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                      JCM Mail News (2022.01.25)

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- Special topic: A novel, ectosymbiotic archaeal strain representing
                 the DPANN group is now released.
- Newly cataloged strains (2020.11.01 - 2021.12.31)

Special topic: A novel, ectosymbiotic archaeal strain representing
               the DPANN group is now released.
The DPANN group is a huge, archaeal monophyletic clade including
several phyla known as Diapherotrites, Parvarchaeota, Aenigmarchaeota,
Nanoarchaeota and Nanohaloarchaeota.  Most of them have small genomes,
and they are considered to be ectosymbiotic with other archaeal host
species. The most prominent example should be 'Nanoarchaeum equitans'
discovered in 2002, which shows the symbiotic lifestyle with a
hyperthermophilic Crenarchaeota species Ignicoccus hospitalis as the
host species. Since then, several enrichment cultures of the DPANN
group with their archaeal hosts have been reported, such as 
'Mancarchaeum acidiphilum' co-cultured with a Thermoplasmata archaeon
and 'Nanohaloarchaeum antarcticus' with a Halobacteria archaeon, to
name a few.  Nevertheless, none of them have been released in the
community from culture collections, and had standing in nomenclature.
In a recent publication, Dr. Sakai and his colleagues have uncovered
establishment of the co-culture system that constituted of
'Microcaldus variisymbioticus' (representing the phylum Microcaldota,
formerly known as Micrachaeota) ARM-1 and a strain of Metallosphaera
sp. as a host archaeon from an acidic, terrestrial hot spring. This
ectosymbiotic archaeal strain is now available from JCM (JCM 33787) as
in the co-culture system. It is expected that the strain would
represent a pivotal model to understand the symbiotic lifestyle of the
DPANN group archaea and their evolution.

Sakai HD et al. 2022. Insight into the symbiotic lifestyle of DPANN
archaea revealed by cultivation and genome analyses.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 119 (3) e2115449119

Takashi Itoh Ph. D./Shingo Kato Ph. D.
Curators (Archaea and bacterial extremophiles)

Newly cataloged strains (2020.11.01 - 2021.12.31)

Acidiluteibacter ferrifornacis         JCM 33804  Type strain
Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans         JCM 39165
Acidomonas methanolica                 JCM 25089
Acidomonas methanolica                 JCM 25090
Acidomonas methanolica                 JCM 25091
Acidomonas methanolica                 JCM 25092
Acidomonas methanolica                 JCM 25093
Acidomonas methanolica                 JCM 25094
Acidomonas methanolica                 JCM 25095
Acidomonas methanolica                 JCM 25096
Acidomonas methanolica                 JCM 25097
Acidomonas methanolica                 JCM 25098
Acinetobacter chengduensis             JCM 33509  Type strain
Acinetobacter kanungonis               JCM 34131  Type strain
Acinetobacter lanii                    JCM 33607  Type strain
"Acinetobacter mesopotamicus"          JCM 31073  Proposed type strain
"Acinetobacter pullicarnis"            JCM 33150  Proposed type strain
"Acinetobacter pullorum"               JCM 33942  Proposed type strain
Acinetobacter shaoyimingii             JCM 33608  Type strain
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 17470
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 17878
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 17881
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 17882
Acinetobacter wanghuae                 JCM 33592  Type strain
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae        JCM 34732
Actinomadura decatromicini             JCM 16996  Type strain
Actinomadura litoris                   JCM 33456  Type strain
Actinomadura rubrisoli                 JCM 33875  Type strain
Actinomyces faecalis                   JCM 34355  Type strain
Actinomyces marmotae                   JCM 34091  Type strain
Actinomyces procaprae                  JCM 33484  Type strain
Actinomyces respiraculi                JCM 34356  Type strain
Actinomyces trachealis                 JCM 34357  Type strain
Actinoplanes lichenicola               JCM 33066  Type strain
Actinoplanes ovalisporus               JCM 33067  Type strain
"Actinoplanes solisilvae"              JCM 32512  Proposed type strain
Adlercreutzia equolifaciens subsp.     JCM 34756
Adlercreutzia hattorii                 JCM 34083  Type strain
Adlercreutzia rubneri                  JCM 34176  Type strain
"Aedoeadaptatus acetigenes"            JCM 34812  Proposed type strain
Aequorivita sinensis                   JCM 19789  Type strain
Aeromicrobium terrae                   JCM 33499  Type strain
"Agathobaculum ammoniilyticum"         JCM 34985  Proposed type strain
Agromyces mariniharenae                JCM 32546  Type strain
"Albitalea terrae"                     JCM 32971  Proposed type strain
Algibacter sp.                         JCM 17862
Alistipes indistinctus                 JCM 15916
Alistipes indistinctus                 JCM 34084
"Alitiscatomonas aceti"                JCM 34810  Proposed type strain
Alkalicella caledoniensis              JCM 30958  Type strain
"Alkaliphilus pronyensis"              JCM 30644  Proposed type strain
"Alkaliphilus serpentinus"             JCM 30643  Proposed type strain
Amaricoccus solimangrovi               JCM 33334  Type strain
Amycolatopsis dendrobii                JCM 33742  Type strain
Anaerococcus porci                     JCM 34364  Type strain
"Anaerostipes amylophilus"             JCM 34801  Proposed type strain
Anaerostipes hadrus                    JCM 17467  Type strain
Anaerostipes hadrus                    JCM 17764
Anaerostipes hominis                   JCM 32275  Type strain
Anaerovibrio slackiae                  JCM 34377  Type strain
"Ancyclomarina euxinus"                JCM 32614  Proposed type strain
"Anthropogastromicrobium aceti"        JCM 34994  Proposed type strain
Apilactobacillus nanyangensis          JCM 33867  Type strain
Aquabacterium soli                     JCM 33106  Type strain
Aquiluna borgnonia                     JCM 32974  Type strain
Aquincola sp.                          JCM 18044
