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                      JCM Mail News (2023.12.07)

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======= Contents =====================================================
- Special topic: Methanogenic archaea: list of the JCM strains and a
                 recipe for the preparation of anaerobic culture media
                 are released.
- Official X account of JCM and BRC
- Newly cataloged strains (2023.05.01 - 2023.11.30)

Special topic: Methanogenic archaea: list of the JCM strains and a
               recipe for the preparation of anaerobic culture media
               are released.
Methanogenic archaea are strict anaerobes that grow on limited
substrates, such as CO2 and H2, formate, methanol and/or acetate,
coupled with methane production.  Currently all cultivated species
belong to the phylum Methanobacteriota (formerly known as Euryarchaeota).
They are quite physiologically diverse, and widespread in natural and
anthropogenic anoxic habitats.  Methane is known as the most important
greenhouse gas after CO2, and a large part of the atmospheric methane
comes from the methanogenesis.  Meanwhile, methanogens are major
players in anaerobic digesters, working together with other anaerobic
microorganisms to break down organic waste and produce
methane-containing biogas.

Recently, JCM has released a list of the methanogenic archaeal strains
available from JCM and a recipe for the preparation of anaerobic
culture media to cultivate methanogens and other strictly anaerobic

List of strains (methanogens)

Preparation of anaerobic culture media:

Takashi Itoh, Shingo Kato (Curators of Archaea and bacterial extremophiles)

