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    RIKEN BioResource Center - Japan Collection of Microorganisms
                     JCM Mail News (2017.02.07)

RIKEN BioResource Center - Japan Collection of Microorganisms (JCM)
is pleased to update you with the latest information.

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- Special topic: Opening the "BLACK BOX" of yeast collection at JCM
- Newly cataloged strains

Special topic: Opening the "BLACK BOX" of yeast collection at JCM

Almost 10 years have passed since the tenth, final edition of the
paper book catalog of JCM strains was released in 2007. The catalog
appeared to be a weighty dictionary, occupying 4.5 cm in width on a
book shelf, being 2.25 kg in weight (as heavy as 2 cartons of 1 L
milk...). Despite the worry of its annoying weight, the paper book
was indeed of unique interest from certain viewpoints. The reader
could grasp at a glance how huge amount of microbial strains JCM
holds, for example. Searching the paper catalog for microbial strains
would be like having a look around a book store in real world, not
searching online book stores.

As of January 2017, more than 16,000 microbial strains are available
from JCM, which is approximately 1.5 times larger than that in 2007.
These open strains can be retrieved from our online strain catalog
<https://jcm.brc.riken.jp/en/catalogue_e> by JCM numbers, scientific
names (genus and/or species), accession numbers of other culture
collections, and so on.

Apart from many merits such as utility of the searchable database,
accessibility to information on users' targeted strain, easiness of
updating contents in database, however, the whole body of JCM strains
has been becoming a 'BLACK BOX' due to lack of a search function
overviewing the strains. This is often the case for large culture
collections, including JCM that holds approximately 2,500 strains of

In order to enhance utility of the JCM strain database, we have been
adding search functions. One achievement is a strain list maker
'Yeast strains with specific characteristics'. The following is the
web page of the yeast strain list maker:


You can generate a list of yeast strains by clicking check box(es)
next to each characteristic that you request. Also, you can refer to
photos of colony morphology grown on an agar plate. We will
sequentially update information as soon as prepared to further
facilitate scientific researches using microbes. Dipping your hand
inside a 'BLACK BOX' of yeast strains may bring you to a door to new
research fields.