Arcobacter parvus                      JCM 31548  Type strain
Arenibacter amylolyticus               JCM 19206  Type strain
"Arthrobacter crusticola"              JCM 33723  Proposed type strain
Arthrobacter mobilis                   JCM 33392  Type strain
Arthrobacter terricola                 JCM 33641  Type strain
Arthrobacter yangruifuii               JCM 33491  Type strain
Arthrobacter zhaoguopingii             JCM 33841  Type strain
Asaia bogorensis                       JCM 25099
Asaia bogorensis                       JCM 25100
Asaia bogorensis                       JCM 25101
Asaia bogorensis                       JCM 25102
Asaia bogorensis                       JCM 25103
Asaia bogorensis                       JCM 25104
Asaia siamensis                        JCM 25105
Asaia siamensis                        JCM 25106
Asaia siamensis                        JCM 25107
Aurantiacibacter rhizosphaerae         JCM 32444  Type strain
Azoarcus nasutitermitis                JCM 32001  Type strain
Azoarcus rhizosphaerae                 JCM 32002  Type strain
Bacillus aquiflavi                     JCM 33700
Bacillus aquiflavi                     JCM 33701
Bacillus aquiflavi                     JCM 33702
Bacillus aquiflavi                     JCM 33703  Type strain
Bacillus harenae                       JCM 32794  Type strain
Bacillus hominis                       JCM 34125  Type strain
Bacillus paramobilis                   JCM 34124  Type strain
Bacillus sanguinis                     JCM 34122  Type strain
"Bacillus telluris"                    JCM 33017  Proposed type strain
Bacteroides luhongzhouii               JCM 33480  Type strain
Bacteroides sp.                        JCM 19280
Bacteroides zhangwenhongii             JCM 33481  Type strain
Baileyella intestinalis                JCM 34418  Type strain
"Barnesiella propionica"               JCM 34805  Proposed type strain
Bartonella sp.                         JCM 17710
Bartonella sp.                         JCM 17711
Bartonella sp.                         JCM 17716
Bartonella sp.                         JCM 17717
Berryella intestinalis                 JCM 34389  Type strain
"Bifidobacterium apousia"              JCM 34587  Proposed type strain
"Bifidobacterium choladohabitans"      JCM 34586  Proposed type strain
Bifidobacterium choloepi               JCM 34854  Type strain
Bifidobacterium merycicum              JCM 34115
"Bifidobacterium polysaccharolyticum"  JCM 34588  Proposed type strain
Bifidobacterium pseudolongum           JCM 31572
Bifidobacterium pseudolongum           JCM 31573
Bifidobacterium pseudolongum           JCM 31574
Bifidobacterium pseudolongum           JCM 31575
Bifidobacterium pseudolongum           JCM 31576
Bifidobacterium pseudolongum           JCM 31577
Bifidobacterium pseudolongum           JCM 31578
Bifidobacterium pseudolongum subsp.    JCM 34113
Bifidobacterium ruminantium            JCM 34114
Bilifractor porci                      JCM 34419  Type strain
"Blautia acetigignens"                 JCM 34803  Proposed type strain
"Blautia ammoniilytica"                JCM 34802  Proposed type strain
Blautia caecimuris                     JCM 34498  Type strain
Blautia faecicola                      JCM 34499  Type strain
Blautia liquoris                       JCM 34225  Type strain
Bombilactobacillus apium               JCM 34006  Type strain
Brachybacterium halotolerans           JCM 34339  Type strain
Brevibacterium profundi                JCM 33845  Type strain
Brevilactibacter coleopterorum         JCM 33680  Type strain
"Brotolimicola acetigignens"           JCM 34986
"Brotolimicola acetigignens"           JCM 34988  Proposed type strain
"Brotonthovivens ammoniilytica"        JCM 34815  Proposed type strain
Bullifex porci                         JCM 34393  Type strain
Bythopirellula goksoeyrii              JCM 19442  Type strain
Caldichromatium japonicum              JCM 39101  Type strain
Capillibacterium thermochitinicola     JCM 33882  Type strain
Capnocytophaga periodontitidis         JCM 34126  Type strain
Capnocytophaga periodontitidis         JCM 34128
Cerasibacillus terrae                  JCM 33498  Type strain
Chitinimonas arctica                   JCM 34323  Type strain
Chitinimonas sp.                       JCM 17894
Chitiniphilus eburneus                 JCM 34322  Type strain
Chitinophaga silvatica                 JCM 32696  Type strain
Chitinophaga solisilvae                JCM 33276
Chitinophaga sp.                       JCM 17663
Chitinophaga sp.                       JCM 18273
Chromobacterium paludis                JCM 33770  Type strain
Chryseobacterium endalhagicum          JCM 34506  Type strain
Chryseobacterium salivictor            JCM 33980  Type strain
Chryseobacterium sp.                   JCM 18192
Chryseobacterium vaccae                JCM 33749  Type strain
Chryseoglobus indicus                  JCM 33842  Type strain
"Clostridium ammoniilyticum"           JCM 34989
"Clostridium ammoniilyticum"           JCM 34990
"Clostridium ammoniilyticum"           JCM 34991  Proposed type strain
Clostridium fessum                     JCM 32258  Type strain
Clostridium porci                      JCM 34385  Type strain
Clostridium prolinivorans              JCM 33161  Type strain
Clostridium sp.                        JCM 18678
Clostridium sp.                        JCM 18679
Comamonas suwonensis                   JCM 34179  Type strain
Companilactobacillus pabuli            JCM 34088  Type strain
Companilactobacillus suantsaicola      JCM 34855  Type strain
Coprobacter fastidiosus                JCM 33896  Type strain
Coprobacter secundus subsp. secundus   JCM 33897  Type strain
Coprobacter secundus subsp. secundus   JCM 33965
Coprobacter secundus subsp. similis    JCM 34079  Type strain
Coprobacter secundus subsp. similis    JCM 34080
"Coprococcus ammoniilyticus"           JCM 34806  Proposed type strain
Corynebacterium lizhenjunii            JCM 34341  Type strain
Corynebacterium lujinxingii            JCM 34094  Type strain
Corynebacterium qintianiae             JCM 34340  Type strain
Corynebacterium wankanglinii           JCM 34398  Type strain
Corynebacterium zhongnanshanii         JCM 34106  Type strain
