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                      JCM Mail News (2019.02.14)

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- Call for applications for positions at RIKEN BRC Indefinite-term
  Research Scientist
- Special topic: JCM strains requiring co-culture
- Newly cataloged strains (2017.12.01 - 2019.01.31)

Call for applications for positions at RIKEN BRC Indefinite-term
Research Scientist

RIKEN BRC invites applications for indefinite-term Research Scientists
to work at the laboratories listed below.
The details of each job vacancy are available from the following URLs
in the list.

Microbe Division (RIKEN BRC JCM), RIKEN BioResource Research Center
Seeking an Indefinite-term Research Scientist (19T18)

Integrated Bioresource Information Division,
RIKEN BioResource Research Center
Seeking an Indefinite-term Research Scientist (19T19)

Special topic: JCM strains requiring co-culture

The resident microbiota such as human oral and intestinal microbiota
is more than we could imagine. It is composed of a wide variety of
bacterial species, many of which are uncultured and unclassified
bacterial species. Among the strains deposited in recent years, there
are unique strains that require co-cultivation with other strain
(helper strain). Fretibacterium fastidiosum (JCM 16858T), isolated
from the oral cavity, is a bacterial species belonging to the
Synergistetes phylum, and many clones have been detected by the 16S
rRNA gene clone library method so far. As a result of long-standing
efforts of the group of Prof. William G. Wade et al., they finally
succeeded in isolating. This strain requires Fusobacterium nucleatum
subsp. nucleatum as a helper strain. They also successfully isolated
Tannerella sp. HOT-286 (phylotype BU063) that is associated with human
oral health. Three strains of Tannerella sp. JCM 31301, JCM 31302 and
JCM 31303 have been deposited. These strains require Cutibacterium
acnes (formerly Propionibacterium acnes subsp. acnes) as a helper
strain. Two strains of Unidentified bacterium JCM 31632 and JCM 31633
have also been deposited as the first cultivated strain of phylotype
Anaerolineae bacterium HOT-439 belonging to the oral cavity-derived
Chloroflexi phylum. These strains require Fusobacterium nucleatum
subsp. polymorphum as a helper strain. It is expected that the
symbiotic mechanism of microbiota will be unraveled by further
isolating and culturing strains requiring co-culture in the future.

Vartoukian et al. 2013. Fretibacterium fastidiosum gen. nov., sp.
nov., isolated from the human oral cavity.
Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 63: 458-463.
doi: 10.1099/ijs.0.041038-0

Vartoukian et al. 2016. First cultivation of health-associated
Tannerella sp. HOT-286 (BU063).
J. Dent. Res. 95: 1308-1313.
doi: 10.1177/0022034516651078

Vartoukian et al. 2016. In vitro cultivation of 'unculturable' oral
bacteria, facilitated by community culture and media supplementation
with siderophores.
PLOS ONE 11: e0146926.
doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0146926

Mitsuo Sakamoto, Ph.D.
Curator of Anaerobic Bacteria & Lactic Acid Bacteria

Newly cataloged strains (2017.12.01 - 2019.01.31)