Rikiya Endoh, Ph.D.
Curator of yeasts and yeast like algae

- Newly cataloged strains

Abyssicoccus albus                    JCM 30296  Type strain
Abyssivirga alkaniphila               JCM 30920  Type strain
Actibacterium ureilyticum             JCM 30681  Type strain
Actinoallomurus acanthiterrae         JCM 31201  Type strain
Actinokineospora spheciospongiae      JCM 31756  Type strain
Actinomadura adrarensis               JCM 31696  Type strain
Actinomadura montaniterrae            JCM 16995  Type strain
Actinomadura sediminis                JCM 31202  Type strain
Actinoplanes friuliensis              JCM 31203  Type strain
Actinopolyspora lacussalsi            JCM 31477  Type strain
Actinopolyspora xinjiangensis         JCM 31478  Type strain
Actinotalea ferrariae                 JCM 31479  Type strain
"Aeromicrobium halotolerans"          JCM 30627  Proposed type strain
Aeromonas allosaccharophila           JCM 8576
Agromyces insulae                     JCM 31741  Type strain
Allohahella marinimesophila           JCM 17555  Type strain
Allonocardiopsis opalescens           JCM 31480  Type strain
Altererythrobacter buctensis          JCM 30112  Type strain
Altererythrobacter rigui              JCM 30975  Type strain
"Altererythrobacter terrae"           JCM 19177  Proposed type strain
Amycolatopsis endophytica             JCM 31481  Type strain
Amycolatopsis magusensis              JCM 31204  Type strain
Amycolatopsis umgeniensis             JCM 31205  Type strain
"Amycolatopsis xuchangensis"          JCM 30653  Proposed type strain
Anaerocolumna cellulosilytica         JCM 30819  Type strain
Anaerotaenia torta                    JCM 30820  Type strain
Anaerotruncus colihominis             JCM 31255
Angustibacter peucedani               JCM 31482  Type strain
Aquaticitalea lipolytica              JCM 30876  Type strain
Aquimarina aggregata                  JCM 30824  Type strain
Aquitalea sp.                         JCM 19919
Arcobacter butzleri                   JCM 31724  Type strain
Arthrobacter sp.                      JCM 31143
Arthrobacter sp.                      JCM 31232
Arthrobacter sp.                      JCM 31234
Arthrobacter sp.                      JCM 31235
Arvibacter flaviflagrans              JCM 31293  Type strain
Aurantimicrobium minutum              JCM 16856  Type strain
Bacillus sp.                          JCM 31326
Bacillus sp.                          JCM 31327
Bacillus sp.                          JCM 31328
Bacillus sp.                          JCM 31329
Bacillus urumqiensis                  JCM 30195  Type strain
Bacteroides cellulosilyticus          JCM 31249
"Bifidobacterium aerophilum"          JCM 30941  Proposed type strain
"Bifidobacterium aerophilum"          JCM 30942
"Bifidobacterium avesanii"            JCM 30943  Proposed type strain
"Bifidobacterium ramosum"             JCM 30944  Proposed type strain
Blastococcus sp.                      JCM 16854
Bowmanella dokdonensis                JCM 30855  Type strain
Brachybacterium aquaticum             JCM 30059  Type strain
Brachybacterium horti                 JCM 31742  Type strain
Breznakia blatticola                  JCM 30190  Type strain
Breznakia pachnodae                   JCM 30191  Type strain
Burkholderia cepacia                  JCM 13195
Burkholderia cepacia                  JCM 13196
Burkholderia cepacia                  JCM 13197
Burkholderia cepacia                  JCM 13198
Butyricicoccus faecihominis           JCM 31056  Type strain
Catenibacterium mitsuokai             JCM 31250
Celeribacter ethanolicus              JCM 31095  Type strain
Chromobacterium rhizoryzae            JCM 31180  Type strain
Chryseomicrobium palamuruense         JCM 16712  Type strain
Ciceribacter sp.                      JCM 6984
Citrobacter rodentium                 JCM 14073  Type strain
Clostridium nexile                    JCM 31500  Type strain
Clostridium paraputrificum            JCM 31254
Clostridium sp.                       JCM 31251
Clostridium ventriculi                JCM 31252
Comamonas sediminis                   JCM 31169  Type strain
Compostibacter hankyongensis          JCM 17664  Type strain
Corynebacterium faecale               JCM 31743  Type strain
Corynebacterium glyciniphilum         JCM 31206  Type strain
Corynebacterium pelargi               JCM 31757  Type strain
Crenalkalicoccus roseus               JCM 19657  Type strain
Crenalkalicoccus roseus               JCM 19658
Dankookia rubra                       JCM 30602  Type strain
Deinococcus arenae                    JCM 31047  Type strain
Desulfotomaculum aquiferis            JCM 31386  Type strain
Desulfotomaculum profundi             JCM 31387  Type strain
Enterobacter cancerogenus             JCM 3944
Enterobacter cancerogenus             JCM 3945
Enterobacter cancerogenus             JCM 3946
Enterobacter cancerogenus             JCM 3947
Enterobacter tabaci                   JCM 19646  Type strain
Enterococcus faecalis                 JCM 31467
Enterococcus saigonensis              JCM 31193  Type strain
Enterococcus saigonensis              JCM 31194
"Enterococcus xinjiangensis"          JCM 30200  Proposed type strain
Eubacterium fissicatena               JCM 31501  Type strain
Falcatimonas natans                   JCM 16476  Type strain
Fermentibacillus polygoni             JCM 30817  Type strain
Flavihumibacter sediminis             JCM 31431  Type strain
Flavisolibacter tropicus              JCM 19972  Type strain
Flavobacterium aquicola               JCM 30987  Type strain
"Flavobacterium inkyongense"          JCM 31385
Flexivirga endophytica                JCM 30628  Type strain
Flexivirga lutea                      JCM 31200  Type strain
Fluviicoccus keumensis                JCM 19370  Type strain
Frigoribacterium salinisoli           JCM 30848  Type strain
Gallibacterium sp.                    JCM 5841
Geodermatophilus aquaeductus          JCM 31697  Type strain