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Newly cataloged strains (2023.05.01 - 2023.11.30)
"Acetatifactor aquisgranensis"         JCM 36051  Proposed type strain
Acinetobacter tibetensis               JCM 35630  Type strain
Actibacterium sp.                      JCM 34663
Actinophytocola gossypii               JCM 34412  Type strain
Adlercreutzia agrestimuris             JCM 36042  Type strain
Aerococcus agrisoli                    JCM 33111  Type strain
Aeromicrobium senzhongii               JCM 33888  Type strain
Agrilactobacillus fermenti             JCM 33476  Type strain
Alishewanella maricola                 JCM 34596  Type strain
Alkalibacter rhizosphaerae             JCM 34530  Type strain
Alkalicoccobacillus porphyridii        JCM 32931  Type strain
Alkalimarinus alittae                  JCM 35924  Type strain
"Anaerocaecibacter muris"              JCM 35013  Proposed type strain
Anaerosoma tenue                       JCM 39237  Type strain
"Anaerotardibacter muris"              JCM 35014  Proposed type strain
Aristaeella hokkaidonensis             JCM 34733  Type strain
Aristaeella lactis                     JCM 34734  Type strain
Arthrobacter caoxuetaonis              JCM 35173  Type strain
Arthrobacter gengyunqii                JCM 35168  Type strain
Arthrobacter zhangbolii                JCM 35170  Type strain
"Aureibaculum luteum"                  JCM 30335  Proposed type strain
Bacillus changyiensis                  JCM 35755  Type strain
Bacillus litorisediminis               JCM 34875  Type strain
Bacillus litorisediminis               JCM 34876
Bacillus pinisoli                      JCM 35212  Type strain
"Bacteroides muris"                    JCM 36049  Proposed type strain
Belliella alkalica                     JCM 34281  Type strain
Belliella calami                       JCM 34280  Type strain
Belliella filtrata                     JCM 34282  Type strain
"Bombiscardovia apis"                  JCM 35345  Proposed type strain
"Bombiscardovia nodaiensis"            JCM 35346  Proposed type strain
"Brevibacterium zhoupengii"            JCM 34230  Proposed type strain
Caniella muris                         JCM 36050  Type strain
"Cellulomonas triticagri"              JCM 32550  Proposed type strain
Chakrabartyella piscis                 JCM 35769  Type strain
Chitinophaga nivalis                   JCM 35787
Chitinophaga nivalis                   JCM 35788  Type strain
Chryseobacterium faecale               JCM 34836  Type strain
Chryseobacterium foetidum              JCM 35633  Type strain
Chryseobacterium luquanense            JCM 35707  Type strain
"Chryseobacterium muglaense"           JCM 34191  Proposed type strain
Chryseobacterium oryctis               JCM 35215  Type strain
Chryseobacterium paludis               JCM 35632  Type strain
Chryseobacterium turcicum              JCM 34190  Type strain
Claveliimonas bilis                    JCM 35899  Type strain
Claveliimonas bilis                    JCM 35900
Claveliimonas bilis                    JCM 35901
"Clostridium aromativorans"            JCM 35127  Proposed type strain
"Clostridium mucosae"                  JCM 35244  Proposed type strain
Clostridium weizhouense                JCM 34754  Type strain
Constantimarinum furrinae              JCM 33022  Type strain
Curtanaerobium respiraculi             JCM 35329
Curtanaerobium respiraculi             JCM 35330  Type strain
Curtobacterium caseinilyticum          JCM 34828  Type strain
Curtobacterium citri                   JCM 34829  Type strain
Curtobacterium subtropicum             JCM 34830  Type strain
Cutibacterium equinum                  JCM 35966  Type strain
Cyclonatronum proteinivorum            JCM 31662  Type strain
Deefgea piscis                         JCM 34941  Type strain
Deefgea tanakiae                       JCM 34942  Type strain
Deferrivibrio essentukiensis           JCM 39245  Type strain
Defluviimonas sp.                      JCM 34653
Defluviimonas sp.                      JCM 34656
Defluviimonas sp.                      JCM 34660
Defluviimonas sp.                      JCM 35566
"Deinococcus taeanensis"               JCM 34027  Proposed type strain
"Desulfatitalea alkaliphila"           JCM 39202  Proposed type strain
"Desulfofustis limnaeus"               JCM 39161  Proposed type strain
"Desulfoluna limicola"                 JCM 39257  Proposed type strain
Desulfotomaculum varum                 JCM 39194  Type strain
Dubosiella muris                       JCM 36048  Type strain
Dyadobacter pollutisoli                JCM 34491  Type strain
Faecalibacterium duncaniae             JCM 39393
Faecalibacterium duncaniae             JCM 39394
Falsirhodobacter algicola              JCM 34380  Type strain
Fervidibacillus albus                  JCM 33662  Type strain
Fervidibacillus halotolerans           JCM 34001  Type strain
"Flaviflexus equikiangi"               JCM 33598  Proposed type strain
Fundicoccus fermenti                   JCM 34140  Type strain
Fundidesulfovibrio agrisoli            JCM 35588  Type strain
Fundidesulfovibrio terrae              JCM 35589  Type strain
Georgenia halotolerans                 JCM 33946  Type strain
"Geothrix alkalitolerans"              JCM 39325  Proposed type strain
Geothrix fuzhouensis                   JCM 39330  Type strain
Geothrix paludis                       JCM 39327  Type strain
"Geothrix terrae"                      JCM 39321  Proposed type strain
Grimontia kaedaensis                   JCM 34978  Type strain
Haliovirga abyssi                      JCM 39166  Type strain
"Hallella absiana"                     JCM 35423  Proposed type strain
"Hallella absiana"                     JCM 35609
Hoeflea algicola                       JCM 35548  Type strain
Hoeflea poritis                        JCM 35852  Type strain
Hoeflea ulvae                          JCM 35549  Type strain