Abyssibacter profundi                  JCM 32025  Type strain
"Acetobacter oryzifermentans"          JCM 31096  Proposed type strain
Achromobacter sp.                      JCM 15663
"Acidihalobacter ferrooxidans"         JCM 32254
Acidihalobacter prosperus              JCM 32253
Acidovorax sp.                         JCM 31836
Acinetobacter calcoaceticus            JCM 16087
Acinetobacter calcoaceticus            JCM 16090
Acinetobacter calcoaceticus            JCM 16091
Acinetobacter calcoaceticus            JCM 16092
Acinetobacter calcoaceticus            JCM 16095
Acinetobacter piscicola                JCM 32101  Type strain
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 14946
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 15596
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 15664
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 15665
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16088
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16089
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 16096
Acinetobacter sp.                      JCM 30594
Actinocorallia populi                  JCM 32178  Type strain
Actinomadura gamaensis                 JCM 32486  Type strain
Actinomadura sp.                       JCM 16836
Actinomadura xylanilytica              JCM 32746  Type strain
Actinoplanes rhizophilus               JCM 33034  Type strain
Actinotalea solisilvae                 JCM 32747  Type strain
Aeromicrobium choanae                  JCM 32379  Type strain
Aestuariicoccus marinus                JCM 30739  Type strain
Agromyces aureus                       JCM 32431  Type strain
Agromyces binzhouensis                 JCM 32487  Type strain
Ahniella affigens                      JCM 31634  Type strain
Albirhodobacter confluentis            JCM 31536  Type strain
Alistipes ihumii                       JCM 32776  Type strain
Alistipes inops                        JCM 32777  Type strain
"Alistipes obesi"                      JCM 32778  Proposed type strain
"Alistipes senegalensis"               JCM 32779  Proposed type strain
Alistipes timonensis                   JCM 32780  Type strain
Altererythrobacter mangrovi            JCM 32056  Type strain
Alteromonas indica                     JCM 32638  Type strain
Aminipila butyrica                     JCM 31555  Type strain
Amphritea atlantica                    JCM 14776  Type strain
Amycolatopsis oliviviridis             JCM 32134  Type strain
Amycolatopsis rhizosphaerae            JCM 32589  Type strain
Amycolatopsis xylanica                 JCM 32380  Type strain
Amylibacter lutimaris                  JCM 32051  Type strain
Amylibacter sp.                        JCM 15560
Ancylobacter sonchi                    JCM 32039  Type strain
Angustibacter speluncae                JCM 32752  Type strain
Aquabacterium sp.                      JCM 13878
Aquicoccus porphyridii                 JCM 31543  Type strain
Aquimarina seongsanensis               JCM 19529  Type strain
"Arenimonas alkanexedens"              JCM 30464  Proposed type strain
Arenimonas caeni                       JCM 32091  Type strain
Arenimonas halophila                   JCM 32565  Type strain
Asaia sp.                              JCM 15830
Asaia sp.                              JCM 15832
Asaia sp.                              JCM 15833
Asprobacter aquaticus                  JCM 30469  Type strain
Bacillus alkalilacus                   JCM 32184  Type strain
Bacillus butanolivorans                JCM 28850
Bacillus cereus                        JCM 28846
Bacillus cereus                        JCM 30391
Bacillus fermenti                      JCM 31807  Type strain
Bacillus lacus                         JCM 32185  Type strain
Bacillus pseudomycoides                JCM 28843
Bacillus shivajii                      JCM 32183  Type strain
Bacillus simplex                       JCM 28805
Bacillus simplex                       JCM 28806
Bacillus simplex                       JCM 28807
Bacillus simplex                       JCM 28813
Bacillus simplex                       JCM 28848
Bacillus simplex                       JCM 28856
Bacillus simplex                       JCM 28866
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28786
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28791
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28794
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28796
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28799
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28801
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28804
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28810
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28811
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28812
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28814
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28816
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28819
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28821
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28823
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28824
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28825
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28828
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28829
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28830
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28831
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28832
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28834
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28835
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28837
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28838
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28839