Cupriavidus cauae                      JCM 34261  Type strain
Cutibacterium porci                    JCM 34386  Type strain
Cyclobacterium sp.                     JCM 17631
Dactylosporangium sp.                  JCM 34239
Deinococcus detaillensis               JCM 33291  Type strain
Delftia sp.                            JCM 18017
Desulfovibrio porci                    JCM 34370  Type strain
Devosia beringensis                    JCM 33772  Type strain
Devosia faecipullorum                  JCM 34167  Type strain
"Dorea acetigenes"                     JCM 34809  Proposed type strain
"Dorea ammoniilytica"                  JCM 34808  Proposed type strain
"Dorea amylophila"                     JCM 34807  Proposed type strain
"Dyadobacter luteus"                   JCM 32940  Proposed type strain
Eggerthella guodeyinii                 JCM 33773  Type strain
Eikenella halliae                      JCM 34133  Type strain
Eikenella longinqua                    JCM 34134  Type strain
Eisenbergiella porci                   JCM 34365  Type strain
Elizabethkingia argenteiflava          JCM 32097  Type strain
Enorma shizhengliae                    JCM 33601  Type strain
Enterobacter quasimori                 JCM 33940  Type strain
Enterovibrio pacificus                 JCM 17855  Type strain
Erythrobacter sp.                      JCM 18209
Erythrobacter sp.                      JCM 18380
Escherichia coli                       JCM 17474
Escherichia coli                       JCM 17475
Eubacterium sp.                        JCM 18683
Faecalibacterium butyricigenerans      JCM 39212  Type strain
Faecalibacterium longum                JCM 39211  Type strain
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii           JCM 39207
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii           JCM 39208
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii           JCM 39209
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii           JCM 39210
Faecalibacterium sp.                   JCM 17207
"Faecalicatena acetigenes"             JCM 34816  Proposed type strain
Ferrimonas lipolytica                  JCM 33793  Type strain
Ferrimonas sediminum                   JCM 17552  Type strain
"Flaviaesturariibacter flavus"         JCM 33179  Proposed type strain
Flaviflexus ciconiae                   JCM 33282  Type strain
Flavihumibacter profundi               JCM 32675  Type strain
Flavihumibacter soli                   JCM 33473  Type strain
Flavisolibacter sp.                    JCM 18196
Flavobacterium bernardetii             JCM 34204  Type strain
Flavobacterium dauae                   JCM 34025  Type strain
Flavobacterium Kayseriense             JCM 34195  Type strain
Flavobacterium microcysteis            JCM 33501  Type strain
Flavobacterium muglaense               JCM 34196  Type strain
Flavobacterium nackdongense            JCM 32765  Type strain
Flavobacterium phycosphaerae           JCM 33879  Type strain
Flavobacterium silvaticum              JCM 31545  Type strain
Flavobacterium solisilvae              JCM 31544  Type strain
Flavobacterium sp.                     JCM 17516
Flavobacterium sp.                     JCM 17920
Flavobacterium sp.                     JCM 17921
Flavobacterium sp.                     JCM 17922
Flavobacterium sp.                     JCM 18276
Flavobacterium sp.                     JCM 18277
Flavobacterium sp.                     JCM 18278
Flavobacterium sp.                     JCM 18279
Flavobacterium sp.                     JCM 18280
Flavobacterium supellecticarium        JCM 32838  Type strain
Flavobacterium turcicum                JCM 34202  Type strain
Floccifex porci                        JCM 34421  Type strain
Fluviibacter phosphoraccumulans        JCM 32071  Type strain
Fluviibacter phosphoraccumulans        JCM 33382
Fluviibacter phosphoraccumulans        JCM 33383
Fluviispira sanaruensis                JCM 31447  Type strain
Formosa sp.                            JCM 18091
Frischella japonica                    JCM 34075  Type strain
Fulvimonas sp.                         JCM 17667
Gaetbulibacter sp.                     JCM 17732
Gallalistipes aquisgranensis           JCM 34649  Type strain
Gallibacter intestinalis               JCM 34592  Type strain
"Gallintestinimicrobium propionicum"   JCM 34984  Proposed type strain
Gemmiger gallinarum                    JCM 34595  Type strain
Gemmobacter aestuarii                  JCM 19754  Type strain
"Georgenia faecalis"                   JCM 33470  Proposed type strain
Geothermobacter hydrogeniphilus        JCM 32109  Type strain
Glaciecola sp.                         JCM 17605
Gluconobacter frateurii                JCM 25109
Gluconobacter frateurii                JCM 25110
Gluconobacter frateurii                JCM 25111
Gluconobacter frateurii                JCM 25112
Gordonia jinghuaiqii                   JCM 33890  Type strain
Gordonia zhaorongruii                  JCM 33466  Type strain
Gracilibacillus oryzae                 JCM 33537  Type strain
Gramella bathymodioli                  JCM 33424  Type strain
Halarcobacter sp.                      JCM 17856
Haliea sp.                             JCM 17446
Haliea sp.                             JCM 17447
Hallerella porci                       JCM 34277  Type strain
Hallerella succinigenes                JCM 34256  Type strain
Haloactinobacterium kanbiaonis         JCM 33464  Type strain
Halobacillus fulvus                    JCM 32624  Type strain
Halomonas flava                        JCM 17429  Type strain
Halomonas icarae                       JCM 33602  Type strain
Halovulum marinum                      JCM 32611  Type strain
Hansschlegelia quercus                 JCM 33463  Type strain
Helicobacter delphinicola              JCM 32789  Type strain
Helicobacter delphinicola              JCM 32790
Helicobacter delphinicola              JCM 32791
Helicobacter delphinicola              JCM 32792
Holdemanella porci                     JCM 34391  Type strain
"Hominimerdicola aceti"                JCM 34818  Proposed type strain
"Hoministercoradaptatus                JCM 34804  Proposed type strain
"Hoministercoradaptatus                JCM 34987
Hornefia butyriciproducens             JCM 34390  Type strain
