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- Special topic: Helicobacter pylori
- Newly cataloged strains (2019.02.01 - 2019.10.31)

Special topic: Helicobacter pylori

Helicobacter pylori is one of clinical bacteria frequently researched
in the clinical microbiology because of its relatedness to the
development of chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers,
and stomach cancer. The high urease activity is a characteristic of
H. pylori. The urea present in the stomach is broken down to carbon
oxide and ammonia, and resulted ammonia neutralize area around
H. pylori.
In JCM, four strains of H. pylori are opened on on-line catalogue.
JCM 12093T, as the type strain of H. pylori, is from an endoscopic
biopsy specimen of human gastric mucosa in Australia. JCM 12095 and 
JCM 12097 are from a patient with gastritis in France and UK,
respectively. JCM 12096 is from a gastric mucosa of healthy pigtailed
macaque, Macaca nemestrina. The genome sequence was determined for
JCM 12093T and JCM 12097.

Takao Iino, Ph.D.
Curator of Gram-negative aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria 

Newly cataloged strains (2019.02.01 - 2019.10.31)

Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16098
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16099
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16460
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16461
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16462
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16489
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16490
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16491
Actinomadura deserti                   JCM 33401  Type strain
Actinophytocola glycyrrhizae           JCM 33402  Type strain
Actinoplanes deserti                   JCM 30626  Type strain
Actinorectispora metalli               JCM 33573  Type strain
Aestuariibaculum marinum               JCM 31725  Type strain
Aggregatilinea lenta                   JCM 32065  Type strain
Alcanivorax profundi                   JCM 31866  Type strain
Alcanivorax sp.                        JCM 16045
Algoriphagus sanaruensis               JCM 31446  Type strain
Algoriphagus sp.                       JCM 16080
Algoriphagus sp.                       JCM 16111
Alloscardovia theropitheci             JCM 32430  Type strain
Alsobacter soli                        JCM 32501  Type strain
Altererythrobacter sp.                 JCM 16451
"Amnimonas aquatica"                   JCM 32266  Proposed type strain
Amycolatopsis panacis                  JCM 33574  Type strain
Aquirufa antheringensis                JCM 32977  Type strain
Bacillus aciditolerans                 JCM 32973  Type strain
Bacillus piezotolerans                 JCM 32872  Type strain
Bacillus salacetis                     JCM 33205  Type strain
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 32767
Bacillus tequilensis                   JCM 31513
Bacillus tequilensis                   JCM 31514
Bacillus xiapuensis                    JCM 33155  Type strain
Bifidobacterium aemilianum             JCM 33373  Type strain
Bifidobacterium callimiconis           JCM 33352  Type strain
Bifidobacterium castoris               JCM 33351  Type strain
Bifidobacterium dolichotidis           JCM 33355  Type strain
"Bifidobacterium felsineum"            JCM 31789  Proposed type strain
Bifidobacterium goeldii                JCM 33353  Type strain
Bifidobacterium jacchi                 JCM 31788  Type strain
"Bifidobacterium primatium"            JCM 30945  Proposed type strain
Bifidobacterium samirii                JCM 33354  Type strain
"Bifidobacterium scaligerum"           JCM 31792  Proposed type strain
"Bifidobacterium simiarum"             JCM 31793  Proposed type strain
Bifidobacterium xylocopae              JCM 33372  Type strain
Bizionia sp.                           JCM 16446
Bosea sp.                              JCM 28685
Bosea sp.                              JCM 28691
Bosea sp.                              JCM 28714
Bosea sp.                              JCM 28717
Bosea sp.                              JCM 28725
Brachybacterium endophyticum           JCM 33403  Type strain
"Bradyrhizobium nitroreducens"         JCM 18858  Proposed type strain
Brevibacillus brevis                   JCM 31516
Brevibacillus brevis                   JCM 31517
Brevibacillus brevis                   JCM 31518
Brevundimonas mongoliensis             JCM 32172  Type strain
Brevundimonas sp.                      JCM 16450
"Burkholderia alba"                    JCM 32403  Proposed type strain
Butyricicoccus sp.                     JCM 32524
Butyricimonas faecalis                 JCM 33535  Type strain
Butyrivibrio sp.                       JCM 32525
Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni     JCM 32890  Type strain
Capnocytophaga canis                   JCM 31246
