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                     JCM Mail News (2015.08.12)

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- Special topic: Introduction of actinobacterial collection at JCM.
- Announcement: The 7th Asian Network of Research Resource Centers
  (ANRRC) International Meeting.
- Newly cataloged strains (2015.07.01 - 2015.07.31).

Special topic: Introduction of actinobacterial collection at JCM

 The phylum Actinobacteria are constituted of more than 300 genera in
approximately 60 families. The number of validly proposed species is
approximately 3,000 and recently 150 to 200 species are newly proposed
every year. JCM was established in 1981 and its actinobacterial
collection originated from 1,412 strains transferred from the KCC
Actinomycete Collection maintained at Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
in 1983. Since then, JCM has devoted itself to construction of a 
'complete' actinobacterial culture collection. At present, JCM
maintains 4,240 actinobacterial strains and 3,620 strains of them are
open to the public.
 JCM has collected and preserved approximately 85% of type strains of
actinobacterial species and this rate of achievement is the second
largest scale in the world's culture collections. JCM is also
functioning as a deposit center of type strains of proposed new
species. Thirty to forty actinobacterial strains deposited in JCM are
designated as type strains of new species every year recently.
 From a viewpoint of functions of microbes, actinobacteria are well
known as producers of various kinds of antibiotics and bioactive
compounds. Approximately 900 actinobacteria preserved at JCM are
producers of antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins, enzyme inhibitors, etc.,
and some of them are important in bioindustry fields. On the other
hand, some actinobacteria are known as decomposers of refractory
organic substances in nature and thought to affect global material
circulation. Approximately 80 actinobacteria available from JCM were
reported to degrade polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PCBs, phenol,
crude oil, rubber, etc., and these are expected to contribute to
environmental conservation by bioremediation. The genera Mycobacterium,
Nocardia, Corynebacterium etc. are also important for study of
infectious diseases. JCM has collected almost all of the species of
these genera and is one of the largest collections in the field of
pathogenic actinobacteria.
 To distribute correct strains to scientific communities, JCM has
developed the quality management system and obtained ISO9001
certification in 2007. Under this system, all of deposited strains
have been checked not only by traditional methods but also by
sequencing rRNA or other key genes. As for actinobacterial strains,
JCM is performing a retroactive check of strains deposited before 2007
by 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Confirmation of the authenticity of
approximately 90% of strains open to the public by sequencing has been
 JCM has an appointed task to keep and improve degree of customer
satisfaction. For accomplishment of this mission, JCM will continue to
collect and supply high-quality microbes matched with demands of
scientific communities.

Takuji Kudo, Ph.D.
Curator of Aerobic Bacteria & Actinomycetes

Announcement: The 7th Asian Network of Research Resource Centers
              (ANRRC) International Meeting

The 7th Asian Network of Research Resource Centers (ANRRC)
International Meeting will be held at the Songdo Convensia in Incheon,
Korea from September 16th to 18th, 2015.

The 7th ANRRC International Meeting



Hotel Reservation

Newly cataloged strains (2015.07.01 - 2015.07.31). 