Geodermatophilus brasiliensis         JCM 31698  Type strain
Geodermatophilus sabuli               JCM 31699  Type strain
Glycomyces albus                      JCM 31744  Type strain
Glycomyces fuscus                     JCM 31745  Type strain
Glycomyces halotolerans               JCM 31484  Type strain
Glycomyces lacisalsi                  JCM 31432  Type strain
"Gracilibacillus kimchii"             JCM 31344  Proposed type strain
Humibacter soli                       JCM 31015  Type strain
Hymenobacter coalescens               JCM 19493  Type strain
Hymenobacter glacieicola              JCM 30596  Type strain
Hymenobacter rubidus                  JCM 30008  Type strain
Hymenobacter sedentarius              JCM 19636  Type strain
Isoptericola cucumis                  JCM 31758  Type strain
Jeongeupia sp.                        JCM 19920
Jeotgalibacillus sp.                  JCM 31330
Kibdelosporangium lantanae            JCM 31486  Type strain
Kibdelosporangium phytohabitans       JCM 31487  Type strain
Kineococcus endophyticus              JCM 31488  Type strain
Kineococcus gypseus                   JCM 31746  Type strain
Kitasatospora cheerisanensis          JCM 21757  Type strain
Kitasatospora sp.                     JCM 21731
Kordiimonas lipolytica                JCM 30877  Type strain
Labedaea rhizosphaerae                JCM 31489  Type strain
Labrenzia sp.                         JCM 31348
Lactobacillus acidophilus             JCM 7711
Lactobacillus agilis                  JCM 7701
"Lactobacillus alvi"                  JCM 17644  Proposed type strain
Lactobacillus amylovorus              JCM 7720
Lactobacillus amylovorus              JCM 7722
Lactobacillus animalis                JCM 7692
Lactobacillus animalis                JCM 7700
Lactobacillus animalis                JCM 7707
Lactobacillus animalis                JCM 7708
Lactobacillus animalis                JCM 7709
Lactobacillus animalis                JCM 7726
Lactobacillus animalis                JCM 7730
Lactobacillus animalis                JCM 8692
Lactobacillus animalis                JCM 8697
Lactobacillus brantae                 JCM 30914  Type strain
Lactobacillus brevis                  JCM 7731
Lactobacillus brevis                  JCM 7753
Lactobacillus brevis                  JCM 7757
Lactobacillus brevis                  JCM 7758
Lactobacillus brevis                  JCM 7775
Lactobacillus casei                   JCM 8677
Lactobacillus cibaria                 JCM 7755
Lactobacillus coleohominis            JCM 7763
Lactobacillus coleohominis            JCM 7764
Lactobacillus coryniformis            JCM 7724
Lactobacillus coryniformis            JCM 7728
Lactobacillus crispatus               JCM 7696
Lactobacillus crispatus               JCM 7697
Lactobacillus crispatus               JCM 7702
Lactobacillus delbrueckii             JCM 8661
Lactobacillus delbrueckii             JCM 8666
Lactobacillus delbrueckii             JCM 8669
Lactobacillus delbrueckii             JCM 8671
Lactobacillus equi                    JCM 7690
Lactobacillus fermentum               JCM 7754
Lactobacillus fermentum               JCM 7756
Lactobacillus fermentum               JCM 7772
Lactobacillus fermentum               JCM 7773
Lactobacillus fermentum               JCM 7776
Lactobacillus hilgardii               JCM 7762
Lactobacillus ingluviei               JCM 7774
Lactobacillus mucosae                 JCM 7717
Lactobacillus mucosae                 JCM 7735
Lactobacillus mucosae                 JCM 7737
Lactobacillus pentosus                JCM 7725
Lactobacillus plantarum               JCM 31650
Lactobacillus rhamnosus               JCM 31651
Lactobacillus salivarius              JCM 7691
Lactobacillus salivarius              JCM 7706
Lactobacillus salivarius              JCM 7712
Lactobacillus salivarius              JCM 7723
Lactobacillus salivarius              JCM 8662
Lactobacillus salivarius              JCM 8663
Lactobacillus salivarius              JCM 8664
Lactobacillus salivarius              JCM 8665
Lactobacillus salivarius              JCM 8699
Lactobacillus salivarius              JCM 8701
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 7727
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 7729
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 7733
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 7734
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 7736
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 7744
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 7745
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 7746
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 7747
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 7751
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8659
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8672
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8674
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8676
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8680
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8681
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8682
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8683
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8684
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8685
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8688
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8689
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8690
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8691
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8693
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8695
Lactobacillus sp.                     JCM 8696
Lactobacillus taiwanensis             JCM 8667
Lactobacillus taiwanensis             JCM 8675
Lactobacillus taiwanensis             JCM 8687
Lactobacillus taiwanensis             JCM 8694
Lactobacillus vaginalis               JCM 7771
