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Strains Transferred from IAM Culture Collection

Cultures preserved at the IAM Culture Collection, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, The University of Tokyo were transferred to RIKEN BRC-JCM in 2007, and the following strains are opened to the public:

List of Strains Transferred from IAM Culture Collection in 2007

Bacteria              Archaea              Yeasts & Filamentous fungi

Updated: Oct. 18, 2010

Acetobacter acetiIAM 14349JCM 21163
Acetobacter acetiIAM 14350JCM 21164
Acetobacter acetiIAM 1802JCM 20268
Acetobacter acetiIAM 1814JCM 20276
Acetobacter estunensisIAM 14359TJCM 21172T
Acetobacter orleanensisIAM 1803JCM 20269
Acetobacter orleanensisIAM 1824JCM 20285
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 12073JCM 20384
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 14353JCM 21167
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 14354JCM 21168
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 14356JCM 21169
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 14357JCM 21170
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 14358JCM 21171
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 14360JCM 21173
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 14432JCM 21215
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 14433JCM 21216
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 14434JCM 21217
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 1804JCM 20270
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 1807JCM 20272
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 1808JCM 20273
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 1811JCM 20274
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 1817JCM 20279
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 1825JCM 20286
Acetobacter pasteurianusIAM 1826JCM 20287
Acetobacter sp.IAM 14361JCM 21174
Acetobacter sp.IAM 14362JCM 21175
Achromobacter cycloclastesIAM 1013JCM 20009
Achromobacter denitrificansIAM 12556JCM 20635
Achromobacter denitrificansIAM 12563JCM 20641
Achromobacter denitrificansIAM 12564JCM 20642
Achromobacter denitrificansIAM 12594JCM 20671
Achromobacter denitrificansIAM 12595JCM 20672
Achromobacter denitrificansIAM 12596JCM 20673
Achromobacter denitrificansIAM 12598JCM 20674
Achromobacter piechaudiiIAM 12591TJCM 20668T
Achromobacter piechaudiiIAM 12661JCM 20720
Achromobacter xylosoxidansIAM 12600JCM 20676
Achromobacter xylosoxidansIAM 12686JCM 20745
Achromobacter xylosoxidansIAM 12687JCM 20746
Achromobacter xylosoxidansIAM 12688JCM 20747
Achromobacter xylosoxidansIAM 12689JCM 20748
Achromobacter xylosoxidansIAM 12690JCM 20749
Achromobacter xylosoxidansIAM 12693JCM 20751
Achromobacter xylosoxidansIAM 12694JCM 20752
Acidiphilium cryptumIAM 14719TJCM 21277T
Acidiphilium sp.IAM 12820JCM 20758
Acidiphilium sp.IAM 12821JCM 20759
Acidovorax avenae subsp. avenaeIAM 13658TJCM 20985T
Acinetobacter calcoaceticusIAM 12580JCM 20657
Acinetobacter johnsoniiIAM 1517JCM 20194
Acinetobacter sp.IAM 14466JCM 21237
Aerococcus urinaeequiIAM 12287JCM 20447
Aerococcus urinaeequiIAM 12288JCM 20448
Aerococcus urinaeequiIAM 1684JCM 20253
Aerococcus viridansIAM 12302TJCM 20461T
Aerococcus viridansIAM 12303JCM 20462
Aerococcus viridansIAM 12304JCM 20463
Aerococcus viridansIAM 12451JCM 20593
Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophilaIAM 1018JCM 20011
Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophilaIAM 12335JCM 20491
Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophilaIAM 12336JCM 20492
Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophilaIAM 12338JCM 20494
Aeromonas sobriaIAM 12333JCM 20490
Aeromonas sp.IAM 14920JCM 21402
Aeromonas sp.IAM 14921JCM 21403
Aeromonas sp.IAM 14922JCM 21404
Agarivorans albusIAM 14994JCM 21465
Agarivorans albusIAM 14995JCM 21466
Agarivorans albusIAM 14996JCM 21467
Agarivorans albusIAM 14997JCM 21468
Agarivorans albusIAM 14998TJCM 21469T
Agarivorans albusIAM 14999JCM 21470
Agrobacterium agileIAM 12615TJCM 20686T
Agrobacterium luteumIAM 12619TJCM 20690T
Agrobacterium sp.IAM 13558JCM 20915
Agrobacterium sp.IAM 13559JCM 20916
Agrobacterium sp.IAM 13936JCM 20989
Agrobacterium sp.IAM 13941JCM 20992
Agrobacterium sp.IAM 13942JCM 20993
Agrobacterium sp.IAM 13943JCM 20994
Agrobacterium sp.IAM 14219JCM 21077
Agrobacterium sp.IAM 14220JCM 21078
Agrobacterium sp.IAM 14221JCM 21079
Agrobacterium sp.IAM 14465JCM 21236
Agromyces sp.IAM 14850JCM 21354
Ahrensia kielensisIAM 12618TJCM 20689T
Alcaligenes eutrophus subsp. quinolinicusIAM 12305JCM 20464
Alcaligenes faecalisIAM 12589JCM 20666
Alcaligenes faecalisIAM 1446JCM 20167
Alcaligenes faecalisIAM 1473JCM 20175
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalisIAM 12369TJCM 20522T
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalisIAM 12372JCM 20525
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalisIAM 12560JCM 20638
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalisIAM 12561JCM 20639
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalisIAM 12562JCM 20640
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalisIAM 12586TJCM 20663T
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalisIAM 12587JCM 20664
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalisIAM 12588JCM 20665
Alcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalisIAM 12590JCM 20667
Alcaligenes sp.IAM 1015JCM 20010
Alcaligenes sp.IAM 12565JCM 20643
Algibacter lectusIAM 15311TJCM 21761T
Algicola bacteriolyticaIAM 14595TJCM 21270T
Algicola bacteriolyticaIAM 14813JCM 21320
Alicyclobacillus acidiphilusIAM 14935TJCM 21417T
Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestrisIAM 15085JCM 21546
Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestrisIAM 15086JCM 21547
Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestrisIAM 15087JCM 21548
Alicyclobacillus contaminansIAM 15224TJCM 21678T
Alicyclobacillus contaminansIAM 15228JCM 21682
Alicyclobacillus fastidiosusIAM 15229TJCM 21683T
Alicyclobacillus herbariusIAM 14883TJCM 21376T
Alicyclobacillus kakegawensisIAM 15225JCM 21679
Alicyclobacillus kakegawensisIAM 15227TJCM 21681T
Alicyclobacillus macrosporangiidusIAM 15370TJCM 21814T
Alicyclobacillus pomorumIAM 14988TJCM 21459T
Alicyclobacillus sacchariIAM 15230TJCM 21684T
Alicyclobacillus shizuokensisIAM 15226TJCM 21680T
Alicyclobacillus sp.IAM 14934JCM 21416
Aliivibrio logeiIAM 14405JCM 21188
Alteromonas macleodiiIAM 12920TJCM 20772T
Alteromonas sp.IAM 12459JCM 20601
Alysiella crassaIAM 14969TJCM 21440T
Alysiella filiformisIAM 14895TJCM 21385T
Aminobacter ciceroneiIAM 15301TJCM 21751T
Amphibacillus sediminisIAM 15428TJCM 23213T
Amycolatopsis echigonensisIAM 15387TJCM 21831T
Amycolatopsis niigatensisIAM 15388TJCM 21832T
Ancalomicrobium adetumIAM 14882TJCM 21375T
Ancylobacter aquaticusIAM 12361JCM 20515
Ancylobacter aquaticusIAM 12362JCM 20516
Ancylobacter aquaticusIAM 12363JCM 20517
Ancylobacter aquaticusIAM 12364TJCM 20518T
Aneurinibacillus danicusIAM 15048TJCM 21510T
Aquaspirillum arcticumIAM 14963TJCM 21435T
Aquaspirillum polymorphumIAM 14441TJCM 21224T
Aquaspirillum serpensIAM 13944TJCM 20995T
Aquaspirillum serpensIAM 14967JCM 21439
Arthrobacter alkaliphilusIAM 15383TJCM 21827T
Arthrobacter castelliIAM 15349TJCM 21794T
Arthrobacter globiformisIAM 12102JCM 20405
Arthrobacter globiformisIAM 12104JCM 20407
Arthrobacter monumentiIAM 15321TJCM 21770T
Arthrobacter pigmentiIAM 15322TJCM 21771T
Arthrobacter roseusIAM 15282JCM 21733
Arthrobacter sp.IAM 13128JCM 20844
Arthrobacter sp.IAM 14858JCM 21361
Arthrobacter tectiIAM 15323TJCM 21772T
Arthrobacter tumbaeIAM 15324TJCM 21773T
Aureispira marinaIAM 15389TJCM 23197T
Aureispira marinaIAM 15390JCM 23200
Aureispira marinaIAM 15391JCM 23201
Aureispira maritimaIAM 15439TJCM 23207T
Azohydromonas australicaIAM 12664TJCM 20723T
Azohydromonas lataIAM 12599TJCM 20675T
Azohydromonas lataIAM 12665JCM 20724
Azomonas agilisIAM 15039TJCM 21502T
Azomonas insignisIAM 15081JCM 21542
Azomonas insignisIAM 15082JCM 21543
Azorhizobium caulinodansIAM 13624TJCM 20966T
Azorhizophilus paspaliIAM 12667TJCM 20726T
Azospirillum oryzaeIAM 15130TJCM 21588T
Azotobacter armeniacusIAM 15047TJCM 21509T
Azotobacter beijerinckiiIAM 12683TJCM 20742T
Azotobacter chroococcumIAM 12666TJCM 20725T
Azotobacter chroococcumIAM 15040TJCM 21503T
Azotobacter salinestrisIAM 15020TJCM 21483T
Azotobacter sp.IAM 15027JCM 21490
Azotobacter vinelandiiIAM 1078JCM 20040
Azotobacter vinelandiiIAM 15004TJCM 21475T
Bacillus amyloliquefaciensIAM 1521JCM 20195
Bacillus amyloliquefaciensIAM 1522JCM 20196
Bacillus amyloliquefaciensIAM 1523JCM 20197
Bacillus atrophaeusIAM 1633JCM 20230