Castellaniella sp.                     JCM 16238
Castellaniella sp.                     JCM 16239
Catenibacillus scindens                JCM 33534  Type strain
Cellulomonas rhizosphaerae             JCM 32383  Type strain
Chromobacterium phragmitis             JCM 31884  Type strain
Chryseobacterium aureum                JCM 33165  Type strain
Chryseobacterium phosphatilyticum      JCM 32876  Type strain
Chryseobacterium sp.                   JCM 16079
Chryseobacterium sp.                   JCM 28258
Chryseobacterium sp.                   JCM 28269
Chryseobacterium sp.                   JCM 28306
Chryseobacterium sp.                   JCM 28637
Clostridium fermenticellae             JCM 32827  Type strain
Clostridium indicum                    JCM 32788  Type strain
"Corallibacterium pacifica"            JCM 32252  Proposed type strain
Cupriavidus lacunae                    JCM 32674  Type strain
Deinococcus terrigena                  JCM 32248  Type strain
Desertactinospora gelatinilytica       JCM 32585  Type strain
Desulfohalovibrio reitneri             JCM 18662  Type strain
Devosia naphthalenivorans              JCM 32509  Type strain
Devosia sp.                            JCM 28284
Devosia sp.                            JCM 28289
Devosia sp.                            JCM 28299
Devosia sp.                            JCM 28713
Devosia sp.                            JCM 28722
Domibacillus epiphyticus               JCM 32632  Type strain
Domibacillus mangrovi                  JCM 32631  Type strain
"Dongshaea marina"                     JCM 32096  Proposed type strain
Duncaniella muris                      JCM 33116  Type strain
"Edaphocola aurantiacus"               JCM 32353  Proposed type strain
Edaphorhabdus rosea                    JCM 32366  Type strain
Ephemeroptericola cinctiostellae       JCM 32722  Type strain
Eubacterium sp.                        JCM 32527
Faecalibacillus faecis                 JCM 32257  Type strain
Faecalibacillus intestinalis           JCM 32256  Type strain
Falsochrobactrum shanghaiense          JCM 32785  Type strain
Flavobacterium aquimarinum             JCM 31930  Type strain
Flavobacterium knui                    JCM 32247  Type strain
"Flavobacterium parvum"                JCM 32368  Proposed type strain
Flavobacterium sediminis               JCM 32291  Type strain
Flavonifractor sp.                     JCM 32521
Formosa sp.                            JCM 16447
"Fusobacterium pseudoperiodonticum"    JCM 33009  Proposed type strain
Gaetbulibacter sp.                     JCM 16524
Gemmobacter lutimaris                  JCM 32828  Type strain
Gluconobacter cerinus                  JCM 25108  Type strain
"Haloactinobacterium glacieicola"      JCM 32923  Proposed type strain
Halomonas caseinilytica                JCM 32859
Halomonas elongata                     JCM 32858
Halomonas elongata                     JCM 32862
Halomonas elongata                     JCM 32868
Halomonas halophila                    JCM 32864
Halomonas halophila                    JCM 32866
Halomonas smyrnensis                   JCM 32860
Halomonas smyrnensis                   JCM 32863
Halomonas smyrnensis                   JCM 32865
Halomonas smyrnensis                   JCM 32867
Herbivorax saccincola                  JCM 31827
Huakuichenia soli                      JCM 33576  Type strain
Hymenobacter agri                      JCM 32194  Type strain
"Hymenobacter daejeonensis"            JCM 31885  Proposed type strain
"Hymenobacter daejeonensis"            JCM 31886
Hymenobacter metallilatus              JCM 32699  Type strain
Hymenobacter pomorum                   JCM 32193  Type strain
Hyphobacterium indicum                 JCM 32612  Type strain
Indiicoccus explosivorum               JCM 31737  Type strain
Iodobacter ciconiae                    JCM 33283  Type strain
Jiangella rhizosphaerae                JCM 32551  Type strain
Klebsiella huaxiensis                  JCM 32905  Type strain
Kribbella turkmenica                   JCM 32914  Type strain
Lactobacillus acetotolerans            JCM 33214
"Lactobacillus jinshani"               JCM 33270  Proposed type strain
Lactobacillus micheneri                JCM 33323  Type strain
Lactobacillus quenuiae                 JCM 33324  Type strain
Lactobacillus salitolerans             JCM 31331  Type strain
Lactobacillus timberlakei              JCM 33325  Type strain
"Lautropia dentalis"                   JCM 33297  Proposed type strain
"Lentibacillus alimentarius"           JCM 16521  Proposed type strain
Leptospira ellinghausenii              JCM 32516  Type strain
Leptospira johnsonii                   JCM 32515  Type strain
Leptospira ryugenii                    JCM 32518  Type strain
Listeria ivanovii subsp. londoniensis  JCM 32891  Type strain
Listeria monocytogenes                 JCM 32892  Type strain
Litorivita pollutaquae                 JCM 32715  Type strain
