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                      JCM Mail News (2020.11.26)

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- Special topic: Sodiomyces alcalophilus (= Acremonium alcalophilum),
                 an alkalophilic cellulolytic filamentous fungus
- Newly cataloged strains (2019.11.01 - 2020.10.31)

Special topic: Sodiomyces alcalophilus (= Acremonium alcalophilum),
               an alkalophilic cellulolytic filamentous fungus

Information on the biodiversity of alkalophilic (= alkaliphilic) 
filamentous fungi is unfortunately still scarce at present. Some 
strains of alkalophilic and alkali-tolerant fungi (e.g., Okada et al. 
1993, Nagai et al. 1995) are maintained in JCM. Among them, probably
the most important is Sodiomyces alcalophilus JCM 7366 (= Acremonium 
alcalophilum PA-2M; = ATCC 90507, BCRC 33522, CBS 114.92, IMI 351927, 
KCTC 16719). This fungus was first described as Acremonium 
alcalophilum with unique physiological features (optimal growth 
conditions 30℃ & pH 9.0-9.2; cellulolytic) and pleomorphic 
conidiogenesis on alkaline glucose agar (Okada et al. 1993). It was 
later reclassified as Sodiomyces alcalophilus (Crous et al. 2019; 
Plectosphaerellaceae, Ascomycota) based on the earlier studies on 
molecular phylogeny (Grum-Grzhimaylo et al. 2013, Giraldo and 
Crous 2018). The generic name Sodiomyces is derived from the English 
'soda' and Latin 'mycetes', meaning a fungus that grows at high pH 
and in a salty environment.

The strain JCM 7366 has been used for basic and applied research
[Pereira et al. 2013; See also JCM on-line catalogue
(https://www.jcm.riken.jp/cgi-bin/jcm/jcm_number?JCM=7366)]. The 
genome of this fungus was sequenced: JGI Project ID, 52145
(Acremonium alcalophilum genome v2.0,
http://genome.jgi-psf.org/Acral2/Acral2.home.html). I hope JCM will 
continue to support users and scientific communities by supplying 
worthful microbial strains.

Crous et al. 2019. New and interesting fungi. 2.
   Fungal Syst. Evol. 3: 57-134. 
   DOI: 10.3114/fuse.2019.03.06
Giraldo and Crous. 2018. Inside Plectosphaerellaceae.
   Stud. Mycol. 92: 227-286.
   DOI: 10.1016/j.simyco.2018.10.005
Grum-Grzhimaylo et al. 2013. Sodiomyces alkalinus, a new holomorphic
   alkaliphilic ascomycete within the Plectosphaerellaceae.
   Persoonia 31: 147-158.
   DOI: 10.3767/003158513X673080
Nagai et al. 1995. Studies on the distribution of alkalophilic and
   alkali-tolerant soil fungi I.
   Mycoscience 36: 247-256.
   DOI: 10.1007/BF02268598
Okada et al. 1993. Acremonium alcalophilum, a new alkalophilic
   cellulolytic hyphomycete.
   Trans. Mycol. Soc. Jpn. 34: 171-185.
Pereira et al. 2013. The production and characterization of a new
   active lipase from Acremonium alcalophilum using a plant bioreactor.
   Biotechnol. Biofuels. 6: 111.
   DOI: 10.1186/1754-6834-6-111

Gen Okada, Ph.D.
