosphorylase in Bifidobacterium longum.Kitaoka M, Tian J, Nishimoto MAppl Environ Microbiol713158-3162200515933016
A05009JCM 1044, JCM 1120T, JCM 1126T, JCM 1132T, JCM 1134T, JCM 1158, JCM 1173T, JCM 1391T, JCM 1395T, JCM 1564, JCM 2011T, JCM 2257T, JCM 3817, JCM 5666T, JCM 5667T, JCM 5810, JCM 5887T, JCM 7876, JCM 8724T, JCM 11425Development and assessment of a real-time pcr assay for rapid and sensitive detection of a novel thermotolerant bacterium, Lactobacillus thermotolerans, in chicken feces.Selim AS, Boonkumklao P, Sone T, Assavanig A, Wada M, Yokota AAppl Environ Microbiol714214-4219200516085805
A05010JCM 10015Expression of 3-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein reductase (fabG) genes enhances production of polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer from glucose in recombinant Escherichia coli JM109.Nomura CT, Taguchi K, Gan Z, Kuwabara K, Tanaka T, Takase K, Doi YAppl Environ Microbiol714297-4306200516085817
A05011JCM 1194T, JCM 1195T, JCM 1200T, JCM 1207T, JCM 1218T, JCM 1222T, JCM 1255T, JCM 1269T, JCM 1275T, JCM 7096TGene structure and transcriptional organization of the dnaK operon of Bifidobacterium breve UCC 2003 and application of the operon in bifidobacterial tracing.Ventura M, Zink R, Fitzgerald GF, van Sinderen DAppl Environ Microbiol71487-500200515640225
A05012JCM 12644TPotential for quantifying expression of the Geobacteraceae citrate synthase gene to assess the activity of Geobacteraceae in the subsurface and on current-harvesting electrodes.Holmes DE, Nevin KP, O'Neil RA, Ward JE, Adams LA, Woodard TL, Vrionis HA, Lovley DRAppl Environ Microbiol716870-6877200516269721
A05013JCM 1234TRecognition of individual genes in diverse microorganisms by cycling primed in situ amplification.Kenzaka T, Tamaki S, Yamaguchi N, Tani K, Nasu MAppl Environ Microbiol717236-7244200516269764
A05014JCM 11736TActive transport and accumulation of iodide by newly isolated marine bacteria.Amachi S, Mishima Y, Shinoyama H, Muramatsu Y, Fujii TAppl Environ Microbiol71741-745200515691925
B05015JCM 11082, JCM 11086, JCM 11088, JCM 11089, JCM 11091, JCM 11092, JCM 11093, JCM 11094, JCM 11096, JCM 11097, JCM 11098, JCM 11100, JCM 11101, JCM 11102, JCM 11103, JCM 11104, JCM 11105, JCM 11106, JCM 11110, JCM 11153, JCM 11157, JCM 13351Symbiotic fungi produce laccases potentially involved in phenol degradation in fungus combs of fungus-growing termites in Thailand.Taprab Y, Johjima T, Maeda Y, Moriya S, Trakulnaleamsai S, Noparatnaraporn N, Ohkuma M, Kudo TAppl Environ Microbiol717696-7704200516332742
A05016JCM 7017, JCM 7019, JCM 7020, JCM 7050, JCM 7052, JCM 7053, JCM 7055, JCM 7056Prophage-like elements in bifidobacteria: insights from genomics, transcription, integration, distribution, and phylogenetic analysis.Ventura M, Lee JH, Canchaya C, Zink R, Leahy S, Moreno-Munoz JA, O'Connell-Motherway M, Higgins D, Fitzgerald GF, O'Sullivan DJ, van Sinderen DAppl Environ Microbiol718692-8705200516332864
A05017JCM 2414TCell adsorption and selective desorption for separation of microbial cells by using chitosan-immobilized silica.Kubota M, Matsui M, Chiku H, Kasashima N, Shimojoh M, Sakaguchi KAppl Environ Microbiol718895-8902200516332887
A05018JCM 9161Utilization of keratin-containing biowaste to produce biohydrogen.Bálint B, Bagi Z, Tóth A, Rákhely G, Perei K, Kovács KLAppl Microbiol Biotechnol69404-410200515856225
A05019JCM 1136TThe viability of probiotic bacteria as a factor influencing the immune response in rainbow trout Oncohynchus mykiss.Panigrahi A, Kiron V, Puangkaew J, Kobayashi T, Satoh S, Sugita HAquaculture243241-2542005
C05020JCM 12921TArthrobacter ardleyensis sp. nov., isolated from Antarctic lake sediment and deep-sea sediment.Chen M, Xiao X, Wang P, Zeng X, Wang FArch Microbiol183301-305200515834596
A05021JCM 5969T, JCM 10489TChlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbon-induced degradation of trichloroethylene in Wautersia numadzuensis sp. nov.Kageyama C, Ohta T, Hiraoka K, Suzuki M, Okamoto T, Ohishi KArch Microbiol18356-65200515570416
A05022JCM 9077TIsolation and characterization of a gene cluster for dibenzofuran degradation in a new dibenzofuran-utilizing bacterium, Paenibacillus sp. strain YK5.Iida T, Nakamura K, Izumi A, Mukouzaka Y, Kudo TArch Microbiol184305-315200516284749
A05023JCM 1157TLanthionine introduction into nukacin ISK-1 prepeptide by co-expression with modification enzyme NukM in Escherichia coli.Nagao J, Harada Y, Shioya K, Aso Y, Zendo T, Nakayama J, Sonomoto KBiochem Biophys Res Commun336507-513200516143300
A05024JCM 1248T, JCM 2152TEnumeration of viable counts in raw milk using the automated fluorescence microscopic method.Miyamoto T, Murata Y, Kobayashi H, Shimoyae M, Kamikado H, Noda N, Maruyama K, Honjoh K, Iio MBiocontrol Science10147-1542005
A05025JCM 5175, JCM 5176Inhibition of cariogenic factors of mutant streptococci by persimmon tannin.Yoshioka S, Toyama H, Kishimoto N, Fujita TBiocontrol Science10163-1672005
A05026JCM 1134TIn vitro antifungal and antiviral activities of γ- and δ-lactone analogs utilized as food flavoring.Kishimoto N, Sugihara S, Mochida K, Jujita TBiocontrol Science1031-362005
A05027JCM 1465T, JCM 2152T, JCM 2500T, JCM 2502T, JCM 2504T, JCM 2505T, JCM 2506T, JCM 2507T, JCM 2508T, JCM 2512TSimple identification of some Bacillus species and related genera in food by RAPD analysis combined with morphological observation.Miyamoto T, Nakayama M, Sasaki C, Sadakari K, Itoh Y, Fujimoto A, Honjoh K, Iio MBiocontrol Science1045-532005
A05028JCM 8726TOral administration of Bifidobacterium bifidum G9-1 suppresses total and antigen specific immunoglobulin E production in mice.Ohno H, Tsunemine S, Isa Y, Shimakawa M, Yamamura HBiol Pharm Bull281462-1466200516079493