Achromobacter denitrificans               JCM 19165
"Actinoallomurus bryophytorum"            JCM 30340     Proposed type strain
Aeromonas schubertii                      JCM 7373      Type strain
Aeromonas sobria                          JCM 2138
Aestuariicella hydrocarbonica             JCM 30134     Type strain
Alcanivorax gelatiniphagus                JCM 18425     Type strain
Algibacter lectus                         JCM 19274
"Aliiglaciecola coringensis"              JCM 19197     Proposed type strain
"Antarctobacter jejuensis"                JCM 19898     Proposed type strain
Azotobacter sp.                           JCM 2964
"Bacillus aequororis"                     JCM 19304     Proposed type strain
"Bacillus alkalicola"                     JCM 17098     Proposed type strain
"Bacillus cheonanensis"                   JCM 19333     Proposed type strain
Bacillus crassostreae                     JCM 17523     Type strain
Bifidobacterium lemurum                   JCM 30168     Type strain
"Bifidobacterium longum subsp. suillum"   JCM 19995     Proposed type strain
Blastomonas aquatica                      JCM 30179     Type strain
Caloranaerobacter ferrireducens           JCM 19467     Type strain
Chloracidobacterium thermophilum          JCM 30199     Type strain
"Citrimicrobium luteum"                   JCM 19530     Proposed type strain
"Comamonas faecalis"                      JCM 17561     Proposed type strain
Corynebacterium diphtheriae               JCM 2881
"Deinococcus soli"                        JCM 19176     Proposed type strain
"Delftia deserti"                         JCM 30639     Proposed type strain
Eubacterium contortum                     JCM 6483      Type strain
"Ferruginibacter profundus"               JCM 19431     Proposed type strain
"Flavobacterium panaciterrae"             JCM 19161     Proposed type strain
"Fusobacterium hwasookii"                 JCM 30218     Proposed type strain
"Fusobacterium hwasookii"                 JCM 30219
"Fusobacterium hwasookii"                 JCM 30220
"Fusobacterium hwasookii"                 JCM 30221
"Fusobacterium hwasookii"                 JCM 30222
"Gordonia jinhuaensis"                    JCM 30100     Proposed type strain
"Grimontia indica"                        JCM 17852     Proposed type strain
Helicobacter sp.                          JCM 30736
"Hymenobacter humi"                       JCM 19635     Proposed type strain
Hymenobacter wooponensis                  JCM 19491     Type strain
Jejuia pallidilutea                       JCM 19538
"Kushneria pakistanensis"                 JCM 18802     Proposed type strain
Lactbacillus mixtipabuli                  JCM 19805     Type strain
Lactobacillus apinorum                    JCM 30765     Type strain
Lactobacillus helsingborgensis            JCM 30766     Type strain
Lactobacillus kimbladii                   JCM 30767     Type strain
Lactobacillus kullabergensis              JCM 30802     Type strain
Lactobacillus mellifer                    JCM 30768     Type strain
Lactobacillus mellis                      JCM 30769     Type strain
Lactobacillus melliventris                JCM 30770     Type strain
Lactobacillus mixtipabuli                 JCM 19804
Lactobacillus mixtipabuli                 JCM 19806
Leeuwenhoekiella polynyae                 JCM 30387     Type strain
"Lentibacillus garicola"                  JCM 30131     Proposed type strain
"Leucobacter humi"                        JCM 18638     Proposed type strain
"Lysobacter fragariae"                    JCM 30322     Proposed type strain
"Lysobacter lycopersici"                  JCM 19164     Proposed type strain
"Lysobacter rhizosphaerae"                JCM 30321     Proposed type strain
"Niabella thaonhiensis"                   JCM 18864     Proposed type strain
Nocardioides echinoideorum                JCM 30276     Type strain
Nonlabens sediminis                       JCM 19294
Nonlabens ulvanivorans                    JCM 19296
Nonlabens ulvanivorans                    JCM 19297
Nonlabens ulvanivorans                    JCM 19298
"Ochrovirga pacifica"                     JCM 18327     Proposed type strain
"Okibacterium endophyticum"               JCM 30086     Proposed type strain
"Paenbacillus cucumis"                    JCM 19515     Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus dauci"                     JCM 30283     Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus vini"                      JCM 19842     Proposed type strain
"Paenibacillus wulumuqiensis"             JCM 30284     Proposed type strain
Paracoccus panacisoli                     JCM 30337     Type strain
Pediococcus argentinicus                  JCM 30771     Type strain
Pediococcus stilesii                      JCM 30772     Type strain
"Pedobacter edaphicus"                    JCM 30351     Proposed type strain
"Pedobacter seoulensis"                   JCM 19363     Proposed type strain
"Peptoniphilus mikwangii"                 JCM 30223     Proposed type strain
"Photobacterium panuliri"                 JCM 19199     Proposed type strain
Pseudomonas ficuserectae                  JCM 2400      Type strain
"Pseudoruegeria limi"                     JCM 19487     Proposed type strain
Sediminicola arcticus                     JCM 19894     Type strain
Yersinia sp.                              JCM 1678
Youngimonas vesicularis                   JCM 18819     Type strain

Halorubrum persicum                       JCM 30541     Type strain
Methanobacterium aggregans                JCM 30569     Type strain

Aspergillus arcoverdensis                 JCM 19878     ex-holotype
Aspergillus arcoverdensis                 JCM 19879
Aspergillus arcoverdensis                 JCM 19880
Aspergillus caatingaensis                 JCM 19242     ex-holotype
Aspergillus caatingaensis                 JCM 19243
Aspergillus huiyaniae                     JCM 19448     ex-holotype
Aspergillus huiyaniae                     JCM 19449
Aspergillus pernambucoensis               JCM 19244     ex-holotype
Aspergillus pernambucoensis               JCM 19245
Aspergillus pernambucoensis               JCM 19246
Aspergillus pernambucoensis               JCM 19247
Mariannaea elegans var. punicea           JCM 19622
Mariannaea macrochlamydospora             JCM 19621     ex-holotype
Mortierella elongata                      JCM 30264
Pythium biforme                           JCM 30207     ex-holotype
Pythium biforme                           JCM 30208
Pythium brachiatum                        JCM 30209
Pythium brachiatum                        JCM 30210     ex-holotype
Pythium brachiatum                        JCM 30211
Pythium junctum                           JCM 30212     ex-holotype
Pythium junctum                           JCM 30213
Pythium junctum                           JCM 30214
Pythium junctum                           JCM 30215
Pythium utonaiense                        JCM 30206     ex-holotype

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