Notice: Cessation of distribution of Methanofollis ethanolicus JCM 15103T

September 28, 2015

We had distributed Methanofollis ethanolicus JCM 15103T since 2009. Recently, we found that it was contaminated by bacteria, as bacterial DNA was detected in the genomic DNA of this strain prepared from the mass culture. We tested the seed stock, but it was also contaminated by the same bacteria. We have not been able to obtain a purified strain from the depositor, and its distribution is stopped.

Until this incident, on accessioning archaeal strains, we had determined the 16S rRNA sequence and compared with the one provided by the depositor. From now, we will take an additional step of the PCR examination of bacterial 16S rRNA gene in order to exclude a possibility of the contamination of bacteria in newly deposited archaeal cultures. We appreciate your support and understanding of our activities.

We informed users of JCM 15103T of this matter in detail with our sincere apology and asked for stopping its use.

If you have any question and concern on this matter, please feel free to contact us (

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