A05029JCM 2054T, JCM 5824T, JCM 5826T, JCM 5827T, JCM 8358TIsolation of a human intestinal bacterium that transforms mangiferin to norathyriol and inducibility of the enzyme that cleaves a C-glucosyl bond.Sanugul K, Akao T, Li Y, Kakiuchi N, Nakamura N, Hattori MBiol Pharm Bull281672-1678200516141538
A05030JCM 5491Mechanism of action of dipropofol and synergistic action with other antibacterial agents in vitro.Ogata M, Kunikane T, Seki M, Oka K, Urano S, Seki S, Seki Y, Endo TBiol Pharm Bull281773-1775200516141558
A05031JCM 1239TApoptosis-mediated cytotoxicity of prodigiosin-like red pigment produced by γ-Proteobacterium and its multiple bioactivities.Nakashima T, Tamura T, Kurachi M, Yamaguchi K, Oda TBiol Pharm Bull282289-2295200516327167
A05032JCM 12775, JCM 12776, JCM 12778, JCM 12779Anaerobic degradation of aromatic compounds by magnetospirillum strains: isolation and degradation genes.Shinoda Y, Akagi J, Uchihashi Y, Hiraishi A, Yukawa H, Yurimoto H, Sakai Y, Kato NBiosci Biotechnol Biochem691483-1491200516116275
A05033JCM 2500TPaenibacillus macerans possesses two types of 16S rDNA copies in a genome with a length difference of twelve base pairs.Hamasaki Y, Watanabe Y, Kotoura S, Fuchu H, Sugiyama M, Hashizume K, Morita HBiosci Biotechnol Biochem691995-1998200516244457
A05034JCM 3867TGrowth inhibition by tungsten in the sulfur-oxidizing bacterium Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans.Negishi A, Muraoka T, Maeda T, Takeuchi F, Kanao T, Kamimura K, Sugio TBiosci Biotechnol Biochem692073-2080200516306687
A05035JCM 2873Prevention of intestinal infection by glycomacropeptide.Nakajima K, Tamura N, Kobayashi-Hattori K, Yoshida T, Hara-Kudo Y, Ikedo M, Sugita-Konishi Y, Hattori MBiosci Biotechnol Biochem692294-2301200516377886
A05036JCM 1194T, JCM 1210, JCM 1217T, JCM 1254, JCM 1272, JCM 1275T, JCM 7007Effects of dietary fructan on cecal enzyme activities in rats.Kang SA, Chun U, Jang KHBiotechnol Bioprocess Eng10582-5862005
A05037JCM 8931TProduction of a new sucrose derivative by transglycosylation of recombinant Sulfolobus shibatae β-glycosidase.Park NY, Baek NI, Cha J, Lee SB, Auh JH, Park CSCarbohydr Res3401089-1096200515797124
A05038JCM 9153Synthesis of arabinitol 1-phosphate and its use for characterization of arabinitol-phosphate dehydrogenase.Soroka NV, Kulminskaya AA, Eneyskaya EV, Shabalin KA, Uffimtcev AV, Povelainen M, Miasnikov AN, Neustroev KNCarbohydr Res340539-546200515721323
A05039JCM 1034, JCM 1126T, JCM 1130, JCM 1131T, JCM 1132T, JCM 1185T, JCM 2011T, JCM 5811, JCM 8772T, JCM 8778, JCM 8791Anaerobic induction of adherence to laminin in Lactobacillus gasseri strains by contact with solid surface.Horie M, Murakami T, Sato T, Tarusawa Y, Nakamura S, Toba TCurr Microbiol51275-282200516086101
C05040JCM 9820TCharacterization of a whole set of tRNA molecules in an aerobic hyper-thermophilic Crenarchaeon, Aeropyrum pernix K1.Yamazaki S, Kikuchi H, Kawarabayasi YDNA Res12403-416200516769697
C05041JCM 12253T, JCM 12254, JCM 12255TNatronolimnobius baerhuensis gen. nov., sp. nov. and Natronolimnobius innermongolicus sp. nov., novel haloalkaliphilic archaea isolated from soda lakes in Inner Mongolia, China.Itoh T, Yamaguchi T, Zhou P, Takashina TExtremophiles9111-116200515841343
B05042JCM 11179T, JCM 11547T, JCM 12291TMarinobacter alkaliphilus sp. nov., a novel alkaliphilic bacterium isolated from subseafloor alkaline serpentine mud from Ocean Drilling Program Site 1200 at South Chamorro Seamount, Mariana Forearc.Takai K, Moyer CL, Miyazaki M, Nogi Y, Hirayama H, Nealson KH, Horikoshi KExtremophiles917-27200515322951
C05043JCM 12178TDesulfovibrio brasiliensis sp. nov., a moderate halophilic sulfate-reducing bacterium from Lagoa Vermelha (Brazil) mediating dolomite formation.Warthmann R, Vasconcelos C, Sass H, McKenzie JAExtremophiles9255-261200515856133
A05044JCM 9653T, JCM 9654A simple fluorimetric method for the estimation of DNA-DNA relatedness between closely related microorganisms by thermal denaturation temperatures.Gonzalez JM, Saiz-Jimenez CExtremophiles975-79200515351875
C05045JCM 12314TThermus kawarayensis sp. nov., a new member of the genus Thermus, isolated from Japanese hot springs.Kurosawa N, Itoh YH, Itoh TExtremophiles981-84200515378402
A05046JCM 8866T, JCM 9576TOrganic solvent tolerance of halophilic α-amylase from a Haloarchaeon, Haloarcula sp. strain S-1.Fukushima T, Mizuki T, Echigo A, Inoue A, Usami RExtremophiles985-89200515378403
A05047JCM 9974TA second novel dye-linked L-proline dehydrogenase complex is present in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus horikoshii OT-3.Kawakami R, Sakuraba H, Tsuge H, Goda S, Katunuma N, Ohshima TFEBS J2724044-4054200516098188
A05048JCM 1190T, JCM 1192T, JCM 1200T, JCM 1217T, JCM 1254, JCM 1275T, JCM 7096T, JCM 7130Similar bifidogenic effects of prebiotic-supplemented partially hydrolyzed infant formula and breastfeeding on infant gut microbiota.Rinne MM, Gueimonde M, Kalliomaki M, Hoppu U, Salminen SJ, Isolauri EFEMS Immunol Med Microbiol4359-65200515607637
A05049JCM 1002T, JCM 1131TA swine toll-like receptor 2-expressing transfectant as a potential primary screening system for immunobiotic microorganisms.Tohno M, Kitazawa H, Shimosato T, Matsumoto M, Katoh S, Kawai Y, Saito TFEMS Immunol Med Microbiol44283-288200515907450
A05050JCM 3201TPolymerase chain reaction for identification of aldoxime dehydratase in aldoxime- or nitrile-degrading microorganisms.Kato Y, Yoshida S, Asano YFEMS Microbiol Lett246243-249200515899412
