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                     JCM Mail News (2016.06.14)

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- Special topic: A sub-collection of halophilic archaea at JCM
- Report: Exhibition of JCM at the RIKEN BRC Open Campus 2016
- Newly cataloged strains (2015.12.01 - 2016.05.31).

Special topic: A sub-collection of halophilic archaea at JCM

Halophilic archaea represented by the class Halobacteria are aerobic
or facultatively anaerobic organisms requiring NaCl for growth,
generally, more than 1.5 M concentration.  These archaea thrive in
hypersaline habitats including salterns, salt lakes and salt mines:
meanwhile several strains were isolated from non-hypersaline
environments, such as low-ionic terrestrial hot spring water and sea
water in an aquarium.  Not more than 15 genera were known by the end
of the 1990s; however, entering the 21 century, several research
groups have started intensive exploration studies and the results led
us to understand there is great diversity among the class Halobacteia.
Actually, as of 12 May, 2016, the class encompasses three orders,
four families, 51 genera and more than 210 species.  During the time,
JCM have operated as one of the major depository facilities, thanks
to the cooperation of the depositors.

The following is a list of halophilic achaeal strains available from
JCM at present.

On the other hand, halophilic archaea draw a lot of research and
application interests.  Accordingly, JCM has been distributing a
number of halophilic archaeal strains to the communities. The
followings are just a few examples of the recent outcomes by users:

Becker, E. A. et al. Phylogenetic driven sequencing of extremely
halophilic archaea reveals strategies for static dynamic
osmo-response. PLoS Genet. 10(11): e1004784.
doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1004784

King G. M. Carbon monoxide as a metabolic energy source for
extremely halophilic microbes: implications for microbial activity
in Mars regolith.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 112,4465-4470.
doi: 10.1073/pnas.1424989112

Takashi Itoh, Ph. D.
Curator of Archaea and bacterial Extremophiles

Report: Exhibition by JCM at the RIKEN BRC Open Campus 2016

For foreign researchers outside Japan, it may not be easy to attend
the RIKEN BRC open campus, unless he/she happens to be in Japan,
particularly around Tsukuba-area, during the time of the open campus.
Even so, it may be worth of knowing what is going on there, if you
are interested in community outreach activities by scientists.
The RIKEN BRC makes a point of holding the open campus every year to
show citizens that the center holds and develops a variety of
bio-resources, including experimental animals and plants, cell-lines,
gene materials and microbes that are currently or potentially used in
the research and industrial communities.  Here is a report of the JCM
booth at the RIKEN BRC open campus, held on 22-23 April, 2016...Read more

- Newly cataloged strains (2015.12.01 - 2016.05.31).

