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                      JCM Mail News (2022.09.29)

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- Special topic: Fructose fermentation and assimilation by yeasts
- Announcement: ANRRC 2022 ONLINE
- Lists of JCM strains released
- Newly cataloged strains (2022.05.01 - 2022.08.31)

Special topic: Fructose fermentation and assimilation by yeasts
There are much more than 1,500 described yeast species, about a half
of which belongs to Ascomycota. More than 70% of ascomycetous yeast
species has an ability of ethanol fermentation. Sugars utilized for
ethanol fermentation by yeasts vary from species to species, which has
been regarded as 'personality' (namely salient characteristics of
phenotype). For example, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a star yeast
species for scientific researches, can utilize glucose, maltose, and
sucrose for ethanol fermentation, but not lactose.

Species identification of yeasts has been done by recognizing such
phenotypic differences since the dawn of yeast taxonomy. Thanks to the
history of yeast taxonomy, 'personal information' of yeast species
(data of the abilities to ferment and assimilate various kinds of
carbon and nitrogen sources) has long been accumulated. Unfortunately,
however, very few 'personal information' regarding fructose, a very
common sugar in nature, was not available until recently. 

In order to obtain the missing information, we examined 388 strains of
yeast stocked in RIKEN BRC-JCM, mainly belonging to the
Saccharomycetes (Saccharomycotina, Ascomycota), determining whether
they can assimilate/ferment fructose by conventional methods using
liquid medium. As the results, all strains examined assimilated
fructose, whereas 302 (77.8%) of them fermented fructose. These
results strongly suggest that the ability to assimilate/ferment
fructose is a universal phenotype among yeasts in the Saccharomycetes.
We might miss out such a fundamental 'personal information' which
would enhance the utility of yeasts as bioresources.

But, why? Why have the ‘personal information’ regarding abilities to
assimilate/ferment fructose by yeasts long been neglected? During the
course of searching reasons, we had been faced with the unexpected
historical background...
Please go check details of the story in the reference below!

Rikiya Endoh, Maiko Horiyama, and Moriya Ohkuma,
"D-Fructose assimilation and fermentation by yeasts belonging to
Saccharomycetes: Rediscovery of universal phenotypes and elucidation
of fructophilic behaviors in Ambrosiozyma platypodis and Cyberlindnera
americana", Microorganisms, microorganisms9040758

Rikiya Endoh, curator of yeasts and yeast-like alga

Announcement: ANRRC 2022 ONLINE
The 13th International Meeting of the Asian Network of Research
Resource Centers (ANRRC 2022), hosted by RIKEN BioResource Research
Center, will be held online.

November 8-9, 2022


Lists of JCM strains released
Lists of JCM strains have been released. The lists are available for
all prokaryotes (i.e., Bacteria and Archaea) and for some individual
groups, such as Archaea, Lactic acid bacteria, and Yeasts. Using the
lists, JCM strains could be concentrated based on taxonomic names of
higher ranks, medium numbers, growth temperatures, etc. The lists
will be helpful in selecting and ordering JCM strains.