Hornefia porci                         JCM 34388  Type strain
"Huintestinicola butyrica"             JCM 34817  Proposed type strain
Hydrogenimonas urashimensis            JCM 19825  Type strain
Hylemonella gracilis                   JCM 17153
Hylemonella gracilis                   JCM 17154
Hylemonella gracilis                   JCM 17155
Hylemonella gracilis                   JCM 17156
Hylemonella gracilis                   JCM 17157
Hylemonella gracilis                   JCM 17192
Hymenobacter baengnokdamensis          JCM 33837  Type strain
"Hymenobacter lutimineralis"           JCM 33444  Proposed type strain
Inconstantimicrobium porci             JCM 34424  Type strain
Insectihabitans xujianqingii           JCM 33490  Type strain
"Iodidimonas gelatinilytica"           JCM 17844  Proposed type strain
"Iodidimonas gelatinilytica"           JCM 17845
Janthinobacterium aquaticum            JCM 34173  Type strain
Janthinobacterium rivuli               JCM 34174  Type strain
Janthinobacterium violaceinigrum       JCM 34175  Type strain
Jiella pacifica                        JCM 33903  Type strain
Jinshanibacter zhutongyuii             JCM 33489  Type strain
Kaustia mangrovi                       JCM 33619  Type strain
Kluyvera sichuanensis                  JCM 34132  Type strain
"Koleobacter methoxysyntrophicus"      JCM 39120  Proposed type strain
Komagataeibacter saccharivorans        JCM 25288
Kordia sp.                             JCM 17733
Kozakia baliensis                      JCM 25123
Kozakia baliensis                      JCM 25124
Kozakia baliensis                      JCM 25125
Labilibacter sediminis                 JCM 33138  Type strain
"Labilibaculum euxinus"                JCM 32481  Proposed type strain
Lacisediminihabitans profunda          JCM 32673  Type strain
Lacticaseibacillus absianus            JCM 33998  Type strain
Lacticaseibacillus mingshuiensis       JCM 33567  Type strain
Lacticaseibacillus suilingensis        JCM 34362
Lacticaseibacillus suilingensis        JCM 34363  Type strain
Lactobacillus corticis                 JCM 32597  Type strain
Lactobacillus nasalidis                JCM 33769  Type strain
"Laedolimicola ammoniilytica"          JCM 34983  Proposed type strain
Latilactobacillus curvatus             JCM 34776
Lentibacillus cibarius                 JCM 33390  Type strain
Lentibacillus cibarius                 JCM 33391
Lentilactobacillus fungorum            JCM 32598  Type strain
Lentilactobacillus kribbianus          JCM 33997  Type strain
Lentzea alba                           JCM 33970  Type strain
"Lentzea indica"                       JCM 33729  Proposed type strain
Leptospira kobayashii                  JCM 32517  Type strain
Leucobacter chromiisoli                JCM 34359  Type strain
Leuconostoc litchii                    JCM 34853  Type strain
Levilactobacillus andaensis            JCM 33863  Type strain
Levilactobacillus brevis               JCM 34252
Levilactobacillus lanxiensis           JCM 33565  Type strain
Levilactobacillus suantsaiihabitans    JCM 34856  Type strain
Levilactobacillus wangkuiensis         JCM 33564  Type strain
Lichenicola cladoniae                  JCM 33603
Lichenicola cladoniae                  JCM 33604  Type strain
Longicatena caecimuris                 JCM 34670
Lujinxingia litoralis                  JCM 33218  Type strain
"Lujinxingia vulgaris"                 JCM 33217  Proposed type strain
"Luteimonas granuli"                   JCM 18203  Proposed type strain
Lutibacter sp.                         JCM 17734
Lysobacter sp.                         JCM 18051
Lysobacter sp.                         JCM 18137
Mangrovivirga cuniculi                 JCM 33609  Type strain
Maribacter sp.                         JCM 17791
Maribrevibacterium harenarium          JCM 33332  Type strain
Mariniflexile maritimum                JCM 33982  Type strain
Marinobacter halodurans                JCM 33109  Type strain
Marisediminicola senii                 JCM 33936  Type strain
Massilia sp.                           JCM 17963
Massilia yuzhufengensis                JCM 18139  Type strain
Megamonas funiformis                   JCM 34757
"Megasphaera butyrica"                 JCM 34811  Proposed type strain
Mesorhizobium microcysteis             JCM 33503  Type strain
Mesorhizobium terrae                   JCM 33432  Type strain
Methylobacterium segetis               JCM 33059  Type strain
Methylococcus geothermalis             JCM 33941  Type strain
Methylocystis sp.                      JCM 32772
Methylocystis sp.                      JCM 32774
Methylocystis sp.                      JCM 34278
"Methylolobus aquaticus"               JCM 33786
"Methylomonas albis"                   JCM 32282  Proposed type strain
"Methylomonas fluvii"                  JCM 32283  Proposed type strain
"Methylomonas rhizoryzae"              JCM 33990  Proposed type strain
Methylosinus sp.                       JCM 32771
Methylovulum psychrotolerans           JCM 32281
Microbacterium stercoris               JCM 32660  Type strain
Microlunatus elymi                     JCM 32702  Type strain
Microtetraspora sp.                    JCM 34240
Mobiluncus porci                       JCM 34379  Type strain
Mogibacterium kristiansenii            JCM 34371  Type strain
Motilibacter aurantiacus               JCM 33652  Type strain
Motilibacter deserti                   JCM 33651  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter inviolabilis          JCM 34116  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter segetis               JCM 34284  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter sp.                   JCM 17753
Mucilaginibacter sp.                   JCM 17754
Muricauda algicola                     JCM 32942  Type strain
Muricauda oceani                       JCM 33902  Type strain
Muricauda ochracea                     JCM 33817  Type strain
"Muricoprocola aceti"                  JCM 34980  Proposed type strain
Muriicola soli                         JCM 32370  Type strain
"Muriventricola aceti"                 JCM 34992
"Muriventricola aceti"                 JCM 34993  Proposed type strain
Mycoavidus sp.                         JCM 33615
Mycolicibacterium nivoides             JCM 32796  Type strain
