Notice: Preservation of a wrong strain of Pachysolen tannophilus JCM 1633T and cessation of distribution

September 5, 2016

Pachysolen tannophilus JCM 1633T was accessioned from IAM (Japan) in 1982 and had been distributed since 2004. Recently we found that JCM 1633T was found to be a different species by analysis of D1/D2 region of the large subunit rRNA gene sequence during the course of quality test of JCM strains. Since the IAM collection was closed in 2007, we are unable to obtain the authentic strain of P. tannophilus any longer. Therefore, we decided to stop distribution of JCM 1633T.

Since 2011, we have examined DNA sequences of the PCR-amplified rRNA gene of newly deposited strains and compared the sequences with those provided by depositors of the strains to confirm the authenticity of the culture. However, for the strains deposited before 2011 such as this case, we did not confirm the authenticity by sequencing of the rRNA gene at the time of their deposition. We are now trying to complete confirming the authenticity of the strains that have not yet been done by gene sequencing. Whenever non-confirmed strain is requested, the sequence test is conducted before shipping. We appreciate your support and understanding of our activities.

We informed users of JCM 1633T of this matter in detail with our sincere apology and asked for stopping its use.

If you have any question and concern on this matter, please feel free to contact us (

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