Longibaculum sp.                       JCM 32526
Longispora urticae                     JCM 33577  Type strain
Lucifera butyrica                      JCM 19373  Type strain
"Luteimonas dalianensis"               JCM 18136  Proposed type strain
Luteimonas sp.                         JCM 16241
"Lysinibacillus yapensis"              JCM 32871  Proposed type strain
"Lysobacter panacihumi"                JCM 32168  Proposed type strain
"Lysobacter pedocola"                  JCM 31020  Proposed type strain
Lysobacter sp.                         JCM 16604
Maribacter litoralis                   JCM 32373  Type strain
Marinobacterium boryeongense           JCM 31902  Type strain
Marinomonas piezotolerans              JCM 32821  Type strain
Mesorhizobium sp.                      JCM 28279
Mesorhizobium sp.                      JCM 28715
"Methylobacillus caricis"              JCM 32031  Proposed type strain
Methylobacterium currus                JCM 32670  Type strain
Methylophaga muralis                   JCM 31520
"Methylophilus aquaticus"              JCM 32032  Proposed type strain
Methylopila sp.                        JCM 28718
Microbacterium bovistercoris           JCM 32662  Type strain
Microbispora triticiradicis            JCM 33405  Type strain
Micromonospora caldifontis             JCM 17126  Type strain
Micromonospora radicis                 JCM 32147  Type strain
Mobilicoccus caccae                    JCM 33578  Type strain
"Mucibacter soli"                      JCM 31190  Proposed type strain
Mucilaginibacter sp.                   JCM 16600
Mucilaginibacter sp.                   JCM 16602
Muribaculum intestinale                JCM 33112
Muribaculum intestinale                JCM 33113
Myroides sp.                           JCM 16589
Naumannella cuiyingiana                JCM 33579  Type strain
Neisseria sp.                          JCM 16337
Neptuniibacter sp.                     JCM 15932
Nesterenkonia natronophila             JCM 32100  Type strain
Nevskia lacus                          JCM 31888  Type strain
Niabella sp.                           JCM 16599
Nocardia mangyaensis                   JCM 32795  Type strain
Nocardia yunnanensis                   JCM 30082  Type strain
Nonlabens sp.                          JCM 16081
Nonomuraea lactucae                    JCM 32549  Type strain
Novosphingobium sp.                    JCM 28633
Novosphingobium sp.                    JCM 28639
Oceaniradius stylonematis              JCM 32050  Type strain
Oceanobacillus piezotolerans           JCM 32870  Type strain
Olsenella sp.                          JCM 32523
"Ornithinimicrobium panacihumi"        JCM 32156  Proposed type strain
Oscillibacter sp.                      JCM 32522
Pacificimonas sp.                      JCM 16310
"Paenibacillus maysiensis"             JCM 31028  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus psychroresistens"       JCM 31243  Proposed type strain
Pandoraea sp.                          JCM 15667
"Paraburkholderia lacunae"             JCM 32721  Proposed type strain
"Paraburkholderia panacihumi"          JCM 32099  Proposed type strain
Paramuribaculum intestinale            JCM 33114  Type strain
Paramuribaculum intestinale            JCM 33115
Parashewanella tropica                 JCM 16653  Type strain
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 16319
"Pedobacter sp."                       JCM 16320
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 16321
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 16322
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 16323
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 16324
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 16325
Pedobacter sp.                         JCM 16326
Phaeocystidibacter luteus              JCM 33360  Type strain
Phascolarctobacterium wakonense        JCM 32899  Type strain
Phascolarctobacterium wakonense        JCM 32900
Photobacterium chitinilyticum          JCM 32689  Type strain
Pontibacter sp.                        JCM 16563
Pontibacter sp.                        JCM 16564
Pradoshia eiseniae                     JCM 32460  Type strain
Pragia fontium                         JCM 24417  Type strain
Prevotella cerevisiae                  JCM 30867  Type strain
Prevotella cerevisiae                  JCM 30868
Profundibacter amoris                  JCM 31874  Type strain
Providencia stuartii                   JCM 24298  Type strain
Pseudidiomarina sp.                    JCM 16452
Pseudoflavonifractor sp.               JCM 32528
Pseudomonas asiatica                   JCM 32716  Type strain
Pseudomonas huaxiensis                 JCM 32907  Type strain
Pseudomonas laurentiana                JCM 32154  Type strain
Pseudomonas pohangensis                JCM 16393  Type strain
Pseudomonas sichuanensis               JCM 32906  Type strain
Pseudomonas sp.                        JCM 16342
