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- Special topic: The scientific name of Faecalibacterium prausnitzii
                 JCM 31915 has been changed.
- Lists of JCM strains released
- Newly cataloged strains (2022.01.01 - 2022.04.30)

Special topic: The scientific name of Faecalibacterium prausnitzii
               JCM 31915 has been changed.

The genus Faecalibacterium was established by Dr. Sylvia H. Duncan and
her colleagues in the United Kingdom in 2002 for the reclassification
of formerly misidentified strains of Fusobacterium prausnitzii ATCC
27768T and its reference strain ATCC 27766, along with two other
isolates (A2-165 and L2-6). Consequently, these strains have been
reclassified as Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (hereinafter F.
prausnitzii). Currently the genus Faecalibacterium is recognized as
one of the most important gut butyrate-producing bacteria for human
Since 2017, JCM has been distributing strain A2-165 JCM 31915 = DSM
17677). Since its launch, this strain has been used by many
researchers and boasts the third highest track record of distribution.
F. prausnitzii strain A2-165 is not a type strain, but it is a very
famous strain that is used by a large number of researchers at the
world level. Intraspecific diversity of F. prausnitzii has been
discussed for some time. A paper on the reclassification of
Faecalibacterium strains was published in the April issue 2022 of the
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
(IJSEM). Therefore, the scientific name of F. prausnitzii JCM 31915
(strain A2-165), which has been distributed by JCM, has been changed
to Faecalibacterium duncaniae JCM 31915T. The scientific name of this
strain is named after Dr. Sylvia H. Duncan, who founded the genus

Sakamoto et al. 2022. Genome-based, phenotypic and chemotaxonomic
classification of Faecalibacterium strains: proposal of three novel
species Faeca1libacterium duncaniae sp. nov., Faecalibacterium
hattorii sp. nov. and Faecalibacterium gallinarum sp. nov.
Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol., 72: 005379.
DOI: 10.1099/ijsem.0.005379

Mitsuo Sakamoto, Ph.D.
Curator of Anaerobic Bacteria & Lactic Acid Bacteria

Lists of JCM strains released
Lists of JCM strains have been released. The lists are available for
all prokaryotes (i.e., Bacteria and Archaea) and for some individual
groups, such as Archaea, Lactic acid bacteria, and Yeasts. Using the
lists, JCM strains could be concentrated based on taxonomic names of
higher ranks, medium numbers, growth temperatures, etc. The lists
will be helpful in selecting and ordering JCM strains.