Acidithiobacillus ferriphilus          JCM 30830  Type strain
Actinoplanes lichenis                  JCM 30485  Type strain
Advenella alkanexedens                 JCM 30465  Type strain
Aeromicrobium camelliae                JCM 30592  Type strain
Aeromonas hydrophila                   JCM 6132
Aeromonas hydrophila                   JCM 6133
Ahrensia marina                        JCM 30117  Type strain
Alcaligenes pakistanensis              JCM 30216  Type strain
Algoriella xinjiangensis               JCM 16590  Type strain
Allohumibacter endophyticus            JCM 19371  Type strain
Alteromonas naphthalenivorans          JCM 17741  Type strain
Aminobacterium thunnarium              JCM 19320  Type strain
Amphritea spongicola                   JCM 16668  Type strain
Amycolatopsis stemonae                 JCM 30050  Type strain
Anaerosalibacter bizertensis           JCM 17239  Type strain
"Aneurinibacillus humi"                JCM 19865  Proposed type strain
Arcobacter pacificus                   JCM 17857  Type strain
Arenimonas aesturaii                   JCM 31129  Type strain
Athalassotoga saccharophila            JCM 19762  Type strain
Aureibacillus halotolerans             JCM 30067  Type strain
Aureimonas glaciistagni                JCM 30183  Type strain
Azospirillum agricola                  JCM 30827  Type strain
Azospirillum soli                      JCM 18820  Type strain
Bacillus ectoiniformans                JCM 30397  Type strain
Bacillus formosensis                   JCM 18448  Type strain
Bacillus malikii                       JCM 30192  Type strain
Bacillus piscicola                     JCM 19598  Type strain
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 15709
Bacillus stamsii                       JCM 30025  Type strain
"Bergeyella cardium"                   JCM 30115  Proposed type strain
Bifidobacterium bifidum                JCM 19484
Bifidobacterium eulemuris              JCM 30801  Type strain
Bifidobacterium hapali                 JCM 30799  Type strain
Bifidobacterium hapali                 JCM 30800
Bifidobacterium longum                 JCM 19476
Bifidobacterium myosotis               JCM 30796  Type strain
Bifidobacterium myosotis               JCM 30797
Bifidobacterium tissieri               JCM 30798  Type strain
Bifidobacterium tissieri               JCM 30803
Bizionia arctica                       JCM 30333  Type strain
Bizionia fulviae                       JCM 30417  Type strain
Bordetella muralis                     JCM 30931  Type strain
Bordetella muralis                     JCM 30932
Bordetella muralis                     JCM 30933
Bordetella tumbae                      JCM 30934  Type strain
Bordetella tumulicola                  JCM 30935  Type strain
Bordetella tumulicola                  JCM 30936
Bordetella tumulicola                  JCM 30937
Bordetella tumulicola                  JCM 30938
Bordetella tumulicola                  JCM 30939
Bordetella tumulicola                  JCM 30940
Brevirhabdus pacifica                  JCM 19489  Type strain
Brevundimonas albigilva                JCM 30385  Type strain
Burkholderia cepacia                   JCM 5509
Burkholderia cepacia                   JCM 5510
Burkholderia cepacia                   JCM 5511
Burkholderia ginsengiterrae            JCM 19888  Type strain
Burkholderia jirisanensis              JCM 19985  Type strain
Burkholderia panaciterrae              JCM 19889  Type strain
Burkholderia sp.                       JCM 30421
Caproiciproducens galactitolivorans    JCM 30532  Type strain
Carnobacterium iners                   JCM 31128  Type strain
Caulobacter flavus                     JCM 30763  Type strain
Celeribacter manganoxidans             JCM 19384  Type strain
Celeribacter naphthalenivorans         JCM 30679  Type strain
Chryseobacterium echinoideorum         JCM 30470  Type strain
Chryseobacterium profundimaris         JCM 19801  Type strain