Bacillus bataviensisIAM 15255TJCM 21706T
Bacillus boroniphilusIAM 15287TJCM 21738T
Bacillus cereusIAM 1029JCM 20015
Bacillus cereusIAM 1072JCM 20037
Bacillus cereusIAM 1110JCM 20054
Bacillus cereusIAM 1229JCM 20117
Bacillus cereusIAM 1656JCM 20240
Bacillus cereusIAM 1729JCM 20266
Bacillus circulansIAM 1140JCM 20072
Bacillus coagulansIAM 12320JCM 20478
Bacillus drentensisIAM 15256TJCM 21707T
Bacillus firmusIAM 1188JCM 20092
Bacillus fumarioliIAM 15257TJCM 21708T
Bacillus lentusIAM 11055JCM 20330
Bacillus licheniformisIAM 11054JCM 20329
Bacillus macroidesIAM 15292JCM 21742
Bacillus megateriumIAM 1111JCM 20055
Bacillus megateriumIAM 1166JCM 20084
Bacillus megateriumIAM 1245JCM 20126
Bacillus mycoidesIAM 1190JCM 20093
Bacillus mycoidesIAM 1211JCM 20107
Bacillus novalisIAM 15258TJCM 21709T
Bacillus pumilusIAM 12050JCM 20372
Bacillus soliIAM 15259TJCM 21710T
Bacillus sp.IAM 1030JCM 20016
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1026JCM 20014
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1069JCM 20035
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1071JCM 20036
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1076JCM 20038
Bacillus subtilisIAM 11060JCM 20333
Bacillus subtilisIAM 11063JCM 20336
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1114JCM 20057
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1145JCM 20073
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1163JCM 20083
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1168JCM 20085
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1169JCM 20086
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1191JCM 20094
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1192JCM 20095
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1193JCM 20096
Bacillus subtilisIAM 12019JCM 20352
Bacillus subtilisIAM 12020JCM 20353
Bacillus subtilisIAM 12021JCM 20354
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1207JCM 20105
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1212JCM 20108
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1231JCM 20118
Bacillus subtilisIAM 12366JCM 20520
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1247JCM 20127
Bacillus subtilisIAM 1259JCM 20132
Bacillus subtilisIAM 14446JCM 21228
Bacillus thuringiensisIAM 11056JCM 20331
Bacillus thuringiensisIAM 11064JCM 20337
Bacillus thuringiensisIAM 12077TJCM 20386T
Bacillus thuringiensisIAM 12078JCM 20387
Bacillus viretiIAM 15260TJCM 21711T
Beijerinckia indica subsp. indicaIAM 1195JCM 20098
Bergeriella denitrificansIAM 14975TJCM 21446T
Bergeyella zoohelcumIAM 14550TJCM 21249T
Bordetella hinziiIAM 12593JCM 20670
Brachybacterium conglomeratumIAM 1459JCM 20172
Brachybacterium conglomeratumIAM 1470JCM 20174
Brachybacterium sp.IAM 14856JCM 21360
Bradyrhizobium japonicumIAM 12034JCM 20362
Bradyrhizobium japonicumIAM 12608TJCM 20679T
Bradyrhizobium sp.IAM 12610JCM 20681
Bradyrhizobium sp.IAM 13589JCM 20936
Brevibacillus parabrevisIAM 1031JCM 20017
Brevibacterium aurantiacumIAM 1901JCM 20298
Brevibacterium aureumIAM 15053JCM 21515
Brevibacterium aureumIAM 15054JCM 21516
Brevibacterium aureumIAM 15055JCM 21517
Brevibacterium oceaniIAM 15353TJCM 21798T
Brevundimonas bullataIAM 13153TJCM 20846T
Brevundimonas diminutaIAM 12413JCM 20562
Brevundimonas diminutaIAM 12414JCM 20563
Brevundimonas diminutaIAM 12415JCM 20564
Brevundimonas diminutaIAM 12416JCM 20565
Brevundimonas diminutaIAM 12418JCM 20567
Brevundimonas diminutaIAM 12557JCM 20636
Brochothrix thermosphactaIAM 12548TJCM 20628T
Burkholderia caledonicaIAM 15100TJCM 21561T
Burkholderia fungorumIAM 15101TJCM 21562T
Burkholderia sp.IAM 12403JCM 20553
Cellulophaga fucicolaIAM 15330TJCM 21778T
Cellulosimicrobium cellulansIAM 12312JCM 20471
Cerasibacillus quisquiliarumIAM 15044TJCM 21507T
Chitinophaga filiformisIAM 14320TJCM 21160T
Chromohalobacter beijerinckiiIAM 14940TJCM 21422T
Chromohalobacter marismortuiIAM 14437TJCM 21220T
Chryseobacterium balustinumIAM 14209TJCM 21074T
Chryseobacterium koreenseIAM 15050TJCM 21512T
Chryseobacterium koreenseIAM 15051JCM 21513
Chryseobacterium koreenseIAM 15052JCM 21514
Chryseobacterium taiwanenseIAM 15317TJCM 21767T
Clostridium straminisolvensIAM 15070TJCM 21531T
Cobetia marinaIAM 12928JCM 20776
Cobetia marinaIAM 14107TJCM 21022T
Cobetia marinaIAM 14108JCM 21023
Cobetia marinaIAM 14114JCM 21027
Comamonas badiaIAM 14839TJCM 21345T
Comamonas testosteroniIAM 1152JCM 20077
Comamonas testosteroniIAM 12408JCM 20558
Conchiformibius kuhniaeIAM 15036JCM 21499
Conchiformibius kuhniaeIAM 15037TJCM 21500T
Conchiformibius kuhniaeIAM 15038JCM 21501
Conchiformibius steedaeIAM 14972TJCM 21443T
Coraliomargarita akajimensisIAM 15411TJCM 23193T
Corallococcus coralloidesIAM 13965JCM 21013
Croceibacter atlanticusIAM 15332TJCM 21780T
Cupriavidus metalliduransIAM 14785TJCM 21315T
Cupriavidus necatorIAM 12368JCM 20521
Cupriavidus necatorIAM 12567JCM 20644
Cupriavidus necatorIAM 12628JCM 20695
Cupriavidus necatorIAM 13533JCM 20893
Cupriavidus necatorIAM 13534JCM 20894
Cupriavidus necatorIAM 13548JCM 20908
Cupriavidus necatorIAM 13549JCM 20909
Cupriavidus pauculusIAM 12592JCM 20669
Curtobacterium sp.IAM 14859JCM 21362
Curvibacter gracilisIAM 15033TJCM 21496T
Curvibacter lanceolatusIAM 14947TJCM 21429T
Cytophaga fermentansIAM 14302TJCM 21142T
Cytophaga hutchinsoniiIAM 12607TJCM 20678T
Deinococcus radiophilusIAM 14779TJCM 21311T
Derxia gummosaIAM 13946TJCM 20996T
Derxia gummosaIAM 14990JCM 21461
Devosia riboflavinaIAM 14524TJCM 21244T
Duganella zoogloeoidesIAM 12670TJCM 20729T
Dyella japonicaIAM 15067JCM 21528
Dyella japonicaIAM 15068JCM 21529
Dyella japonicaIAM 15069TJCM 21530T
Elizabethkingia meningosepticaIAM 14198TJCM 21065T
Empedobacter brevisIAM 14197TJCM 21064T
Endozoicomonas elysicolaIAM 15107TJCM 21568T
Ensifer adhaerensIAM 14251TJCM 21105T
Ensifer frediiIAM 13625TJCM 20967T
Ensifer frediiIAM 13626JCM 20968
Ensifer frediiIAM 13627JCM 20969
Ensifer melilotiIAM 12035JCM 20363
Ensifer melilotiIAM 12611TJCM 20682T
Ensifer terangaeIAM 13623JCM 20965
Ensifer xinjiangensisIAM 14142TJCM 21035T
Enterobacter aerogenesIAM 1183JCM 20090
Enterobacter cloacaeIAM 1562JCM 20208
Enterobacter cloacaeIAM 1615JCM 20225
Enterobacter cloacaeIAM 1624JCM 20227
Enterobacter cloacae subsp. rugosumIAM 1528JCM 20201
Enterococcus faecalisIAM 10065JCM 20307
Enterococcus faecalisIAM 10067JCM 20309
Enterococcus faecalisIAM 10071JCM 20313
Enterococcus faeciumIAM 10064JCM 20306
Enterococcus sp.IAM 12067JCM 20381
Erwinia aphidicolaIAM 14479TJCM 21238T
Erwinia aphidicolaIAM 14480JCM 21239
Erwinia aphidicolaIAM 14481JCM 21240
Erwinia aphidicolaIAM 14482JCM 21241
Erwinia aphidicolaIAM 14483JCM 21242
Erythrobacter citreusIAM 15372TJCM 21816T
Erythrobacter seohaensisIAM 15371TJCM 21815T
Escherichia coliIAM 1137JCM 20071
Escherichia coliIAM 12016JCM 20349
Escherichia coliIAM 12017JCM 20350
Escherichia coliIAM 12018JCM 20351
Escherichia coliIAM 12057JCM 20375
Escherichia coliIAM 12058JCM 20376
Escherichia coliIAM 12060JCM 20377
Escherichia coliIAM 12083JCM 20391
Escherichia coliIAM 12084JCM 20392
Escherichia coliIAM 1222JCM 20114
Escherichia coliIAM 1239JCM 20123
Escherichia coliIAM 1264JCM 20135
Escherichia coliIAM 1268JCM 20137
Escherichia fergusoniiIAM 14443TJCM 21226T
Flammeovirga apricaIAM 14298TJCM 21138T
Flammeovirga apricaIAM 14299JCM 21139
Flammeovirga arenariaIAM 15329TJCM 21777T
Flammeovirga kamogawensisIAM 15451TJCM 23196T
Flavobacterium aquatileIAM 12316TJCM 20475T
Flavobacterium columnareIAM 14301TJCM 21141T
Flavobacterium columnareIAM 14820JCM 21326
Flavobacterium columnareIAM 14821JCM 21327
Flavobacterium flevenseIAM 14303TJCM 21143T
Flavobacterium granuliIAM 15099TJCM 21560T
Flavobacterium hydatisIAM 12365TJCM 20519T
Flavobacterium lutescensIAM 12575JCM 20652
Flavobacterium lutescensIAM 1667JCM 20244
Flavobacterium mizutaiiIAM 14315TJCM 21155T
Flavobacterium sp.IAM 12033JCM 20361
Flavobacterium succinicansIAM 14311TJCM 21151T
Flavobacterium xanthumIAM 12026TJCM 20358T
Flexibacter aggregansIAM 14894TJCM 21384T
Flexibacter elegansIAM 14319TJCM 21159T
Flexibacter sp.IAM 14923JCM 21405
Flexibacter sp.IAM 14924JCM 21406
Flexibacter sp.IAM 14925JCM 21407
Geobacillus kaustophilusIAM 11001TJCM 20319T
Giesbergeria anulusIAM 14948TJCM 21430T
Giesbergeria giesbergeriIAM 14949TJCM 21431T
Giesbergeria sinuosaIAM 14978TJCM 21449T
Gluconacetobacter liquefaciensIAM 14351JCM 21165
Gluconacetobacter liquefaciensIAM 1836JCM 20292
Gluconacetobacter xylinusIAM 14352JCM 21166
Gluconobacter albidusIAM 1806TJCM 20271T
Gluconobacter cerinusIAM 14363JCM 21176
Gluconobacter cerinusIAM 14364JCM 21177
Gluconobacter cerinusIAM 14721JCM 21279