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28840
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28841
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28842
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28845
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28847
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28849
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28851
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28852
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28853
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28854
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28855
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28857
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28858
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28859
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28860
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28861
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28862
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28863
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28864
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28865
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28867
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28868
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 28869
Bacillus sp.                           JCM 30194
Bacillus subtilis                      JCM 32485
Bacillus thuringiensis                 JCM 28784
Bacillus thuringiensis                 JCM 28844
Bacillus toyonensis                    JCM 28785
Bacillus toyonensis                    JCM 28802
"Bartonella tamiae"                    JCM 14580  Proposed type strain
Bifidobacterium anseris                JCM 32705  Type strain
Bifidobacterium callitrichidarum       JCM 31790  Type strain
Bifidobacterium catulorum              JCM 31794  Type strain
Bifidobacterium criceti                JCM 32704  Type strain
Bifidobacterium imperatoris            JCM 32708  Type strain
Bifidobacterium italicum               JCM 32703  Type strain
Bifidobacterium margollesii            JCM 32707  Type strain
Bifidobacterium parmae                 JCM 32706  Type strain
Blastococcus litoris                   JCM 32354  Type strain
Blautia argi                           JCM 31394  Type strain
Blautia hominis                        JCM 32276  Type strain
Brachybacterium avium                  JCM 32143  Type strain
Brachybacterium vulturis               JCM 32142  Type strain
Brevibacterium hankyongi               JCM 30949  Type strain
Brevibacterium sediminis               JCM 32488  Type strain
Burkholderia insecticola               JCM 31142  Type strain
Caballeronia sordidicola               JCM 11779
Campylobacter lari subsp. lari         JCM 14868
"Capnocytophaga endodontalis"          JCM 32133  Proposed type strain
Castellaniella fermenti                JCM 31755  Type strain
Catellatospora paridis                 JCM 32489  Type strain
Cellulosimicrobium aquatile            JCM 32432  Type strain
Changchengzhania lutea                 JCM 30336  Type strain
Chitinophaga humicola                  JCM 32158  Type strain
"Chitinophaga salinisoli"              JCM 30847  Proposed type strain
Chryseobacterium glaciei               JCM 31156  Type strain
Chryseobacterium sp.                   JCM 18517  Type strain
Chryseolinea flava                     JCM 32520  Type strain
Chryseomicrobium excrementi            JCM 32415  Type strain
Citreicella sp.                        JCM 14698
Clostridium bovifacis                  JCM 32382  Type strain
Clostridium composti                   JCM 32793  Type strain
Clostridium pabulibutyricum            JCM 31506  Type strain
Cnuibacter physcomitrellae             JCM 33035  Type strain
Conexibacter stalactiti                JCM 32753  Type strain
Corynebacterium nasicanis              JCM 32433  Type strain
Corynebacterium tapiri                 JCM 32434  Type strain
Corynebacterium uropygiale             JCM 32435  Type strain
Croceicoccus sp.                       JCM 15594
Cutibacterium acnes subsp. acnes       JCM 33133
Cutibacterium acnes subsp. acnes       JCM 33134
Cutibacterium acnes subsp. acnes       JCM 33135
Cutibacterium acnes subsp. defendens   JCM 33136
"Cyclobacterium sediminis"             JCM 30860  Proposed type strain
Dactylosporangium solaniradicis        JCM 32490  Type strain
"Deinococcus rubrus"                   JCM 31436  Proposed type strain
"Deinococcus rubrus"                   JCM 31437
Desulfonatronum parangueonense         JCM 31598  Type strain
"Desulfosporomusa polytropa"           JCM 32836  Proposed type strain
Desulfosporosinus fructosivorans       JCM 31106  Type strain
Desulfosporosinus nitroreducens        JCM 31104
Desulfosporosinus nitroreducens        JCM 31105  Type strain
Desulfovibrio salinus                  JCM 31065  Type strain
Devosia riboflavina                    JCM 13427  Type strain
Dokdonia aurantiaca                    JCM 32295  Type strain
Dokdonia flava                         JCM 32293  Type strain
Dokdonia lutea                         JCM 31795  Type strain
Draconibacterium sp.                   JCM 18692
Egicoccus halophilus                   JCM 33036  Type strain
Emcibacter congregatus                 JCM 32378  Type strain
"Ensifer collicola"                    JCM 31049  Proposed type strain
Enteroscipio rubneri                   JCM 32273  Type strain
Epidermidibacterium keratini           JCM 31644  Type strain
Ereboglobus luteus                     JCM 31831  Type strain
Erythrobacter arachoides               JCM 31277  Type strain
Eubacterium maltosivorans              JCM 32297  Type strain