Lists of JCM strains

Newly cataloged strains (2022.01.01 - 2022.04.30)
Actinomadura violacea                  JCM 33065  Type strain
Adhaeribacter terrigena                JCM 34303  Type strain
Aequorivita iocasae                    JCM 34635  Type strain
"Alcanivorax limicola"                 JCM 33717  Proposed type strain
Aliidiomarina halalkaliphila           JCM 34227  Type strain
Altererythrobacter lutimaris           JCM 33750  Type strain
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 33446
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 33447
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 33448
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 33449
"Bacteroides cellulolyticus"           JCM 35042  Proposed type strain
Brevibacterium atlanticum              JCM 33846  Type strain
Brevibacterium limosum                 JCM 33844  Type strain
"Brevibacterium pigmentatum"           JCM 33843  Proposed type strain
Breznakiella homolactica               JCM 39135  Type strain
Caproicibacterium amylolyticum         JCM 33783  Type strain
Caproicibacterium lactatifermentans    JCM 33782  Type strain
"Citrobacter tructae"                  JCM 33612  Proposed type strain
Cochlodiniinecator piscidefendens      JCM 34119  Type strain
Comamonas fluminis                     JCM 34454  Type strain
Desulfomarina profundi                 JCM 34118  Type strain
Devosia aurantiaca                     JCM 33930  Type strain
Devosia salina                         JCM 34403  Type strain
Diplocloster agilis                    JCM 34350
Diplocloster agilis                    JCM 34353  Type strain
Diplocloster modestus                  JCM 34351  Type strain
"Elioraea tepida"                      JCM 33060  Proposed type strain
Erwinia phyllosphaerae                 JCM 34792  Type strain
Escherichia coli                       JCM 16946
Flavobacterium ammonificans            JCM 34684  Type strain
Flavobacterium ammonificans            JCM 34685
Flavobacterium ammoniigenes            JCM 32249  Type strain
Flavobacterium erciyesense             JCM 34201  Type strain
Fulvivirga lutea                       JCM 34505  Type strain
Gemmobacter fulvus                     JCM 34790
Gemmobacter fulvus                     JCM 34791  Type strain
Geobacter benzoatilyticus              JCM 39190  Type strain
Geomonas azotofigens                   JCM 33032  Type strain
Gordonia amarae                        JCM 34457
Gordonia amarae                        JCM 34459
Gordonia amarae                        JCM 34460
"Gordonia pseudoamarae"                JCM 34458
"Gordonia pseudoamarae"                JCM 35249
Halomonas azerica                      JCM 34260  Type strain
Hoyosella lacisalsi                    JCM 33650  Type strain
Hymenobacter psoromatis                JCM 34571
Hymenobacter psoromatis                JCM 34572  Type strain
Hymenobacter siberiensis               JCM 34573
Hymenobacter siberiensis               JCM 34574  Type strain
Hymenobacter siberiensis               JCM 34575
Hymenobacter taeanensis                JCM 34023  Type strain
Jiella mangrovi                        JCM 34332  Type strain
Jiella sonneratiae                     JCM 34333  Type strain
Lactobacillus huangpiensis             JCM 34361  Type strain
Lactobacillus laiwuensis               JCM 34502  Type strain
Leucobacter coleopterorum              JCM 33667  Type strain
Leucobacter insecticola                JCM 33668  Type strain
Leucobacter viscericola                JCM 33669  Type strain
Marinomonas vulgaris                   JCM 34473  Type strain
Massilia soli                          JCM 34601  Type strain
Metabacillus bambusae                  JCM 34515  Type strain
Microbacterium atlanticum              JCM 33959  Type strain
Microbacterium cremeum                 JCM 33958  Type strain
Microbacterium luteum                  JCM 33955  Type strain
Micromonospora humida                  JCM 34494  Type strain
Muricauda chongwuensis                 JCM 33643  Type strain
Nesterenkonia sedimenti                JCM 19767  Type strain
Nitratireductor rhodophyticola         JCM 31802  Type strain
Nocardioides mangrovi                  JCM 34553  Type strain
Nocardioides piscis                    JCM 33670  Type strain
Nonlabens sp.                          JCM 18403
Nonomuraea aridisoli                   JCM 32584  Type strain
Ornithinimicrobium avium               JCM 32873  Type strain
Ornithinimicrobium ciconiae            JCM 33221  Type strain
Paenibacillus artemisiicola            JCM 34503  Type strain
Paenibacillus caui                     JCM 34618  Type strain
Paenibacillus lignilyticus             JCM 34504  Type strain
Paenibacillus tianjinensis             JCM 34610  Type strain
"Pedobacter aquae"                     JCM 33709  Proposed type strain
"Pedobacter segetis"                   JCM 34283  Proposed type strain
"Pelorhabdus rhamnosifermentans"       JCM 39158  Proposed type strain
Phycicoccus avicenniae                 JCM 34335  Type strain
Polaribacter sp.                       JCM 18404
Prevotella lacticifex                  JCM 34664  Type strain
"Pseudocnuella soli"                   JCM 33202  Proposed type strain
Pseudomonas sp.                        JCM 33450
Pseudomonas sp.                        JCM 33451
Ramlibacter montanisoli                JCM 33920  Type strain
Ramlibacter terrae                     JCM 33922  Type strain
Rhodococcus erythropolis               JCM 34136
Rhodococcus hoagii                     JCM 34137
Saccharopolyspora aridisoli            JCM 32922  Type strain
Saccharopolyspora elongata             JCM 32921  Type strain
Saccharopolyspora karakumensis         JCM 33530  Type strain
Saccharopolyspora terrae               JCM 33531  Type strain
Sphingomonas piscis                    JCM 33738  Type strain
Sphingomonas radiodurans               JCM 34750  Type strain
Sphingomonas sinipercae                JCM 33739  Type strain
Sporosarcina jiandibaonis              JCM 32514  Type strain
Stakelama flava                        JCM 34534  Type strain
Staphylococcus taiwanensis             JCM 34726  Type strain
Streptococcus ilei                     JCM 18185  Type strain
"Streptococcus shenyangsis"            JCM 33583  Proposed type strain
"Streptococcus symci"                  JCM 33582  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces apricus                   JCM 33736  Type strain
Streptomyces gobiensis                 JCM 34936  Type strain
"Streptomyces qaidamensis"             JCM 31184  Proposed type strain
Tenacibaculum sp.                      JCM 18288
Thermoflavifilum sp.                   JCM 18429
Trichococcus shcherbakoviae subsp.     JCM 33326  Type strain
Vagococcus coleopterorum               JCM 33682  Type strain
Vagococcus hydrophili                  JCM 33683  Type strain
"Vagococcus zengguangii"               JCM 33478  Proposed type strain
Vineibacter terrae                     JCM 33507  Type strain
Winogradskyella sp.                    JCM 18289
Xanthobacter dioxanivorans             JCM 34666  Type strain

Halapricum desulfuricans               JCM 34031
Halapricum desulfuricans               JCM 34032  Type strain
Halobaculum rubrum                     JCM 32959  Type strain
"Haloprofundus halobius"               JCM 35095  Proposed type strain
"Haloprofundus salilacus"              JCM 33561  Proposed type strain
"Haloprofundus salinisoli"             JCM 33553  Proposed type strain
Halorussus halobius                    JCM 31110  Type strain
Halorussus marinus                     JCM 32951
Halorussus marinus                     JCM 32952  Type strain
Halorussus pelagicus                   JCM 32953  Type strain
Methanocalculus pumilus                JCM 39199
Methanoculleus submarinus              JCM 39200
Methanosarcina semesiae                JCM 39201
"Microcaldus variisymbioticus"         JCM 33787  Proposed type strain
"Natronoarchaeum sulfidigenum"         JCM 34033
"Natronorubrum halalkaliphilum"        JCM 34235  Proposed type strain

Acremonium sp.                         JCM 39225
Acremonium sp.                         JCM 39226
Acremonium sp.                         JCM 39227
Acrodontium luzulae                    JCM 39231
Acrodontium luzulae                    JCM 39234
Acrodontium sp.                        JCM 39224
Acrodontium sp.                        JCM 39228
Acrodontium sp.                        JCM 39229
Acrodontium sp.                        JCM 39232
Endocalyx melanoxanthus                JCM 39196
Morchella sp.                          JCM 10586
Simplicillium sp.                      JCM 39230
Simplicillium sp.                      JCM 39233

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