Lists of JCM strains

Newly cataloged strains (2022.05.01 - 2022.08.31)
"Achromobacter aestuarii"              JCM 33329  Proposed type strain
Acidaminococcus intestini              JCM 35489
"Acididesulfobacillus acetoxydans"     JCM 30553
Acidihalobacter yilgarnensis           JCM 32255  Type strain
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 14947
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 17259
Actinomyces capricornis                JCM 34236  Type strain
"Actinoplanes aureus"                  JCM 33971  Proposed type strain
"Agromyces laixinhei"                  JCM 33695  Proposed type strain
"Alkanindiges hydrocarboniclasticus"   JCM 31550  Proposed type strain
Aminipila luticellarii                 JCM 39126  Type strain
Anaerostipes caccae                    JCM 35490
Apilactobacillus xinyiensis            JCM 34501  Type strain
Apilactobacillus zhangqiuensis         JCM 34500  Type strain
Arcobacter sp.                         JCM 18854
Arenicella sp.                         JCM 18478
Arsenicicoccus cauae                   JCM 34624  Type strain
"Arthrobacter sulfonylureivorans"      JCM 32824  Proposed type strain
Azotobacter chroococcum subsp. isscasi JCM 33394  Type strain
Bacteroides cellulosilyticus           JCM 35491
Bifidobacterium mizhiense              JCM 34710  Type strain
Bilophila wadsworthia                  JCM 35487
Blautia hansenii                       JCM 35484
Blautia wexlerae                       JCM 35486
Brevibacillus migulae                  JCM 30654  Type strain
"Brevibacterium renqingii"             JCM 33953  Proposed type strain
Burkholderia sp.                       JCM 18793
Butyricicoccus intestinisimiae         JCM 35584  Type strain
Caldicellulosiruptor diazotrophicus    JCM 34253  Type strain
Catellatospora tritici                 JCM 33977  Type strain
Chitinophaga hostae                    JCM 34719  Type strain
Clostridium scindens                   JCM 35483
Clostridium spiroforme                 JCM 35488
Comamonas sp.                          JCM 18736
Comamonas sp.                          JCM 18737
Comamonas sp.                          JCM 18738
Desulfoferrobacter suflitae            JCM 39248  Type strain
Dialister invisus                      JCM 35492
"Ectobacillus aegiceratis"             JCM 33414  Proposed type strain
Escherichia coli                       JCM 35038
Extibacter muris                       JCM 35582  Type strain
Ezakiella coagulans                    JCM 35485
Ferrimonas sp.                         JCM 18312
Geobacter pickeringii                  JCM 13000  Type strain
Geothermobacter hydrogeniphilus        JCM 32110
Haloferula sp.                         JCM 18780
Haloferula sp.                         JCM 18781
Halomonas populi                       JCM 33545  Type strain
Halomonas populi                       JCM 33546
Halomonas populi                       JCM 33547
Herbaspirillum sp.                     JCM 18710
Herbaspirillum sp.                     JCM 18711
Herbaspirillum sp.                     JCM 18712
"Herbidospora solisilvae"              JCM 33460  Proposed type strain
Huaxiibacter chinensis                 JCM 35262  Type strain
Hydrogenophaga sp.                     JCM 18739
Hydrogenophilus thiooxidans            JCM 34254  Type strain
"Hymenobacter radiodurans"             JCM 33185  Proposed type strain
"Janthinobacterium tructae"            JCM 33613  Proposed type strain
Lacticaseibacillus pantheris           JCM 35494
Lacticaseibacillus pantheris           JCM 35511
Lactiplantibacillus pentosus           JCM 35499
Lactiplantibacillus pentosus           JCM 35500
Lactiplantibacillus pentosus           JCM 35502
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35493
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35495
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35497
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35498
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35503
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35504
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35505
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35506
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35512
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35513
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35515
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum subsp.   JCM 35516
Lentilactobacillus laojiaonis          JCM 34630  Type strain
Lentilactobacillus rapi subsp. dabitei JCM 34647  Type strain
Lentilactobacillus rapi subsp. dabitei JCM 34648
Leucobacter chinensis                  JCM 34651  Type strain
Levilactobacillus brevis               JCM 35496
Levilactobacillus brevis               JCM 35507
Levilactobacillus brevis               JCM 35508
Levilactobacillus brevis               JCM 35509
Levilactobacillus brevis               JCM 35510
Levilactobacillus brevis               JCM 35514
"Limisalsivibrio acetivorans"          JCM 19438  Proposed type strain
Limosilactobacillus fermentum          JCM 35501
"Lysobacter arenosi"                   JCM 34257  Proposed type strain
"Lysobacter solisilvae"                JCM 34258  Proposed type strain
Marinifilum caeruleilacunae            JCM 39045  Type strain
Marinifilum sp.                        JCM 18855
Marinifilum sp.                        JCM 18856
"Marinobacterium alkalitolerans"       JCM 31159  Proposed type strain
"Massilia aromaticivorans"             JCM 34089  Proposed type strain
Massilia sp.                           JCM 18563
"Microbacterium helvum"                JCM 32661  Proposed type strain
"Micromonospora rubida"                JCM 32386  Proposed type strain
Mucilaginibacter conchicola            JCM 32787  Type strain
"Mycolicibacterium gossypii"           JCM 34327  Proposed type strain
"Neobacillus paridis"                  JCM 34668  Proposed type strain
"Neotabrizicola shimadae"              JCM 34381  Proposed type strain
"Nocardia terrae"                      JCM 33776  Proposed type strain
Nocardioides luti                      JCM 33859  Type strain
Nonomuraea aurantiaca                  JCM 34799  Type strain
Novisyntrophococcus fermenticellae     JCM 33939  Type strain
Nucisporomicrobium flavum              JCM 33973  Type strain
Oxalicibacterium sp.                   JCM 18713
Oxalicibacterium sp.                   JCM 18714
"Paenibacillus albiflavus"             JCM 33183  Proposed type strain
Paenibacillus sp.                      JCM 34211
Parageobacillus caldoxylosilyticus     JCM 35181
Parageobacillus caldoxylosilyticus     JCM 35182
Parageobacillus caldoxylosilyticus     JCM 35183
Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius    JCM 35179
Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius    JCM 35180
Parasulfuritortus cantonensis          JCM 33645  Type strain
Paucibacter sp.                        JCM 18666
Pedobacter riviphilus                  JCM 34181  Type strain
"Peteryoungia desertarenae"            JCM 33657  Proposed type strain
Phocaeicola faecicola                  JCM 35583  Type strain
"Phytoactinopolyspora limicola"        JCM 33694  Proposed type strain
Polynucleobacter alcilacus             JCM 32939  Type strain
Polynucleobacter arcticus              JCM 32563  Type strain
Polynucleobacter bastaniensis          JCM 32933  Type strain
Polynucleobacter brandtiae             JCM 32562  Type strain
Polynucleobacter corsicus              JCM 32935  Type strain
Polynucleobacter finlandensis          JCM 32556  Type strain
Polynucleobacter hallstattensis        JCM 32938  Type strain
Polynucleobacter ibericus              JCM 32554  Type strain
Polynucleobacter kasalickyi            JCM 32564  Type strain
Polynucleobacter nymphae               JCM 32936  Type strain
Polynucleobacter paludilacus           JCM 32557  Type strain
Polynucleobacter parvulilacunae        JCM 32561  Type strain
Pseudoalteromonas sp.                  JCM 18481
"Pseudomonas eucalypticola"            JCM 33572  Proposed type strain
Pseudomonas insulae                    JCM 34511  Type strain
"Pseudomonas laoshanensis"             JCM 32580  Proposed type strain
"Pseudomonas nanhaiensis"              JCM 34440  Proposed type strain
Pseudomonas sp.                        JCM 17745
Pseudomonas sp.                        JCM 18515
Pseudomonas sp.                        JCM 18794
Pseudomonas sp.                        JCM 18857
"Pseudoxanthomonas beigongshangi"      JCM 33961  Proposed type strain
"Psychrilyobacter piezotolerans"       JCM 32482  Proposed type strain
Pusillimonas faecipullorum             JCM 34168  Type strain
Rheinheimera maricola                  JCM 34600  Type strain
"Rhizobium rhizolycopersici"           JCM 34245  Proposed type strain
Rhodococcus oxybenzonivorans           JCM 32046  Type strain
"Rhodocyclus gracilis"                 JCM 35354  Proposed type strain
Rodentibacter sp.                      JCM 18574
Rubrobacter xylanophilus               JCM 33581
"Rufibacter radiotolerans"             JCM 19446  Proposed type strain
Schumannella soli                      JCM 33146  Type strain
Shewanella oncorhynchi                 JCM 34183  Type strain
Sideroxyarcus emersonii                JCM 39089  Type strain
Sphingomonas sp.                       JCM 18310
"Stenotrophomonas sepilia"             JCM 32102  Proposed type strain
Streptococcus ilei                     JCM 18187
"Streptococcus oriscaviae"             JCM 34455  Proposed type strain
"Streptococcus toyakuensis"            JCM 34623  Proposed type strain
"Streptomyces cupreus"                 JCM 33752  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces liliifuscus               JCM 34560  Type strain
Streptomyces liliiviolaceus            JCM 34767  Type strain
Streptomyces montanisoli               JCM 34528  Type strain
Sulfobacillus harzensis                JCM 39070  Type strain
Tannockella kyphosi                    JCM 34692  Type strain
Thermosynergistes pyruvativorans       JCM 33159  Type strain
Thermus brockianus                     JCM 35103
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35104
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35105
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35106
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35108
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35109
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35110
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35111
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35112
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35113
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35114
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35115
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35116
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35201
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 35202
Tissierella simiarum                   JCM 35585  Type strain
"Umezawaea beigongshangensis"          JCM 33954  Proposed type strain
Urechidicola croceus                   JCM 31563  Type strain
Variimorphobacter saccharofermentans   JCM 39125  Type strain
Verrucomicrobium sp.                   JCM 18782
Verrucomicrobium sp.                   JCM 18783
"Xanthomonas sontii"                   JCM 33631  Proposed type strain
"Xanthomonas sontii"                   JCM 33632
"Xanthomonas sontii"                   JCM 33633
Xanthomonas sp.                        JCM 18748
"Xylanimonas oleitrophica"             JCM 33795  Proposed type strain
Zeimonas arvi                          JCM 33506  Type strain

