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- Special topic: Obligate symbiotic, thermoacidophilic DPANN archaea
                 capable of growing under aerobic conditions
- Newly cataloged strains (2022.09.01 - 2023.02.28)

Special topic: Obligate symbiotic, thermoacidophilic DPANN archaea
               capable of growing under aerobic conditions
The DPANN group is a superphylum-level archaeal clade, proposed in
2013. This group is suggested to be one of the deepest branches in the
domain Archaea. DPANN archaea have been found in a variety of
environments, including hot springs and soils, and are especially
dominant in oligotrophic groundwater environments in some cases, but
their ecological role is largely unknown. Although the genomes of
nearly 1,000 species of DPANN archaea have been reported so far, only
about 10 species have been successfully cultured in the laboratory,
and all of them require host organisms for their growth, i.e.,
obligate symbiotic. The mechanism of their symbiosis has not been
elucidated. Thus, DPANN archaea are of great interest to the
physiology, ecology, and evolution of life. Currently, two strains of
thermoacidophilic DPANN archaea capable of growing under aerobic
conditions are available from JCM.

Nanobdella aerobiophila JCM 33616T
"Microcaldus variisymbioticus" JCM 33787T

N. aerobiophila JCM 33616T and "M. variisymbioticus" JCM 33787T belong
to the candidatus phyla "Nanoarchaeota" and "Microcaldota",
respectively. Both stains are obligate symbiotic and are provided as
co-cultures with their host archaea.

Kato et al.
Nanobdella aerobiophila gen. nov., sp. nov., a thermoacidophilic,
obligate ectosymbiotic archaeon, and proposal of Nanobdellaceae fam.
nov., Nanobdellales ord. nov. and Nanobdellia class. nov.
Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 72: 005489, 2022.
DOI: 10.1099/ijsem.0.005489

Sakai et al.
Insight into the symbiotic lifestyle of DPANN archaea revealed by
cultivation and genome analyses.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 119: e2115449119, 2022.
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2115449119

Shingo Kato Ph. D.
Curator (Archaea and extremophiles)