A05051JCM 3199Rapid detection and identification of the metabolically diverse genus Gordonia by 16S rRNA-gene-targeted genus-specific primers.Shen FT, Young CCFEMS Microbiol Lett250221-227200516098691
A05052JCM 1542TUstilagic acid secretion by Pseudozyma fusiformata strains.Kulakovskaya TV, Shashkov AS, Kulakovskaya EV, Golubev WIFEMS Yeast Res5919-923200515972266
A05053JCM 1025, JCM 1028, JCM 1034, JCM 1130, JCM 1131T, JCM 1132T, JCM 1229, JCM 8788, JCM 8789, JCM 8790, JCM 11047, JCM 11657Intracellular enzyme activities and autolytic properties of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus gasseri.Masuda T, Hidaka A, Kondo N, Ura T, Itoh TFood Sci Technol Res 11328-3312005
C05054JCM 12848, JCM 12849, JCM 12850Trematosphaeria: taxonomic concepts, new species from Japan and key to species.Tanaka K, Harada Y, Barr MEFungal diversity19145-1562005
A05055JCM 2414T, JCM 2416T, JCM 2418T, JCM 2423T, JCM 2424TThe two-component cell lysis genes holWMY and lysWMY of the Staphylococcus warneri M phage varphiWMY: cloning, sequencing, expression, and mutational analysis in Escherichia coli.Yokoi KJ, Kawahigashi N, Uchida M, Sugahara K, Shinohara M, Kawasaki K, Nakamura S, Taketo A, Kodaira KGene35197-108200515848115
A05056JCM 7663TStructural elucidation of the predominant motifs of the major cell wall arabinogalactan antigens from the borderline species Tsukamurella paurometabolum and Mycobacterium fallax.Marielle Tropis, Anne Lemassu, Véronique Vincent, and Mamadou DafféGlycobiology15677-686200515761023
A05057JCM 9153Mutational studies on endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase D which hydrolyzes core portion of asparagine-linked complex type oligosaccharides.Yamamoto S, Muramatsu H, Muramatsu TGlycoconj J2235-42200515864433
A05058JCM 3863Direct oxidation of copper sulfide by a biofilm of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans.Lilova K, Karamanev DHydrometallurgy80147-1542005
A05059JCM 1130, JCM 1131T, JCM 2414T, JCM 2416T, JCM 2418T, JCM 2423T, JCM 2424TMolecular properties of the two-component cell lysis system encoded by prophage φgaY of Lactobacillus gasseri JCM 1131T: cloning, sequencing, and expression in Escherichia coli.Yokoi KJ, Shinohara M, Kawahigashi N, Nakagawa K, Kawasaki K, Nakamura S, Taketo A, Kodaira KInt J Food Microbiol99297-308200515808364
A05060JCM 2257T, JCM 2505TFormation of the spore clumps during heat treatment increases the heat resistance of bacterial spores.Furukawa S, Narisawa N, Watanabe T, Kawarai T, Myozen K, Okazaki S, Ogihara H, Yamasaki MInt J Food Microbiol102107-111200515925006
A05061JCM 11840TPsychrobacter aquimaris sp. nov. and Psychrobacter namhaensis sp. nov., isolated from sea water of the South Sea in Korea.Yoon JH, Lee CH, Yeo SH, Oh TKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551007-1013200515879226
C05062JCM 11811T, JCM 11812TMuricauda flavescens sp. nov. and Muricauda aquimarina sp. nov., isolated from a salt lake near Hwajinpo Beach of the East Sea in Korea, and emended description of the genus Muricauda.Yoon JH, Lee MH, Oh TK, Park YHInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551015-1019200515879227
C05063JCM 12287TOwenweeksia hongkongensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel marine bacterium of the phylum 'Bacteroidetes'.Lau KW, Ng CY, Ren J, Lau SC, Qian PY, Wong PK, Lau TC, Wu MInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551051-1057200515879232
B05064JCM 3861, JCM 12417TThiovirga sulfuroxydans gen. nov., sp. nov., a chemolithoautotrophic sulfur-oxidizing bacterium isolated from a microaerobic waste-water biofilm.Ito T, Sugita K, Yumoto I, Nodasaka Y, Okabe SInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551059-1064200515879233
C05065JCM 12171TPedobacter himalayensis sp. nov., from the Hamta glacier located in the Himalayan mountain ranges of India.Shivaji S, Chaturvedi P, Reddy GS, Suresh KInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551083-1088200515879237
C05066JCM 12565TPetrimonas sulfuriphila gen. nov., sp. nov., a mesophilic fermentative bacterium isolated from a biodegraded oil reservoir.Grabowski A, Tindall BJ, Bardin V, Blanchet D, Jeanthon CInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551113-1121200515879242
C05067JCM 12167TBacillus arsenicus sp. nov., an arsenic-resistant bacterium isolated from a siderite concretion in West Bengal, India.Shivaji S, Suresh K, Chaturvedi P, Dube S, Sengupta SInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551123-1127200515879243
C05068JCM 12599TErythrobacter luteolus sp. nov., isolated from a tidal flat of the Yellow Sea in Korea.Yoon JH, Kang KH, Yeo SH, Oh TKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551167-1170200515879250
C05069JCM 12523TBacillus alveayuensis sp. nov., a thermophilic bacterium isolated from deep-sea sediments of the Ayu Trough.Bae SS, Lee JH, Kim SJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551211-1215200515879257
C05070JCM 12826TMarinitoga hydrogenitolerans sp. nov., a novel member of the order Thermotogales isolated from a black smoker chimney on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.Postec A, Le Breton C, Fardeau ML, Lesongeur F, Pignet P, Querellou J, Ollivier B, Godfroy AInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551217-1221200515879258
C05071JCM 12465TNovosphingobium taihuense sp. nov., a novel aromatic-compound-degrading bacterium isolated from Taihu Lake, China.Liu ZP, Wang BJ, Liu YH, Liu SJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551229-1232200515879260
C05072JCM 12463TAsticcacaulis taihuensis sp. nov., a novel stalked bacterium isolated from Taihu Lake, China.Liu ZP, Wang BJ, Liu SJ, Liu YHInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551239-1242200515879262