Curator (Filamentous fungi)

Newly cataloged strains (2019.11.01 - 2020.10.31)

Absicoccus porci                       JCM 32769  Type strain
Acetobacter aceti                      JCM 25003
Acetobacter aceti                      JCM 25004
Acetobacter aceti                      JCM 25005
Acetobacter ascendens                  JCM 25076  Type strain
Acetobacter nitrogenifigens            JCM 33644  Type strain
Acetobacter oryzoeni                   JCM 33371  Type strain
Acetobacter pasteurianus               JCM 25075
Acetobacter tropicalis                 JCM 25084
Achromobacter sp.                      JCM 16718
Achromobacter sp.                      JCM 31426
"Acidibacillus ferrooxidans"           JCM 31945
"Acidibacillus sulfuroxidans"          JCM 31946
Acidithiobacillus ferrianus            JCM 33084  Type strain
Acidovorax sp.                         JCM 17028
Acinetobacter bereziniae               JCM 17726
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16583
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16717
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 17134
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 17135
Actinomadura harenae                   JCM 32659  Type strain
"Actinomadura physcomitrii"            JCM 33455  Proposed type strain
Actinomyces wuliandei                  JCM 33611  Type strain
"Aeromicrobium endophyticum"           JCM 33141  Proposed type strain
Aeromicrobium yanjiei                  JCM 33790  Type strain
Aestuariirhabdus litorea               JCM 32043  Type strain
Agrilactobacillus yilanensis           JCM 33824  Type strain
Akkermansia muciniphila                JCM 33894  Type strain
Algibacter sp.                         JCM 16844
Algoriphagus aquimaris                 JCM 33187  Type strain
Aliarcobacter skirrowii                JCM 33358  Type strain
Alistipes communis                     JCM 32851
Alistipes onderdonkii subsp. vulgaris  JCM 32840
Alistipes onderdonkii subsp. vulgaris  JCM 32841
Alistipes onderdonkii subsp. vulgaris  JCM 32842
Alistipes onderdonkii subsp. vulgaris  JCM 32843
Alistipes onderdonkii subsp. vulgaris  JCM 32844
Alistipes onderdonkii subsp. vulgaris  JCM 32845
Alistipes onderdonkii subsp. vulgaris  JCM 32846
Alistipes onderdonkii subsp. vulgaris  JCM 32847
Alistipes onderdonkii subsp. vulgaris  JCM 32849
Allorhizobium terrae                   JCM 31228  Type strain
Alteromonas portus                     JCM 32687  Type strain
Alteromonas profundi                   JCM 33893  Type strain
Alteromonas sp.                        JCM 32647
Amedibacterium intestinale             JCM 33778  Type strain
Amedibacterium intestinale             JCM 33779
Amedibacterium intestinale             JCM 33780
Amedibacterium intestinale             JCM 33781
"Amnibacterium setariae"               JCM 32878  Proposed type strain
Amycolatopsis nivea                    JCM 30652  Type strain
Antarcticibacterium arcticum           JCM 33514  Type strain
Apibacter raozihei                     JCM 33423  Type strain
Arcobacter nitrofigilis                JCM 33357  Type strain
Arenimonas terrae                      JCM 33216  Type strain
Auraticoccus cholistanensis            JCM 33648  Type strain
Bacillus caeni                         JCM 33411  Type strain
Bacillus cereus                        JCM 33474
Bacillus natronophilus                 JCM 32118  Type strain
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 32642
Bacillus taxi                          JCM 33117  Type strain
"Bacillus yapensis"                    JCM 33181  Proposed type strain
Bacteroides faecalis                   JCM 34008  Type strain
"Bacteroides sedimenti"                JCM 34007  Proposed type strain
Balneicella halophila                  JCM 19909  Type strain
Biomaibacter acetigenes                JCM 33158  Type strain
Blastococcus sp.                       JCM 18931
Blastococcus sp.                       JCM 18932
Blastococcus sp.                       JCM 18933
Bordetella hinzii                      JCM 16709
Bordetella hinzii                      JCM 16710
Caldithermus roseus                    JCM 30647  Type strain
Caldithermus roseus                    JCM 30648
Capnocytophaga felis                   JCM 32681  Type strain
Caproicibacter fermentans              JCM 33110  Type strain
Carideicomes alvinocaridis             JCM 33426  Type strain
Catellatospora sichuanensis            JCM 32394  Type strain
Chryseobacterium mulctrae              JCM 33443  Type strain
Chryseobacterium sp.                   JCM 17078
Chryseotalea sanaruensis               JCM 30318  Type strain
"Cohnella candidum"                    JCM 33199  Proposed type strain
Cohnella fermenti                      JCM 32834  Type strain
Companilactobacillus baiquanensis      JCM 33821  Type strain
