JCM Mail News (2015.12.10)

    RIKEN BioResource Center - Japan Collection of Microorganisms
                     JCM Mail News (2015.12.10)

RIKEN BioResource Center - Japan Collection of Microorganisms (JCM)
is pleased to update you with the latest information.

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- Announcement: Prepayment of distribution fees
  (overseas organizations only)
- Newly cataloged strains (2015.08.01 - 2015.11.30).

Announcement: Prepayment of distribution fees
              (overseas organizations only)

   The RIKEN BioResource Center is a non-profit institution funded by the
Japanese Government. We have been engaging in collection, preservation and
distribution of bioresources, with the aim to support research and
development in the field of life sciences. We provide bioresources to
scientists not only in Japan but also throughout the world with minimum fees
applied solely to cover the preparation and handling costs of the requested
bioresources. To continue the smooth distribution of bioresources to overseas
organizations, it has become necessary to send these items prepaid. We
sincerely hope that this change will not cause any inconvenience to our users. 
   We very much appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and are looking
forward to continuing to receive your requests for our resources. 
   The prepayment of distribution fees for overseas organizations will apply
to all orders for microbial resources from Monday December 14, 2015 (Japan
standard time). For further information, please see
   In addition, we ask that you obtain an import permission/license, if
required, to assure your order will go through customs clearance smoothly. 

Masako Takashima, Ph.D.
Resource Advancement Unit

Newly cataloged strains (2015.08.01 - 2015.11.30). 