Pseudomonas umsongensis                JCM 16394  Type strain
Pseudomonas urumqiensis                JCM 32830  Type strain
"Pseudonocardia tritici"               JCM 32388  Proposed type strain
Pseudosporangium sp.                   JCM 14711
Rarobacter sp.                         JCM 6860 
Rarobacter sp.                         JCM 9465 
Rarobacter sp.                         JCM 9467 
Rarobacter sp.                         JCM 9468 
Rarobacter sp.                         JCM 9469 
Rhizobium aquaticum                    JCM 31760  Type strain
Rhizobium sp.                          JCM 28263
Rhizobium sp.                          JCM 28634
Rhizobium sp.                          JCM 28644
Rhizobium sp.                          JCM 28648
Rhizobium sp.                          JCM 28653
Rhizobium sp.                          JCM 28659
Rhizobium sp.                          JCM 28672
"Rhodanobacter ginsengiterrae"         JCM 32167  Proposed type strain
Rhodophyticola porphyridii             JCM 31537  Type strain
Roseicella frigidaeris                 JCM 32945  Type strain
Roseithermus saccariphilus             JCM 32374  Type strain
Roseomonas sp.                         JCM 28683
Roseovarius faecimaris                 JCM 30757  Type strain
Rubrobacter indicoceani                JCM 33406  Type strain
Ruegeria lutea                         JCM 30927  Type strain
Salinimicrobium sp.                    JCM 16150
Salinimicrobium sp.                    JCM 16308
"Sedimentisphaera cyanobacteriorum"    JCM 19196  Proposed type strain
"Sedimentisphaera salicampi"           JCM 31928
"Sedimentisphaera salicampi"           JCM 31929  Proposed type strain
Serinicoccus sediminis                 JCM 32825  Type strain
Serinicoccus sp.                       JCM 31502
Shewanella baltica                     JCM 16449  Type strain
Shewanella psychromarinicola           JCM 32089
Shewanella psychromarinicola           JCM 32090  Type strain
Shimwellia blattae                     JCM 24308  Type strain
Siculibacillus lacustris               JCM 31761  Type strain
Slackia sp.                            JCM 32529
Sphaerisporangium dianthi              JCM 33407  Type strain
Sphingobium sp.                        JCM 28248
Sphingobium sp.                        JCM 28632
Sphingobium sp.                        JCM 28641
Sphingobium sp.                        JCM 28642
Sphingobium sp.                        JCM 28719
Sphingobium terrigena                  JCM 32762  Type strain
Sphingopyxis sp.                       JCM 28280
Sphingopyxis sp.                       JCM 28290
Sphingorhabdus pulchriflava            JCM 32855  Type strain
Sphingosinithalassobacter portus       JCM 32714  Type strain
Sporomusa sp.                          JCM 15643
"Streptococcus gwangjuense"            JCM 33299  Proposed type strain
"Streptococcus periodonticum"          JCM 33300  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces cadmiisoli                JCM 32897  Type strain
"Streptomyces corynorhini"             JCM 33171  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces dangxiongensis            JCM 31053  Type strain
Streptomyces fodineus                  JCM 32404  Type strain
"Streptomyces lohii"                   JCM 14114
Streptomyces sp.                       JCM 31288
Streptosporangium corydalis            JCM 33408  Type strain
Streptosporangium lutulentum           JCM 33409  Type strain
Subtercola lobariae                    JCM 33410  Type strain
Tepidibacter sp.                       JCM 32064
Tessaracoccus rhinocerotis             JCM 33580  Type strain
Thalassococcus profundi                JCM 31873  Type strain
"Thalassorhabdus aurantiaca"           JCM 31732  Proposed type strain
Thaumasiovibrio sp.                    JCM 16053
Thermosipho sp.                        JCM 15324
"Thermus sediminis"                    JCM 33570  Proposed type strain
Thermus tenuipuniceus                  JCM 30350  Type strain
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 33047
Thermus thermophilus                   JCM 33048
"Uliginosibacterium sangjuense"        JCM 31375  Proposed type strain
Undibacterium piscinae                 JCM 33224  Type strain
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 31639
Variovorax boronicumulans              JCM 18805  Type strain
Vibrio anguillarum                     JCM 33359  Type strain
Vibrio harveyi                         JCM 33361  Type strain
Winogradskyella sp.                    JCM 16151
Winogradskyella sp.                    JCM 16309
Xanthomonas sp.                        JCM 16245
Xanthomonas sp.                        JCM 16246
Yokenella regensburgei                 JCM 16257
Zavarzinia aquatilis                   JCM 32263  Type strain
Zhongshania marina                     JCM 17372  Type strain
"Zunongwangia flava"                   JCM 32262  Proposed type strain