Companilactobacillus hulinensis        JCM 33819  Type strain
Companilactobacillus jidongensis       JCM 33823  Type strain
Companilactobacillus kedongensis       JCM 33822  Type strain
Companilactobacillus keshanensis       JCM 33825  Type strain
Companilactobacillus mishanensis       JCM 33820  Type strain
Companilactobacillus zhongbaensis      JCM 33818  Type strain
Cryobacterium soli                     JCM 32391  Type strain
"Cryobacterium tepidiphilum"           JCM 32545  Proposed type strain
Cytobacillus horneckiae                JCM 18375
"Desulfobacterium catecholicum"        JCM 39068  Proposed type strain
"Desulfobacterium oleovorans"          JCM 39069
Desulfobotulus mexicanus               JCM 32146  Type strain
Desulfocella sp.                       JCM 39067
Desulfofundulus australicus            JCM 34022  Type strain
Devosia indica                         JCM 32636  Type strain
Dickeya oryzae                         JCM 33020  Type strain
Empedobacter sp.                       JCM 16866
Emticicia agri                         JCM 33056  Type strain
Enterobacter quasihormaechei           JCM 33345  Type strain
Enterobacter wuhouensis                JCM 33346  Type strain
Enterococcus nangangensis              JCM 33832  Type strain
Enterococcus pingfangensis             JCM 33833  Type strain
Enterococcus songbeiensis              JCM 33834  Type strain
Erythrobacter sp.                      JCM 16676
Erythrobacter sp.                      JCM 16678
Erythrobacter sp.                      JCM 16849
Erythrobacter suaedae                  JCM 32445  Type strain
Escherichia coli                       JCM 31464
Faecalibacillus intestinalis           JCM 34082
Flammeovirga pectinis                  JCM 33169  Type strain
"Flavisolibacter galbus"               JCM 33203  Proposed type strain
Flavobacterium edaphi                  JCM 32372  Type strain
"Flavobacterium humi"                  JCM 32786  Proposed type strain
"Flavobacterium jocheonensis"          JCM 31512  Proposed type strain
"Flavobacterium sangjuense"            JCM 32764  Proposed type strain
Flavobacterium sp.                     JCM 17067
Fluviispira multicolorata              JCM 32978  Type strain
Fructilactobacillus ixorae             JCM 32627  Type strain
"Gelidibacter japonicus"               JCM 31967  Proposed type strain
Geobacillus sp.                        JCM 30829
Geobacillus thermodenitrificans        JCM 32406
"Geomonas oryzae"                      JCM 33030  Proposed type strain
"Glaciimonas soli"                     JCM 32375  Proposed type strain
Glycocaulis profundi                   JCM 33028  Type strain
Glycomyces albidus                     JCM 33458  Type strain
Glycomyces buryatensis                 JCM 33362  Type strain
Gordonia insulae                       JCM 33277  Type strain
"Gramella fulva"                       JCM 32369  Proposed type strain
Haemophilus influenzae                 JCM 33542  Type strain
"Halobacillus marinus"                 JCM 30443  Proposed type strain
Halobacteriovorax vibrionivorans       JCM 32962  Type strain
Herbidospora galbida                   JCM 33459  Type strain
Hwanghaeella grinnelliae               JCM 32943  Type strain
Hydrogeniiclostidium mannosilyticum    JCM 33295  Type strain
Hylemonella gracilis                   JCM 17030
Hylemonella gracilis                   JCM 17031
Hylemonella gracilis                   JCM 17032
Hylemonella gracilis                   JCM 17036
Hymenobacter fodinae                   JCM 32697  Type strain
"Hymenobacter jejuensis"               JCM 33186  Proposed type strain
Hymenobacter metallicola               JCM 32698  Type strain
Hymenobacter persicinus                JCM 32191  Type strain
Jeotgalibaca ciconiae                  JCM 33222  Type strain
Jiangella aurantiaca                   JCM 33519  Type strain
Jiangella ureilytica                   JCM 33520  Type strain
"Jiella endophytica"                   JCM 33167  Proposed type strain
Klebsiella indica                      JCM 33718  Type strain
Klebsiella pneumoniae                  JCM 31465
Komagataeibacter saccharivorans        JCM 25122
Kosakonia quasisacchari                JCM 33347  Type strain
"Labedella phragmitis"                 JCM 33144  Proposed type strain
"Labedella populi"                     JCM 33143  Proposed type strain
"Labrenzia callyspongiae"              JCM 31309  Proposed type strain
"Lachnoanaerobaculum gingivalis"       JCM 33452  Proposed type strain
Lacisediminimonas profundi             JCM 32676  Type strain
Lacticaseibacillus daqingensis         JCM 33273  Type strain
Lacticaseibacillus suibinensis         JCM 33275  Type strain
Lacticaseibacillus yichunensis         JCM 33272  Type strain
Lactiplantibacillus daoliensis         JCM 33826  Type strain
Lactiplantibacillus daowaiensis        JCM 33827  Type strain