Gluconobacter cerinusIAM 1832JCM 20291
Gluconobacter frateuriiIAM 1815JCM 20277
Gluconobacter frateuriiIAM 1816JCM 20278
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 12137JCM 20429
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 12138JCM 20430
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 14365JCM 21178
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 14366JCM 21179
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 14367JCM 21180
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 14435JCM 21218
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 1813JCM 20275
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 1820JCM 20281
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 1821JCM 20282
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 1822JCM 20283
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 1823JCM 20284
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 1839JCM 20294
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 1841JCM 20295
Gluconobacter oxydansIAM 1842JCM 20296
Gluconobacter roseusIAM 1838TJCM 20293T
Gluconobacter sp.IAM 12139JCM 20431
Gluconobacter sp.IAM 1818JCM 20280
Gluconobacter sp.IAM 1827JCM 20288
Gluconobacter thailandicusIAM 12306JCM 20465
Gluconobacter thailandicusIAM 1830JCM 20290
Gracilibacillus boraciitoleransIAM 15263TJCM 21714T
Halobacillus faecisIAM 15427TJCM 23212T
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13060TJCM 20832T
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13061JCM 20833
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13062JCM 20834
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13063JCM 20835
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13064JCM 20836
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13065JCM 20837
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13066JCM 20838
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13067JCM 20839
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13068JCM 20840
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13069JCM 20841
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13070JCM 20842
Halobacillus halophilusIAM 13071JCM 20843
Halolactibacillus halophilusIAM 15242TJCM 21694T
Halolactibacillus halophilusIAM 15243JCM 21695
Halolactibacillus halophilusIAM 15244JCM 21696
Halolactibacillus halophilusIAM 15245JCM 21697
Halolactibacillus halophilusIAM 15246JCM 21698
Halolactibacillus miurensisIAM 15247TJCM 21699T
Halolactibacillus miurensisIAM 15248JCM 21700
Halolactibacillus miurensisIAM 15249JCM 21701
Halolactibacillus miurensisIAM 15250JCM 21702
Halolactibacillus miurensisIAM 15251JCM 21703
Halomonas aquamarinaIAM 12551JCM 20631
Halomonas aquamarinaIAM 12645JCM 20708
Halomonas cupidaIAM 12552TJCM 20632T
Halomonas elongataIAM 14166TJCM 21044T
Halomonas halmophilaIAM 14439TJCM 21222T
Halomonas halophilaIAM 13009TJCM 20791T
Halomonas pacificaIAM 12553TJCM 20633T
Halomonas pacificaIAM 14115JCM 21028
Halomonas salinaIAM 14438TJCM 21221T
Halomonas sp.IAM 12558JCM 20637
Halomonas subglaciescolaIAM 14167TJCM 21045T
Halomonas variabilisIAM 14440TJCM 21223T
Halomonas venustaIAM 12554TJCM 20634T
Halomonas venustaIAM 14109JCM 21024
Halomonas venustaIAM 14110JCM 21025
Halomonas venustaIAM 14111JCM 21026
Herbaspirillum autotrophicumIAM 14942TJCM 21424T
Herbaspirillum chlorophenolicumIAM 15024TJCM 21487T
Herbaspirillum frisingenseIAM 14974TJCM 21445T
Herbaspirillum huttienseIAM 14941TJCM 21423T
Herbaspirillum puteiIAM 15032TJCM 21495T
Herbaspirillum rubrisubalbicansIAM 14976TJCM 21447T
Herbaspirillum seropedicaeIAM 14977TJCM 21448T
Hydrogenophaga flavaIAM 14931TJCM 21413T
Hydrogenophaga intermediaIAM 14919TJCM 21401T
Hydrogenophaga palleroniiIAM 14930TJCM 21412T
Hydrogenophaga pseudoflavaIAM 14928TJCM 21410T
Hydrogenophaga taeniospiralisIAM 14929TJCM 21411T
Hymenobacter xinjiangensisIAM 15452TJCM 23206T
Hyphomonas polymorphaIAM 14246TJCM 21104T
Insolitispirillum peregrinum subsp. integrumIAM 14946TJCM 21428T
Insolitispirillum peregrinum subsp. peregrinumIAM 14979TJCM 21450T
Janibacter anophelisIAM 15369TJCM 21813T
Janibacter terraeIAM 14782JCM 21314
Janthinobacterium agaricidamnosumIAM 14973TJCM 21444T
Kaistia adipataIAM 15023TJCM 21486T
Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniaeIAM 1063JCM 20034
Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniaeIAM 1102JCM 20051
Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniaeIAM 12015JCM 20348
Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniaeIAM 12351JCM 20507
Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniaeIAM 12626JCM 20694
Kluyvera ascorbataIAM 14203TJCM 21070T
Kocuria kristinaeIAM 14775JCM 21308
Kocuria rhizophilaIAM 1099JCM 20050
Kocuria roseaIAM 12147JCM 20437
Kocuria roseaIAM 12148JCM 20438
Kocuria roseaIAM 1295JCM 20141
Kocuria roseaIAM 14819JCM 21325
Kocuria sp.IAM 14843JCM 21349
Kocuria sp.IAM 14844JCM 21350
Kocuria variansIAM 12146JCM 20436
Kocuria variansIAM 1314JCM 20145
Kocuria variansIAM 1392JCM 20150
Kocuria variansIAM 1408JCM 20155
Labrenzia aggregataIAM 12614TJCM 20685T
Labrys methylaminiphilusIAM 15351TJCM 21796T
Labrys monachusIAM 15350TJCM 21795T
Lactobacillus acidophilusIAM 10074JCM 20315
Lactobacillus brevisIAM 1318JCM 20148
Lactobacillus caseiIAM 10062JCM 20304
Lactobacillus caseiIAM 1045JCM 20024
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricusIAM 12091JCM 20398
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. delbrueckiiIAM 1149JCM 20075
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. delbrueckiiIAM 1174JCM 20088
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. delbrueckiiIAM 1197JCM 20100
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. delbrueckiiIAM 1928JCM 20300
Lactobacillus fermentumIAM 10066JCM 20308
Lactobacillus helveticusIAM 1042JCM 20023
Lactobacillus helveticusIAM 12090JCM 20397
Lactobacillus japonicusIAM 10068JCM 20310
Lactobacillus plantarumIAM 1216JCM 20110
Lactobacillus sakei subsp. sakeiIAM 1900JCM 20297
Lactobacillus sp.IAM 10075JCM 20316
Lactobacillus sp.IAM 10077JCM 20318
Lactobacillus sp.IAM 1085JCM 20043
Lactobacillus sp.IAM 1120JCM 20061
Lactobacillus sp.IAM 1317JCM 20147
Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremorisIAM 1150JCM 20076
Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactisIAM 10070JCM 20312
Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactisIAM 1198JCM 20101
Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactisIAM 12092JCM 20399
Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactisIAM 1249JCM 20128
Lactococcus sp.IAM 1119JCM 20060
Lampropedia hyalinaIAM 14890TJCM 21380T
Lampropedia hyalinaIAM 14970JCM 21441
Leifsonia licheniaIAM 15426TJCM 23226T
Leuconostoc citreumIAM 14400JCM 21183
Leuconostoc lactisIAM 10063JCM 20305
Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. cremorisIAM 1087JCM 20044
Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. dextranicumIAM 10076JCM 20317
Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. dextranicumIAM 1122JCM 20062
Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. mesenteroidesIAM 1046JCM 20025
Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. sakeIAM 10060JCM 20302
Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. sakeIAM 10069JCM 20311
Leuconostoc sp.IAM 14399JCM 21182
Leuconostoc sp.IAM 14897JCM 21387
Listonella pelagiaIAM 14408TJCM 21191T
Listonella pelagiaIAM 14409JCM 21192
Loktanella atriluteaIAM 15450TJCM 23210T
Loktanella fryxellensisIAM 15180TJCM 21635T
Loktanella salsilacusIAM 15181TJCM 21636T
Loktanella vestfoldensisIAM 15182TJCM 21637T
Lysinibacillus boronitoleransIAM 15262TJCM 21713T
Lysinibacillus sphaericusIAM 1228JCM 20116
Lysinibacillus sphaericusIAM 1286JCM 20140
Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldenseIAM 14722TJCM 21280T
Magnetospirillum magnetotacticumIAM 14723TJCM 21281T
Malikia spinosaIAM 14918TJCM 21400T
Maricaulis marisIAM 14254JCM 21107
Maricaulis marisIAM 14255TJCM 21108T
Marinilabilia salmonicolorIAM 14297JCM 21137
Marinilabilia salmonicolorIAM 14310TJCM 21150T
Marinilactibacillus psychrotoleransIAM 14980TJCM 21451T
Marinilactibacillus psychrotoleransIAM 14981JCM 21452
Marinilactibacillus psychrotoleransIAM 14982JCM 21453
Marinilactibacillus psychrotoleransIAM 14983JCM 21454
Marinilactibacillus psychrotoleransIAM 14984JCM 21455
Marinilactibacillus psychrotoleransIAM 14985JCM 21456
Marinilactibacillus psychrotoleransIAM 14986JCM 21457
Marinilactibacillus psychrotoleransIAM 14987JCM 21458
Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticusIAM 12929JCM 20777
Marinobacterium georgienseIAM 1419JCM 20159
Marinobacterium georgienseIAM 1445JCM 20166