"Conexivisphaera calidus"              JCM 31663
Halalkaliarchaeum desulfuricum         JCM 30664  Type strain
Haloarcula sebkhae                     JCM 19018  Type strain
Halococcoides cellulosivorans          JCM 31941  Type strain
Haloprofundus halophilus               JCM 30670  Type strain
Halorussus litoreus                    JCM 31109  Type strain
Methanobacterium sp.                   JCM 32063
Methanofervidicoccus abyssi            JCM 32161  Type strain
"Natrarchaeobius chitinivorans"        JCM 32476  Proposed type strain
"Natrarchaeobius halalkaliphilus"      JCM 32477  Proposed type strain
Natronolimnobius sulfurireducens       JCM 30663  Type strain
"Natronolimnobius sulfurreducens"      JCM 17580
"Zestosphaera tikiterensis"            JCM 32895  Proposed type strain

Aspergillus luchuensis                 JCM 5628 
Aspergillus tubingensis                JCM 2610 
Byssochlamys fulva                     JCM 12787  ex-neotype strain
Collapsimycopappus styracis            JCM 32503
Collapsimycopappus styracis            JCM 32504  ex-holotype strain
Collapsimycopappus styracis            JCM 32505
Collapsimycopappus styracis            JCM 32506
Collapsimycopappus styracis            JCM 32507
Collapsimycopappus styracis            JCM 32508
Colletotrichum shisoi                  JCM 31818  ex-holotype strain
Crassiclypeus aquaticus                JCM 13087  ex-holotype strain
Crassiperidium octosporum              JCM 17827  ex-holotype strain
Crassiperidium quadrisporum            JCM 32442  ex-holotype strain
Diaporthe oculi                        JCM 32617  ex-holotype strain
Diaporthe pseudooculi                  JCM 32616  ex-holotype strain
Endocalyx melanoxanthus var. grossus   JCM 32411
Endocalyx melanoxanthus var. grossus   JCM 32997
Endocalyx melanoxanthus var. grossus   JCM 32998
Endocalyx melanoxanthus var. grossus   JCM 33339
Hypomyces cervinigenus                 JCM 19980
Hypomyces cervinigenus                 JCM 19981
Hypomyces cervinigenus                 JCM 19982
Hypomyces stephanomatis                JCM 19978
Hypomyces stephanomatis                JCM 19979
Leptoparies palmarum                   JCM 13089  ex-holotype strain
Metarhizium aciculare                  JCM 33284  ex-holotype strain
Metarhizium aciculare                  JCM 33285
Metarhizium aciculare                  JCM 33286
Mortierella sugadairana                JCM 33091
Nannizzia gypsea                       JCM 22642
Oidiodendron sp.                       JCM 28188
Pseudolophiostoma cornisporum          JCM 32348  ex-holotype strain
Pseudolophiostoma obtusisporum         JCM 32349  ex-holotype strain
Pseudopaucispora brunneospora          JCM 32350  ex-holotype strain
Vaginatispora amygdali                 JCM 32351  ex-holotype strain
Vaginatispora scabrispora              JCM 32352  ex-holotype strain
Yamadazyma sp.                         JCM 31067
Yamadazyma sp.                         JCM 31068
Yamadazyma sp.                         JCM 31069

Prototheca paracutis                   JCM 32111
Prototheca paracutis                   JCM 32112  ex-type strain

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