Lactiplantibacillus dongliensis        JCM 33828  Type strain
Lactiplantibacillus pingfangensis      JCM 33830  Type strain
Lactiplantibacillus songbeiensis       JCM 33829  Type strain
Lactobacillus buchneri subsp. silagei  JCM 32599  Type strain
Lactobacillus zhaodongensis            JCM 33865  Type strain
Lactococcus reticulitermitis           JCM 32568
Lapidilactobacillus mulanensis         JCM 33274  Type strain
Lapidilactobacillus wuchangensis       JCM 33271  Type strain
Lentibacillus lipolyticus              JCM 32625  Type strain
Levilactobacillus suantsaii            JCM 34120  Type strain
Lichenihabitans psoromatis             JCM 33310
Lichenihabitans psoromatis             JCM 33311  Type strain
Limoniibacter endophyticus             JCM 30141  Type strain
Luteimonas yindakuii                   JCM 33487  Type strain
Lysinimonas yzui                       JCM 32630  Type strain
Lysobacter caseinilyticus              JCM 32879  Type strain
Lysobacter helvus                      JCM 32364  Type strain
Lysobacter lacus                       JCM 30983  Type strain
Lysobacter segetis                     JCM 33058  Type strain
Lysobacter terrigena                   JCM 33057  Type strain
Lysobacter xanthus                     JCM 32365  Type strain
Maribacter algicola                    JCM 32941  Type strain
"Marinitoga lauensis"                  JCM 32613
Marinobacter salinexigens              JCM 33013  Type strain
Marinobacter sp.                       JCM 10458
Massilia arenae                        JCM 32744  Type strain
"Mesorhizobium composti"               JCM 31762  Proposed type strain
Microbacterium sp.                     JCM 18357
Microbacterium wangchenii              JCM 33494  Type strain
Microbispora catharanthi               JCM 30045  Type strain
Microbispora sp.                       JCM 30878
Microbulbifer harenosus                JCM 32688  Type strain
Micromonospora deserti                 JCM 32583  Type strain
"Micromonospora musae"                 JCM 32149  Proposed type strain
"Micromonospora musae"                 JCM 32150
Mucilaginibacter agri                  JCM 33472  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter humi                  JCM 33916  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter sp.                   JCM 17083
Mucilaginibacter sp.                   JCM 17086
"Mucilaginibacter terrigena"           JCM 33049  Proposed type strain
Muricauda alvinocaridis                JCM 33425  Type strain
Mycobacterium avium                    JCM 34066
Mycobacterium avium                    JCM 34067
Mycobacterium avium                    JCM 34068
Mycobacterium avium                    JCM 34069
Mycobacterium avium                    JCM 34070
Mycobacterium avium                    JCM 34071
Mycobacterium avium                    JCM 34072
Mycobacterium avium                    JCM 34073
Mycobacterium avium                    JCM 34074
Neisseria gonorrhoeae                  JCM 33543  Type strain
Neisseria meningitidis                 JCM 33544  Type strain
Nitrincola tapanii                     JCM 31570  Type strain
Nocardia stercoris                     JCM 32663  Type strain
Nocardioides dongxiaopingii            JCM 33469  Type strain
Nocardioides eburneiflavus             JCM 32833  Type strain
Nocardioides euryhalodurans            JCM 32831  Type strain
Nocardioides guangzhouensis            JCM 33269  Type strain
"Nocardioides jejuensis"               JCM 33182  Proposed type strain
Nocardioides jishulii                  JCM 33496  Type strain
Nocardioides seonyuensis               JCM 32832  Type strain
Nocardioides vastitatis                JCM 33365  Type strain
Nocardioides yefusunii                 JCM 33399  Type strain
Nonlabens sp.                          JCM 17108
Nonomuraea mesophila                   JCM 32916  Type strain
Nonomuraea phyllanthi                  JCM 33073  Type strain
Nonomuraea sp.                         JCM 30879
Nonomuraea typhae                      JCM 33461  Type strain
Novosphingobium rosa                   JCM 21080  Type strain
"Oenococcus sicerae"                   JCM 33895  Proposed type strain
Olsenella faecalis                     JCM 34009  Type strain
"Paenibacillus albilobatus"            JCM 32395  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus albus"                  JCM 33184  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus lutimineralis"          JCM 32684  Proposed type strain
Paenibacillus solisilvae               JCM 32513  Type strain
Paenibacillus thalictri                JCM 33293  Type strain
Paraburkholderia flava                 JCM 33640  Type strain
Paracoccus aurantiacus                 JCM 33630  Type strain
"Paracoccus indicus"                   JCM 32637  Proposed type strain