Newly cataloged strains (2022.09.01 - 2023.02.28)
"Acidilutibacter cellobiosedens"       JCM 39087  Proposed type strain
Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans         JCM 39192
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 18511
Acrocarpospora catenulata              JCM 34849  Type strain
Aestuariicella albida                  JCM 34652  Type strain
Aestuariispira ectoiniformans          JCM 34041  Type strain
Alcanivorax sp.                        JCM 18791
Aliamphritea hakodatensis              JCM 34607  Type strain
Aquiluna sp.                           JCM 32205
Aquirufa aurantiipilula                JCM 34078  Type strain
Aquirufa lenticrescens                 JCM 34077  Type strain
Arthrobacter antioxidans               JCM 35246  Type strain
Berryella wangjianweii                 JCM 34748  Type strain
Blautia pseudococcoides                JCM 35243  Type strain
"Brachybacterium halotolerans subsp.   JCM 34760  Proposed type strain
Brachybacterium kimchii                JCM 34759  Type strain
"Brevundimonas fontaquae"              JCM 34943  Proposed type strain
Brucepastera parasyntrophica           JCM 39134  Type strain
Caenimonas aquaedulcis                 JCM 34453  Type strain
Chloroflexus aggregans                 JCM 39377  Type strain
Chryseobacterium paridis               JCM 34636  Type strain
Cognataquiflexum nitidum               JCM 34222  Type strain
Cognataquiflexum rubidum               JCM 34612  Type strain
Colwellia maritima                     JCM 35001  Type strain
Corynebacterium kalidii                JCM 35048  Type strain
Croceicoccus hydrothermalis            JCM 31508  Type strain
Deefgea salmonis                       JCM 35050  Type strain
"Desulfolithobacter dissulfuricans"    JCM 34117  Proposed type strain
"Desulfopila corrodens"                JCM 39320
Fictibacillus marinisediminis          JCM 34437  Type strain
Flavihumibacter fluminis               JCM 34870  Type strain
Flavobacterium channae                 JCM 34998  Type strain
Flavobacterium cyclinae                JCM 34997  Type strain
Flavobacterium soyae                   JCM 34673  Type strain
"Fundidesulfovibrio soli"              JCM 35676  Proposed type strain
"Geoalkalibacter halelectricus"        JCM 35356  Proposed type strain
Gordonia liuliyuniae                   JCM 34879  Type strain
Gordonia zhenghanii                    JCM 34878  Type strain
Granulimonas faecalis                  JCM 35015  Type strain
Hallella faecis                        JCM 34979  Type strain
Halomonas getboli                      JCM 35085  Type strain
Halorhodospira abdelmalekii            JCM 39379  Type strain
Halorhodospira halochloris             JCM 39378  Type strain
Hephaestia mangrovi                    JCM 33125  Type strain
Hyphomonas sediminis                   JCM 34658  Type strain
Ideonella aquatica                     JCM 34285  Type strain
Janibacter endophyticus                JCM 34639  Type strain
Jiella flava                           JCM 34331  Type strain
Lacticaseibacillus kribbianus          JCM 34953  Type strain
Lactobacillus amylovorus               JCM 35777
Lapidilactobacillus luobeiensis        JCM 35553  Type strain
Legionella lytica                      JCM 33226
Leptogranulimonas caecicola            JCM 35017  Type strain
Levilactobacillus humaensis            JCM 35554  Type strain
"Levilactobacillus tujiorum"           JCM 35210  Proposed type strain
Ligilactobacillus pabuli               JCM 34518  Type strain
Limnohabitans australis                JCM 32223
Listeria monocytogenes                 JCM 35698
Lysobacter avium                       JCM 33223  Type strain
Lysobacter ciconiae                    JCM 34832  Type strain
Lysobacter selenitireducens            JCM 34786  Type strain
Mangrovimonas futianensis              JCM 34871  Type strain
Mangrovimonas futianensis              JCM 34872
Mangrovimonas futianensis              JCM 34873
Marinilongibacter aquaticus            JCM 34683  Type strain
Megasphaera elsdenii                   JCM 35779
Metabacillus flavus                    JCM 34406  Type strain
Micromonospora antibiotica             JCM 34495  Type strain
Micromonospora humidisoli              JCM 34496  Type strain
Microvirga puerhi                      JCM 35317  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter robiniae              JCM 33062  Type strain
Neorhizobium xiangyangii               JCM 35100  Type strain
Niabella agricola                      JCM 34758  Type strain
Nocardia sputi                         JCM 33932  Type strain
Nocardioides campestrisoli             JCM 34307  Type strain
Nocardioides ochotonae                 JCM 34185  Type strain
"Nocardiopsis akebiae"                 JCM 34708  Proposed type strain
Nocardiopsis eucommiae                 JCM 34707  Type strain
Octadecabacter algicola                JCM 34969  Type strain
Octadecabacter dasysiphoniae           JCM 34973  Type strain
Paenibacillus agilis                   JCM 32775  Type strain
Paenibacillus rhizolycopersici         JCM 34488  Type strain
Paenibacillus sabuli                   JCM 34216  Type strain
Palleniella intestinalis               JCM 34697  Type strain
Parachryseolinea silvisoli             JCM 35041  Type strain
Paracoccus everestensis                JCM 35227  Type strain
Photobacterium sp.                     JCM 31899
Polaribacter marinus                   JCM 35021  Type strain
Polymorphobacter megasporae            JCM 34545  Type strain
Proteiniphilum propionicum             JCM 34753  Type strain
Pseudomonas lijiangensis               JCM 35177  Type strain
Pseudomonas paralcaligenes             JCM 34250  Type strain
Ralstonia wenshanensis                 JCM 35178  Type strain
Rhizobium populisoli                   JCM 34442  Type strain
Rhodoluna lacicola                     JCM 32204
Rodentibacter haemolyticus             JCM 35780  Type strain
Roseicella aerolata                    JCM 34449  Type strain
Roseococcus pinisoli                   JCM 34402  Type strain
Roseovarius carneus                    JCM 34778  Type strain
Saccharothrix luteola                  JCM 34800  Type strain
Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica    JCM 35086
Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica    JCM 35087
Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica    JCM 35088
Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica    JCM 35089
Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica    JCM 35090
Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica    JCM 35091
Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica    JCM 35092
Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica    JCM 35093
Secundilactobacillus angelensis        JCM 35209  Type strain
Segatella copri                        JCM 35349
Segatella copri                        JCM 35350
Segatella copri                        JCM 35351
Segatella copri                        JCM 35352
"Sellimonas caecigallum"               JCM 35759  Proposed type strain
Shewanella violacea                    JCM 31900
Sphingomonas citri                     JCM 34796  Type strain
Sphingomonas citricola                 JCM 34795  Type strain
Sphingomonas folii                     JCM 34794  Type strain
Sphingomonas quercus                   JCM 34441  Type strain
Sphingopyxis jiangsuensis              JCM 34678  Type strain
"Sporosarcina beigongshangi"           JCM 34409  Proposed type strain
Streptococcus alactolyticus            JCM 35778
"Streptomyces akebiae"                 JCM 34922  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces plumbidurans              JCM 35204  Type strain
"Sulfurimonas aquatica"                JCM 35004  Proposed type strain
"Taurinivorans muris"                  JCM 34262
Tenacibaculum aquimarinum              JCM 35023  Type strain
Thermospira aquatica                   JCM 31314  Type strain
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 32221
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 32222
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 32224
Vibrio salinus                         JCM 33626  Type strain
Xiamenia xianingshaonis                JCM 34097  Type strain
Xylanibacter muris                     JCM 34698  Type strain
Xylanibacter rodentium                 JCM 34762  Type strain
Zobellella iuensis                     JCM 34456  Type strain