Lechevalieria nigeriaca               JCM 31207  Type strain
Lentimicrobium saccharophilum         JCM 30898  Type strain
Leuconostoc mesenteroides             JCM 31787
"Loktanella aquimaris"                JCM 30382  Proposed type strain
"Loktanella aquimaris"                JCM 30383
Longispora fulva                      JCM 31208  Type strain
Lutibacter profundi                   JCM 30586  Type strain
Lysobacter erysipheiresistens         JCM 31042  Type strain
"Mangrovimonas xylaniphaga"           JCM 30880  Proposed type strain
Mannheimia sp.                        JCM 5843
Marinactinospora endophytica          JCM 31490  Type strain
Marinicella pacifica                  JCM 18208  Type strain
Marinitoga arctica                    JCM 30566  Type strain
Massilia pinisoli                     JCM 31316  Type strain
Massilia psychrophila                 JCM 30813  Type strain
"Methylobacterium indicum"            JCM 30761  Proposed type strain
"Methylobacterium indicum"            JCM 30762
Microbacterium aureliae               JCM 30060  Type strain
Microbacterium gilvum                 JCM 18537  Type strain
"Microbacterium horti"                JCM 30422  Proposed type strain
"Microbacterium rhizosphaerae"        JCM 31396  Proposed type strain
Micrococcus luteus                    JCM 16855
Micromonospora cremea                 JCM 31700  Type strain
Micromonospora halotolerans           JCM 31701  Type strain
Micromonospora ovatispora             JCM 31747  Type strain
Micromonospora sediminis              JCM 18523  Type strain
Micromonospora zamorensis             JCM 31702  Type strain
Micromonospora zhanjiangensis         JCM 31748  Type strain
Modestobacter lapidis                 JCM 31703  Type strain
Modestobacter muralis                 JCM 31704  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter puniceus             JCM 19495  Type strain
Myceligenerans cantabricum            JCM 31705  Type strain
Mycobacterium abscessus subsp.        JCM 30620
Mycobacterium helvum                  JCM 30396  Type strain
Mycobacterium intracellulare          JCM 30618
Mycobacterium paraintracellulare      JCM 30622  Type strain
Mycobacterium sarraceniae             JCM 30395  Type strain
Nakamurella panacisegetis             JCM 31706  Type strain
Nautella sp.                          JCM 31349
Nautella sp.                          JCM 31350
Nautella sp.                          JCM 31351
Nautella sp.                          JCM 31352
Niabella aquatica                     JCM 30952  Type strain
Niabella pedocola                     JCM 31011  Type strain
"Nitrincola nitratireducens"          JCM 18788  Proposed type strain
Nocardioides albidus                  JCM 31749  Type strain
Nocardioides dilutus                  JCM 31491  Type strain
Nocardioides flavus                   JCM 19770  Type strain
Nocardioides intraradicalis           JCM 30632  Type strain
Nocardioides pakistanensis            JCM 30630  Type strain
Nocardioides solisilvae               JCM 31492  Type strain
Nocardiopsis coralliicola             JCM 31209  Type strain
Nonomuraea endophytica                JCM 31210  Type strain
Nonomuraea indica                     JCM 31750  Type strain
Nonomuraea muscovyensis               JCM 31211  Type strain
Nonomuraea rhizophila                 JCM 31212  Type strain
"Noviherbaspirillum humi"             JCM 19873  Proposed type strain
"Noviherbaspirillum humi"             JCM 19874
Novosphingobium endophyticum          JCM 30707  Type strain
Novosphingobium naphthae              JCM 31158  Type strain
Paenibacillus aceti                   JCM 31170  Type strain
Paenibacillus liaoningensis           JCM 30712  Type strain
Paenibacillus oryzae                  JCM 30486  Type strain
"Paenibacillus oryzisoli"             JCM 30487  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus puernese"              JCM 30599  Proposed type strain
Paenibacillus salinicaeni             JCM 30850  Type strain
Paenibacillus silagei                 JCM 30974  Type strain
Pandoraea terrae                      JCM 30137  Type strain
Pantoea agglomerans                   JCM 7000
Pantoea ananatis                      JCM 6986
Paracoccus sp.                        JCM 31353
Paracoccus sp.                        JCM 31354
"Paradonghicola geojensis"            JCM 30384  Proposed type strain
Parvularcula flava                    JCM 30557  Type strain
Pasteurella sp.                       JCM 5838
Patulibacter ginsengiterrae           JCM 31707  Type strain
Patulibacter medicamentivorans        JCM 31708  Type strain
Pedobacter humicola                   JCM 31010  Type strain
"Pelagibacterium lixinzhangensis"     JCM 16597  Proposed type strain
Phenylobacterium panacis              JCM 31045  Type strain
Phycicoccus ginsengisoli              JCM 31016  Type strain
Phytoactinopolyspora endophytica      JCM 31493  Type strain
Phytohabitans suffuscus               JCM 31213  Type strain
Piscinibacter defluvii                JCM 31230  Type strain
Polygonibacillus indicireducens       JCM 30831  Type strain
Pontibacter rugosus                   JCM 31319  Type strain
Proteus cibarius                      JCM 30699  Type strain
Pseudahrensia todarodis               JCM 30419  Type strain
Pseudoalteromonas neustonica          JCM 31286  Type strain
Pseudogracilibacillus marinus         JCM 31390  Type strain
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13199
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13200
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13201
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13202
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13203
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13204
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13205
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13206
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13207