Myroides fluvii                        JCM 33306  Type strain
Nitrogeniibacter mangrovi              JCM 32045  Type strain
Nitrosophilus alvini                   JCM 32893  Type strain
Nitrosophilus labii                    JCM 34002  Type strain
Nocardia aurantiaca                    JCM 33775  Type strain
Nocardia huaxiensis                    JCM 34475  Type strain
Nocardioides dongkuii                  JCM 33698  Type strain
Nocardioides lijunqiniae               JCM 33468  Type strain
Nonomuraea terrae                      JCM 33876  Type strain
Noviherbaspirillum sp.                 JCM 17962
Novosphingobium aquimarinum            JCM 33983  Type strain
Novosphingobium aureum                 JCM 33996  Type strain
Novosphingopyxis iocasae               JCM 34178  Type strain
Oliverpabstia intestinalis             JCM 34394  Type strain
Olsenella porci                        JCM 34369  Type strain
Olsenella sp.                          JCM 18680
Olsenella sp.                          JCM 18681
Opitutus sp.                           JCM 18284
Oricola thermophila                    JCM 33661  Type strain
"Oscillibacter acetigenes"             JCM 39249
"Oscillibacter acetigenes"             JCM 39250  Proposed type strain
Oscillibacter sp.                      JCM 17206
Paenibacillus agri                     JCM 34279  Type strain
Paenibacillus algicola                 JCM 32683  Type strain
Paenibacillus dokdonensis              JCM 33533  Type strain
Paenibacillus dokdonensis              JCM 34435
Paenibacillus oceani                   JCM 34214  Type strain
"Paenibacillus oralis"                 JCM 33462  Proposed type strain
Paludibacterium sp.                    JCM 17750
Parabacteroides acidifaciens           JCM 34233  Type strain
Parabacteroides sp.                    JCM 19281
"Paraburkholderia bengalensis"         JCM 34777
Paraburkholderia panacisoli            JCM 32098  Type strain
"Paraclostridium dentum"               JCM 32760  Proposed type strain
Paraflavitalea soli                    JCM 33061  Type strain
Parasphingopyxis marina                JCM 34665  Type strain
Patiriisocius marinistellae            JCM 33344  Type strain
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 17665
Pelistega ratti                        JCM 33788  Type strain
Peptacetobacter hominis                JCM 33482  Type strain
Peptoniphilus porci                    JCM 34366  Type strain
Peptostreptococcus porci               JCM 34372  Type strain
"Persephonella atlantica"              JCM 34026  Proposed type strain
"Phocaeicola fibrisolvens"             JCM 34813  Proposed type strain
Pontibacter cellulosilyticus           JCM 31022  Type strain
Pontirhabdus sp.                       JCM 18217
Pontirhabdus sp.                       JCM 18286
Pontivivens ytuae                      JCM 34320  Type strain
Porcincola intestinalis                JCM 34417  Type strain
Portibacter sp.                        JCM 17718
Prevotella intermedia                  JCM 34893
Prevotella mizrahii                    JCM 34422  Type strain
Pseudarthrobacter psychrotolerans      JCM 33881  Type strain
Pseudocitrobacter vendiensis           JCM 34135  Type strain
Pseudoduganella sp.                    JCM 17751
Pseudoflavonifractor gallinarum        JCM 34594  Type strain
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 23217
Pseudomonas akapageensis               JCM 33654  Type strain
Pseudomonas atagonensis                JCM 33653  Type strain
Pseudomonas guryensis                  JCM 34509  Type strain
Pseudomonas lalkuanensis               JCM 34476  Type strain
Pseudomonas nicosulfuronedens          JCM 33860  Type strain
Pseudomonas schmalbachii               JCM 34414  Type strain
Pseudomonas sp.                        JCM 17748
Pseudomonas ullengensis                JCM 34510  Type strain
Pseudonocardia broussonetiae           JCM 33840  Type strain
"Pseudonocardia cytotoxica"            JCM 32718  Proposed type strain
Pseudoprevotella muciniphila           JCM 32621  Type strain
Pseudoramibacter porci                 JCM 34374  Type strain
Pseudorhodobacter turbinis             JCM 33168  Type strain
Psychrosphaera ytuae                   JCM 34321  Type strain
Pusillimonas faecalis                  JCM 34011  Type strain
Pusillimonas sp.                       JCM 17744
Pyramidobacter porci                   JCM 34368  Type strain
Radiobacillus deserti                  JCM 33497  Type strain
Rahnella sp.                           JCM 17749
Ramlibacter algicola                   JCM 33302  Type strain
"Rheinheimera pleomorphica"            JCM 30460  Proposed type strain
Rheinheimera sp.                       JCM 17508
Rhizobium hidalgonense                 JCM 33660
"Rhizobium indicum"                    JCM 33658  Proposed type strain
"Rhizobium indicum"                    JCM 33659
Rhizobium sp.                          JCM 34405
Rhodoferax sediminis                   JCM 32677  Type strain
Rhodoferax sp.                         JCM 34246
"Roseburia amylophila"                 JCM 34814  Proposed type strain
Roseburia porci                        JCM 34376  Type strain
Roseburia sp.                          JCM 18684
Roseomonas algicola                    JCM 33309  Type strain
Ruania zhangjianzhongii                JCM 33465  Type strain
Ructibacterium gallinarum              JCM 34650  Type strain
Ruminiclostridium herbifermentans      JCM 39124  Type strain
Ruminococcus sp.                       JCM 18685
Saccharospirillum sp.                  JCM 17202
Saccharospirillum sp.                  JCM 17203
Sandaracinobacter neustonicus          JCM 30734  Type strain
Scrofimicrobium canadense              JCM 34392  Type strain
Secundilactobacillus folii             JCM 34223  Type strain
Secundilactobacillus hailunensis       JCM 33864  Type strain
Secundilactobacillus yichangensis      JCM 33866  Type strain
Selenomonas montiformis                JCM 34373  Type strain
Sellimonas monacensis                  JCM 34591  Type strain
Sharpea porci                          JCM 34378  Type strain
Shewanella vesiculosa                  JCM 33296
Shimazuella alba                       JCM 33532  Type strain