Holtiella tumoricola                   JCM 30568  Type strain
Hominicoprocola fusiformis             JCM 35908  Type strain
Hominiventricola filiformis            JCM 35913  Type strain
Hydrogenimonas cancrithermarum         JCM 39185  Type strain
"Hydrogenophaga crocea"                JCM 34507  Proposed type strain
Hymenobacter aerilatus                 JCM 35219  Type strain
Hymenobacter cellulosilyticus          JCM 35216  Type strain
Hymenobacter cellulosivorans           JCM 35217  Type strain
Hymenobacter sublimis                  JCM 35222  Type strain
Hymenobacter volaticus                 JCM 35223  Type strain
"Iodidimonas nitroreducens"            JCM 17846  Proposed type strain
"Jiella avicenniae"                    JCM 34330  Proposed type strain
Jiella pelagia                         JCM 35838  Type strain
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum          JCM 36455
Lactobacillus agrestimuris             JCM 36045  Type strain
"Lactobacillus xylocopicola"           JCM 35343  Proposed type strain
Lactococcus ileimucosae                JCM 36040  Type strain
Lactococcus muris                      JCM 36041  Type strain
"Lelliottia steviae"                   JCM 34938  Proposed type strain
Lentibacillus daqui                    JCM 35213  Type strain
Lentibacter sp.                        JCM 35576
Lepagella muris                        JCM 36046  Type strain
Leucobacter allii                      JCM 35240
Leucobacter allii                      JCM 35241  Type strain
Leucobacter rhizosphaerae              JCM 35239  Type strain
Levilactobacillus yiduensis            JCM 35804  Type strain
Ligilactobacillus agilis               JCM 36450
Ligilactobacillus animalis             JCM 36442
Ligilactobacillus animalis             JCM 36443
Ligilactobacillus animalis             JCM 36452
Ligilactobacillus animalis             JCM 36453
Ligilactobacillus animalis             JCM 36454
Ligilactobacillus cholophilus          JCM 36074  Type strain
Ligilactobacillus equi                 JCM 36436
Ligilactobacillus equi                 JCM 36444
Ligilactobacillus hayakitensis         JCM 36437
Ligilactobacillus murinus              JCM 36440
Ligilactobacillus saerimneri           JCM 36433
Ligilactobacillus saerimneri           JCM 36435
Ligilactobacillus saerimneri           JCM 36439
Ligilactobacillus saerimneri           JCM 36446
Ligilactobacillus saerimneri           JCM 36447
Ligilactobacillus saerimneri           JCM 36449
Ligilactobacillus saerimneri           JCM 36451
Ligilactobacillus salivarius           JCM 36430
Ligilactobacillus salivarius           JCM 36431
Ligilactobacillus salivarius           JCM 36432
Ligilactobacillus salivarius           JCM 36434
Ligilactobacillus salivarius           JCM 36438
Ligilactobacillus salivarius           JCM 36441
Ligilactobacillus salivarius           JCM 36445
Ligilactobacillus salivarius           JCM 36448
Limnobaculum eriocheiris               JCM 34675  Type strain
Limosilactobacillus agrestimuris       JCM 36039  Type strain
Limosilactobacillus caecicola          JCM 36052  Type strain
Mariluticola halotolerans              JCM 34934  Type strain
Marinomonas maritima                   JCM 35550  Type strain
Marixanthotalea marina                 JCM 34682  Type strain
Marnyiella aurantia                    JCM 33925  Type strain
"Metabacillus rhizolycopersici"        JCM 35080  Proposed type strain
Methylacidiphilum caldifontis          JCM 39288  Type strain
Methylacidiphilum kamchatkense         JCM 30608  Type strain
"Methylacidiphilum sp."                JCM 39287
Methylococcus mesophilus               JCM 35359  Type strain
Microbacterium festucae                JCM 35339  Type strain
Microbacterium nymphoidis              JCM 35340  Type strain
"Microbacterium sulfonylureivorans"    JCM 32823  Proposed type strain
Microbulbifer sp.                      JCM 33586
"Microcella aerolata"                  JCM 34462  Proposed type strain
Microvirga terrae                      JCM 34259  Type strain
Miniphocaeibacter halophilus           JCM 39107  Type strain
Moorella caeni                         JCM 35360  Type strain
Mumia quercus                          JCM 35005  Type strain
Muricaecibacterium torontonense        JCM 36047  Type strain
Mycobacterium kiyosense                JCM 34837  Type strain
Myroides oncorhynchi                   JCM 34205  Type strain
Natronogracilivirga saccharolytica     JCM 32930  Type strain
Neisseria lisongii                     JCM 35323  Type strain
Neobacillus citreus                    JCM 34835  Type strain
"Neobacillus muris"                    JCM 36053  Proposed type strain
Neobacillus rhizophilus                JCM 34834  Type strain
Neopussillimonas aromaticivorans       JCM 34761  Type strain
Neorhizobium turbinariae               JCM 35342  Type strain
"Neptuniibacter victor"                JCM 35563  Proposed type strain
"Niallia alba"                         JCM 34492  Proposed type strain
Nitratireductor thuwalensis            JCM 33620  Type strain
Nitrosophilus kaiyonis                 JCM 39187  Type strain
"Nocardia guangzhouensis"              JCM 34519  Proposed type strain
"Nocardia ningxiensis"                 JCM 34961  Proposed type strain
Nocardia pulmonis                      JCM 34955  Type strain
"Nocardia yinchuanensis"               JCM 34962  Proposed type strain
Nocardioides abyssi                    JCM 35775  Type strain
Nocardioides cremeus                   JCM 35774  Type strain
Nocardioides faecalis                  JCM 33891  Type strain
Nocardioides marmotae                  JCM 33892  Type strain
Nocardioides oceani                    JCM 35776  Type strain
Novosphingobium organovorum            JCM 35067  Type strain
Novosphingobium sp.                    JCM 35764
Occultella gossypii                    JCM 34413  Type strain
