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                      JCM Mail News (2024.03.14)

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- Special topic: Legionella pneumophila and other Legionella species.
- Newly cataloged strains (2023.12.01 - 2024.02.29)

Special topic: Legionella pneumophila and other Legionella species.
Legionella is aerobic, rod-shaped and Gram-negative bacteria, and
includes Legionella pneumophila, which causes legionellosis.
Legionella mainly inhabit in terrestrial soil and in aquatic
environments such as lakes and rivers. In the human living
environment, it is often found in circulating water used for
air-conditioning and bathing facilities, and is considered to be
transmitted to humans through the tiny water droplets (aerosols)
occurred from these facilities.
In JCM, 18 strains belong to the 14 species, including Legionella 
pneumophila subsp. pneumophila JCM 7571T, have been maintained.
Legionella require amino acids such as L-cysteine, serine and
threonine as energy and carbon sources for the growth. These strains
can be cultured on cysteine-containing medium such as buffered
charcoal yeast extract (BCYE) agar for approximately 2-3 days.

Takao Iino (Curator of aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria)

Newly cataloged strains (2023.12.01 - 2024.02.29)
Acetobacter vaccinii                   JCM 34085  Type strain
Algoriphagus sp.                       JCM 19877
Alteriqipengyuania abyssalis           JCM 36304  Type strain
Alteriqipengyuania halimionae          JCM 36212  Type strain
Alteriqipengyuania lutimaris           JCM 36218  Type strain
Amycolatopsis mongoliensis             JCM 30565  Type strain
Anaerohalosphaera lusitana             JCM 31926  Type strain
Anaeromyxobacter oryzisoli             JCM 35124  Type strain
Anaeromyxobacter soli                  JCM 35123  Type strain
Anaeromyxobacter terrae                JCM 35581  Type strain
Aristophania vespae                    JCM 34086  Type strain
Arthrobacter jinronghuae               JCM 35822  Type strain
Arthrobacter zhaoxinii                 JCM 35821  Type strain
Bacillus changyiensis                  JCM 36478
Chryseobacterium pyrolae               JCM 35712  Type strain
Citrobacter enshiensis                 JCM 35851  Type strain
Comamonas endophytica                  JCM 35331  Type strain
Cupriavidus necator                    JCM 36303  Type strain
"Desulfoferula mesophilus"             JCM 39399  Proposed type strain
Devosia algicola                       JCM 35405  Type strain
Devosia rhodophyticola                 JCM 35404  Type strain
Flavimaribacter sediminis              JCM 34659  Type strain
Flavobacterium potami                  JCM 34833  Type strain
Francisella halioticida                JCM 35608
Geothrix oryzisoli                     JCM 39324  Type strain
Glycomyces niveus                      JCM 33975  Type strain
Halothiobacillus diazotrophicus        JCM 39442  Type strain
"Helicovermis profundi"                JCM 39167  Proposed type strain
Holophaga foetida                      JCM 39407  Type strain
Lacibacter sediminis                   JCM 35802  Type strain
Limihaloglobus sulfuriphilus           JCM 31927  Type strain
"Limosilactobacillus walteri"          JCM 32759  Proposed type strain
Luteibacter aegosomaticola             JCM 35472  Type strain
Luteibacter aegosomatis                JCM 35471  Type strain
Luteibacter aegosomatissinici          JCM 35473  Type strain
Mariniradius sediminis                 JCM 35631  Type strain
Marinitoga aeolica                     JCM 39183  Type strain
Methylomonas sp.                       JCM 31870
Mycolicibacterium arseniciresistens    JCM 35915  Type strain
Pectobacterium jejuense                JCM 35940  Type strain
"Phocaeicola acetigenes"               JCM 35696  Proposed type strain
"Phycicoccus sonneraticus"             JCM 34337  Proposed type strain
Pseudomonas aestuarii                  JCM 35697  Type strain
Pseudomonas cucumis                    JCM 35690  Type strain
Pseudomonas triclosanedens             JCM 36056  Type strain
Qipengyuania aestuarii                 JCM 36219  Type strain
Rhodobacter xanthinilyticus            JCM 31567  Type strain
Shewanella goraebulis                  JCM 35744  Type strain
Streptomyces huiliensis                JCM 34963  Type strain
Streptomyces koelreuteriae             JCM 34747  Type strain
Tellurirhabdus bombi                   JCM 35040  Type strain
Tenacibaculum tangerinum               JCM 36353  Type strain
Tepidibacter aestuarii                 JCM 35983  Type strain

Haladaptatus caseinilyticus            JCM 34917  Type strain
Halobacterium sp.                      JCM 16982
Halomicrococcus gelatinilyticus        JCM 30842  Type strain
Halosimplex aquaticum                  JCM 31853  Type strain
Halospeciosus flavus                   JCM 33735  Type strain
Methanobrevibacter cuticularis         JCM 39453  Type strain
Methanobrevibacter filiformis          JCM 39454  Type strain
Methanobrevibacter millerae            JCM 39457  Type strain
Methanobrevibacter olleyae             JCM 39458  Type strain
Methanobrevibacter thaueri             JCM 39455  Type strain
Methanobrevibacter woesei              JCM 39456  Type strain
Natrinema sp.                          JCM 16983
"Pyrofollis japonicus"                 JCM 39171  Proposed type strain
Thermococcus thermotolerans            JCM 39367  Type strain
Unidentified archaeon                  JCM 16984

Meyerozyma guilliermondii              JCM 28202
Meyerozyma guilliermondii              JCM 28596
Papiliotrema flavescens                JCM 28610
Solicoccozyma aeria                    JCM 14060
Solicoccozyma aeria                    JCM 14268
Tausonia pullulans                     JCM 14051
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 28627

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