Euzebyella algicola                    JCM 32170  Type strain
Ewingella americana                    JCM 32812  Type strain
Ferrigenium kumadai                    JCM 30584  Type strain
Flagellimonas aquimarina               JCM 32292  Type strain
Flavimarina flava                      JCM 31731  Type strain
Flavobacterium alvei                   JCM 32264  Type strain
Flavobacterium commune                 JCM 32115  Type strain
Flavobacterium foetidum                JCM 32085  Type strain
Flavobacterium hankyongi               JCM 18198  Type strain
Flavobacterium naphthae                JCM 32171  Type strain
Flavobacterium ovatum                  JCM 31872  Type strain
Floricoccus penangensis                JCM 31735  Type strain
Floricoccus tropicus                   JCM 31733  Type strain
Floricoccus tropicus                   JCM 31734
Floricoccus tropicus                   JCM 31736
"Gelidibacter flavus"                  JCM 31135  Proposed type strain
Geminicoccus sp.                       JCM 14217
Gemmobacter straminiformis             JCM 31905  Type strain
Geobacillus yumthangensis              JCM 32596  Type strain
Georgenia deserti                      JCM 33037  Type strain
"Ghiorsea bivora"                      JCM 31637  Proposed type strain
Glaciihabitans sp.                     JCM 19869
"Glucerabacter canisensis"             JCM 31739  Proposed type strain
Glycomyces anabasis                    JCM 30088  Type strain
Gramella salexigens                    JCM 31560  Type strain
"Halanaerobium hydrogeniformans"       JCM 32553  Proposed type strain
Halioxenophilus aromaticivorans        JCM 19134  Type strain
Hamadaea flava                         JCM 32491  Type strain
Helicobacter pylori                    JCM 12097
Herbaspirillum robiniae                JCM 31754  Type strain
Hoyosella rhizosphaerae                JCM 32492  Type strain
Hydrogenophaga soli                    JCM 31711  Type strain
Hymenobacter defluvii                  JCM 31658  Type strain
Hymenobacter jeollabukensis            JCM 32192  Type strain
Hymenobacter pedocola                  JCM 32198  Type strain
Hymenobacter rufus                     JCM 32196  Type strain
Hymenobacter segetis                   JCM 32197  Type strain
Hymenobacter terrigena                 JCM 32195  Type strain
"Idiomarina andamanensis"              JCM 31645  Proposed type strain
Jishengella zingiberis                 JCM 32592  Type strain
Kaistia algarum                        JCM 31803  Type strain
Ketobacter alkanivorans                JCM 31835  Type strain
Kiloninella sp.                        JCM 13414
Kiritimatiella glycovorans             JCM 19195  Type strain
Kitasatospora sp.                      JCM 32302
Komagataeibacter cocois                JCM 31140  Type strain
Kordia zosterae                        JCM 31799  Type strain
Kushneria konosiri                     JCM 16805  Type strain
"Labilibaculum filiforme"              JCM 31099
Labilibaculum filiforme                JCM 31101  Type strain
"Labilibaculum filiforme"              JCM 31102
Labilibaculum manganireducens          JCM 31100  Type strain
Lactobacillus allii                    JCM 31938  Type strain
Lactobacillus metriopterae             JCM 31635  Type strain
Lactobacillus terrae                   JCM 32269  Type strain
Lactococcus reticulitermitis           JCM 32106  Type strain
Lactococcus termiticola                JCM 32569  Type strain
Larkinella kuni                        JCM 31989  Type strain
Larkinella rosea                       JCM 31991  Type strain
Larkinella terrae                      JCM 31990  Type strain
Lawsonibacter asaccharolyticus         JCM 32166  Type strain
Lelliottia jeotgali                    JCM 31901  Type strain
Lentzea guizhouensis                   JCM 33038  Type strain
Lentzea soli                           JCM 32384  Type strain
Lentzea terrae                         JCM 32385  Type strain
Leucobacter weissii                    JCM 32600  Type strain
Libanicoccus massiliensis              JCM 33000  Type strain
Listeria grayi                         JCM 32813  Type strain
Listeria innocua                       JCM 32814  Type strain
Listeria seeligeri                     JCM 32815  Type strain
Listeria welshimeri                    JCM 32816  Type strain
Longicatena caecimuris                 JCM 32781  Type strain
Mabikibacter ruber                     JCM 31727  Type strain
Mangrovimonas sp.                      JCM 30881
Mangrovimonas sp.                      JCM 30882
Mangrovitalea sediminis                JCM 32104  Type strain
Maribacter pelagius                    JCM 19533  Type strain
Maribacter sp.                         JCM 31510
Marinicauda algicola                   JCM 31718  Type strain
Marinifilum breve                      JCM 32401  Type strain
Mariniphaga sediminis                  JCM 32075  Type strain
Marinirhabdus citrea                   JCM 31588  Type strain
Marinisporobacter balticus             JCM 31103  Type strain
Marinobacter sp.                       JCM 15897
Marinobacter sp.                       JCM 31320
Marinobacter sp.                       JCM 31321
Marinomonas sp.                        JCM 31322
Marmoricola ginsengisoli               JCM 32748  Type strain
Marmoricola pocheonensis               JCM 32749  Type strain
Massilia glaciei                       JCM 30271  Type strain
Massilia sp.                           JCM 13499
Melaminivora jejuensis                 JCM 18740  Type strain
Mesosutterella multiformis             JCM 32464  Type strain
Mesosutterella multiformis             JCM 32465
Mesosutterella multiformis             JCM 32466
Mesosutterella multiformis             JCM 32467
Methylobacterium frigidaeris           JCM 32048  Type strain