B05073JCM 8980T, JCM 10467, JCM 12890TNatrinema altunense sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon isolated from a salt lake in Altun Mountain in Xinjiang, China.Xu XW, Ren PG, Liu SJ, Wu M, Zhou PJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551311-1314200515879273
C05074JCM 12922TPichia myanmarensis sp. nov., a novel cation-tolerant yeast isolated from palm sugar in Myanmar.Nagatsuka Y, Kawasaki H, Seki TInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551379-1382200515879285
A05075JCM 10006TTetragenococcus koreensis sp. nov., a novel rhamnolipid-producing bacterium.Lee M, Kim MK, Vancanneyt M, Swings J, Kim SH, Kang MS, Lee STInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551409-1413200516014460
C05076JCM 12521TMarinobacter maritimus sp. nov., a psychrotolerant strain isolated from sea water off the subantarctic Kerguelen islands.Shivaji S, Gupta P, Chaturvedi P, Suresh K, Delille DInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551453-1456200516014465
C05077JCM 12896TAquimonas voraii gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel gammaproteobacterium isolated from a warm spring of Assam, India.Saha P, Krishnamurthi S, Mayilraj S, Prasad GS, Bora TC, Chakrabarti TInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551491-1495200516014470
B05078JCM 9060T, JCM 12358THalorubrum alkaliphilum sp. nov., a novel haloalkaliphile isolated from a soda lake in Xinjiang, China.Feng J, Zhou P, Zhou YG, Liu SJ, Warren-Rhodes KInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55149-152200515653868
B05079JCM 11309T, JCM 12661TOceanobacillus oncorhynchi sp. nov., a halotolerant obligate alkaliphile isolated from the skin of a rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), and emended description of the genus Oceanobacillus.Yumoto I, Hirota K, Nodasaka Y, Nakajima KInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551521-1524200516014475
B05080JCM 12281T, JCM 12662TAlkalibacterium iburiense sp. nov., an obligate alkaliphile that reduces an indigo dye.Nakajima K, Hirota K, Nodasaka Y, Yumoto IInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551525-1530200516014476
C05081JCM 12708TPseudomonas azotifigens sp. nov., a novel nitrogen-fixing bacterium isolated from a compost pile.Hatayama K, Kawai S, Shoun H, Ueda Y, Nakamura AInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551539-1544200516014478
C05082JCM 12885TWinogradskyella poriferorum sp. nov., a novel member of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from a sponge in the Bahamas.Lau SC, Tsoi MM, Li X, Plakhotnikova I, Dobretsov S, Lau KW, Wu M, Wong PK, Pawlik JR, Qian PYInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551589-1592200516014486
C05083JCM 12884TPseudoalteromonas spongiae sp. nov., a novel member of the γ-Proteobacteria isolated from the sponge Mycale adhaerens in Hong Kong waters.Lau SC, Tsoi MM, Li X, Dobretsov S, Plakhotnikova Y, Wong PK, Qian PYInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551593-1596200516014487
C05084JCM 12597TAlgoriphagus locisalis sp. nov., isolated from a marine solar saltern.Yoon JH, Kang SJ, Oh TKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551635-1639200516014494
C05085JCM 12947TPhotobacterium frigidiphilum sp. nov., a psychrophilic, lipolytic bacterium isolated from deep-sea sediments of Edison Seamount.Seo HJ, Bae SS, Lee JH, Kim SJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551661-1666200516014498
C05086JCM 12644T, JCM 12645TGeobacter bemidjiensis sp. nov. and Geobacter psychrophilus sp. nov., two novel Fe(III)-reducing subsurface isolates.Nevin KP, Holmes DE, Woodard TL, Hinlein ES, Ostendorf DW, Lovley DRInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551667-1674200516014499
C05087JCM 12341T, JCM 12342TTreponema berlinense sp. nov. and Treponema porcinum sp. nov., novel spirochaetes isolated from porcine faeces.Nordhoff M, Taras D, Macha M, Tedin K, Busse HJ, Wieler LHInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551675-1680200516014500
A05088JCM 11840TPsychrobacter alimentarius sp. nov., isolated from squid jeotgal, a traditional Korean fermented seafood.Yoon JH, Yeo SH, Oh TK, Park YHInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55171-176200515653872
C05089JCM 12664TTetrapisispora namnaonensis sp. nov., a novel ascomycetous yeast species isolated from forest soil of Nam Nao National Park, Thailand.Sumpradit T, Limtong S, Yongmanitchai W, Kawasaki H, Seki TInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551735-1738200516014511
C05090JCM 12547TSanguibacter marinus sp. nov., isolated from coastal sediment.Huang Y, Dai X, He L, Wang YN, Wang BJ, Liu Z, Liu SJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551755-1758200516166662
C05091JCM 12774TPaenibacillus motobuensis sp. nov., isolated from a composting machine utilizing soil from Motobu-town, Okinawa, Japan.Iida K, Ueda Y, Kawamura Y, Ezaki T, Takade A, Yoshida S, Amako KInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551811-1816200516166671
C05092JCM 12420TLebetimonas acidiphila gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel thermophilic, acidophilic, hydrogen-oxidizing chemolithoautotroph within the 'Epsilonproteobacteria', isolated from a deep-sea hydrothermal fumarole in the Mariana Arc.Takai K, Hirayama H, Nakagawa T, Suzuki Y, Nealson KH, Horikoshi KInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55183-189200515653874
C05093JCM 12954TPrevotella multisaccharivorax sp. nov., isolated from human subgingival plaque.Sakamoto M, Umeda M, Ishikawa I, Benno YInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551839-1843200516166675