Haladaptatus halobius                  JCM 34141  Type strain
Haladaptatus salinisoli                JCM 34142  Type strain
Halocatena salina                      JCM 32960  Type strain
Halogranum salarium                    JCM 35635  Type strain
Halorubrum salinarum                   JCM 35636  Type strain
Halosolutus amylolyticus               JCM 33558  Type strain
Halosolutus gelatinilyticus            JCM 33554  Type strain
Halosolutus halophilus                 JCM 30838  Type strain
Metallosphaera javensis                JCM 34702  Type strain
Methanobacterium alkalithermotolerans  JCM 31304  Type strain
Methanocaldococcus lauensis            JCM 39048
Methanocaldococcus lauensis            JCM 39049  Type strain
Sala cibi                              JCM 34265  Type strain
Sala cibi                              JCM 34266

Bensingtonia pseudonaganoensis         JCM 3927 
Bulleribasidium variabile              JCM 7267 
Debaryomyces hansenii                  JCM 5204 
Debaryomyces hansenii                  JCM 5206 
Globisporangium sp.                    JCM 30524
Hamamotoa singularis                   JCM 5192 
Hanseniaspora osmophila                JCM 34045
Hanseniaspora osmophila                JCM 34052
Hanseniaspora vineae                   JCM 34057
Hanseniaspora vineae                   JCM 34058
Kazachstania servazzii                 JCM 5207 
Lipomyces oligophagus                  JCM 5199 
Meyerozyma guilliermondii              JCM 5210 
Papiliotrema laurentii                 JCM 12199
Phaeotremella translucens              JCM 32022
Phaeotremella translucens              JCM 32023
Pseudotremella lacticolor              JCM 5946 
Rhodotorula alborubescens              JCM 5191 
Sirobasidium apiculatum                JCM 32018
Sirobasidium apiculatum                JCM 32019
Sirobasidium japonicum                 JCM 32020
Sirobasidium japonicum                 JCM 32021
Sporobolomyces johnsonii               JCM 6143 
Sporobolomyces johnsonii               JCM 6144 
Sporobolomyces johnsonii               JCM 6145 
Sporobolomyces johnsonii               JCM 6146 
Sporobolomyces johnsonii               JCM 6148 
Sporobolomyces johnsonii               JCM 6149 
Sporobolomyces johnsonii               JCM 6150 
Starmerella stellata                   JCM 34049
Torulaspora delbrueckii                JCM 34048
Torulaspora delbrueckii                JCM 34061
Trimorphomyces sakaeraticus            JCM 11901

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