"Sideroxydans lithotrophicus"          JCM 14762
"Sideroxydans paludicola"              JCM 14765
Silanimonas mangrovi                   JCM 17870  Type strain
Sodaliphilus pleomorphus               JCM 34423  Type strain
Solibaculum mannosilyticum             JCM 34081  Type strain
Sphingobium sp.                        JCM 17879
Sphingomonas changnyeongensis          JCM 33880  Type strain
Sphingomonas profundi                  JCM 33666  Type strain
Sphingomonas sp.                       JCM 17541
Sphingomonas suaedae                   JCM 33850  Type strain
Sphingorhabdus sp.                     JCM 17542
Sphingorhabdus sp.                     JCM 17544
Spirosoma taeanense                    JCM 34024  Type strain
Staphylococcus roterodami              JCM 34415  Type strain
Stecheria intestinalis                 JCM 34426  Type strain
Steroidobacter agaridevorans           JCM 33367
Steroidobacter agaridevorans           JCM 33368  Type strain
Steroidobacter gossypii                JCM 34287  Type strain
Streptacidiphilus fuscans              JCM 33976  Type strain
Streptomyces boncukensis               JCM 34018  Type strain
Streptomyces broussonetiae             JCM 33918  Type strain
"Streptomyces buecherae"               JCM 34263  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces fagopyri                  JCM 33796  Type strain
Streptomyces genisteinicus             JCM 34526  Type strain
Streptomyces liangshanensis            JCM 33963  Type strain
Streptomyces roseirectus               JCM 34565  Type strain
"Streptomyces soli"                    JCM 32822  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces xanthii                   JCM 34527  Type strain
"Suilimivivens aceti"                  JCM 34982  Proposed type strain
Suipraeoptans intestinalis             JCM 34387  Type strain
"Sulfurimonas baltica"                 JCM 39138  Proposed type strain
"Sulfurimonas marisnigri"              JCM 39139  Proposed type strain
Sulfurospirillum sp.                   JCM 33349
Sulfurospirillum sp.                   JCM 33350
"Suonthocola fibrivorans"              JCM 34981  Proposed type strain
Syntrophotalea acetylenivorans         JCM 33327  Type strain
Tabrizicola algicola                   JCM 31893  Type strain
Terrilactibacillus tamarindi           JCM 33748  Type strain
Tessaracoccus coleopterorum            JCM 33674  Type strain
Thauera sinicae                        JCM 34237  Type strain
Thermophilibacter gallinarum           JCM 34593  Type strain
Thermophilibacter immobilis            JCM 34224  Type strain
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34562
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34563
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34564
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34718
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34735
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34736
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34737
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34738
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34739
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34740
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34741
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 34742
Thiopseudomonas sp.                    JCM 17747
Tissierella pigra                      JCM 34367  Type strain
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 17375
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 18881
Vagococcus silagei                     JCM 34857  Type strain
Veillonella nakazawae                  JCM 33966  Type strain
Velocimicrobium porci                  JCM 34420  Type strain
Vescimonas coprocola                   JCM 34012  Type strain
Vescimonas coprocola                   JCM 34013
Vescimonas coprocola                   JCM 34014
Vescimonas coprocola                   JCM 34015
Vescimonas fastidiosa                  JCM 34016  Type strain
Vibrio nitrifigilis                    JCM 33628  Type strain
Vibrio taketomensis                    JCM 33434  Type strain
Victivallis lenta                      JCM 34375  Type strain
Vulcaniibacterium tengchongense        JCM 17893  Type strain
Waltera intestinalis                   JCM 34425  Type strain
Weissella coleopterorum                JCM 33684  Type strain
Weissella muntiaci                     JCM 34858  Type strain
Winogradskyella ouciana                JCM 33665  Type strain
Winogradskyella sp.                    JCM 17290
Winogradskyella sp.                    JCM 18218
Yangia mangrovi                        JCM 31345  Type strain
Yeosuana marina                        JCM 31511  Type strain
Zhongshania sp.                        JCM 17373
Zhongshania sp.                        JCM 17374
Zhongshania sp.                        JCM 17376

"Halalkalirubrum salinum"              JCM 33785  Proposed type strain
Haloarcula mannanilytica               JCM 33835  Type strain
Halobaculum halophilum                 JCM 33550  Type strain
Halobaculum salinum                    JCM 33552  Type strain
"Halobellus ruber"                     JCM 34172  Proposed type strain
Halococcus salsus                      JCM 34382  Type strain
"Haloferax litoreum"                   JCM 34169  Proposed type strain
"Haloferax marinisediminis"            JCM 34170  Proposed type strain
"Haloferax marinum"                    JCM 34171  Proposed type strain
"Halomicroarcula nitratireducens"      JCM 33314  Proposed type strain
"Halomicroarcula rubra"                JCM 33313  Proposed type strain
"Halosegnis longus"                    JCM 33317  Proposed type strain
"Halosegnis rubeus"                    JCM 33319  Proposed type strain
Halosimplex halophilum                 JCM 30840  Type strain
Halosimplex salinum                    JCM 31108  Type strain
Halovarius sp.                         JCM 18645
Methanohalophilus profundi             JCM 32768  Type strain
Methanosarcina mazei                   JCM 31898
Natribaculum breve                     JCM 34383  Type strain
Natribaculum longum                    JCM 34384  Type strain
Natronomonas halophila                 JCM 32961  Type strain
Natronomonas salina                    JCM 31111  Type strain