C05094JCM 12355T, JCM 12643Gordonia otitidis sp. nov., isolated from a patient with external otitis.Iida S, Taniguchi H, Kageyama A, Yazawa K, Chibana H, Murata S, Nomura F, Kroppenstedt RM, Mikami YInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551871-1876200516166681
C05095JCM 12601TPsychrobacter celer sp. nov., isolated from sea water of the South Sea in Korea.Yoon JH, Lee CH, Kang SJ, Oh TKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551885-1890200516166683
B05096JCM 6044T, JCM 12860T, JCM 12861TNocardia jiangxiensis sp. nov. and Nocardia miyunensis sp. nov., isolated from acidic soils.Cui Q, Wang L, Huang Y, Liu Z, Goodfellow MInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551921-1925200516166688
B05097JCM 4799T, JCM 12279TStreptomyces jietaisiensis sp. nov., isolated from soil in northern China.He L, Li W, Huang Y, Wang L, Liu Z, Lanoot B, Vancanneyt M, Swings JInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551939-1944200516166691
C05098JCM 12983THalobiforma lacisalsi sp. nov., isolated from a salt lake in China.Xu XW, Wu M, Zhou PJ, Liu SJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551949-1952200516166693
B05099JCM 11546T, JCM 12771T, JCM 12772THalobacillus dabanensis sp. nov. and Halobacillus aidingensis sp. nov., isolated from salt lakes in Xinjiang, China.Liu WY, Zeng J, Wang L, Dou YT, Yang SInt J Syst Evol Microbiol551991-1996200516166700
A05100JCM 12237THalomonas taeanensis sp. nov., a novel moderately halophilic bacterium isolated from a solar saltern in Korea.Lee JC, Jeon CO, Lim JM, Lee SM, Lee JM, Song SM, Park DJ, Li WJ, Kim CJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552027-2032200516166705
C05101JCM 12864TKordiimonas gwangyangensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a marine bacterium isolated from marine sediments that forms a distinct phyletic lineage (Kordiimonadales ord. nov.) in the 'Alphaproteobacteria'.Kwon KK, Lee HS, Yang SH, Kim SJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552033-2037200516166706
C05102JCM 13258TThermincola carboxydiphila gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel anaerobic, carboxydotrophic, hydrogenogenic bacterium from a hot spring of the Lake Baikal area.Sokolova TG, Kostrikina NA, Chernyh NA, Kolganova TV, Tourova TP, Bonch-Osmolovskaya EAInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552069-2073200516166711
B05103JCM 3360T, JCM 12351TNocardia concava sp. nov., isolated from Japanese patients.Kageyama A, Yazawa K, Taniguchi H, Chibana H, Nishimura K, Kroppenstedt RM, Mikami YInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552081-2083200516166713
C05104JCM 12507T, JCM 12508TPlanifilum fimeticola gen. nov., sp. nov. and Planifilum fulgidum sp. nov., novel members of the family 'Thermoactinomycetaceae' isolated from compostHatayama K, Shoun H, Ueda Y, Nakamura AInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552101-2104200516166716
C05105JCM 12919TDyadobacter hamtensis sp. nov., from Hamta glacier, located in the Himalayas, India.Chaturvedi P, Reddy GS, Shivaji SInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552113-2117200516166718
B05106JCM 5826T, JCM 6294T, JCM 6297T, JCM 10003, JCM 12973T, JCM 12974, JCM 12975, JCM 12976, JCM 12977, JCM 12978, JCM 12979T, JCM 12980, JCM 12981Bacteroides plebeius sp. nov. and Bacteroides coprocola sp. nov., isolated from human faeces.Kitahara M, Sakamoto M, Ike M, Sakata S, Benno YInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552143-2147200516166722
A05107JCM 11315TSerratia ureilytica sp. nov., a novel urea-utilizing species.Bhadra B, Roy P, Chakraborty RInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552155-2158200516166724
A05108JCM 5887T, JCM 10491TLactobacillus concavus sp. nov., isolated from the walls of a distilled spirit fermenting cellar in China.Tong H, Dong XInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552199-2202200516166732
C05109JCM 13008TNocardioides dubius sp. nov., isolated from an alkaline soil.Yoon JH, Lee CH, Oh TKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552209-2212200516166734
C05110JCM 12984TPichia thermomethanolica sp. nov., a novel thermotolerant, methylotrophic yeast isolated in Thailand.Limtong S, Srisuk N, Yongmanitchai W, Yurimoto H, Nakase T, Kato NInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552225-2229200516166737
C05111JCM 12891TProteiniphilum acetatigenes gen. nov., sp. nov., from a UASB reactor treating brewery wastewater.Chen S, Dong XInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552257-2261200516280479
C05112JCM 12773TSulfurihydrogenibium yellowstonense sp. nov., an extremely thermophilic, facultatively heterotrophic, sulfur-oxidizing bacterium from Yellowstone National Park, and emended descriptions of the genus Sulfurihydrogenibium, Sulfurihydrogenibium azorense.Nakagawa S, Shtaih Z, Banta A, Beveridge TJ, Sako Y, Reysenbach ALInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552263-2268200516280480
C05113JCM 12886TNonlabens tegetincola gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel member of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from a microbial mat in a subtropical estuary.Lau SC, Tsoi MM, Li X, Plakhotnikova I, Dobretsov S, Wong PK, Pawlik JR, Qian PYInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552279-2283200516280483
C05114JCM 12948TPhotobacterium aplysiae sp. nov., a lipolytic marine bacterium isolated from eggs of the sea hare Aplysia kurodai.Seo HJ, Bae SS, Yang SH, Lee JH, Kim SJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552293-2296200516280485