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13208
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13956
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13957
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                JCM 13958
Pseudomonas alcaliphila               JCM 13959
Pseudomonas alcaliphila               JCM 13960
Pseudomonas fluorescens               JCM 13060
Pseudomonas monteilii                 JCM 13961
Pseudomonas monteilii                 JCM 13962
Pseudomonas oleovorans                JCM 13973
Pseudomonas oleovorans                JCM 13974
Pseudomonas oleovorans                JCM 13975
Pseudomonas oleovorans                JCM 13976
Pseudomonas oleovorans                JCM 13978
Pseudomonas oleovorans                JCM 13979
Pseudomonas oleovorans                JCM 13980
Pseudomonas oleovorans                JCM 13981
Pseudomonas oleovorans                JCM 13982
Pseudomonas oleovorans                JCM 13983
Pseudomonas plecoglossicida           JCM 13963
Pseudomonas plecoglossicida           JCM 13964
Pseudomonas plecoglossicida           JCM 13965
Pseudomonas plecoglossicida           JCM 13966
Pseudomonas plecoglossicida           JCM 13967
Pseudomonas plecoglossicida           JCM 13968
Pseudomonas plecoglossicida           JCM 13969
Pseudomonas plecoglossicida           JCM 13970
Pseudomonas plecoglossicida           JCM 13971
Pseudomonas psychrophila              JCM 13984
Pseudomonas psychrophila              JCM 13985
Pseudomonas psychrophila              JCM 13986
Pseudomonas veronii                   JCM 13987
Pseudoruegeria aestuarii              JCM 30751  Type strain
Pullulanibacillus camelliae           JCM 31236  Type strain
Rhizobium sp.                         JCM 31363
Rhizobium sp.                         JCM 31364
Rhodobacter sediminis                 JCM 31175  Type strain
"Roseomonas chloroacetimidivorans"    JCM 31050  Proposed type strain
Rothia aerolata                       JCM 31759  Type strain
Rubrobacter aplysinae                 JCM 31709  Type strain
Rubrobacter bracarensis               JCM 31710  Type strain
Ruegeria sp.                          JCM 31355
Ruegeria sp.                          JCM 31358
Saccharibacillus qingshengii          JCM 31172  Type strain
"Saccharopolyspora aidingensis"       JCM 30185
Saccharothrix lopnurensis             JCM 30635  Type strain
Salinicoccus sediminis                JCM 30061  Type strain
Salinicola acroporae                  JCM 30412  Type strain
Salinispora pacifica                  JCM 31215  Type strain
Sedimentitalea todarodis              JCM 31160  Type strain
Sediminibacterium aquarii             JCM 31013  Type strain
Sellimonas intestinalis               JCM 30749  Type strain
Serratia marcescens                   JCM 8536
Shewanella algae                      JCM 13988
Shewanella algae                      JCM 13989
Shewanella algicola                   JCM 31091  Type strain
Shewanella gelidii                    JCM 30804  Type strain
Shewanella oneidensis                 JCM 31522  Type strain
Sinomonas halotolerans                JCM 31751  Type strain
Sinomonas notoginsengisoli            JCM 31494  Type strain
Sinomonas susongensis                 JCM 31752  Type strain
Spelaeicoccus albus                   JCM 31495  Type strain
Sphingobacterium jejuense             JCM 30948  Type strain
Sphingomonas sp.                      JCM 17462
Spirosoma aerophilum                  JCM 19950  Type strain
Spongiibacter taiwanensis             JCM 31012  Type strain
Staphylococcus sp.                    JCM 31421
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia          JCM 9122
Streptococcus oricebi                 JCM 30719  Type strain
Streptomonospora flavalba             JCM 31753  Type strain
Streptomyces chitinivorans            JCM 30611  Type strain
Streptomyces lacrimifluminis          JCM 31054  Type strain
Streptomyces palmae                   JCM 31289  Type strain
Streptomyces phyllanthi               JCM 30865  Type strain
Streptomyces tremellae                JCM 30846  Type strain
Streptomyces verrucosisporus          JCM 18519  Type strain
Streptomyces verrucosisporus          JCM 18520
Streptosporangium fenghuangense       JCM 30058  Type strain
Streptosporangium jiaoheense          JCM 30348  Type strain
Streptosporangium taraxaci            JCM 30349  Type strain
Sulfurovum riftiae                    JCM 30810  Type strain
Sunxiuqinia elliptica                 JCM 31523  Type strain
Taibaiella soli                       JCM 31014  Type strain
Tannerella sp.                        JCM 31301
Tannerella sp.                        JCM 31302
Tannerella sp.                        JCM 31303
"Telluribacter humicola"              JCM 31133  Proposed type strain
Tepidibacillus decaturensis           JCM 31418  Type strain
"Tessaracoccus defluvii"              JCM 17540  Proposed type strain
"Thalassiella azotovora"              JCM 31134  Proposed type strain
Thalassobius sp.                      JCM 31360
Thalassospira australica              JCM 31222  Type strain
Thiomicrospira hydrogeniphila         JCM 30760  Type strain
Trichococcus ilyis                    JCM 31247  Type strain
Tsukamurella serpentis                JCM 31017  Type strain
Tsukamurella serpentis                JCM 31018
Umezawaea endophytica                 JCM 30636
Umezawaea endophytica                 JCM 30637  Type strain
"Varibaculum anthropi"                JCM 19104  Proposed type strain
"Varibaculum anthropi"                JCM 19105
Varunaivibrio sulfuroxidans           JCM 31027  Type strain
Virgibacillus oceani                  JCM 19775  Type strain
Weissella cibaria                     JCM 7777
Williamsia sterculiae                 JCM 31496  Type strain
Xylella taiwanensis                   JCM 31187  Type strain
Zeaxanthinibacter aestuarii           JCM 31155  Type strain