"Methylocucumis oryzae"                JCM 32869  Proposed type strain
Methylomusa anaerophila                JCM 31821  Type strain
Methyloversatilis sp.                  JCM 14004
Microbacterium shaanxiense             JCM 28790
Microbacterium shaanxiense             JCM 28792
Microbacterium shaanxiense             JCM 28808
Microbacterium shaanxiense             JCM 28818
Microbacterium shaanxiense             JCM 28833
Microbacterium shaanxiense             JCM 28870
Microbacterium shaanxiense             JCM 28871
Micromonospora aurantiaca              JCM 12831
Micromonospora aurantiaca              JCM 17005
Micromonospora aurantiaca              JCM 17010
"Micromonospora azadirachtae"          JCM 32148
Micromonospora chalcea                 JCM 12832
Micromonospora chalcea                 JCM 17003
Micromonospora chokoriensis            JCM 17001
Micromonospora chokoriensis            JCM 17008
Micromonospora costi                   JCM 32901  Type strain
Micromonospora globbae                 JCM 32902  Type strain
Micromonospora humi                    JCM 12765
Micromonospora mangrovi                JCM 33231  Type strain
Micromonospora marina                  JCM 17012
Micromonospora narathiwatensis         JCM 12764
Micromonospora parathelypteridis       JCM 32493  Type strain
Micromonospora siamensis               JCM 12768
Micromonospora sp.                     JCM 32497
Micromonospora tulbaghiae              JCM 17007
Micromonospora tulbaghiae              JCM 17009
Mitsuaria noduli                       JCM 31671  Type strain
Monoglobus pectinilyticus              JCM 31914  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter boryungensis          JCM 32201  Type strain
"Mucilaginibacter ginsenosidivorans"   JCM 17081  Proposed type strain
Mucilaginibacter gotjawali             JCM 32202  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter myungsuensis          JCM 32203  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter panaciglaebae         JCM 17085  Type strain
Mumia xiangluensis                     JCM 32494  Type strain
Mycobacterium shigaense                JCM 32072  Type strain
Mycobacterium sp.                      JCM 30985
Mycobacteroides chelonae               JCM 32454
Mycobacteroides saopaulense            JCM 32436  Type strain
Mycolicibacter paraterrae              JCM 32754  Type strain
Nemorincola caseinilytica              JCM 32105  Type strain
"Niabella ginsenosidivorans"           JCM 18199  Proposed type strain
Nioella aestuarii                      JCM 30752  Type strain
"Nitrosococcus halophilus"             JCM 30413  Proposed type strain
Nitrosococcus oceani                   JCM 30415  Type strain
"Nitrosococcus wardiae"                JCM 30414  Proposed type strain
"Nitrosococcus watsonii"               JCM 30416  Proposed type strain
"Nitrospira inopinata"                 JCM 31988
Nocardioides antarcticus               JCM 32437  Type strain
Nocardioides currus                    JCM 32672  Type strain
Nocardioides deserti                   JCM 33040  Type strain
Nocardioides ginsengisegetis           JCM 32750  Type strain
Nocardioides ungokensis                JCM 32751  Type strain
Nocardioides zeicaulis                 JCM 32381  Type strain
Nonomuraea guangzhouensis              JCM 33041  Type strain
Nonomuraea harbinensis                 JCM 33042  Type strain
Noviherbaspirillum autotrophicum       JCM 17720
Oceanimonas marisflavi                 JCM 32358  Type strain
"Oceanisphaera aquimarina"             JCM 30794  Proposed type strain
Oceanisphaera avium                    JCM 32207  Type strain
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28787
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28788
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28793
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28795
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28797
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28798
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28800
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28809
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28815
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28817
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28820
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28822
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28826
Ochrobactrum pituitosum                JCM 28827
Ochrobactrum sp.                       JCM 28782
Ochrobactrum sp.                       JCM 28783
Olivibacter ginsenosidimutans          JCM 18200  Type strain
Pacificibacter aestuarii               JCM 31805  Type strain
Paenibacillus aurantiacus              JCM 32623  Type strain
Paenibacillus limicola                 JCM 32079  Type strain
Paenibacillus mobilis                  JCM 31672  Type strain
"Paenibacillus panacihumi"             JCM 32073  Proposed type strain
Paenibacillus sp.                      JCM 32208
Paenibacillus translucens              JCM 32080  Type strain
Paludirhabdus pumila                   JCM 31957  Type strain
Paludirhabdus telluriireducens         JCM 31958  Type strain
Pandoraea sp.                          JCM 15666
Pandoraea sp.                          JCM 15668
Pantoea ananatis                       JCM 15056
Paraburkholderia aromaticivorans       JCM 32303  Type strain
Paraburkholderia graminis              JCM 13456  Type strain
Paraburkholderia terricola             JCM 13473  Type strain
Parasphingopyxis algicola              JCM 31719  Type strain
Parolsenella catena                    JCM 31932  Type strain
Patulibacter brassicae                 JCM 32755  Type strain
Pedobacter agrisoli                    JCM 32093  Type strain