Paracoccus tegillarcae                 JCM 33289  Type strain
Paraconexibacter algicola              JCM 31881  Type strain
Paucilactobacillus kaifaensis          JCM 33831  Type strain
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 17087
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 17088
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 17089
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 17090
Pelagicola marinus                     JCM 33637  Type strain
Petrocella atlantisensis               JCM 32078  Type strain
Photobacterium salinisoli              JCM 30852  Type strain
Phytoactinopolyspora mesophila         JCM 33740  Type strain
Pilibacter termitis                    JCM 32571
Pilibacter termitis                    JCM 32572
"Planococcus antioxidans"              JCM 32826
"Planococcus lenghuensis"              JCM 32719  Proposed type strain
Polaribacter sp.                       JCM 16846
Polaribacter sp.                       JCM 16847
Pontibacter mangrovei                  JCM 33333  Type strain
Pontibacter oryzae                     JCM 32880  Type strain
Prevotella hominis                     JCM 33280  Type strain
"Prevotella koreensis"                 JCM 33298  Proposed type strain
Pseudarcobacter defluvii               JCM 33356  Type strain
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 17284
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 31466
Pseudomonas citronellolis              JCM 33429
Pseudomonas izuensis                   JCM 33655  Type strain
Pseudomonas juntendi                   JCM 33395  Type strain
Pseudomonas mangiferae                 JCM 32061  Type strain
Pseudomonas neustonica                 JCM 31284  Type strain
Pseudomonas neustonica                 JCM 31285
Pseudomonas putida                     JCM 13062
"Pseudomonas qingdaonensis"            JCM 32579  Proposed type strain
Pseudomonas rhizoryzae                 JCM 33201  Type strain
Pseudomonas sp.                        JCM 17029
Pseudomonas tructae                    JCM 33436  Type strain
Pseudomonas yangonensis                JCM 33396  Type strain
Psychrobacillus sp.                    JCM 32643
Psychroserpens sp.                     JCM 16662
Puteibacter caeruleilacunae            JCM 33128  Type strain
Rectinema subterraneum                 JCM 32656  Type strain
Rheinheimera sp.                       JCM 16716
Rheinheimera sp.                       JCM 32650
"Rhizobium panacihumi"                 JCM 32251  Proposed type strain
Rhodoferax aquaticus                   JCM 19166  Type strain
Rhodoluna limnophila                   JCM 32925
Rhodoluna limnophila                   JCM 32926  Type strain
Rhodoluna limnophila                   JCM 32927
"Rhodoluna planktonica"                JCM 32928
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17608
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17609
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17610
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17611
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17612
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17615
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17616
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17617
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17618
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17619
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17620
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17621
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17623
Rhodopirellula sp.                     JCM 17625
Rhodothermus marinus                   JCM 33045
Rhodothermus marinus                   JCM 33046
Saccharopolyspora coralli              JCM 31844  Type strain
"Salicibibacter halophilus"            JCM 33437  Proposed type strain
Salimicrobium salexigens               JCM 16415
Segnochrobactrum spirostomi            JCM 32162  Type strain
Serratia marcescens                    JCM 17283
Shewanella maritima                    JCM 33294  Type strain
Shewanella sp.                         JCM 17276
Silvanigrella paludirubra              JCM 32975  Type strain
Sphingobacterium athyrii               JCM 32543  Type strain
Sphingomonas edaphi                    JCM 32377  Type strain
Sphingomonas sp.                       JCM 17075
Sphingorhabdus lutea                   JCM 31568  Type strain
Staphylococcus aureus                  JCM 31453
Staphylococcus epidermidis             JCM 33475
"Streptococcus chosunense"             JCM 33453  Proposed type strain
"Streptococcus koreensis"              JCM 33454  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces aquilus                   JCM 33584  Type strain
Streptomyces bauhiniae                 JCM 33208  Type strain
Streptomyces mimosae                   JCM 33328  Type strain