Halanaeroarchaeum sulfurireducens     JCM 30661  Type strain
Halolamina litorea                    JCM 30237  Type strain
Halomarina salina                     JCM 30039  Type strain
Haloparvum alkalitolerans             JCM 30442  Type strain
Halopiger thermotolerans              JCM 19581
Halopiger thermotolerans              JCM 19582
Halopiger thermotolerans              JCM 19583  Type strain
Halorubrum pallidum                   JCM 30955  Type strain
"Halorussus salinus"                  JCM 30032  Proposed type strain
Halostella salina                     JCM 30111  Type strain
Methanimicrococcus blatticola         JCM 31471  Type strain
Methanomassiliicoccus luminyensis     JCM 31472  Type strain
Salinigranum salinum                  JCM 30033  Type strain

Biappendiculispora japonica           JCM 17670
Biappendiculispora japonica           JCM 17671
Hypomyces auriculariicola             JCM 30263
Hypomyces auriculariicola             JCM 31081
Hypomyces auriculariicola             JCM 31082
Hypomyces auriculariicola             JCM 31141
Hypomyces khaoyaiensis                JCM 30256
Hypomyces khaoyaiensis                JCM 30257
Hypomyces khaoyaiensis                JCM 30258
Hypomyces khaoyaiensis                JCM 30259
Hypomyces khaoyaiensis                JCM 30260
Hypomyces sibirinae                   JCM 30261
Hypomyces sibirinae                   JCM 30262
Lophiopoacea winteri                  JCM 17648
Lophiostoma multiseptatum             JCM 17668  ex-holotype 
Lophiotrema eburnoides                JCM 17826  ex-holotype 
Morosphaeria ramunculicola            JCM 17527
Morosphaeria velatispora              JCM 17529
Morosphaeria velatispora              JCM 17530
Ovatisporangium sp.                   JCM 30509
Ovatisporangium sp.                   JCM 30511
Ovatisporangium vexans                JCM 30508
Penicillium chrysogenum               JCM 2616
Piptocephalis freseniana              JCM 22983
Platystomum actinidiae                JCM 13125
Pseudolophiostoma vitigenum           JCM 17676  ex-isotype
Sigarispora caulium                   JCM 17669
Thelonectria discophora               JCM 30947
Trichoderma aggressivum f. europaeum  JCM 31647  ex-holotype 
Trichosporon sp.                      JCM 30793
Vaginatispora fuckelii                JCM 17672

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