Pedobacter kyonggii                    JCM 31916  Type strain
Photobacterium sp.                     JCM 14070
Phreatobacter cathodiphilus            JCM 31612  Type strain
Phytoactinopolyspora alkaliphila       JCM 32495  Type strain
Piscinibacter caeni                    JCM 32138  Type strain
Planktotalea lamellibrachiae           JCM 31859  Type strain
Pleomorphochaeta naphthae              JCM 31871  Type strain
Polaribacter pacificus                 JCM 31460  Type strain
Polaromonas sp.                        JCM 14579
Polymorphobacter sp.                   JCM 15504
Polynucleobacter victoriensis          JCM 32005  Type strain
Pontibacter brevis                     JCM 31443  Type strain
Ponticoccus marisrubri                 JCM 19520  Type strain
Porphyrobacter algicida                JCM 31499  Type strain
Prauserella aidingensis                JCM 33234  Type strain
Prauserella endophytica                JCM 33043  Type strain
Prauserella flava                      JCM 33233  Type strain
Prauserella salsuginis                 JCM 33232  Type strain
Prauserella sediminis                  JCM 33235  Type strain
Pseudaeromonas paramecii               JCM 32226  Type strain
Pseudodesulfovibrio hydrargyri         JCM 31820  Type strain
Pseudoduganella eburnea                JCM 31587  Type strain
Pseudogracilibacillus endophyticus     JCM 31192  Type strain
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14167
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14168
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14169
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14170
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14173
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14175
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14176
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14177
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14178
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14179
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14180
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14181
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14182
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14183
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14184
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14185
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14186
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14187
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14188
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14189
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14235
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14236
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                 JCM 14237
Pseudomonas asplenii                   JCM 13885
Pseudomonas asuensis                   JCM 13501  Type strain
Pseudomonas fluorescens                JCM 14347
Pseudomonas marginalis                 JCM 13459
Pseudomonas marginalis                 JCM 13460
Pseudomonas marginalis                 JCM 13886
Pseudomonas marginalis                 JCM 13887
Pseudomonas putida                     JCM 14351
"Pseudomonas pyomelaninifaciens"       JCM 32458
Pseudomonas sp.                        JCM 31323
Pseudomonas syringae                   JCM 14314
Pseudomonas syringae                   JCM 14315
Pseudomonas syringae                   JCM 14317
Pseudomonas tarimensis                 JCM 19137  Type strain
Pseudonocardia lutea                   JCM 32387  Type strain
Pseudopropionibacterium rubrum         JCM 31317  Type strain
Psychrobium conchae                    JCM 30103  Type strain
Psychromarinibacter halotolerans       JCM 31462  Type strain
Ralstonia sp.                          JCM 31837
Ravibacter arvi                        JCM 31920  Type strain
Reyranella aquatilis                   JCM 31892  Type strain
Rheinheimera chironomi                 JCM 14329  Type strain
Rheinheimera sp.                       JCM 31324
Rheinheimera tangshanensis             JCM 14254  Type strain
Rhodococcus olei                       JCM 32206  Type strain
"Rhodoferax koreense"                  JCM 31441  Proposed type strain
Roseburia hominis                      JCM 17582  Type strain
Roseburia intestinalis                 JCM 17583  Type strain
Roseomonas aeriglobus                  JCM 32049  Type strain
Roseomonas aerofrigidensis             JCM 31878  Type strain
Roseomonas deserti                     JCM 31275  Type strain
Roseomonas fluminis                    JCM 31968  Type strain
Rubneribacter badeniensis              JCM 32272  Type strain
Ruegeria marisrubri                    JCM 19519  Type strain
Ruegeria profundi                      JCM 19518  Type strain
"Rufibacter soli"                      JCM 31024  Proposed type strain
Rurimicrobium arvi                     JCM 31921  Type strain
Saccharopolyspora subtropica           JCM 33044  Type strain
Saccharothrix carnea                   JCM 32496  Type strain
Salibacterium nitratireducens          JCM 32187  Type strain
Saliniramus fredricksonii              JCM 31876  Type strain
Salinisphaera aquimarina               JCM 31813  Type strain
Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica    JCM 32817  Type strain
Serratia marcescens                    JCM 15057
Serratia nematodiphila                 JCM 14855  Type strain
Shewanella fodinae                     JCM 32076  Type strain
Shewanella litoralis                   JCM 32306  Type strain
Shewanella saliphila                   JCM 32304  Type strain
Shewanella ulleungensis                JCM 32305  Type strain
Shewanella upenei                      JCM 32077  Type strain
Siphonobacter curvatus                 JCM 32267  Type strain