A05115JCM 11775T, JCM 12170TMarinomonas dokdonensis sp. nov., isolated from sea water.Yoon JH, Kang SJ, Oh TKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552303-2307200516280487
C05116JCM 9140T, JCM 9152T, JCM 9156T, JCM 9157T, JCM 9943T, JCM 10596T, JCM 10945T, JCM 11691T, JCM 12663TCharacterization of alkaliphilic Bacillus strains used in industry: proposal of five novel species.Nogi Y, Takami H, Horikoshi KInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552309-2315200516280488
C05117JCM 13284TMethylosarcina lacus sp. nov., a methanotroph from Lake Washington, Seattle, USA, and emended description of the genus Methylosarcina.Kalyuzhnaya MG, Stolyar SM, Auman AJ, Lara JC, Lidstrom ME, Chistoserdova LInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552345-2350200516280494
A05118JCM 11221TPaenibacillus mendelii sp. nov., from surface-sterilized seeds of Pisum sativum L.Smerda J, Sedlácek I, Pácová Z, Durnová E, Smísková A, Havel LInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552351-2354200516280495
B05119JCM 11558T, JCM 11561T, JCM 11563T, JCM 13187TShewanella pneumatophori sp. nov., an eicosapentaenoic acid-producing marine bacterium isolated from the intestines of Pacific mackerel.Hirota K, Nodasaka Y, Orikasa Y, Okuyama H, Yumoto IInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552355-2359200516280496
A05120JCM 7361THalolactibacillus halophilus gen. nov., sp. nov. and Halolactibacillus miurensis sp. nov., halophilic and alkaliphilic marine lactic acid bacteria constituting a phylogenetic lineage in Bacillus rRNA group 1.Ishikawa M, Nakajima K, Itamiya Y, Furukawa S, Yamamoto Y, Yamasato KInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552427-2439200516280507
C05121JCM 13192TGramella portivictoriae sp. nov., a novel member of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from marine sediment.Lau SC, Tsoi MM, Li X, Plakhotnikova I, Dobretsov S, Wong PK, Qian PYInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552497-2500200516280516
C05122JCM 11890THalalkalicoccus tibetensis gen. nov., sp. nov., representing a novel genus of haloalkaliphilic archaea.Xue Y, Fan H, Ventosa A, Grant WD, Jones BE, Cowan DA, Ma YInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552501-2505200516280517
B05123JCM 8558T, JCM 8559T, JCM 9378T, JCM 9653T, JCM 10099T, JCM 10128T, JCM 10136T, JCM 10552T, JCM 11827T, JCM 12540TThermococcus coalescens sp. nov., a cell-fusing hyperthermophilic archaeon from Suiyo Seamount.Kuwabara T, Minaba M, Iwayama Y, Inouye I, Nakashima M, Marumo K, Maruyama A, Sugai A, Itoh T, Ishibashi J, Urabe T, Kamekura MInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552507-2514200516280518
C05124JCM 12483TPseudoalteromonas byunsanensis sp. nov., isolated from tidal flat sediment in Korea.Park YD, Baik KS, Yi H, Bae KS, Chun JInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552519-2523200516280520
B05125JCM 8880T, JCM 9101T, JCM 11050T, JCM 12889THaloterrigena saccharevitans sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon from Xin-Jiang, China.Xu XW, Liu SJ, Tohty D, Oren A, Wu M, Zhou PJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552539-2542200516280523
C05126JCM 12835TOryzihumus leptocrescens gen. nov., sp. nov.Kageyama A, Takahashi Y, Seki T, Tomoda H, Omura SInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552555-2559200516280526
C05127JCM 12472TActinoalloteichus spitiensis sp. nov., a novel actinobacterium isolated from a cold desert of the Indian Himalayas.Singla AK, Mayilraj S, Kudo T, Krishnamurthi S, Prasad GS, Vohra RMInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552561-2564200516280527
C05128JCM 13186TPaenibacillus assamensis sp. nov., a novel bacterium isolated from a warm spring in Assam, India.Saha P, Mondal AK, Mayilraj S, Krishnamurthi S, Bhattacharya A, Chakrabarti TInt J Syst Evol Microbiol552577-2581200516280530
C05129JCM 12170TMarinomonas ushuaiensis sp. nov., isolated from coastal sea water in Ushuaia, Argentina, sub-Antarctica.Prabagaran SR, Suresh K, Manorama R, Delille D, Shivaji SInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55309-313200515653892
B05130JCM 11462T, JCM 12147TIsolation of Lentibacillus salicampi strains and Lentibacillus juripiscarius sp. nov. from fish sauce in Thailand.Namwong S, Tanasupawat S, Smitinont T, Visessanguan W, Kudo T, Itoh TInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55315-320200515653893
A05131JCM 10084TPhotobacterium lipolyticum sp. nov., a bacterium with lipolytic activity isolated from the Yellow Sea in Korea.Yoon JH, Lee JK, Kim YO, Oh TKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55335-339200515653897
C05132JCM 12337TMarinilactibacillus piezotolerans sp. nov., a novel marine lactic acid bacterium isolated from deep sub-seafloor sediment of the Nankai Trough.Toffin L, Zink K, Kato C, Pignet P, Bidault A, Bienvenu N, Birrien JL, Prieur DInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55345-351200515653899
C05133JCM 12526TIdiomarina seosinensis sp. nov., isolated from hypersaline water of a solar saltern in Korea.Choi DH, Cho BCInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55379-383200515653904
C05134JCM 12381T, JCM 12382TSejongia antarctica gen. nov., sp. nov. and Sejongia jeonii sp. nov., isolated from the Antarctic.Yi H, Yoon HI, Chun JInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55409-416200515653910
B05135JCM 3031T, JCM 3073T, JCM 3125T, JCM 3133T, JCM 3139T, JCM 3156T, JCM 3159T, JCM 3175T, JCM 6239T, JCM 7348T, JCM 8973T, JCM 9104T, JCM 9459T, JCM 10878T, JCM 12345TMicromonospora eburnea sp. nov., isolated from a Thai peat swamp forest.Thawai C, Tanasupawat S, Itoh T, Suwanborirux K, Suzuki K, Kudo TInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55417-422200515653911