Oryzibacter oryziterrae                JCM 34744  Type strain
"Otoolea muris"                        JCM 36054  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus albicereus"             JCM 34513  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus arenilitoris"           JCM 34215  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus sinensis"               JCM 34616
"Paenibacillus sinensis"               JCM 34620  Proposed type strain
Paenibacillus soyae                    JCM 34672  Type strain
Paracoccus albicereus                  JCM 35527  Type strain
Paracoccus marinaquae                  JCM 34661  Type strain
Paracoccus shanxieyensis               JCM 33719  Type strain
Parasedimentitalea psychrophila        JCM 34219  Type strain
Parvivirga hydrogeniphila              JCM 39246  Type strain
Peptoniphilus equinus                  JCM 35845  Type strain
Planococcus halotolerans               JCM 32720
Polycladospora coralii                 JCM 34206  Type strain
Polycladospora coralii                 JCM 34207
Pontibacter kalidii                    JCM 33290  Type strain
Profundirhabdus halotolerans           JCM 33008  Type strain
Proteiniclasticum aestuarii            JCM 34531  Type strain
Pseudalkalibacillus sedimenti          JCM 35610  Type strain
Pseudalkalibacillus spartinae          JCM 35611  Type strain
Pseudodesulfovibrio nedwellii          JCM 35746  Type strain
Pseudomonas benzopyrenica              JCM 35914  Type strain
Pseudomonas citri                      JCM 35385  Type strain
Pseudomonas oligotrophica              JCM 35033  Type strain
"Pseudonocardia humida"                JCM 34291  Proposed type strain
Psychroserpens ponticola               JCM 35022  Type strain
"Pumilibacter intestinalis"            JCM 35012  Proposed type strain
"Pumilibacter muris"                   JCM 35011  Proposed type strain
Ralstonia chuxiongensis                JCM 35818  Type strain
Ralstonia mojiangensis                 JCM 35816  Type strain
Ralstonia nicotianae                   JCM 35814  Type strain
Ralstonia soli                         JCM 35817  Type strain
"Rhizobium alarense"                   JCM 34826  Proposed type strain
"Rhizobium halophilum"                 JCM 34967  Proposed type strain
Robbsia andropogonis                   JCM 13883
Roseitranquillus sediminis             JCM 33538  Type strain
Roseobacter sp.                        JCM 35567
"Roseomonas haemaphysalidis"           JCM 34187  Proposed type strain
"Roseomonas marmotae"                  JCM 34188  Proposed type strain
Roseovarius pelagicus                  JCM 35639  Type strain
"Rothia santali"                       JCM 35593  Proposed type strain
Ruegeria sp.                           JCM 35565
Ruegeria sp.                           JCM 35569
Ruminococcus torques                   JCM 36208
Ruminococcus torques                   JCM 36209
Sagittula sp.                          JCM 36213
"Sedimentimonas lavescens"             JCM 35568
"Sedimentimonas sp."                   JCM 34676
"Segatella brunsvicensis"              JCM 35353  Proposed type strain
Segatella copri                        JCM 35978
"Segatella sanihominis"                JCM 35979  Proposed type strain
"Selenobaculum gbiensis"               JCM 36070  Proposed type strain
Serratia marcescens                    JCM 1671 
Shewanella electrica                   JCM 34902  Type strain
Shewanella electrica                   JCM 34903
Shewanella ferrihydritica              JCM 34899  Type strain
"Shewanella shenzhenensis"             JCM 34900  Proposed type strain
Shouchella tritolerans                 JCM 35613  Type strain
"Siccirubricoccus soli"                JCM 35132  Proposed type strain
Solibacillus daqui                     JCM 35214  Type strain
"Sphaerisporangium fuscus"             JCM 34848  Proposed type strain
Sphaerisporangium perillae             JCM 35655  Type strain
Sphingomonas baiyangensis              JCM 33962  Type strain
"Sphingomonas glaciei"                 JCM 34749  Proposed type strain
Sphingomonas lycopersici               JCM 35647  Type strain
Sphingomonas lycopersici               JCM 35648
"Sphingomonas qomolangmaensis"         JCM 35564  Proposed type strain
Spirosoma oryzicola                    JCM 35224  Type strain
Sporolactobacillus mangiferae          JCM 35082  Type strain
"Stenotrophomonas muris"               JCM 35242  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces beihaiensis               JCM 35629  Type strain
Streptomyces cellulosae                JCM 34241
"Streptomyces cynarae"                 JCM 35919  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces fuscus                    JCM 35917  Type strain
Streptomyces gossypii                  JCM 34628  Type strain
Streptomyces radicis                   JCM 32151
Streptomyces radicis                   JCM 32152  Type strain
"Streptomyces sichuanensis"            JCM 34964  Proposed type strain
"Stygiobacter electus"                 JCM 39242  Proposed type strain
Sulfoacidibacillus ferrooxidans        JCM 33225  Type strain
Tahibacter amnicola                    JCM 35749  Type strain
Tahibacter soli                        JCM 35402  Type strain
"Terrisporobacter muris"               JCM 35245  Proposed type strain
"Thalassotalea hakodatensis"           JCM 34608  Proposed type strain
Thalassovita sp.                       JCM 17794
Thermobacterium salinum                JCM 35842  Type strain
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 34662
Veillonella agrestimuris               JCM 36043  Type strain
Veillonella intestinalis               JCM 36044  Type strain
Weissella fangxianensis                JCM 35803  Type strain
"Xylocopilactobacillus apicola"        JCM 35348  Proposed type strain
"Xylocopilactobacillus apis"           JCM 35347  Proposed type strain