Acetoanaerobium pronyense            JCM 19400  Type strain
Acidihalobacter prosperus            JCM 30709  Type strain
"Actinomadura jiaoheensis"           JCM 30341  Proposed type strain
"Actinomadura sporangiiformans"      JCM 30342  Proposed type strain
Actinorugispora endophytica          JCM 30099  Type strain
Aeromonas sp.                        JCM 2526
Akkermansia muciniphila              JCM 30893
Algibacter psychrophilus             JCM 30370  Type strain
Alkalimicrobium pacificum            JCM 19851  Type strain
Amycolatopsis cihanbeyliensis        JCM 31029  Type strain
Arthrobacter endophyticus            JCM 30091  Type strain
Aureimonas sp.                       JCM 18007
Bacillus caseinilyticus              JCM 30246  Type strain
Bacillus lycopersici                 JCM 19140  Type strain
"Bacillus salitolerans"              JCM 19760  Proposed type strain
Bifidobacterium adolescentis         JCM 19480
Bifidobacterium bifidum              JCM 19472
Bifidobacterium bifidum              JCM 19473
Bifidobacterium bifidum              JCM 19474
Bifidobacterium bifidum              JCM 19475
Bifidobacterium bifidum              JCM 19477
Bifidobacterium bifidum              JCM 19478
Bifidobacterium bifidum              JCM 19479
Bifidobacterium bifidum              JCM 19481
Bifidobacterium bifidum              JCM 19482
Bifidobacterium bifidum              JCM 19483
Bradyrhizobium oligotrophicum        JCM 18005
Bradyrhizobium sp.                   JCM 18004
Brassicibacter thermophilus          JCM 30480  Type strain
Brevibacterium siliguriense          JCM 30994  Type strain
"Catellatospora tagetis"             JCM 30053  Proposed type strain
"Catellatospora vulcania"            JCM 30054  Proposed type strain
Chryseobacterium shandongense        JCM 30154  Type strain
Chryseobacterium solani              JCM 19456  Type strain
"Cohnella capsici"                   JCM 19168  Proposed type strain
Crassaminicella profunda             JCM 19377  Type strain
"Croceifilum oryzae"                 JCM 30426
"Cupriavidus yeoncheonense"          JCM 19890  Proposed type strain
"Deinococcus puniceus"               JCM 18576  Proposed type strain
"Deinococcus radioresistens"         JCM 19777  Proposed type strain
"Deinococcus radioresistens"         JCM 19778
Delftia acidovorans                  JCM 2784
Dokdonia pacifica                    JCM 18216  Type strain
Domibacillus tundrae                 JCM 30371  Type strain
Emticicia sediminis                  JCM 19321  Type strain
"Faecalibaculum rodentium"           JCM 30274  Proposed type strain
Flaviaesturariibacter amylovorans    JCM 17919  Type strain
Flavobacterium procerum              JCM 30113  Type strain
"Flavobacterium shanxiense"          JCM 30153  Proposed type strain
Flindersiella endophytica            JCM 31030  Type strain
Fusibacter fontis                    JCM 19912  Type strain
Gordonia neofelifaecis               JCM 31031  Type strain
Haliea atlantica                     JCM 30304  Type strain
"Hymenobacter terrae"                JCM 30007  Proposed type strain
Ideonella sp.                        JCM 17105
Idiomarina woesei                    JCM 19499  Type strain
Jatrophihabitans fulvus              JCM 30448  Type strain
Kangiella profundi                   JCM 30232  Type strain
Kineosporia babensis                 JCM 31032  Type strain
Lactobacillus delbrueckii            JCM 30917  Type strain
subsp. jakobsenii
Lactobacillus heilongjiangensis      JCM 30916  Type strain
Lactobacillus helveticus             JCM 30912
Lactobacillus nenjiangensis          JCM 30919  Type strain
Lactobacillus parabrevis             JCM 30911  Type strain
Lactobacillus songhuajiangensis      JCM 30918  Type strain
Lactobacillus vespulae               JCM 19742  Type strain
Lactobacillus xiangfangensis         JCM 30915  Type strain
Leeuwenhoekiella marinoflava         JCM 31008  Type strain
"Lentibacillus amyloliquefaciens"    JCM 19838
Leuconostoc mesenteroides            JCM 30910  Type strain
subsp. suionicum
Mameliella atlantica                 JCM 30230  Type strain
Marinobacter nitratireducens         JCM 18428  Type strain
Marivita lacus                       JCM 19516  Type strain
Massilia eurypsychrophila            JCM 30074  Type strain
"Mesorhizobium soli"                 JCM 19897  Proposed type strain
Methylobacterium sp.                 JCM 18006
Methyloversatilis discipulorum       JCM 30542  Type strain
Microbacterium rhizomatis            JCM 30598  Type strain
Micromonospora avicenniae            JCM 31034  Type strain
Micromonospora equina                JCM 31035  Type strain
Micromonospora haikouensis           JCM 31036  Type strain
Micromonospora sonneratiae           JCM 31037  Type strain
Micromonospora wenchangensis         JCM 31038  Type strain
Mucilaginibacter vulcanisilvae       JCM 30363  Type strain
Mycobacterium anyangense             JCM 30275  Type strain
Mycobacterium heraklionense          JCM 30995  Type strain
Mycobacterium hippocampi             JCM 30996  Type strain
Mythylomagnum ishizawai              JCM 18894  Type strain
Naumannella halotolerans             JCM 30997  Type strain
Oceanisphaera psychrotolerans        JCM 30466  Type strain
"Oricola cellulosilytica"            JCM 19534  Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus gelatinilyticus"      JCM 30624  Proposed type strain
Paenibacillus hemerocallicola        JCM 19572  Type strain
Paenibacillus oenotherae             JCM 19573  Type strain
"Paenibacillus populi"               JCM 19843  Proposed type strain
Paenibacillus qingshengii            JCM 30613  Type strain
"Paenibacillus yunnanensis"          JCM 30593
Pantoea sp.                          JCM 30570
Pantoea sp.                          JCM 30571
Pantoea sp.                          JCM 30572
Pantoea sp.                          JCM 30573
Pantoea sp.                          JCM 30574
Pantoea sp.                          JCM 30575
Pantoea sp.                          JCM 30576
Pediococcus ethanolidurans           JCM 30913  Type strain
"Pedobacter bambusae"                JCM 19364  Proposed type strain
Phaeocystidibacter marisrubri        JCM 30614  Type strain
Phascolarctobacterium faecium        JCM 30894
Phascolarctobacterium faecium        JCM 30895
Phycicoccus soli                     JCM 19837  Type strain
Plantactinospora endophytica         JCM 31039  Type strain
Porphyromonas pasteri                JCM 30531  Type strain
Pseudomaricurvus alcaniphilus        JCM 18313  Type strain
Pseudomonas salina                   JCM 19469  Type strain
Pseudoxanthomonas sangjuensis        JCM 19948  Type strain
Pullulanibacillus pueri              JCM 30075  Type strain
Rheinheimera aestuari                JCM 30404  Type strain
"Rhizobium capsici"                  JCM 19535  Proposed type strain
Saccharopolyspora halotolerans       JCM 31077  Type strain
Shewanella mangrovi                  JCM 30121  Type strain
Sinimarinibacterium flocculans       JCM 17606
Sinimarinibacterium flocculans       JCM 17607  Type strain
Solirubrobacter phytolaccae          JCM 31078  Type strain
Solirubrobacter taibaiensis          JCM 31079  Type strain
"Sphaerisporangium aureirubrum"      JCM 30346
"Sphingobacterium yamdrokense"       JCM 19397  Proposed type strain
"Sphingomonas aeria"                 JCM 19859  Proposed type strain
"Streptococcus panodentis"           JCM 30577
"Streptococcus panodentis"           JCM 30578
"Streptococcus panodentis"           JCM 30579  Proposed type strain
Streptomonospora halotolerans        JCM 30347  Type strain
Streptomonospora sediminis           JCM 31080  Type strain
Streptosporangium sandarakinum       JCM 30998  Type strain
Tamilnaduibacter salinus             JCM 30174  Type strain
Tamilnaduibacter salinus             JCM 30175
Terrisporobacter petrolearius        JCM 19845  Type strain
Verrucosispora maris                 JCM 31040  Type strain
Verrucosispora wenchangensis         JCM 31041  Type strain
Vibrio oceanisediminis               JCM 30409  Type strain
Vibrio panuliri                      JCM 19500  Type strain
Vibrio salilacus                     JCM 19265  Type strain
Vitellibacter echinoideorum          JCM 30378  Type strain
Youhaiella tibetensis                JCM 19854  Type strain

"Haloarchaeobius amylolyticus"       JCM 18642  Proposed type strain
Halolamina sediminis                 JCM 30187  Type strain
Halorubrum gandharaense              JCM 17823  Type strain
"Halorubrum rutilum"                 JCM 30030  Proposed type strain
Halorussus amylolyticus              JCM 18367  Type strain
Halovenus salina                     JCM 30072  Type strain
Sulfolobus solfataricus              JCM 30930
Thermoproteus thermophilus           JCM 17229  Type strain

Aspergillus terreus                  JCM 19077
Burgoa anomala                       JCM 30265
Burgoa anomala                       JCM 30266
Burgoa anomala                       JCM 30267
Burgoa anomala                       JCM 30268
Burgoa anomala                       JCM 30269
Ogataea sp.                          JCM 24526
Rhodotorula calyptogenae             JCM 23223
Wickerhamomyces sp.                  JCM 16753

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