Marinobacterium georgienseIAM 15212TJCM 21667T
Marinomonas communisIAM 12914TJCM 20766T
Marinomonas mediterraneaIAM 14944TJCM 21426T
Marinomonas vagaIAM 12923TJCM 20774T
Marinovum algicolaIAM 14591TJCM 21266T
Mesorhizobium amorphaeIAM 15102TJCM 21563T
Mesorhizobium ciceriIAM 15103TJCM 21564T
Mesorhizobium huakuiiIAM 14158TJCM 21036T
Mesorhizobium lotiIAM 13630JCM 20972
Mesorhizobium lotiIAM 13633JCM 20975
Mesorhizobium lotiIAM 13634JCM 20976
Mesorhizobium lotiIAM 14993TJCM 21464T
Mesorhizobium lotiIAM 15095JCM 21556
Mesorhizobium lotiIAM 15096JCM 21557
Mesorhizobium lotiIAM 15097JCM 21558
Mesorhizobium lotiIAM 15132JCM 21590
Mesorhizobium mediterraneumIAM 15104TJCM 21565T
Mesorhizobium plurifariumIAM 15105TJCM 21566T
Mesorhizobium temperatumIAM 15333TJCM 21781T
Mesorhizobium tianshanenseIAM 15106TJCM 21567T
Methylobacterium extorquensIAM 12623JCM 20693
Methylobacterium rhodesianumIAM 14898JCM 21388
Methylophaga sulfidovoransIAM 15035TJCM 21498T
Methylophaga thalassicaIAM 12457JCM 20599
Microbacterium indicumIAM 15355TJCM 21800T
Microbacterium sp.IAM 14852JCM 21356
Microbacterium sp.IAM 14853JCM 21357
Microbacterium sp.IAM 14854JCM 21358
Microbacterium sp.IAM 14855JCM 21359
Micrococcus luteusIAM 11006JCM 20322
Micrococcus luteusIAM 11007JCM 20323
Micrococcus luteusIAM 11008JCM 20324
Micrococcus luteusIAM 11010JCM 20325
Micrococcus luteusIAM 11011JCM 20326
Micrococcus luteusIAM 11012JCM 20327
Micrococcus luteusIAM 11013JCM 20328
Micrococcus luteusIAM 1130JCM 20068
Micrococcus luteusIAM 1157JCM 20080
Micrococcus luteusIAM 12005JCM 20340
Micrococcus luteusIAM 12006JCM 20341
Micrococcus luteusIAM 12007JCM 20342
Micrococcus luteusIAM 12008JCM 20343
Micrococcus luteusIAM 12009JCM 20344
Micrococcus luteusIAM 12144JCM 20435
Micrococcus luteusIAM 14879JCM 21373
Micrococcus sp.IAM 14841JCM 21347
Microlunatus phosphovorusIAM 14536JCM 21246
Microvirgula aerodenitrificansIAM 14943JCM 21425
Microvirgula aerodenitrificansIAM 14991TJCM 21462T
Mitsuaria chitosanitabidaIAM 14711TJCM 21276T
Moraxella lacunataIAM 13554TJCM 20914T
Moraxella nonliquefaciensIAM 12281TJCM 20443T
Moraxella nonliquefaciensIAM 12314JCM 20473
Moraxella oblongaIAM 14971TJCM 21442T
Moritella sp.IAM 14827JCM 21333
Moritella sp.IAM 14828JCM 21334
Moritella sp.IAM 14829JCM 21335
Moritella sp.IAM 14830JCM 21336
Moritella sp.IAM 14831JCM 21337
Moritella sp.IAM 14832JCM 21338
Moritella sp.IAM 14833JCM 21339
Moritella sp.IAM 14834JCM 21340
Moritella sp.IAM 14835JCM 21341
Moritella sp.IAM 14836JCM 21342
Moritella sp.IAM 14837JCM 21343
Mycobacterium smegmatisIAM 12065JCM 20379
Mycoplana dimorphaIAM 13154TJCM 20847T
Myroides pelagicusIAM 15337TJCM 21782T
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13951JCM 20999
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13952JCM 21000
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13953JCM 21001
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13957JCM 21005
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13958JCM 21006
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13959JCM 21007
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13960JCM 21008
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13961JCM 21009
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13962JCM 21010
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13963JCM 21011
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13964JCM 21012
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13966JCM 21014
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13968JCM 21016
Myxococcus fulvusIAM 13971JCM 21019
Myxococcus stipitatusIAM 13955JCM 21003
Myxococcus stipitatusIAM 13956JCM 21004
Myxococcus virescensIAM 13954JCM 21002
Myxococcus virescensIAM 13967JCM 21015
Myxococcus virescensIAM 13969JCM 21017
Myxococcus virescensIAM 13970JCM 21018
Myxococcus virescensIAM 13972JCM 21020
Nitratireductor aquibiodomusIAM 15348TJCM 21793T
Nocardioides exalbidusIAM 15416TJCM 23199T
Novispirillum itersonii subsp. itersoniiIAM 14720TJCM 21278T
Novispirillum itersonii subsp. itersoniiIAM 15031TJCM 21494T
Novispirillum itersonii subsp. nipponicumIAM 14945TJCM 21427T
Oceanimonas doudoroffiiIAM 14168TJCM 21046T
Ochrobactrum anthropiIAM 12637JCM 20703
Ochrobactrum anthropiIAM 14119TJCM 21032T
Oligella urethralisIAM 13553TJCM 20913T
Paenibacillus alveiIAM 1258TJCM 20131T
Paenibacillus maceransIAM 1243JCM 20125
Paenibacillus odoriferIAM 15293TJCM 21743T
Paenibacillus polymyxaIAM 12075JCM 20385
Paenibacillus polymyxaIAM 1210JCM 20106
Paenibacillus taiwanensisIAM 15414TJCM 23198T
Paenibacillus terrigenaIAM 15291TJCM 21741T
Pantoea agglomeransIAM 1309JCM 20143
Pantoea agglomeransIAM 1584JCM 20215
Pantoea agglomeransIAM 1595JCM 20219
Paracoccus denitrificansIAM 15021TJCM 21484T
Paracoccus koreensisIAM 15216TJCM 21670T
Paracoccus pantotrophusIAM 12479JCM 20620
Paracoccus pantotrophusIAM 15022TJCM 21485T
Paracoccus thiocyanatusIAM 12816TJCM 20756T
Paracoccus versutusIAM 12814TJCM 20754T
Paracoccus versutusIAM 12815JCM 20755
Paracoccus zeaxanthinifaciensIAM 15326TJCM 21774T
Paraliobacillus ryukyuensisIAM 15001TJCM 21472T
Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorumIAM 12301JCM 20460
Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorumIAM 12350JCM 20506
Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorumIAM 12633JCM 20699
Pediococcus acidilacticiIAM 10061JCM 20303
Pediococcus acidilacticiIAM 12283JCM 20445
Pediococcus acidilacticiIAM 12289JCM 20449
Pediococcus acidilacticiIAM 1233JCM 20119
Pediococcus parvulusIAM 12291TJCM 20450T
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 10073JCM 20314
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 1215JCM 20109
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 12292JCM 20451
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 12293JCM 20452
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 12294JCM 20453
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 12295JCM 20454
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 12296JCM 20455
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 12297JCM 20456
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 12298JCM 20457
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 12299JCM 20458
Pediococcus pentosaceusIAM 12300JCM 20459
Pediococcus sp.IAM 12286JCM 20446
Pedobacter saltansIAM 15374TJCM 21818T
Pelagicoccus albusIAM 15421TJCM 23202T
Pelagicoccus litoralisIAM 15423TJCM 23204T
Pelagicoccus mobilisIAM 15422TJCM 23203T
Pelomonas saccharophilaIAM 14368TJCM 21181T
Perexilibacter aurantiacusIAM 15413TJCM 23194T
Persicitalea jodogahamensisIAM 15412TJCM 23195T
Phaeobacter gallaeciensisIAM 14812TJCM 21319T
Phenylobacterium koreenseIAM 15119TJCM 21577T
Photobacterium phosphoreumIAM 12085JCM 20393
Photobacterium phosphoreumIAM 14401TJCM 21184T
Phyllobacterium myrsinacearumIAM 13583JCM 20931
Phyllobacterium myrsinacearumIAM 13584TJCM 20932T
Phyllobacterium myrsinacearumIAM 13586JCM 20933
Phyllobacterium myrsinacearumIAM 13587JCM 20934
Planctomyces brasiliensisIAM 15109TJCM 21570T
Planococcus sp.IAM 14845JCM 21351
Plantibacter auratusIAM 14817TJCM 23192T
Pleomorphomonas oryzaeIAM 15079TJCM 21540T
Pleomorphomonas oryzaeIAM 15080JCM 21541
Porphyrobacter sanguineusIAM 12620TJCM 20691T
Propionibacterium acidipropioniciIAM 1714JCM 20264
Propionibacterium cyclohexanicumIAM 14535TJCM 21245T
Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermaniiIAM 1725JCM 20265
Prosthecomicrobium enhydrumIAM 14252TJCM 21106T
Proteus hauseriIAM 12542JCM 20622
Proteus vulgarisIAM 1025JCM 20013
Proteus vulgarisIAM 12003JCM 20339
Pseudaminobacter defluviiIAM 12817TJCM 20757T
Pseudoalteromonas denitrificansIAM 14544TJCM 21248T
Pseudoalteromonas elyakoviiIAM 14594JCM 21269
Pseudoalteromonas espejianaIAM 12640TJCM 20705T
Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktisIAM 12915TJCM 20767T
Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktisIAM 12916JCM 20768
Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktisIAM 12917JCM 20769
Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktisIAM 12918JCM 20770
Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktisIAM 12919JCM 20771
Pseudoalteromonas luteoviolaceaIAM 14710TJCM 21275T
Pseudoalteromonas luteoviolaceaIAM 14725JCM 21283
Pseudoalteromonas nigrifaciensIAM 13010TJCM 20792T
Pseudoalteromonas nigrifaciensIAM 13161JCM 20849
Pseudoalteromonas phenolicaIAM 14989TJCM 21460T
Pseudoalteromonas piscicidaIAM 12932TJCM 20779T
Pseudoalteromonas piscicidaIAM 12934JCM 20780
Pseudoalteromonas tetraodonisIAM 14160TJCM 21038T
Pseudoalteromonas undinaIAM 12922TJCM 20773T
Pseudoclavibacter sp.IAM 15028JCM 21491