Halomicrobium salinisoli               JCM 30837  Type strain
Halomicrobium salinisoli               JCM 30839
"Halorientalis litorea"                JCM 34154  Proposed type strain
"Halorientalis marina"                 JCM 34481  Proposed type strain
"Halorientalis salina"                 JCM 34155  Proposed type strain
Haloterrigena alkaliphila              JCM 34158  Type strain
Methanococcoides orientis              JCM 39195  Type strain
"Methanofollis propanolicus"           JCM 39176  Proposed type strain
"Natranaeroarchaeum aerophilus"        JCM 32519  Proposed type strain
Natrinema amylolyticum                 JCM 30668  Type strain
Natrinema halophilum                   JCM 31181  Type strain
Natrinema salinisoli                   JCM 30832  Type strain
"Natronocalculus amylovorans"          JCM 32475  Proposed type strain
Stygiolobus caldivivus                 JCM 34622  Type strain

Basidioascus magus                     JCM 39332  ex-holotype strain
Basidioascus undulatus                 JCM 39333  ex-epitype strain
Geminibasidium donianum                JCM 39334  ex-holotype strain
Geminibasidium hirsutum                JCM 39335  ex-holotype strain
Lipomyces starkeyi                     JCM 39235
Lipomyces starkeyi                     JCM 39236
Trichothecium ovalisporum              JCM 10014
Trichothecium ovalisporum              JCM 35545  ex-holotype strain
Trichothecium ovalisporum              JCM 35546

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