JCM On-line Catalogue of Strains

 Scientific name 1
    Example 1: Genus = Micromonospora
Example 2: Species = aurantiaca
Example 3: Genus = %monospo, Species = %ensis
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 Scientific name 2
 Scientific name:
    Example 1: Scientific name = Micromonospora chalcea
Example 2: Scientific name = Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei
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 JCM accession number
    Example: JCM = 12345 (Exact match search)

 Accession number of other culture collection
    Example 1: Acronym = DSM, Number = 43067
Example 2: Acronym = VKM, Number = Ac-636
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 Culture medium
 JCM Medium No.:
 Name of Medium:
    Example 1: JCM Medium No. = 58
Example 2: Name of Medium = malt extract
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JCM Mail News delivery information

Date Title Contents
2017.12.14 JCM Mail News (2017.12.14) – Announcement of the replacement of credit card payment system in RIKEN BRC
– Special topic: Introduction of JCM strains possessing xenobiotic degrading activity
– Newly cataloged strains (2017.02.01 – 2017.11.30)
2017.02.07 JCM Mail News (2017.02.07) – Special topic: Opening the “BLACK BOX” of yeast collection at JCM
– Newly cataloged strains
2016.06.14 JCM Mail News (2016.06.14) – Special topic: A sub-collection of halophilic archaea at JCM
– Report: Exhibition of JCM at the RIKEN BRC Open Campus 2016
– Newly cataloged strains (2015.12.01 – 2016.05.31).
2015.12.10 JCM Mail News (2015.12.10) – Announcement: Prepayment of distribution fees (overseas organizations only)
– Newly cataloged strains (2015.08.01 – 2015.11.30).
2015.08.12 JCM Mail News (2015.08.12) – Special topic: Introduction of actinobacterial collection at JCM.
– Announcement: The 7th Asian Network of Research Resource Centers (ANRRC) International Meeting.
– Newly cataloged strains (2015.07.01 – 2015.07.31).