"Skermanella mucosa"                   JCM 31590  Proposed type strain
Solimonas fluminis                     JCM 32268  Type strain
Solitalea longa                        JCM 32259  Type strain
Soonwooa purpurea                      JCM 31880  Type strain
Sphaerisporangium rhizosphaerae        JCM 32389  Type strain
Sphingobacterium bovisgrunnientis      JCM 31951  Type strain
Sphingobacterium solani                JCM 32274  Type strain
Sphingobacterium terrae                JCM 32159  Type strain
Sphingobium algicola                   JCM 32055  Type strain
Sphingobium paulinellae                JCM 32054  Type strain
Sphingobium sp.                        JCM 13902
Sphingomonas colocasiae                JCM 31229  Type strain
Sphingomonas frigidaeris               JCM 32053  Type strain
Sphingomonas sp.                       JCM 14771
Sphingomonas sp.                       JCM 14772
Sphingomonas sp.                       JCM 15505
Sphingopyxis macrogoltabida            JCM 15108
Sphingopyxis macrogoltabida            JCM 15109
Sphingopyxis nepalensis                JCM 32250  Type strain
Sphingopyxis panaciterrae              JCM 14799  Type strain
Sphingopyxis sp.                       JCM 14699
Sphingorhabdus buctiana                JCM 30114  Type strain
"Spirillospora tritici"                JCM 32390  Proposed type strain
Spirosoma agri                         JCM 32199  Type strain
"Spirosoma areae"                      JCM 31025  Proposed type strain
"Spirosoma flavus"                     JCM 31998  Proposed type strain
Spirosoma gilvum                       JCM 31997  Type strain
Spirosoma harenae                      JCM 31993  Type strain
Spirosoma horti                        JCM 32131  Type strain
Spirosoma humi                         JCM 32132  Type strain
Spirosoma jeollabukense                JCM 32129  Type strain
Spirosoma koreense                     JCM 31992  Type strain
Spirosoma litoris                      JCM 31999  Type strain
Spirosoma lituiforme                   JCM 32128  Type strain
Spirosoma migulaei                     JCM 31996  Type strain
Spirosoma pomorum                      JCM 32130  Type strain
Spirosoma terrae                       JCM 31994  Type strain
Stakelama algicida                     JCM 31497
Stakelama algicida                     JCM 31498  Type strain
Staphylococcus hominis subsp. hominis  JCM 31912  Type strain
Stenotrophomonas sp.                   JCM 14843
Streptacidiphilus pinicola             JCM 32300  Type strain
Streptomyces geranii                   JCM 32177  Type strain
Streptomyces populi                    JCM 32175  Type strain
"Streptomyces tunisialbus"             JCM 32165  Proposed type strain
Streptomyces venetus                   JCM 31290  Type strain
Streptomyces venetus                   JCM 31291
Subtercola vilae                       JCM 32044  Type strain
"Sulfitobacter pontiacus               JCM 31094  Proposed type strain
 subsp. fungiae"
Sutterella megalosphaeroides           JCM 32468
Sutterella megalosphaeroides           JCM 32469
Sutterella megalosphaeroides           JCM 32470  Type strain
Sutterella megalosphaeroides           JCM 32471
Sutterella stercoricanis               JCM 32441  Type strain
Sutterella wadsworthensis              JCM 32440  Type strain
Tateyamaria sp.                        JCM 14511
Tateyamaria sp.                        JCM 15593
Temperatibacter marinus                JCM 30871  Type strain
Tenacibaculum sp.                      JCM 11208
Tenacibaculum todarodis                JCM 31564  Type strain
Terrimonas soli                        JCM 32095  Type strain
Tessaracoccus aquimaris                JCM 19289  Type strain
Tessaracoccus terricola                JCM 32157  Type strain
Thalassospira sp.                      JCM 14264
Thalassospira sp.                      JCM 14697
Thalassotalea atypica                  JCM 31894  Type strain
Thermocatellispora soli                JCM 32587  Type strain
"Thiocapsa subramanianensis"           JCM 14886
Tsukamurella hominis                   JCM 31971  Type strain
Tsukamurella ocularis                  JCM 31969  Type strain
Tsukamurella ocularis                  JCM 31970
Tumebacillus avium                     JCM 32188  Type strain
"Uliginosibacterium flavum"            JCM 19465  Proposed type strain
Uliginosibacterium sediminicola        JCM 32000  Type strain
Unidentified actinobacterium           JCM 14967
Unidentified bacterium                 JCM 13814
Variovorax sp.                         JCM 13502
Veillonella infantium                  JCM 31738  Type strain
"Vibrio injenensis"                    JCM 30011  Proposed type strain
Vibrio parahaemolyticus                JCM 32818  Type strain
Vibrio sp.                             JCM 10713
Vibrio sp.                             JCM 10883
Vibrio sp.                             JCM 10884
Vibrio sp.                             JCM 14512
"Virgibacillus ainsalahensis"          JCM 30907  Proposed type strain
"Virgibacillus kimchii"                JCM 32284  Proposed type strain
Virgibacillus phasianinus              JCM 32144  Type strain
"Viridibacterium curvum"               JCM 18715  Proposed type strain
Williamsia herbipolensis               JCM 32438  Type strain
Winogradskyella aurantiaca             JCM 31383  Type strain
Winogradskyella flava                  JCM 31798  Type strain
Wolinella succinogenes                 JCM 31913  Type strain
Yimella radicis                        JCM 32439  Type strain
Zhengella mangrovi                     JCM 32107  Type strain
Zobellella denitrificans               JCM 13529
Zobellella maritima                    JCM 32359  Type strain
Zobellella sp.                         JCM 14965