A05136JCM 10102TArthrobacter bergerei sp. nov. and Arthrobacter arilaitensis sp. nov., novel coryneform species isolated from the surfaces of cheeses.Irlinger F, Bimet F, Delettre J, Lefèvre M, Grimont PAInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55457-462200515653918
C05137JCM 12174TCarnobacterium pleistocenium sp. nov., a novel psychrotolerant, facultative anaerobe isolated from permafrost of the Fox Tunnel in Alaska.Pikuta EV, Marsic D, Bej A, Tang J, Krader P, Hoover RBInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55473-478200515653921
A05138JCM 11840TPsychrobacter cibarius sp. nov., isolated from jeotgal, a traditional Korean fermented seafood.Jung SY, Lee MH, Oh TK, Park YH, Yoon JHInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55577-582200515774627
A05139JCM 11434TNovosphingobium lentum sp. nov., a psychrotolerant bacterium from a polychlorophenol bioremediation process.Tiirola MA, Busse HJ, Kämpfer P, Männistö MKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55583-588200515774628
A05140JCM 5803T, JCM 5888T, JCM 8723T, JCM 8724T, JCM 8728T, JCM 8734T, JCM 8736T, JCM 10006TBiochemical and genetic evidence for the transfer of Enterococcus solitarius Collins et al. 1989 to the genus Tetragenococcus as Tetragenococcus solitarius comb. nov.Ennahar S, Cai YInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55589-592200515774629
C05141JCM 12457TThioreductor micantisoli gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel mesophilic, sulfur-reducing chemolithoautotroph within the ε-Proteobacteria isolated from hydrothermal sediments in the Mid-Okinawa Trough.Nakagawa S, Inagaki F, Takai K, Horikoshi K, Sako YInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55599-605200515774631
C05142JCM 12706TMalikia granosa gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel polyhydroxyalkanoate- and polyphosphate-accumulating bacterium isolated from activated sludge, and reclassification of Pseudomonas spinosa as Malikia spinosa comb. nov.Spring S, Wagner M, Schumann P, Kämpfer PInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55621-629200515774634
C05143JCM 12383TFlavobacterium antarcticum sp. nov., a novel psychrotolerant bacterium isolated from the Antarctic.Yi H, Oh HM, Lee JH, Kim SJ, Chun JInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55637-641200515774636
B05144JCM 11569T, JCM 11571T, JCM 12137T, JCM 12611TMicrobacterium natoriense sp. nov., a novel D-aminoacylase-producing bacterium isolated from soil in Natori, Japan.Liu J, Nakayama T, Hemmi H, Asano Y, Tsuruoka N, Shimomura K, Nishijima M, Nishino TInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55661-665200515774640
C05145JCM 12653TMarichromatium indicum sp. nov., a novel purple sulfur gammaproteobacterium from mangrove soil of Goa, India.Arunasri K, Sasikala C, Ramana CV, Suling J, Imhoff JFInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55673-679200515774642
C05146JCM 12486THahella ganghwensis sp. nov., isolated from tidal flat sediment.Baik KS, Seong CN, Kim EM, Yi H, Bae KS, Chun JInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55681-684200515774643
C05147JCM 12466TPlanomicrobium chinense sp. nov., isolated from coastal sediment, and transfer of Planococcus psychrophilus and Planococcus alkanoclasticus to Planomicrobium as Planomicrobium psychrophilum comb. nov. and Planomicrobium alkanoclasticum comb. nov.Dai X, Wang YN, Wang BJ, Liu SJ, Zhou YGInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55699-702200515774646
A05148JCM 3005T, JCM 3025T, JCM 3026T, JCM 3027T, JCM 3028T, JCM 3106T, JCM 3114T, JCM 3115T, JCM 3281T, JCM 6242TStreptosporangium yunnanense sp. nov. and Streptosporangium purpuratum sp. nov., from soil in China.Zhang LP, Jiang CL, Chen WXInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55719-724200515774650
C05149JCM 12520TPaenibacillus hodogayensis sp. nov., capable of degrading the polysaccharide produced by Sphaerotilus natans.Takeda M, Suzuki I, Koizumi JInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55737-734200515774654
A05150JCM 11840TPsychrobacter vallis sp. nov. and Psychrobacter aquaticus sp. nov., from Antarctica.Shivaji S, Reddy GS, Suresh K, Gupta P, Chintalapati S, Schumann P, Stackebrandt E, Matsumoto GIInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55757-762200515774658
C05151JCM 12641TCaminibacter mediatlanticus sp. nov., a thermophilic, chemolithoautotrophic, nitrate-ammonifying bacterium isolated from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.Voordeckers JW, Starovoytov V, Vetriani CInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55773-779200515774661
A05152JCM 8137Tenacibaculum lutimaris sp. nov., isolated from a tidal flat in the Yellow Sea, Korea.Yoon JH, Kang SJ, Oh TKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55793-798200515774664
B05153JCM 6290T, JCM 6322T, JCM 6325T, JCM 6330, JCM 6331T, JCM 8528, JCM 8530T, JCM 8540T, JCM 11140T, JCM 12083T, JCM 12084T, JCM 12541TPrevotella multiformis sp. nov., isolated from human subgingival plaque.Sakamoto M, Huang Y, Umeda M, Ishikawa I, Benno YInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55815-819200515774668
C05154JCM 12392TLactobacillus satsumensis sp. nov., isolated from mashes of shochu, a traditional Japanese distilled spirit made from fermented rice and other starchy materials.Endo A, Okada SInt J Syst Evol Microbiol5583-85200515653857
C05155JCM 12600Marinicola seohaensis gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from sea water of the Yellow Sea, Korea.Yoon JH, Kang SJ, Lee CH, Oh TKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55859-863200515774675