"Citrobacter bitternis"                JCM 30009  Proposed type strain
"Clostridium kogasensis"               JCM 18719  Proposed type strain
Clostridium ventriculi                 JCM 31280
Clostridium ventriculi                 JCM 31281
Clostridium xylanovorans               JCM 31057  Type strain
"Cohnella humi"                        JCM 18164  Proposed type strain
Cohnella saccharovorans                JCM 19227  Type strain
Comamonas piscis                       JCM 30718  Type strain
Confluentimicrobium naphthalenivorans  JCM 30828  Type strain
Croceitalea litorea                    JCM 19531  Type strain
Deferrisoma palaeochoriense            JCM 30394  Type strain
"Defluviitalea phaphyphila"            JCM 30481  Proposed type strain
Deinococcus actinosclerus              JCM 30700  Type strain
Deinococcus actinosclerus              JCM 30701
Deinococcus actinosclerus              JCM 30702
Desulfurella amilsii                   JCM 30680  Type strain
Dethiosulfatarculus sandiegensis       JCM 30857  Type strain
Diaphorobacter                         JCM 30411  Type strain
Dissulfurimicrobium hydrothermale      JCM 19990  Type strain
Duganella ginsengisoli                 JCM 30745  Type strain
Empedobacter brevis                    JCM 6810
Empedobacter brevis                    JCM 6811
Escherichia coli                       JCM 5263
Escherichia coli                       JCM 6127
Filimonas endophytica                  JCM 19844  Type strain
Filobacterium rodentium                JCM 19453  Type strain
Flavisolibacter ginsenosidimutans      JCM 18197  Type strain
"Flavisolibacter swuensis"             JCM 19974  Proposed type strain
Flavitalea soli                        JCM 19937  Type strain
Flavobacterium buctense                JCM 30750  Type strain
"Flavobacterium jejuensis"             JCM 30735  Proposed type strain
Flavobacterium seoulense               JCM 30145  Type strain
Flexilinea flocculi                    JCM 30897  Type strain
Fusibacter bizertensis                 JCM 19376  Type strain
Geoalkalibacter subterraneus           JCM 30610  Type strain
Georgenia subflava                     JCM 19765  Type strain
Halocynthiibacter arcticus             JCM 30530  Type strain
Haloimpatiens lingqiaonensis           JCM 19210  Type strain
Halomonas garicola                     JCM 30151  Type strain
Halomonas urumqiensis                  JCM 30202  Type strain
Halopeptonella vilamensis              JCM 16388  Type strain
Humibacter ginsengisoli                JCM 30080  Type strain
Humibacter ginsengiterrae              JCM 30079  Type strain
Hydrogenophaga luteola                 JCM 30433  Type strain
Hymenobacter mucosus                   JCM 19647  Type strain
Hypnocyclicus thermotrophus            JCM 30901  Type strain
Hyunsoonleella udonensis               JCM 30600  Type strain
Ichthyobacterium seriolicida           JCM 18228  Type strain
Inquilinus ginsengisoli                JCM 14825  Type strain
"Jejuia marina"                        JCM 30601  Proposed type strain
Kushneria aurantia                     JCM 15469  Type strain
Kushneria indalinina                   JCM 19369  Type strain
Labrys soli                            JCM 19895  Type strain
Lactococcus lactis subsp. tructae      JCM 31125  Type strain
"Legionella thermalis"                 JCM 30970  Proposed type strain
"Lentibacillus kimchii"                JCM 30234  Proposed type strain
Leucobacter holotrichiae               JCM 30245  Type strain
Leucobacter zeae                       JCM 18686  Type strain
Lunatimonas lonarensis                 JCM 18822  Type strain
Luteimonas notoginsengisoli            JCM 30329  Type strain
Luteimonas pelagia                     JCM 18792  Type strain
Luteimonas terrae                      JCM 30122  Type strain
Luteipulveratus halotolerans           JCM 30660  Type strain
Lysinibacillus fusiformis              JCM 31033  Type strain
Lysobacter aestuarii                   JCM 31130  Type strain