Halalkaliarchaeum sp.                  JCM 34103
Halanaeroarchaeum sp.                  JCM 34029
Halobacterium wangiae                  JCM 33551  Type strain
Halobacterium zhouii                   JCM 33556  Type strain
Halocatena marina                      JCM 35422  Type strain
Haloglomus halophilum                  JCM 34161  Type strain
Haloglomus salinum                     JCM 34163  Type strain
Halohasta salina                       JCM 30841  Type strain
Halomicroarcula laminariae             JCM 32949
Halomicroarcula laminariae             JCM 32950  Type strain
Halomicroarcula marina                 JCM 34915
Halomicroarcula marina                 JCM 35414  Type strain
Haloprofundus sp.                      JCM 33899
Halorarius halobius                    JCM 34319  Type strain
Halorarius litoreus                    JCM 34966  Type strain
"Halorubrum ruber"                     JCM 34701  Proposed type strain
"Halorussus aquaticus"                 JCM 31852  Proposed type strain
"Halorussus gelatinilyticus"           JCM 31855  Proposed type strain
"Halorussus limi"                      JCM 31856  Proposed type strain
"Halorussus salilacus"                 JCM 34156  Proposed type strain
"Halorussus salinisoli"                JCM 34157  Proposed type strain
"Halorussus vallis"                    JCM 31851  Proposed type strain
"Halorutilus salinus"                  JCM 33312  Proposed type strain
"Halovivax gelatinilyticus"            JCM 34317  Proposed type strain
Metallosphaera tengchongensis          JCM 35675  Type strain
Methanolobus mangrovi                  JCM 39396  Type strain
Methanolobus sediminis                 JCM 39397  Type strain
"Methanomethylophilus alvi"            JCM 31474  Proposed type strain
Natrinema caseinilyticum               JCM 34918  Type strain
Natrinema gelatinilyticum              JCM 34909  Type strain
Natrinema marinum                      JCM 35420  Type strain
Natrinema zhouii                       JCM 31113  Type strain
"Natronobeatus ordinarius"             JCM 33559  Proposed type strain
"Natronococcus pandeyae"               JCM 33003  Proposed type strain
Natronomonas aquatica                  JCM 33798  Type strain
Natronomonas marina                    JCM 34162  Type strain
"Natrononativus amylolyticus"          JCM 34324  Proposed type strain
Natronosalvus amylolyticus             JCM 33563  Type strain
Natronosalvus caseinilyticus           JCM 35074  Type strain
Natronosalvus halobius                 JCM 33549  Type strain
Natronosalvus rutilus                  JCM 33562  Type strain
Natronosalvus vescus                   JCM 34318  Type strain
Salinigranum marinum                   JCM 30241  Type strain
"Salinilacihabitans rarus"             JCM 33733  Proposed type strain
"Scheffleriplasma hospitalis"          JCM 39074
Thermococcus argininiproducens         JCM 39181  Type strain
Thermoplasma sp.                       JCM 33127

Filobasidium chaidanense               JCM 35456
Filobasidium chaidanense               JCM 35457
Filobasidium chaidanense               JCM 35458
Filobasidium chaidanense               JCM 35459
Filobasidium chaidanense               JCM 35460
Filobasidium chaidanense               JCM 35461
Harmoniella junipericola               JCM 32539  ex-paratype strain
Harmoniella junipericola               JCM 39213  ex-holotype strain
Harmoniella junipericola               JCM 39214
Harmoniella junipericola               JCM 39215
Harmoniella junipericola               JCM 39216
Harmoniella junipericola               JCM 39222  ex-paratype strain
Harmoniella junipericola               JCM 39223  ex-paratype strain
Kondoa globosa                         JCM 35467
Saksenaea sp.                          JCM 39173
Symmetrospora salmonea                 JCM 35465
Symmetrospora salmonea                 JCM 35466
Teunia nitrariae                       JCM 35462
Teunia nitrariae                       JCM 35463
Teunia nitrariae                       JCM 35464
Vishniacozyma pseudodimennae           JCM 35455

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