C05156JCM 12598TAlgoriphagus yeomjeoni sp. nov., isolated from a marine solar saltern in the Yellow Sea, Korea.Yoon JH, Kang SJ, Jung SY, Lee CH, Oh TKInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55865-870200515774676
C05157JCM 12663TBacillus oshimensis sp. nov., a moderately halophilic, non-motile alkaliphile.Yumoto I, Hirota K, Goto T, Nodasaka Y, Nakajima KInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55907-911200515774684
C05158JCM 12481TPlanococcus stackebrandtii sp. nov., isolated from a cold desert of the Himalayas, India.Mayilraj S, Prasad GS, Suresh K, Saini HS, Shivaji S, Chakrabarti TInt J Syst Evol Microbiol5591-94200515653859
C05159JCM 12285TPseudomonas pachastrellae sp. nov., isolated from a marine sponge.Romanenko LA, Uchino M, Falsen E, Frolova GM, Zhukova NV, Mikhailov VVInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55919-924200515774686
C05160JCM 12458T, JCM 12459TNitratiruptor tergarcus gen. nov., sp. nov. and Nitratifractor salsuginis gen. nov., sp. nov., nitrate-reducing chemolithoautotrophs of the ε-Proteobacteria isolated from a deep-sea hydrothermal system in the Mid-Okinawa Trough.Nakagawa S, Takai K, Inagaki F, Horikoshi K, Sako YInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55925-933200515774687
C05161JCM 12389T, JCM 12390T, JCM 12391Salinibacillus aidingensis gen. nov., sp. nov. and Salinibacillus kushneri sp. nov., moderately halophilic bacteria isolated from a neutral saline lake in Xin-Jiang, China.Ren PG, Zhou PJInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55949-953200515774690
C05162JCM 12300TCandida digboiensis sp. nov., a novel anamorphic yeast species from an acidic tar sludge-contaminated oilfield.Prasad GS, Mayilraj S, Sood N, Singh V, Biswas K, Lal BInt J Syst Evol Microbiol55967-972200515774693
A05163JCM 1028Selective growth-inhibiting effects of compounds identified in Tabebuia impetiginosa inner bark on human intestinal bacteria.Park BS, Kim JR, Lee SE, Kim KS, Takeoka GR, Ahn YJ, Kim JHJ Agric Food Chem531152-1157200515713033
A05164JCM 4274YM-216391, a novel cytotoxic cyclic peptide from Streptomyces nobilis. I. fermentation, isolation and biological activities.Sohda KY, Nagai K, Yamori T, Suzuki K, Tanaka AJ Antibiot5827-31200515813177
A05165JCM 6044TNocardimicins G, H and I, siderophores with muscarinic M3 receptor binding inhibitory activity from Nocardia nova JCM 6044.Ikeda Y, Furumai T, Igarashi YJ Antibiot58566-572200516320761
A05166JCM 1059T, JCM 1095T, JCM 1132T, JCM 1134T, JCM 1157T, JCM 1164T, JCM 1231T, JCM 1465T, JCM 2152T, JCM 2257T, JCM 2504T, JCM 5803T, JCM 5804T, JCM 5885, JCM 5890T, JCM 6124T, JCM 7638, JCM 8797T, JCM 10707, JCM 11003, JCM 11004Identification and production of a bacteriocin from Enterococcus mundtii QU 2 isolated from soybean.Zendo T, Eungruttanagorn N, Fujioka S, Tashiro Y, Nomura K, Sera Y, Kobayashi G, Nakayama J, Ishizaki A, Sonomoto KJ Appl Microbiol991181-1190200516238749
A05167JCM 11240TStructural and spectroscopic properties of a reaction center complex from the chlorosome-lacking filamentous anoxygenic phototrophic bacterium Roseiflexus castenholzii.Yamada M, Zhang H, Hanada S, Nagashima KV, Shimada K, Matsuura KJ Bacteriol1871702-1709200515716441
A05168JCM 3201TCharacterization of LtsA from Rhodococcus erythropolis, an enzyme with glutamine amidotransferase activity.Mitani Y, Meng X, Kamagata Y, Tamura TJ Bacteriol1872582-2591200515805504
A05169JCM 9974TThe archaeon Pyrococcus horikoshii possesses a bifunctional enzyme for formaldehyde fixation via the ribulose monophosphate pathway.Orita I, Yurimoto H, Hirai R, Kawarabayasi Y, Sakai Y, Kato NJ Bacteriol1873636-3642200515901685
A05170JCM 1284Vibrios commonly possess two chromosomes.Okada K, Iida T, Kita-Tsukamoto K, Honda TJ Bacteriol187752-757200515629946
A05171JCM 1195T, JCM 1222TThe ClgR protein regulates transcription of the clpP operon in Bifidobacterium breve UCC 2003.Ventura M, Zhang Z, Cronin M, Canchaya C, Kenny JG, Fitzgerald GF, van Sinderen DJ Bacteriol1878411-8426200516321946
A05172JCM 10635TGrowth kinetics of extremely halophilic archaea (family halobacteriaceae) as revealed by arrhenius plots.Robinson JL, Pyzyna B, Atrasz RG, Henderson CA, Morrill KL, Burd AM, Desoucy E, Fogleman RE 3rd, Naylor JB, Steele SM, Elliott DR, Leyva KJ, Shand RFJ Bacteriol187923-929200515659670
A05173JCM 9974TCharacterization of a Thermostable Enzyme with Phosphomannomutase/Phosphoglucomutase Activities from the Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Pyrococcus horikoshii OT3.Akutsu J, Zhang Z, Tsujimura M, Sasaki M, Yohda M, Kawarabayasi YJ Biochem138159-166200516091590
A05174JCM 1192T, JCM 1205T, JCM 1217T, JCM 1222T, JCM 1254, JCM 7004, JCM 7054Identification and molecular cloning of a novel glycoside hydrolase family of core 1 type O-glycan-specific endo-α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase from Bifidobacterium longum.Fujita K, Oura F, Nagamine N, Katayama T, Hiratake J, Sakata K, Kumagai H, Yamamoto KJ Biol Chem28037415-37422200516141207
A05175JCM 10545TIdentification of an extremely thermostable enzyme with dual sugar-1-phosphate nucleotidylyltransferase activities from an acidothermophilic archaeon, Sulfolobus tokodaii strain 7.Zhang Z, Tsujimura M, Akutsu J, Sasaki M, Tajima H, Kawarabayasi YJ Biol Chem2809698-9705200515598657
A05176JCM 8877T, JCM 9737TOrganic solvent tolerance of halophilic archaea, Haloarcula strains: effects of NaCl concentration on the tolerance and polar lipid composition.Usami R, Fukushima T, Mizuki T, Yoshida Y, Inoue A, Horikoshi KJ Biosci Bioeng99169-174200516233774
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