Lysobacter hankyongensis               JCM 18204  Type strain
Lysobacter sediminicola                JCM 18205  Type strain
Lysobacter terricola                   JCM 30862  Type strain
"Lysobacter tyrosinelyticus"           JCM 30320  Proposed type strain
Maribacter lutimaris                   JCM 31154  Type strain
Mariniluteicoccus endophyticus         JCM 30097  Type strain
Mariniluteicoccus endophyticus         JCM 30098
Marinobacter halophilus                JCM 30472  Type strain
Marinobacterium profundum              JCM 30410  Type strain
Maritimibacter lacisalsi               JCM 30555  Type strain
Membranicola marinus                   JCM 18886  Type strain
Mesorhizobium acaciae                  JCM 30534  Type strain
Methyloterrigena soli                  JCM 30821  Type strain
Micromonospora fluostatini             JCM 30529  Type strain
Micromonospora nickelidurans           JCM 30559  Type strain
Moraxella osloensis                    JCM 17842  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter ginsengisoli          JCM 30759  Type strain
Muricauda pacifica                     JCM 17861  Type strain
Mycoavidus cysteinexigens              JCM 30646  Type strain
Nesterenkonia aurantiaca               JCM 19723  Type strain
Niastella gongjuensis                  JCM 19941  Type strain
Nibribacter sp.                        JCM 19445
"Nitratireductor soli"                 JCM 30640  Proposed type strain
Nitrincola alkalisediminis             JCM 19317  Type strain
Nitrincola alkalisediminis             JCM 19318
Niveibacterium umoris                  JCM 18716  Type strain
Nocardia rayongensis                   JCM 19832  Type strain
Nocardioides ginkgobilobae             JCM 30556  Type strain
Novosphingobium oryzae                 JCM 30537  Type strain
Ochrobactrum sp.                       JCM 6134
"Paenibacillus alba"                   JCM 18165  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus ginsengiterrae"         JCM 19887  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus humi"                   JCM 18166  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus insulae"                JCM 17278  Proposed type strain
Paenibacillus kyungheensis             JCM 19886  Type strain
Paenibacillus medicaginis              JCM 18446  Type strain
"Paracoccus aquimaris"                 JCM 19892  Proposed type strain
Paracoccus laeviglucosivorans          JCM 30587  Type strain
"Paralcaligenes ginsengisoli"          JCM 30746  Proposed type strain
"Phaeobacter marinintestinus"          JCM 19926  Proposed type strain
Phaeobacterium nitratireducens         JCM 19219  Type strain
Plantactinospora sonchi                JCM 30345  Type strain
Polymorphobacter fuscus                JCM 19740  Type strain
Pontibacter amylolyticus               JCM 19653  Type strain
Pseudoclavibacter endophyticus         JCM 30633  Type strain
Pseudoclavibacter terrae               JCM 30298  Type strain
Pseudofulvibacter gastropodicola       JCM 30369  Type strain
Pseudofulvibacter marinus              JCM 30826  Type strain
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 5517
Pseudomonas stutzeri                   JCM 30558
Pseudooceanicola antarcticus           JCM 19802  Type strain
"Pseudooceanicola flagellatus"         JCM 19803  Proposed type strain
Pseudorhodobacter psychrotolerans      JCM 30764  Type strain
Psychroflexus planctonicus             JCM 30616  Type strain
Psychroflexus salis                    JCM 30615  Type strain
Qipengyuania sediminis                 JCM 30182  Type strain
Rhabdobacter roseus                    JCM 30685  Type strain
Rhizobium marinum                      JCM 30155  Type strain
Rhizobium mesosinicum                  JCM 13233
Rhodanobacter aciditrophus             JCM 30774  Type strain
Roseomonas wooponensis                 JCM 19527  Type strain
"Roseovarius algicolus"                JCM 30823  Proposed type strain