Pseudoclavibacter sp.IAM 15029JCM 21492
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1007JCM 20006
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1054JCM 20031
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1129JCM 20067
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1156JCM 20079
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1202JCM 20103
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1220JCM 20113
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1237JCM 20122
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1251JCM 20130
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1263JCM 20134
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1271JCM 20138
Pseudomonas aeruginosaIAM 1971JCM 20301
Pseudomonas alcaligenesIAM 12411TJCM 20561T
Pseudomonas auricularisIAM 12037JCM 20365
Pseudomonas auricularisIAM 12039JCM 20367
Pseudomonas chlororaphisIAM 1001JCM 20003
Pseudomonas chlororaphisIAM 12353JCM 20509
Pseudomonas citronellolisIAM 15129TJCM 21587T
Pseudomonas flavescensIAM 15128TJCM 21586T
Pseudomonas fluorescensIAM 1008JCM 20007
Pseudomonas fluorescensIAM 1051JCM 20030
Pseudomonas fluorescensIAM 1055JCM 20032
Pseudomonas fluorescensIAM 1092JCM 20046
Pseudomonas fluorescensIAM 1126JCM 20064
Pseudomonas fluorescensIAM 12001JCM 20338
Pseudomonas fragiIAM 12402JCM 20552
Pseudomonas fragiIAM 1650JCM 20237
Pseudomonas japonicaIAM 15071TJCM 21532T
Pseudomonas jinjuensisIAM 15166TJCM 21621T
Pseudomonas mandeliiIAM 15164TJCM 21619T
Pseudomonas migulaeIAM 15173TJCM 21628T
Pseudomonas monteiliiIAM 15127TJCM 21585T
Pseudomonas nitroreducensIAM 12407JCM 20557
Pseudomonas nitroreducensIAM 15165JCM 21620
Pseudomonas nitroreducens subsp. thermotoleransIAM 12401JCM 20551
Pseudomonas pavonaceaeIAM 1155JCM 20078
Pseudomonas plecoglossicidaIAM 15126TJCM 21584T
Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenesIAM 12410JCM 20560
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1002JCM 20004
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1003JCM 20005
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1049JCM 20028
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1050JCM 20029
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1090JCM 20045
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1094JCM 20048
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1128JCM 20066
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1177JCM 20089
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1200JCM 20102
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 12014JCM 20347
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1218JCM 20111
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1219JCM 20112
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1235JCM 20120
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 12355JCM 20511
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1250JCM 20129
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 14870JCM 21368
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1505JCM 20187
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1506JCM 20188
Pseudomonas putidaIAM 1629JCM 20228
Pseudomonas sp.IAM 12023JCM 20356
Pseudomonas sp.IAM 12036JCM 20364
Pseudomonas sp.IAM 12135JCM 20427
Pseudomonas sp.IAM 12573JCM 20650
Pseudomonas sp.IAM 12642JCM 20707
Pseudomonas stutzeriIAM 12097JCM 20400
Pseudomonas stutzeriIAM 12931JCM 20778
Pseudomonas stutzeriIAM 14761JCM 21306
Pseudomonas stutzeriIAM 15110JCM 21571
Pseudomonas stutzeriIAM 15183JCM 21638
Pseudomonas taetrolensIAM 1653TJCM 20238T
Pseudomonas tolaasiiIAM 15125TJCM 21583T
Pseudorhodobacter ferrugineusIAM 12616TJCM 20687T
Pseudovibrio ascidiaceicolaIAM 15084TJCM 21545T
Pseudovibrio japonicusIAM 15442TJCM 23208T
Pseudovibrio sp.IAM 15056JCM 21518
Pseudovibrio sp.IAM 15057JCM 21519
Pseudoxanthomonas daejeonensisIAM 15115TJCM 21575T
Pseudoxanthomonas koreensisIAM 15116TJCM 21576T
Psychrobacter immobilisIAM 12280TJCM 20442T
Psychrobacter phenylpyruvicusIAM 12282TJCM 20444T
Psychrobacter sp.IAM 12030JCM 20360
Raoultella planticolaIAM 1133JCM 20069
Rapidithrix thailandicaIAM 15448TJCM 23209T
Rhizobium daejeonenseIAM 15041JCM 21504
Rhizobium daejeonenseIAM 15042TJCM 21505T
Rhizobium etliIAM 15379TJCM 21823T
Rhizobium galegaeIAM 13631TJCM 20973T
Rhizobium galegaeIAM 14208JCM 21073
Rhizobium leguminosarumIAM 12609TJCM 20680T
Rhizobium leguminosarumIAM 12613JCM 20684
Rhizobium phaseoliIAM 12612TJCM 20683T
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 12048TJCM 20371T
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 13129JCM 20845
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 13155JCM 20848
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 13573JCM 20922
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 13575JCM 20924
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 13931JCM 20987
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 13934JCM 20988
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 13938JCM 20990
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 13940JCM 20991
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 14141JCM 21034
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 1525JCM 20198
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 1526JCM 20199
Rhizobium radiobacterIAM 1527JCM 20200
Rhizobium rhizogenesIAM 13570TJCM 20919T
Rhizobium rhizogenesIAM 13571JCM 20920
Rhizobium rhizogenesIAM 13572JCM 20921
Rhizobium rhizogenesIAM 13574JCM 20923
Rhizobium rhizogenesIAM 14218JCM 21076
Rhizobium rubiIAM 13568JCM 20917
Rhizobium rubiIAM 13569TJCM 20918T
Rhizobium sp.IAM 13629JCM 20971
Rhizobium sp.IAM 13632JCM 20974
Rhizobium sp.IAM 13635JCM 20977
Rhizobium sp.IAM 14227JCM 21085
Rhizobium sp.IAM 14228JCM 21086
Rhizobium sp.IAM 14229JCM 21087
Rhizobium sp.IAM 14231JCM 21089
Rhizobium tropiciIAM 14206TJCM 21072T
Rhizobium tropiciIAM 14230JCM 21088
Rhizobium undicolaIAM 15378TJCM 21822T
Rhizobium vitisIAM 14140TJCM 21033T
Rhodanobacter fulvusIAM 15025TJCM 21488T
Rhodobacter capsulatusIAM 14232TJCM 21090T
Rhodocista centenariaIAM 14193TJCM 21060T
Rhodocista sp.IAM 14575JCM 21251
Rhodocista sp.IAM 14576JCM 21252
Rhodococcus erythropolisIAM 12122TJCM 20419T
Rhodococcus erythropolisIAM 1400JCM 20154
Rhodococcus erythropolisIAM 1414JCM 20158
Rhodococcus erythropolisIAM 1428JCM 20161
Rhodococcus erythropolisIAM 1440JCM 20165
Rhodococcus erythropolisIAM 1452JCM 20170
Rhodococcus erythropolisIAM 1463JCM 20173
Rhodococcus erythropolisIAM 1503JCM 20186
Rhodococcus kyotonensisIAM 15415TJCM 23211T
Rhodococcus rhodochrousIAM 12123JCM 20420
Rhodococcus rhodochrousIAM 12124JCM 20421
Roseobacter denitrificansIAM 14592TJCM 21267T
Roseobacter litoralisIAM 14593TJCM 21268T
Roseovarius toleransIAM 14840TJCM 21346T
Rothia mucilaginosaIAM 14776JCM 21309
Rothia mucilaginosaIAM 14777JCM 21310
Rubrivivax gelatinosusIAM 14808TJCM 21318T
Ruegeria atlanticaIAM 14463TJCM 21234T
Ruegeria atlanticaIAM 14464JCM 21235
Saprospira grandisIAM 15300TJCM 21750T
Schumannella luteolaIAM 15435TJCM 23215T
Serratia marcescensIAM 1022JCM 20012
Serratia marcescensIAM 1104JCM 20052
Serratia marcescensIAM 1105JCM 20053
Serratia marcescensIAM 1136JCM 20070
Serratia marcescensIAM 1161JCM 20081
Serratia marcescensIAM 1162JCM 20082
Serratia marcescensIAM 1184JCM 20091
Serratia marcescensIAM 1205JCM 20104
Serratia marcescensIAM 12143JCM 20434
Serratia marcescensIAM 1223JCM 20115
Serratia marcescensIAM 12352JCM 20508
Serratia marcescensIAM 12359JCM 20513
Serratia marcescensIAM 1240JCM 20124
Shewanella algaeIAM 13614JCM 20959
Shewanella algaeIAM 14159TJCM 21037T
Shewanella decolorationisIAM 15094TJCM 21555T
Shewanella hanedaiIAM 12641TJCM 20706T
Shewanella japonicaIAM 14956TJCM 21433T
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 12089JCM 20396
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 12425JCM 20573
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13595JCM 20940
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13596JCM 20941
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13597JCM 20942
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13598JCM 20943
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13599JCM 20944
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13600JCM 20945
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13601JCM 20946
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13602JCM 20947
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13603JCM 20948
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13604JCM 20949
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13605JCM 20950
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13606JCM 20951