"Natronomonas salsuginis"              JCM 33320  Proposed type strain
Natronorubrum halophilum               JCM 30845  Type strain
Salinadaptatus halalkaliphilus         JCM 33751  Type strain
Thermococcus aciditolerans             JCM 39083  Type strain
Thermofilum uzonense                   JCM 19810  Type strain

Apiotrichum akiyoshidainum             JCM 12595  Type strain
Apiotrichum chiropterorum              JCM 12594  Type strain
Apiotrichum coprophilum                JCM 12596  Type strain
Apiotrichum otae                       JCM 12593  Type strain
Aspergillus fumisynnematus             JCM 30249
Aspergillus lentulus                   JCM 30254
Aspergillus sp.                        JCM 2271 
Bullera sakaeratica                    JCM 11900  Type strain
Candida takamatsuzukensis              JCM 28201
Cladophialophora boppii                JCM 16195
Cordyceps javanica                     JCM 12796
Cutaneotrichosporon cavernicola        JCM 12590  Type strain
Cutaneotrichosporon middelhovenii      JCM 12592  Type strain
Cyberlindnera mrakii                   JCM 3711 
Debaryomyces coudertii                 JCM 3665 
Debaryomyces hansenii                  JCM 2212 
Exophiala spinifera                    JCM 18339
Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. rapae        JCM 39198
Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. raphani      JCM 39197
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28012
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28014
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28015
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28016
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28019
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28022
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28023
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28024
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28025
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28026
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28027
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28028
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28029
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28030
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28031
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28032
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28033
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28035
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28036
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28038
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28039
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28041
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28042
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28045
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28062
Gliomastix masseei                     JCM 28535
Gliomastix murorum                     JCM 28069
Gliomastix murorum                     JCM 28070
Gliomastix murorum                     JCM 28468
Gliomastix murorum                     JCM 28538
Gliomastix murorum                     JCM 28555
Gliomastix tumulicola                  JCM 28369
Gliomastix tumulicola                  JCM 28371
Gliomastix tumulicola                  JCM 28374
Gliomastix tumulicola                  JCM 28470
Gliomastix tumulicola                  JCM 28537
Gliomastix tumulicola                  JCM 28576
Gliomastix tumulicola                  JCM 28577
Globisporangium irregulare             JCM 30515
Globisporangium rostratifingens        JCM 30518
Globisporangium sp.                    JCM 30522
Globisporangium sp.                    JCM 30525
Globisporangium sp.                    JCM 30526
Globisporangium sp.                    JCM 30528
Globisporangium spinosum               JCM 30519
Globisporangium sylvaticum             JCM 30520
Globisporangium ultimum var. ultimum   JCM 30521
Graphium basitruncatum                 JCM 8083 
Hanseniaspora guilliermondii           JCM 3709 
Hanseniaspora occidentalis             JCM 3673 
Hanseniaspora uvarum                   JCM 3670 
Hanseniaspora uvarum                   JCM 3678 
Hanseniaspora valbyensis               JCM 3671 
Hanseniaspora valbyensis               JCM 3679 
Hanseniaspora vineae                   JCM 3667 
Hanseniaspora vineae                   JCM 3674 
Hanseniaspora vineae                   JCM 3675 
Heterocephalacria mucosa               JCM 32113  Type strain
Heterocephalacria mucosa               JCM 32114
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28034
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28046
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28047
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28049
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28051
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28335
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28336
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28343
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28355
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28356
Kendrickiella phycomyces               JCM 28375
Kwoniella dendrophila                  JCM 5193 
Metacapnodium neesii                   JCM 39119
Metapochonia hahajimaensis             JCM 34019  ex-holotype strain
Metapochonia hahajimaensis             JCM 34020
Metapochonia hahajimaensis             JCM 34021
Meyerozyma guilliermondii              JCM 28199
Meyerozyma guilliermondii              JCM 28200
Ophiostoma sp.                         JCM 16786
Ophiostoma sp.                         JCM 16787
Ovatisporangium sp.                    JCM 30512
Paecilomyces pascuus                   JCM 12798  ex-holotype strain
Penicillium brasilianum                JCM 28511
Penicillium brasilianum                JCM 28512
Penicillium citrinum                   JCM 28364
Penicillium citrinum                   JCM 28476
Penicillium commune                    JCM 28128
Penicillium oxalicum                   JCM 28514
Penicillium oxalicum                   JCM 33849
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28007
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28018