Halobium salinum                       JCM 30029  Type strain
Halomarina rubra                       JCM 30037  Type strain
Halorubrum aethiopicum                 JCM 31519  Type strain
Halorubrum depositum                   JCM 31272  Type strain
Halorubrum salsamenti                  JCM 31270  Type strain
"Natronobiforma cellulositropha"       JCM 31939  Proposed type strain
Nitrosarchaeum koreense                JCM 31640  Type strain
"Nitrosopumilus adriaticus"            JCM 32270
"Nitrosopumilus piranensis"            JCM 32271
Saccharolobus caldissimus              JCM 32116  Type strain
Salinirubellus salinus                 JCM 30036  Type strain
Sulfurisphaera javensis                JCM 32117  Type strain

Alternaria alternata                   JCM 5801 
Cadophora sp.                          JCM 28770
Candida boidinii                       JCM 28612
Candida boidinii                       JCM 28615
Candida boidinii                       JCM 28620
Candida friedrichii                    JCM 28602
Candida sp.                            JCM 28228
Candida sp.                            JCM 28601
Candida tumulicola                     JCM 28226
Cladophialophora sp.                   JCM 28769
Cladophialophora sp.                   JCM 28772
Cladophialophora sp.                   JCM 28776
Cladophialophora tumbae                JCM 28738
Cladophialophora tumbae                JCM 28746
Cladophialophora tumbae                JCM 28749  ex-holotype strain
Cladophialophora tumbae                JCM 28753
Cladophialophora tumbae                JCM 28754
Cladophialophora tumbae                JCM 28759
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28742
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28743
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28758
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28760
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28763
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28764
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28766  ex-holotype strain
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28768
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28771
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28774
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28775
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28777
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28778
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28779
Cladophialophora tumulicola            JCM 28781
Cladosporium halotolerans              JCM 28765
Crassimassarina macrospora             JCM 13096  ex-holotype strain
Cryptococcus podzolicus                JCM 28237
Cryptococcus podzolicus                JCM 28241
Cystobasidium iriomotense              JCM 24574
Cystobasidium iriomotense              JCM 24575
Cystobasidium iriomotense              JCM 24594  Type strain
Diaporthe kyushuensis                  JCM 8957   ex-holotype strain
Exophiala angulospora                  JCM 28739
Exophiala angulospora                  JCM 28740
Exophiala angulospora                  JCM 28745
Exophiala angulospora                  JCM 28747
Glutinomyces brunneus                  JCM 32230  ex-holotype strain
Glutinomyces brunneus                  JCM 32231
Glutinomyces brunneus                  JCM 32232
Glutinomyces inflatus                  JCM 32227  ex-holotype strain
Glutinomyces inflatus                  JCM 32228
Glutinomyces inflatus                  JCM 32229
Glutinomyces takaragaikensis           JCM 32245  ex-holotype strain
Glutinomyces takaragaikensis           JCM 32246
Glutinomyces vulgaris                  JCM 32233  ex-holotype strain
Glutinomyces vulgaris                  JCM 32234
Glutinomyces vulgaris                  JCM 32235
Glutinomyces vulgaris                  JCM 32236
Hypomyces tremellicola                 JCM 16692
Hypomyces tremellicola                 JCM 16693
Hypomyces tremellicola                 JCM 16694
Hypomyces tremellicola                 JCM 16695
Leptographium pruni                    JCM 11708  ex-holotype strain
Leptographium pruni                    JCM 11709
Leptographium pruni                    JCM 11710
Meyerozyma guilliermondii              JCM 28603
Meyerozyma guilliermondii              JCM 28605
Meyerozyma guilliermondii              JCM 28618
Meyerozyma guilliermondii              JCM 28619
Moesziomyces antarcticus               JCM 24590
Moesziomyces sp.                       JCM 24593
Myxozyma sp.                           JCM 28599
Myxozyma sp.                           JCM 28606
Myxozyma sp.                           JCM 28607
Myxozyma sp.                           JCM 28608
Myxozyma sp.                           JCM 28614
Myxozyma sp.                           JCM 28621
Myxozyma sp.                           JCM 28624
Naganishia globosa                     JCM 28609
Ophiostoma quercus                     JCM 8809 
Pseudolophiotrema elymicola            JCM 13090  ex-holotype strain
Pseudozyma hubeiensis                  JCM 24583
Pseudozyma hubeiensis                  JCM 24584
Pseudozyma hubeiensis                  JCM 24585
Pseudozyma hubeiensis                  JCM 24587
Pseudozyma hubeiensis                  JCM 24588
Pseudozyma hubeiensis                  JCM 24591
Pseudozyma hubeiensis                  JCM 24592
Pseudozyma sp.                         JCM 28433
Scheffersomyces spartinae              JCM 28243
Sphaerostilbella micropori             JCM 16689
Sphaerostilbella micropori             JCM 16690
Sporidiobolus salmonicolor             JCM 28600
Sporidiobolus salmonicolor             JCM 28622
Sporidiobolus salmonicolor             JCM 28623
Sporisorium elionuri                   JCM 24544
Sugiyamaella novakii                   JCM 28242
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28737
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28741
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28748
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28751
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28752
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28756
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28757
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28762
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28767
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28773
Talaromyces minioluteus                JCM 28780
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 32237
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 32238
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 32239
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 32240
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 32241
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 32242
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 32243
Unidentified fungus                    JCM 32244
Ustilago siamensis                     JCM 24589
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 28598
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 28613
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 28616
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 28628
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 28629
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 28630
Yamadazyma olivae                      JCM 28631

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