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13607JCM 20952
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13608JCM 20953
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13609JCM 20954
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13610JCM 20955
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13611JCM 20956
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13612JCM 20957
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13613JCM 20958
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13615JCM 20960
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13616JCM 20961
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13617JCM 20962
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13618JCM 20963
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 13619JCM 20964
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 1509TJCM 20190T
Shewanella putrefaciensIAM 1510JCM 20191
Shinella zoogloeoidesIAM 12669TJCM 20728T
Silvimonas terraeIAM 15217TJCM 21671T
Sneathiella glossodoripedisIAM 15419TJCM 23214T
Solitalea canadensisIAM 15375TJCM 21819T
Sphaerotilus natansIAM 12068JCM 20382
Sphingobacterium faeciumIAM 15376TJCM 21820T
Sphingobacterium multivorumIAM 14316TJCM 21156T
Sphingobacterium multivorumIAM 1493JCM 20183
Sphingobacterium sp.IAM 15026JCM 21489
Sphingobacterium spiritivorumIAM 14314JCM 21154
Sphingobacterium thalpophilumIAM 14313TJCM 21153T
Sphingobium abikonenseIAM 12404TJCM 20554T
Sphingomonas asaccharolyticaIAM 14458TJCM 21229T
Sphingomonas azotifigensIAM 15283TJCM 21734T
Sphingomonas azotofornansIAM 15131TJCM 21589T
Sphingomonas pituitosaIAM 15276TJCM 21727T
Sphingomonas rosaIAM 14223JCM 21081
Sphingomonas rosaIAM 14224JCM 21082
Sphingomonas roseiflavaIAM 14823TJCM 21329T
Sphingomonas soliIAM 15213TJCM 21668T
Sphingomonas sp.IAM 14822JCM 21328
Sphingomonas sp.IAM 14824JCM 21330
Sphingomonas sp.IAM 14825JCM 21331
Sphingomonas sp.IAM 14826JCM 21332
Sphingomonas yanoikuyaeIAM 14226JCM 21084
Spirillum pleomorphumIAM 12028TJCM 20359T
Sporolactobacillus inulinusIAM 14267JCM 21112
Sporolactobacillus laevolacticusIAM 12379JCM 20530
Sporolactobacillus nakayamae subsp. nakayamaeIAM 12387JCM 20537
Sporosarcina saromensisIAM 15429TJCM 23205T
Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureusIAM 1098JCM 20049
Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureusIAM 12544TJCM 20624T
Staphylococcus epidermidisIAM 12012JCM 20345
Staphylococcus saprophyticus subsp. saprophyticusIAM 12453JCM 20595
Staphylococcus saprophyticus subsp. saprophyticusIAM 12454JCM 20596
Staphylococcus saprophyticus subsp. saprophyticusIAM 12455JCM 20597
Staphylococcus sp.IAM 1296JCM 20142
Staphylococcus sp.IAM 14842JCM 21348
Stappia stellulataIAM 12621TJCM 20692T
Starkeya koreensisIAM 15215TJCM 21669T
Starkeya novellaIAM 12100TJCM 20403T
Stenotrophomonas maltophiliaIAM 12424JCM 20572
Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilusIAM 1047JCM 20026
Streptomyces albus subsp. albusIAM 12315JCM 20474
Streptomyces vietnamensisIAM 15340TJCM 21785T
Sulfitobacter brevisIAM 15345TJCM 21790T
Sulfitobacter guttiformisIAM 15346TJCM 21791T
Sulfitobacter mediterraneusIAM 15347TJCM 21792T
Sulfitobacter pontiacusIAM 15344TJCM 21789T
Tateyamaria omphaliiIAM 15108TJCM 21569T
Tenacibaculum amylolyticumIAM 15328TJCM 21776T
Tenacibaculum maritimumIAM 14317TJCM 21157T
Tenacibaculum ovolyticumIAM 14318TJCM 21158T
Tenacibaculum sp.IAM 14874JCM 21371
Terasakiella pusillaIAM 14442TJCM 21225T
Terribacillus halophilusIAM 15310TJCM 21760T
Terribacillus saccharophilusIAM 15309TJCM 21759T
Terrimonas ferrugineaIAM 15098TJCM 21559T
Terrimonas luteaIAM 15284TJCM 21735T
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1673JCM 20245
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1674JCM 20246
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1675JCM 20247
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1678JCM 20249
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1681JCM 20250
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1682JCM 20251
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1683JCM 20252
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1685JCM 20254
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1686JCM 20255
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1688JCM 20256
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1689JCM 20257
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1692JCM 20258
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1693JCM 20259
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1698JCM 20260
Tetragenococcus halophilusIAM 1702JCM 20261
Tetrasphaera australiensisIAM 14892JCM 21382
Tetrasphaera australiensisIAM 14901TJCM 21391T
Tetrasphaera japonicaIAM 14891TJCM 21381T
Thalassobius gelatinovorusIAM 12617TJCM 20688T
Thauera butanivoransIAM 12574TJCM 20651T
Thauera linaloolentisIAM 15112TJCM 21573T
Thermoanaerobacter thermocopriaeIAM 13579JCM 20927
Thiomonas intermediaIAM 12131TJCM 20425T
Thiomonas perometabolisIAM 12132TJCM 20426T
Tistrella mobilisIAM 14872TJCM 21370T
Trabulsiella guamensisIAM 14444TJCM 21227T
Tsukamurella sp.IAM 14847JCM 21352
Variovorax paradoxusIAM 12373TJCM 20526T
Variovorax paradoxusIAM 12374JCM 20527
Variovorax paradoxusIAM 13535TJCM 20895T
Variovorax paradoxusIAM 13536JCM 20896
Variovorax paradoxusIAM 13537JCM 20897
Variovorax paradoxusIAM 13538JCM 20898
Variovorax paradoxusIAM 13539JCM 20899
Variovorax paradoxusIAM 13550JCM 20910
Variovorax paradoxusIAM 13551JCM 20911
Variovorax paradoxusIAM 13552JCM 20912
Vibrio diazotrophicusIAM 14402TJCM 21185T
Vibrio equitatusIAM 14957JCM 21434
Vibrio ezuraeIAM 15061TJCM 21522T
Vibrio ezuraeIAM 15062JCM 21523
Vibrio ezuraeIAM 15063JCM 21524
Vibrio gazogenesIAM 14404TJCM 21187T
Vibrio halioticoliIAM 14596TJCM 21271T
Vibrio halioticoliIAM 14597JCM 21272
Vibrio halioticoliIAM 14598JCM 21273
Vibrio halioticoliIAM 14599JCM 21274
Vibrio metschnikoviiIAM 1039JCM 20020
Vibrio metschnikoviiIAM 14406TJCM 21189T
Vibrio neonatusIAM 15059JCM 21520
Vibrio neonatusIAM 15060TJCM 21521T
Vibrio nereisIAM 14407TJCM 21190T
Vibrio proteolyticusIAM 14410TJCM 21193T
Vibrio sp.IAM 14914JCM 21396
Vibrio sp.IAM 14915JCM 21397
Vibrio sp.IAM 14916JCM 21398
Vibrio sp.IAM 14917JCM 21399
Vibrio splendidusIAM 14411JCM 21194
Vibrio superstesIAM 15007JCM 21478
Vibrio superstesIAM 15008JCM 21479
Vibrio superstesIAM 15009TJCM 21480T
Virgibacillus halophilusIAM 15308TJCM 21758T
Virgibacillus pantothenticusIAM 11061TJCM 20334T
Weeksella virosaIAM 14551TJCM 21250T
Xanthomonas axonopodisIAM 12309JCM 20468
Xanthomonas campestrisIAM 12307JCM 20466
Xanthomonas campestrisIAM 12310JCM 20469
Xanthomonas campestrisIAM 12378JCM 20529
Xanthomonas oryzaeIAM 1657JCM 20241
Xanthomonas vasicolaIAM 12308JCM 20467
Xenorhabdus japonicaIAM 14265TJCM 21111T
Zobellia uliginosaIAM 14312TJCM 21152T
Zoogloea oryzaeIAM 15218TJCM 21672T
Zoogloea resiniphilaIAM 15294TJCM 21744T
Zymobacter palmaeIAM 14233TJCM 21091T
Zymobacter palmaeIAM 14234JCM 21092
Zymobacter palmaeIAM 14235JCM 21093
Zymobacter palmaeIAM 14236JCM 21094
Zymomonas mobilis subsp. mobilisIAM 12663TJCM 20722T

Haloarcula sp.IAM 13171JCM 20857
Halobacterium salinarumIAM 12046JCM 20370
Halobacterium salinarumIAM 13167JCM 20854
Halobacterium sp.IAM 13174JCM 20859
Halococcus morrhuaeIAM 1711JCM 20262
Halococcus morrhuaeIAM 1712JCM 20263

Yeasts & Filamentous fungi  
Acremonium atrogriseumIAM 14641JCM 23068
Acremonium bacillisporumIAM 14642JCM 23069
Acremonium berkeleyanumIAM 14643JCM 23070
Acremonium cerealeIAM 14644JCM 23071
Acremonium chrysogenumIAM 14645JCM 23072
Acremonium egyptiacumIAM 14646JCM 23073
Acremonium furcatumIAM 14647JCM 23074
Acremonium fusidioidesIAM 14648JCM 23075
Acremonium glaucumIAM 14649JCM 23076
Acremonium hyalinulumIAM 14650JCM 23077
Acremonium implicatumIAM 14651JCM 23078
Acremonium kilienseIAM 14652JCM 23079
Acremonium longisporumIAM 14653JCM 23080
Acremonium luzulaeIAM 14654JCM 23081
Acremonium murorumIAM 14655JCM 23082
Acremonium persicinumIAM 14656JCM 23083
Acremonium polychromumIAM 14657JCM 23084
Acremonium potroniiIAM 14658JCM 23085
Acremonium restrictumIAM 14659JCM 23086
Acremonium roseolumIAM 14660JCM 23087
Acremonium rutilumIAM 14661JCM 23088
Acremonium sclerotigenumIAM 14662JCM 23089
Acremonium strictumIAM 14663JCM 23090
Acremonium tubakiiIAM 14664JCM 23091
Acremonium zonatumIAM 14665JCM 23092
Actinomucor elegansIAM 6160JCM 22485
Amauroascus kuehniiIAM 14752JCM 23142
Amauroascus verrucosusIAM 14753JCM 23143
Aphanoascus durusIAM 14754JCM 23144
Aphanoascus hispanicusIAM 14755JCM 23145
Aphanoascus mephitalisIAM 14756JCM 23146