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28021
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28043
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28052
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28053
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28056
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28057
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28060
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28065
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28089
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28094
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28103
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28105
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28106
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28107
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28108
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28111
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28157
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28372
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28398
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28400
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28410
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28457
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28488
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28489
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28508
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28541
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28552
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28570
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28592
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28593
Penicillium paneum                     JCM 28594
Penicillium sp.                        JCM 16790
Penicillium sp.                        JCM 16791
Penicillium sp.                        JCM 16792
Penicillium sp.                        JCM 16793
Pichia fermentans                      JCM 3645 
Pichia membranifaciens                 JCM 28198
Pleurotus sp.                          JCM 17959
Pythium aphanidermatum                 JCM 30498
Pythium monospermum                    JCM 30501
Pythium sp.                            JCM 30503
Pythium sp.                            JCM 30504
Pythium sp.                            JCM 30506
Pythium sp.                            JCM 30507
Pythium torulosum                      JCM 30502
Raffaelea quercivora                   JCM 15682
Raffaelea quercivora                   JCM 15683
Raffaelea quercivora                   JCM 15684
Raffaelea quercivora                   JCM 15685
Raffaelea quercivora                   JCM 15686
Raffaelea quercivora                   JCM 16778
Raffaelea quercivora                   JCM 16779
Rhinocladiella similis                 JCM 16196
Saccharomyces paradoxus                JCM 10617
Sagenomella griseoviridis              JCM 28186
Sarea difformis                        JCM 39114
Sarea difformis                        JCM 39115
Schizophyllum commune                  JCM 22617
Scolecobasidium humicola               JCM 18346
Scolecobasidium humicola               JCM 18354
Scolecobasidium humicola               JCM 18355
Scolecobasidium sp.                    JCM 18353
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28002
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28133
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28139
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28193
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11082
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11083
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11088
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11098
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11099
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11101
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11102
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11103
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11104
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11105
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11106
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11107
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11108
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11109
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11111
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11112
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11114
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11152
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11153
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11156
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 11160
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 14628
Termitomyces sp.                       JCM 14629
Trichoderma sp.                        JCM 16795
Tromera resinae                        JCM 39116
Tromera resinae                        JCM 39117
Tromera resinae                        JCM 39118
Udeniomyces megalosporus               JCM 5272 
Udeniomyces pyricola                   JCM 5267 
Udeniomyces pyricola                   JCM 6855 
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16780
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16781
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16782
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16783
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16784
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16785
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16788
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16789
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16794
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16796
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16797
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16798
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16978
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 16979
Unidentified yeast                     JCM 24555
Zasmidium sp.                          JCM 8822 

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