Saccharothrix stipae                   JCM 30560  Type strain
Sedimentibacter acidaminivorans        JCM 17293  Type strain
Sediminivirga luteola                  JCM 19771  Type strain
"Seohaeicola westpacificensis"         JCM 18883  Proposed type strain
Shewanella sp.                         JCM 14208
Shimia sagamensis                      JCM 30583  Type strain
Simplicispira piscis                   JCM 19291  Type strain
Sphingobacterium mucilaginosum         JCM 30424  Type strain
Sphingobium barthaii                   JCM 30309  Type strain
Sphingomonas arantia                   JCM 19855  Type strain
"Sphingomonas panacis"                 JCM 30806  Proposed type strain
"Sphingomonas panaciterrae"            JCM 30807  Proposed type strain
"Sphingosinicella ginsenosidimutans"   JCM 18201  Proposed type strain
Spirosoma fluviale                     JCM 30659  Type strain
"Spirosoma montaniterrae"              JCM 18492  Proposed type strain
"Spirosoma pulveris"                   JCM 30688  Proposed type strain
Sporohalobacter salinus                JCM 19279  Type strain
Staphylococcus aureus                  JCM 5676
Staphylococcus aureus                  JCM 5677
Staphylococcus aureus                  JCM 5678
Staphylococcus aureus                  JCM 5679
Staphylococcus aureus                  JCM 5680
Staphylococcus lentus                  JCM 2426   Type strain
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia           JCM 30959
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia           JCM 30960
Stenotrophomonas tumulicola            JCM 30961  Type strain
Stenotrophomonas tumulicola            JCM 30962
Stenotrophomonas tumulicola            JCM 30963
Stenotrophomonas tumulicola            JCM 30965
Stenotrophomonas tumulicola            JCM 30966
Stenotrophomonas tumulicola            JCM 30967
Stenotrophomonas tumulicola            JCM 30968
Stenotrophomonas tumulicola            JCM 30969
Streptobacillus ratti                  JCM 31098  Type strain
Streptococcus alactolyticus            JCM 31116  Type strain
Streptococcus criceti                  JCM 31114  Type strain
Streptococcus cristatus                JCM 31122  Type strain
Streptococcus downei                   JCM 31115  Type strain
Streptococcus gallolyticus             JCM 31120
subsp. gallolyticus
Streptomyces actinomycinicus           JCM 30864  Type strain
Streptomyces daqingensis               JCM 30057  Type strain
"Streptomyces siamensis"               JCM 18409  Proposed type strain
"Streptomyces similanensis"            JCM 18410  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces sp.                       JCM 30950
"Streptomyces vayuensis"               JCM 13217
Subsaxibacter arcticus                 JCM 30334  Type strain
Tagaea marina                          JCM 18659  Type strain
Tetragenococcus halophilus             JCM 31127  Type strain
subsp. flandriensis
Tetragenococcus osmophilus             JCM 31126  Type strain
Thalassobius abyssi                    JCM 30900  Type strain
Thalassocola ureilytica                JCM 30682  Type strain
Thermanaeromonas burensis              JCM 18718  Type strain
Thermocrinis jamiesonii                JCM 19133  Type strain
Thermostilla marina                    JCM 19992  Type strain
Tianweitania sediminis                 JCM 30358  Type strain
Tsukamurella hongkongensis             JCM 30715  Type strain
Tsukamurella hongkongensis             JCM 30716
Tsukamurella sinensis                  JCM 30714  Type strain
Tumebacillus luteolus                  JCM 19866  Type strain
Tumebacillus luteolus                  JCM 19867
Undibacterium aquatile                 JCM 30323  Type strain
Virgibacillus kapii                    JCM 30071  Type strain
Weissella jogaejeotgali                JCM 30580  Type strain
Winogradskyella eckloniae              JCM 18703  Type strain
Xanthomarina gelatinilytica            JCM 18821  Type strain