Aphanoascus multiporusIAM 14757JCM 23147
Aphanoascus saturnoideusIAM 14758JCM 23148
Aspergillus acanthosporusIAM 14541JCM 23002
Aspergillus aculeatusIAM 13872JCM 22898
Aspergillus aculeatusIAM 2907JCM 22414
Aspergillus aureusIAM 2085JCM 22259
Aspergillus aureusIAM 2270JCM 22307
Aspergillus aureusIAM 2275JCM 22309
Aspergillus aureusIAM 2817JCM 22409
Aspergillus aureus var. acidusIAM 2279JCM 22310
Aspergillus aureus var. minorIAM 2273JCM 22308
Aspergillus aureus var. murinusIAM 2394JCM 22325
Aspergillus auricomusIAM 13852JCM 22882
Aspergillus auricomusIAM 2521JCM 22339
Aspergillus avenaceusIAM 13120JCM 22680
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2186JCM 22292
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2187JCM 22293
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2188JCM 22294
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2299JCM 22311
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2300JCM 22312
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2301JCM 22313
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2304JCM 22314
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2305JCM 22315
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2312JCM 22316
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2326JCM 22317
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2370JCM 22322
Aspergillus awamoriIAM 2374JCM 22323
Aspergillus awamori var. fumeusIAM 2329JCM 22318
Aspergillus awamori var. fuscusIAM 2363JCM 22321
Aspergillus awamori var. minimusIAM 2342JCM 22319
Aspergillus awamori var. piceusIAM 2351JCM 22320
Aspergillus awamori var. piceusIAM 2389JCM 22324
Aspergillus batatasIAM 2098JCM 22264
Aspergillus batatasIAM 2556JCM 22356
Aspergillus brunneusIAM 2183JCM 22289
Aspergillus candidusIAM 14474JCM 22997
Aspergillus candidusIAM 2174JCM 22285
Aspergillus carbonariusIAM 2017JCM 22225
Aspergillus carbonariusIAM 2045JCM 22242
Aspergillus cellulosaeIAM 2555JCM 22355
Aspergillus cervinusIAM 14545JCM 23005
Aspergillus cervinusIAM 2752JCM 22396
Aspergillus clavatusIAM 2002JCM 22217
Aspergillus clavatusIAM 2041JCM 22240
Aspergillus clavatusIAM 2535JCM 22345
Aspergillus conicusIAM 2945JCM 22420
Aspergillus fischeriIAM 2042JCM 22241
Aspergillus flavusIAM 12514JCM 22634
Aspergillus flavusIAM 2007JCM 22221
Aspergillus flavusIAM 2144JCM 22275
Aspergillus flavusIAM 2145JCM 22276
Aspergillus flavusIAM 2146JCM 22277
Aspergillus flavusIAM 2184JCM 22290
Aspergillus flavusIAM 2778JCM 22402
Aspergillus flavusIAM 2780JCM 22404
Aspergillus flavusIAM 2872JCM 22412
Aspergillus flavus var. flavusIAM 14467JCM 22990
Aspergillus flavus var. sojaeIAM 14470JCM 22993
Aspergillus foetidusIAM 2508JCM 22336
Aspergillus foetidus var. pallidusIAM 2397JCM 22326
Aspergillus fumigatusIAM 2004JCM 22218
Aspergillus fumigatusIAM 2034JCM 22236
Aspergillus fumigatusIAM 2046JCM 22243
Aspergillus fumigatusIAM 2176JCM 22286
Aspergillus fumigatusIAM 2530JCM 22342
Aspergillus fumigatusIAM 3006JCM 22436
Aspergillus inuiiIAM 2255JCM 22302
Aspergillus inuiiIAM 2256JCM 22303
Aspergillus inuiiIAM 2257JCM 22304
Aspergillus inuiiIAM 2263JCM 22305
Aspergillus inuiiIAM 2269JCM 22306
Aspergillus japonicusIAM 2016JCM 22224
Aspergillus japonicusIAM 2083JCM 22258
Aspergillus japonicusIAM 2113JCM 22272
Aspergillus japonicusIAM 2451JCM 22331
Aspergillus japonicus var. aculeatusIAM 13871JCM 22897
Aspergillus japonicus var. atrofuscusIAM 2480JCM 22332
Aspergillus japonicus var. viridiflavusIAM 2447JCM 22330
Aspergillus kanagawaensisIAM 2583JCM 22364
Aspergillus kawachiiIAM 2062JCM 22250
Aspergillus kawachiiIAM 2063JCM 22251
Aspergillus luteo-nigerIAM 2951JCM 22422
Aspergillus manginiiIAM 14099JCM 22954
Aspergillus manginiiIAM 2030JCM 22235
Aspergillus manginiiIAM 2917JCM 22416
Aspergillus manginiiIAM 2922JCM 22417
Aspergillus manginiiIAM 2979JCM 22431
Aspergillus melleusIAM 2064JCM 22252
Aspergillus melleusIAM 2066JCM 22253
Aspergillus minimusIAM 2539JCM 22346
Aspergillus miyokoensisIAM 2092JCM 22261
Aspergillus miyokoensisIAM 2562JCM 22358
Aspergillus nigerIAM 2106JCM 22266
Aspergillus nigerIAM 2111JCM 22270
Aspergillus nigerIAM 2158JCM 22282
Aspergillus nigerIAM 2533JCM 22343
Aspergillus nigerIAM 2534JCM 22344
Aspergillus nigerIAM 3008JCM 22437
Aspergillus nigerIAM 3009JCM 22438
Aspergillus nigerIAM 3010JCM 22439
Aspergillus niger var. awamoriIAM 13839JCM 22871
Aspergillus niger var. cinnamomeusIAM 2040JCM 22239
Aspergillus niger var. schiemanniIAM 2167JCM 22284
Aspergillus ochraceusIAM 2022JCM 22228
Aspergillus ochraceusIAM 2804JCM 22408
Aspergillus oryzaeIAM 2024JCM 22230
Aspergillus oryzaeIAM 2958JCM 22426
Aspergillus oryzaeIAM 2960JCM 22428
Aspergillus oryzae var. brunneusIAM 2152JCM 22279
Aspergillus oryzae var. brunneusIAM 2699JCM 22384
Aspergillus oryzae var. brunneusIAM 2727JCM 22392
Aspergillus oryzae var. microsporusIAM 2706JCM 22386
Aspergillus oryzae var. oryzaeIAM 14468JCM 22991
Aspergillus oryzae var. viridisIAM 2735JCM 22393
Aspergillus oryzae var. viridisIAM 2779JCM 22403
Aspergillus panamensisIAM 2966JCM 22429
Aspergillus parasiticusIAM 14469JCM 22992
Aspergillus parasiticusIAM 2150JCM 22278
Aspergillus parasiticusIAM 2551JCM 22354
Aspergillus penicillioidesIAM 12866JCM 22670
Aspergillus penicillioidesIAM 14334JCM 22961
Aspergillus penicillioidesIAM 14335JCM 22962
Aspergillus penicillioidesIAM 14336JCM 22963
Aspergillus penicillioidesIAM 14341JCM 22968
Aspergillus penicillioidesIAM 14344JCM 22971
Aspergillus penicillioidesIAM 14345JCM 22972
Aspergillus phoenicisIAM 2573JCM 22360
Aspergillus proliferansIAM 14095JCM 22950
Aspergillus puniceusIAM 13893JCM 22916
Aspergillus quercinusIAM 2021JCM 22227
Aspergillus repensIAM 2077JCM 22255
Aspergillus restrictusIAM 2008JCM 22222
Aspergillus rubrobrunneusIAM 14085JCM 22942
Aspergillus saitoiIAM 2210JCM 22299
Aspergillus saitoiIAM 2215JCM 22300
Aspergillus saitoiIAM 2234JCM 22301
Aspergillus saitoi var. kagoshimaensisIAM 2190JCM 22295
Aspergillus saitoi var. kagoshimaensisIAM 2191JCM 22296
Aspergillus saitoi var. kagoshimaensisIAM 2192JCM 22297
Aspergillus saitoi var. kagoshimaensisIAM 2193JCM 22298
Aspergillus sclerotiorumIAM 2053JCM 22246
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 12175JCM 22626
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 12176JCM 22627
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 2631JCM 22369
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 2664JCM 22373
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 2665JCM 22374
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 2668JCM 22376
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 2673JCM 22379
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 2674JCM 22380
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 2677JCM 22381
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 2703JCM 22385
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 2714JCM 22387
Aspergillus sojaeIAM 2718JCM 22388
Aspergillus sp.IAM 14475JCM 22998
Aspergillus sp.IAM 2935JCM 22419
Aspergillus sulphureusIAM 2543JCM 22349
Aspergillus sydowiiIAM 13906JCM 22929
Aspergillus sydowiiIAM 2009JCM 22223
Aspergillus sydowiiIAM 2078JCM 22256
Aspergillus sydowiiIAM 2514JCM 22338
Aspergillus sydowiiIAM 2544JCM 22350
Aspergillus tamariiIAM 14471JCM 22994
Aspergillus tamariiIAM 2156JCM 22281
Aspergillus tamariiIAM 2502JCM 22335
Aspergillus terreusIAM 2054JCM 22247
Aspergillus terreusIAM 2179JCM 22287
Aspergillus terreusIAM 3004JCM 22435
Aspergillus terreus var. baedijniiIAM 2026JCM 22232
Aspergillus terricola var. americanusIAM 2140JCM 22274
Aspergillus thomiiIAM 2759JCM 22398
Aspergillus umbrosusIAM 2828JCM 22411
Aspergillus usamiiIAM 14875JCM 23176
Aspergillus usamii var. shirousamiiIAM 2414JCM 22328
Aspergillus usamii var. shirousamiiIAM 2415JCM 22329
Aspergillus usamii var. shirousamiiIAM 2876JCM 22413
Aspergillus ustusIAM 14549JCM 23009
Aspergillus ustusIAM 2023JCM 22229
Aspergillus ustusIAM 2056JCM 22248
Aspergillus ustusIAM 2057JCM 22249
Aspergillus ustusIAM 2161JCM 22283
Aspergillus ustusIAM 2546JCM 22351
Aspergillus ustusIAM 2571JCM 22359
Aspergillus variansIAM 2547JCM 22352
Aspergillus versicolorIAM 2027JCM 22233
Aspergillus versicolorIAM 2080JCM 22257
Aspergillus violaceofuscusIAM 2481JCM 22333
Aspergillus wentiiIAM 13916JCM 22939
Aspergillus wentiiIAM 2180JCM 22288
Aspergillus wentiiIAM 2496JCM 22334
Aspergillus wentii var. minimusIAM 2933JCM 22418
Asterotremella albidaIAM 14908JCM 22213
Asterotremella albidaIAM 14909JCM 22214
Aureobasidium pullulansIAM 5060JCM 22445
Basipetospora chlamydosporisIAM 14769JCM 23157
Basipetospora chlamydosporisIAM 14783JCM 23158
Bionectria aureofulvaIAM 14567JCM 23025
Bionectria ochroleucaIAM 14569JCM 23027