Streptomyces paludis                   JCM 33019  Type strain
Streptomyces qinzhouensis              JCM 33585  Type strain
"Sutterella faecalis"                  JCM 34010  Proposed type strain
Tabrizicola piscis                     JCM 33230  Type strain
"Tellurirhabdus rosea"                 JCM 32361  Proposed type strain
Tenacibaculum sp.                      JCM 16663
Tessaracoccus antarcticus              JCM 33126  Type strain
Thermaurantimonas aggregans            JCM 31826  Type strain
Thermus oshimai                        JCM 31668
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 33999
Trinickia soli                         JCM 16392  Type strain
Tsukamurella asaccharolytica           JCM 33388  Type strain
Tsukamurella conjunctivitidis          JCM 33389  Type strain
Tsukamurella sputi                     JCM 33387  Type strain
"Uab amorphum"                         JCM 39082
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 16863
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 16992
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 32665
Vagococcus xieshaowenii                JCM 33477  Type strain
Vibrio alginolyticus                   JCM 32963
Vibrio aquaticus                       JCM 32691  Type strain
"Vibrio chemaguriensis"                JCM 33348  Proposed type strain
Vibrio ouci                            JCM 32690  Type strain
Vibrio sinensis                        JCM 32692  Type strain
Vibrio sp.                             JCM 17072
Vibrio viridaestus                     JCM 32693  Type strain
Xylella taiwanensis                    JCM 31186

Ferroplasma acidiphilum                JCM 30201
"Halarchaeum nitratireducens"          JCM 19589
Halarchaeum salinum                    JCM 19590
Halarchaeum salinum                    JCM 19591
Haloarcula sp.                         JCM 30956
Halobacterium bonnevillei              JCM 32472  Type strain
Halobaculum saliterrae                 JCM 32473  Type strain
"Haloglomus irregulare"                JCM 33318  Proposed type strain
"Haloplanus rubicundus"                JCM 30475  Proposed type strain
"Haloplanus rubicundus"                JCM 30476
"Halorubrum amylolyticum"              JCM 31850  Proposed type strain
"Halorussus halophilus"                JCM 30239  Proposed type strain
Halostella limicola                    JCM 30667  Type strain
Halostella litorea                     JCM 32955  Type strain
Halostella pelagica                    JCM 32954  Type strain
Halostella pelagica                    JCM 32956
Halovenus carboxidivorans              JCM 32474  Type strain
Natrialba swarupiae                    JCM 33002  Type strain
"Natrinema thermophila"                JCM 30478  Proposed type strain
Salinibaculum litoreum                 JCM 31107  Type strain
Salinigranum halophilum                JCM 30238  Type strain
Salinigranum halophilum                JCM 30240
Salinigranum halophilum                JCM 33557
Saliphagus infecundisoli               JCM 17436  Type strain
Sulfuracidifex tepidarius              JCM 16834
"Thermococcus indicus"                 JCM 39077  Proposed type strain

Acrogenospora altissima                JCM 15435
Aspergillus brasiliensis               JCM 39130
Aspergillus coremiiformis              JCM 39131  ex-type strain
Aspergillus kawachii                   JCM 39133  ex-type strain
Aspergillus luchuensis                 JCM 39132  ex-type strain
Aspergillus nidulans                   JCM 19073
Aspergillus nidulans                   JCM 19074
Aspergillus niger                      JCM 5629 
Aspergillus parasiticus                JCM 39129
Aspergillus terreus                    JCM 33989
Aspergillus westerdijkiae              JCM 39128  ex-type strain
Bactrodesmium microleucurum            JCM 15433
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28339
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28340
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28341
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28342
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28345
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28347
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28348
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28349
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28350
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28351
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28352
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28353
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28354
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28363
Burgoa anomala                         JCM 28367
Canalisporium exiguum                  JCM 15434
Cladobotryum indoafrum                 JCM 39140  ex-holotype strain
Cladobotryum paravirescens             JCM 39141  ex-holotype strain