Acidianus sp.                          JCM 30227
Cuniculiplasma divulgatum              JCM 30641
Cuniculiplasma divulgatum              JCM 30642  Type strain
Halarchaeum grantii                    JCM 18422
Halarchaeum grantii                    JCM 19585  Type strain
Halarchaeum grantii                    JCM 19586
Haloarcula sp.                         JCM 30477
Haloparvum sedimenti                   JCM 30891
Haloparvum sedimenti                   JCM 30892
Haloquadratum sp.                      JCM 15065
Halorientalis brevis                   JCM 18366  Type strain
Halorubrum chaoviator                  JCM 17875  Type strain
Halorubrum yunnanense                  JCM 30665  Type strain
Halorubrum yunnanense                  JCM 30666
Halosimplex litoreum                   JCM 18647  Type strain
Methanococcoides sp.                   JCM 30226
Methanolobus chelungpuianus            JCM 15159  Type strain
Methanolobus sp.                       JCM 30225
Methanosarcina flavescens              JCM 30921  Type strain

Aquastroma magniostiolata              JCM 19429  ex-holotype
Aquilomyces rebunensis                 JCM 19427  ex-holotype
Ascoidea hylecoeti                     JCM 7604   Type strain
Aspergillus nidulans                   JCM 19075
Clypeoloculus akitaensis               JCM 19424  ex-holotype
Clypeoloculus hirosakiensis            JCM 19425  ex-holotype
Clypeoloculus microsporus              JCM 19426  ex-holotype
Clypeoloculus towadaensis              JCM 19428  ex-holotype
Cunninghamella echinulata              JCM 22488
Cunninghamella elegans                 JCM 22489
Dictyosporium digitatum                JCM 19404
Dictyosporium digitatum                JCM 19405
Dictyosporium hughesii                 JCM 19407
Dictyosporium pseudomusae              JCM 19408
Dictyosporium pseudomusae              JCM 19409  ex-holotype
Dictyosporium sp.                      JCM 19403
Dictyosporium sp.                      JCM 19406
Dictyosporium tetrasporum              JCM 19410
Fuscostagonospora sasae                JCM 13104  ex-holotype
Geotrichum candidum                    JCM 31318
Globisporangium macrosporum            JCM 30516
Gregarithecium curvisporum             JCM 19411  ex-holotype
Helicascus aquaticus                   JCM 19423
Helicascus thalassioideus              JCM 17526
Helminthosporium massarinum            JCM 13094
Helminthosporium massarinum            JCM 13095  ex-holotype
Keissleriella breviasca                JCM 19413
Keissleriella breviasca                JCM 19414
Keissleriella breviasca                JCM 19415  ex-holotype
Keissleriella culmifida                JCM 19416
Keissleriella culmifida                JCM 19417
Keissleriella quadriseptata            JCM 19418  ex-holotype
Keissleriella sp.                      JCM 19420
Keissleriella yonaguniensis            JCM 19419  ex-holotype
Lentithecium pseudoclioninum           JCM 19421
Lentithecium pseudoclioninum           JCM 19422  ex-holotype
Lophiotrema neohysterioides            JCM 17673
Lophiotrema vagabundum                 JCM 17674
Lophiotrema vagabundum                 JCM 17675
Lyophyllum decastes                    JCM 30590
Lyophyllum shimeji                     JCM 30591
Magnicamarosporium iriomotense         JCM 19402  ex-holotype
Mucor circinelloides                   JCM 22475
Mucor circinelloides                   JCM 22476
Mucor circinelloides                   JCM 22477
Mucor circinelloides                   JCM 22478
Mucor circinelloides                   JCM 22479
Mucor circinelloides                   JCM 22480
Mucor circinelloides                   JCM 22483
Mucor circinelloides                   JCM 22484
Mucor mucedo                           JCM 23020
Mucor racemosus f. racemosus           JCM 22481
Muscodor oryzae                        JCM 18231  ex-holotype
Neurospora crassa                      JCM 19066
Neurospora crassa                      JCM 19067
Neurospora crassa                      JCM 19069
Periconia homothallica                 JCM 13100  ex-holotype
Periconia pseudodigitata               JCM 13164
Periconia pseudodigitata               JCM 13165
Periconia pseudodigitata               JCM 13166  ex-holotype
Pilasporangium apinafurcum             JCM 30513  ex-holotype
Pilasporangium apinafurcum             JCM 30514
Pseudocoleophoma polygonicola          JCM 19412  ex-holotype
Pseudotrichia mutabilis                JCM 17824
Pythium aquatile                       JCM 30499
Rhizodermea veluwensis                 JCM 30689
Rhodosporidium toruloides              JCM 24501
Rhodotorula slooffiae                  JCM 10954  Type strain
Sarimanas shirakamiense                JCM 17825
Schizophyllum commune                  JCM 22674
Stagonospora perfecta                  JCM 13099
Sulcatispora berchemiae                JCM 13101  ex-holotype
Syncephalastrum racemosum              JCM 22491
Trematosphaeria pertusa                JCM 19430
Trichosporon heliocopridis             JCM 30786  Type strain
Yamadazyma kitorensis                  JCM 31004
Yamadazyma kitorensis                  JCM 31005  Type strain
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 30999
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 31000
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 31001
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 31002
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 31003
Yarrowia sp.                           JCM 30694
Yarrowia sp.                           JCM 30695
Yarrowia sp.                           JCM 30696
Zygoascus biomembranicola              JCM 31007  Type strain
Zygoascus polysorbophila               JCM 31006
Zygosporium mycophilum                 JCM 17691

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