Notice: Cessation of distribution of Mycobacterium bouchedurhonense JCM 17323T

September 28, 2015

Mycobacterium bouchedurhonense was proposed as a new species within the Mycobacterium avium complex in 2009, and was deposited in CCUG (Sweden) and CIP (France). Our stock culture of Mycobacterium bouchedurhonense JCM 17323T was accessioned from CCUG and had been distributed since 2010. Recently we were informed by a user that the 16S rRNA gene sequence of JCM 17323T was identical with that of Mycobacterium avium and we confirmed it. For further investigation, we obtained Mycobacterium bouchedurhonense from CIP and examined its 16S rRNA gene sequence, but the result was the same as JCM 17323T. We also asked the original author of the species to re-deposit the strain, but the correct strain has not been obtained up till now. Distribution of JCM 17323T has been stopped.

To ensure authenticity of Mycobacterium strains at JCM, we will execute more careful examination when we receive a strain of this genus for deposit. In cases that the sequence of the 16S rRNA gene is not 100% identical with that of its published data, we will examine a gene used for effective discrimination in the literature for confirmation of the authenticity of the strain. We appreciate your support and understanding of our activities.

We informed users of JCM 17323T of this matter in detail with our sincere apology and asked for stopping its use.

If you have any question and concern on this matter, please feel free to contact us (

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