Cladobotryum protrusum                 JCM 39142  ex-holotype strain
Cladobotryum tchimbelense              JCM 39143  ex-holotype strain
Coprinopsis cinerea                    JCM 19078
Hypomyces aconidialis                  JCM 39144  ex-holotype strain
Hypomyces australasiaticus             JCM 39145  ex-holotype strain
Hypomyces gabonensis                   JCM 39146  ex-holotype strain
Hypomyces samuelsii                    JCM 39147  ex-holotype strain
Hypomyces thailandicus                 JCM 39148  ex-holotype strain
Kazachstania bovina                    JCM 3916 
Leptobacillium leptobactrum            JCM 39056
Mortierella chienii                    JCM 39029
Mortierella jenkinii                   JCM 39003
Mortierella parvispora                 JCM 39028
Mortierella parvispora                 JCM 39030
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33085
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33086
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33087
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33088
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33089
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33090
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33092
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33093
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33094
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33095
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33096
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33097
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33098
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33099
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33100
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33101
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33102
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33103
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 33104
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39001
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39002
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39004
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39005
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39006
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39007
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39008
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39009
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39010
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39011
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39012
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39013
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39014
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39015
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39016
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39017
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39018
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39019
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39020
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39021
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39022
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39023
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39024
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39025
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39026
Mortierella sp.                        JCM 39027
Mrakia hoshinonis                      JCM 32575  Type strain
Mrakia hoshinonis                      JCM 32576
Mrakia hoshinonis                      JCM 32577
Mrakia hoshinonis                      JCM 32578
Neurospora crassa                      JCM 19068
Neurospora crassa                      JCM 19070
Neurospora crassa                      JCM 19071
Neurospora crassa                      JCM 19072
Pestalotiopsis maculiformans           JCM 15437
Protocrea illino_u(e)nsis              JCM 39149  ex-holotype strain
Rhodotorula sphaerocarpa               JCM 32652
Saitozyma podzolica                    JCM 32653
Simplicillium spumae                   JCM 39050
Simplicillium spumae                   JCM 39051  ex-holotype strain
Simplicillium spumae                   JCM 39054
Simplicillium subtropicum              JCM 39052
Simplicillium subtropicum              JCM 39053
Spadicoides bambusicola                JCM 15436
Sphaerostilbella appalachiensis        JCM 39150  ex-holotype strain
Sphaerostilbella himalayensis          JCM 39151  ex-holotype strain
Synnemasporella aculeans               JCM 32533
Trichothecium ovalisporum              JCM 11801
Trichothecium ovalisporum              JCM 11802
Vishniacozyma ellesmerensis            JCM 32573  Type strain
Vishniacozyma ellesmerensis            JCM 32574

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