Bionectria ochroleucaIAM 14570JCM 23028
Botryotinia fuckelianaIAM 5126JCM 22449
Botryotinia fuckelianaIAM 5127JCM 22450
Botryotinia fuckelianaIAM 5128JCM 22451
Brettanomyces bruxellensisIAM 04968JCM 21896
Byssochlamys fulvaIAM 14611JCM 23041
Byssochlamys verrucosaIAM 13423JCM 22713
Cadophora luteo-olivaceaIAM 14691JCM 23115
Candida boidiniiIAM 12872JCM 22053
Candida boidiniiIAM 12873JCM 22054
Candida boidiniiIAM 12874JCM 22055
Candida boidiniiIAM 12875JCM 22056
Candida boidiniiIAM 12876JCM 22057
Candida cariosilignicolaIAM 13159TJCM 22142T
Candida floricolaIAM 13116JCM 22137
Candida kefyrIAM 04857JCM 21874
Candida kefyrIAM 04880JCM 21878
Candida kefyrIAM 04925JCM 21882
Candida kruseiIAM 13495JCM 22166
Candida kruseiIAM 13497JCM 22168
Candida methanosorbosaIAM 12877JCM 22058
Candida robustaIAM 04178JCM 21857
Candida sonorensisIAM 12909JCM 22085
Candida sonorensisIAM 12910JCM 22086
Candida sorbosaIAM 13496JCM 22167
Candida succiphilaIAM 12485JCM 22007
Candida succiphilaIAM 12486JCM 22008
Candida succiphilaIAM 12487JCM 22009
Candida succiphilaIAM 12488JCM 22010
Candida succiphilaIAM 12490JCM 22012
Candida tropicalisIAM 04185JCM 21858
Candida tropicalisIAM 04225JCM 21862
Candida tropicalisIAM 12265JCM 21997
Candida utilisIAM 04220JCM 21861
Candida utilisIAM 12203JCM 21938
Candida validaIAM 04904JCM 21879
Candida validaIAM 04911JCM 21880
Candida validaIAM 04986JCM 21911
Cephaliophora irregularisIAM 14809JCM 23172
Cephaliophora muscicolaIAM 14638JCM 23065
Cephaliophora tropicaIAM 14810JCM 23173
Cercophora samalaIAM 14668JCM 23095
Chaetomium funicolaIAM 13491JCM 22733
Chaetomium globosumIAM 8059JCM 22615
Chromocleista cinnabarinaIAM 14712JCM 23131
Chromocleista cinnabarinaIAM 14713JCM 23132
Chromocleista malachiteaIAM 14523JCM 23000
Cladorrhinum samalaIAM 14668JCM 23095
Cladosporium cladosporioidesIAM 5059JCM 22444
Clonostachys compactiusculaIAM 14669JCM 23096
Colletotrichum nymphaeaeIAM 14670JCM 23097
Cryptococcus flavusIAM 12233JCM 21967
Cryptococcus laurentiiIAM 12264JCM 21996
Cylindrocarpon candidumIAM 14671JCM 23098
Cylindrocarpon candidumIAM 14727JCM 23137
Cylindrocarpon cylindroides var. tenueIAM 14672JCM 23099
Cylindrocarpon destructans var. destructansIAM 14673JCM 23100
Cystofilobasidium infirmominiatumIAM 13560JCM 22174
Debaryomyces hanseniiIAM 12209JCM 21944
Diatrype stigmaIAM 13149JCM 22703
Diatrype stigmaIAM 13150JCM 22704
Diatrype stigmaIAM 13151JCM 22705
Diatrype stigmaIAM 13152JCM 22706
Eleutherascus lectardiiIAM 13455JCM 22726
Eleutherascus tuberculatusIAM 13457JCM 22727
Emericella nidulansIAM 2006JCM 22220
Emericella nidulansIAM 2541JCM 22348
Emericella nidulans var. lataIAM 2155JCM 22280
Emericella nidulans var. nidulansIAM 14556JCM 23014
Emericella nidulans var. nidulansIAM 2067JCM 22254
Emericella quadrilineataIAM 13895JCM 22918
Emericella quadrilineataIAM 2048JCM 22244
Emericella rugulosaIAM 13900JCM 22923
Emericella rugulosaIAM 2763JCM 22400
Emericella sp.IAM 2527JCM 22341
Emericella unguisIAM 2581JCM 22362
Emericella variecolor var. variecolorIAM 2582JCM 22363
Emericella violaceaIAM 2790JCM 22406
Epichloe typhinaIAM 14676JCM 23103
Eupenicillium cinnamopurpureumIAM 13724JCM 22782
Eupenicillium cinnamopurpureumIAM 13725JCM 22783
Eupenicillium cinnamopurpureumIAM 13726JCM 22784
Eupenicillium cinnamopurpureumIAM 7025JCM 22512
Eupenicillium crustaceumIAM 13738JCM 22792
Eupenicillium crustaceumIAM 13739JCM 22793
Eupenicillium crustaceumIAM 13740JCM 22794
Eupenicillium hirayamaeIAM 13727JCM 22785
Eupenicillium hirayamaeIAM 13729JCM 22786
Eupenicillium javanicumIAM 13733JCM 22789
Eupenicillium javanicumIAM 13735JCM 22790
Eupenicillium ludwigiiIAM 13736JCM 22791
Eupenicillium pinetorumIAM 13730JCM 22787
Eupenicillium pinetorumIAM 13731JCM 22788
Eurotium amstelodamiIAM 14348JCM 22975
Eurotium amstelodamiIAM 2025JCM 22231
Eurotium amstelodamiIAM 2035JCM 22237
Eurotium amstelodamiIAM 2977JCM 22430
Eurotium chevalieriIAM 14088JCM 22945
Eurotium chevalieriIAM 14089JCM 22946
Eurotium chevalieriIAM 14617JCM 23047
Eurotium chevalieriIAM 14618JCM 23048
Eurotium chevalieriIAM 14619JCM 23049
Eurotium chevalieriIAM 14620JCM 23050
Eurotium chevalieriIAM 2001JCM 22216
Eurotium chevalieriIAM 2039JCM 22238
Eurotium chevalieri var. intermediumIAM 14091JCM 22948
Eurotium chevalieri var. intermediumIAM 14621JCM 23051
Eurotium cristatumIAM 14097JCM 22952
Eurotium cristatumIAM 14098JCM 22953
Eurotium echinulatumIAM 14092JCM 22949
Eurotium echinulatumIAM 2183JCM 22289
Eurotium intermediumIAM 14090JCM 22947
Eurotium mediumIAM 2915JCM 22415
Eurotium montevidenseIAM 14096JCM 22951
Eurotium pseudoglaucumIAM 2578JCM 22361
Eurotium repensIAM 14084JCM 22941
Eurotium repensIAM 14622JCM 23052
Eurotium repensIAM 14623JCM 23053
Eurotium repensIAM 14631JCM 23060
Eurotium repensIAM 14632JCM 23061
Eurotium repensIAM 14633JCM 23062
Eurotium repensIAM 14634JCM 23063
Eurotium repensIAM 2005JCM 22219
Eurotium repensIAM 2077JCM 22255
Eurotium repensIAM 2540JCM 22347
Eurotium rubrumIAM 13896JCM 22919
Eurotium rubrumIAM 13897JCM 22920
Eurotium rubrumIAM 13898JCM 22921
Eurotium rubrumIAM 14085JCM 22942
Eurotium rubrumIAM 14537JCM 23001
Eurotium rubrumIAM 14624JCM 23054
Eurotium rubrumIAM 2029JCM 22234
Eurotium rubrumIAM 2051JCM 22245
Eurotium rubrumIAM 2946JCM 22421
Eurotium tonophilumIAM 14612JCM 23042
Eurotium umbrosumIAM 14100JCM 22955
Eurotium umbrosumIAM 14625JCM 23055
Eurotium umbrosumIAM 2980JCM 22432
Exophiala jeanselmei var. jeanselmeiIAM 14677JCM 23104
Fennellia flavipesIAM 14472JCM 22995
Fennellia flavipesIAM 14473JCM 22996
Fennellia flavipesIAM 2523JCM 22340
Fulvia fulvaIAM 14962JCM 23190
Fusarium graminearumIAM 14959JCM 23187
Fusarium moniliformeIAM 5062JCM 22447
Fusarium proliferatumIAM 14680JCM 23105
Fusarium roseumIAM 5010JCM 22443
Fusarium subglutinansIAM 14682JCM 23106
Fusarium venenatumIAM 14960JCM 23188
Fusarium verticillioidesIAM 14683JCM 23107
Gabarnaudia betaeIAM 14684JCM 23108
Geosmithia lavendulaIAM 14563JCM 23021
Geosmithia namyslowskiiIAM 14577JCM 23031
Geosmithia putterilliiIAM 14564JCM 23022
Geotrichum capitatumIAM 04324JCM 21866
Graphostroma platystomaIAM 13144JCM 22698
Graphostroma platystomaIAM 13145JCM 22699
Graphostroma platystomaIAM 13146JCM 22700
Graphostroma platystomaIAM 13147JCM 22701
Graphostroma platystomaIAM 13148JCM 22702
Gymnoascus demonbreuniiIAM 13453JCM 22725
Hamigera striataIAM 14606JCM 23037
Hanseniaspora vineaeIAM 12954JCM 22093
Hemicarpenteles ornatusIAM 14615JCM 23045
Hemicarpenteles paradoxusIAM 14542JCM 23003
Hirsutella rhossiliensisIAM 14685JCM 23109
Hypocrea jecorinaIAM 14456JCM 22988
Hypocrea luteaIAM 14565JCM 23023
Hypocrea schweinitziiIAM 13097JCM 22675
Hypocrea schweiniziiIAM 14457JCM 22989
Hypoxylon fuscumIAM 13141JCM 22695
Hypoxylon fuscumIAM 13142JCM 22696
Hypoxylon howeanumIAM 13136JCM 22690
Hypoxylon howeanumIAM 13137JCM 22691
Hypoxylon howeanumIAM 13138JCM 22692
Hypoxylon howeanumIAM 13139JCM 22693
Hypoxylon hypomiltum var. hypomiltumIAM 13124JCM 22684
Hypoxylon hypomiltum var. microsporumIAM 13126JCM 22685
Hypoxylon truncatumIAM 13131JCM 22687
Hypoxylon truncatumIAM 13133JCM 22688
Hypoxylon truncatumIAM 13135JCM 22689
Issatchenkia occidentalisIAM 13496JCM 22167
Issatchenkia orientalisIAM 13495JCM 22166
Issatchenkia orientalisIAM 13497JCM 22168
Kloeckera apiculataIAM 04631JCM 21870
Kluyveromyces lactisIAM 12492JCM 22014
Kluyveromyces marxianusIAM 12491JCM 22013
Kluyveromyces marxianusIAM 12852JCM 22052
Lecanicillium aphanocladiiIAM 14667JCM 23094
Lecanicillium psalliotaeIAM 14706JCM 23128
Lecythophora mutabilisIAM 14686JCM 23110
Mariannaea camptosporaIAM 13436JCM 22721
Memnoniella echinataIAM 12151JCM 22618
Metschnikowia pulcherrimaIAM 12197JCM 21932
Mixia osmundaeIAM 14324JCM 22182
Mixia osmundaeIAM 14325JCM 22183
Mixia osmundaeIAM 14326JCM 22184
Mixia osmundaeIAM 14511JCM 22200
Monascus pilosusIAM 14767JCM 23155
Monascus pilosusIAM 8003JCM 22612
Monascus pilosusIAM 8006JCM 22613
Monascus purpureusIAM 12152JCM 22619
Monascus purpureusIAM 12154JCM 22621
Monascus purpureusIAM 8081JCM 22616
Monascus ruberIAM 12153JCM 22620
Monascus ruberIAM 14768JCM 23156
Monascus ruberIAM 8007JCM 22614
Mortierella ramanniana var. angulisporaIAM 14876JCM 23177
Mycoarachis inversaIAM 14639JCM 23066
Myrothecium verrucariaIAM 5063JCM 22448
Nectria cinnabarinaIAM 14568JCM 23026
Nectria inventaIAM 14705JCM 23127
Neocarpenteles acanthosporumIAM 14541JCM 23002
Neosartorya aureolaIAM 2511JCM 22337
Neosartorya fischeriIAM 2549JCM 22353
Neosartorya fischeri var. fischeriIAM 2042JCM 22241
Neotyphodium coenophialumIAM 14690JCM 23114
Neurospora crassaIAM 12164JCM 22625
Neurospora crassaIAM 12517JCM 22635
Neurospora sitophilaIAM 5502JCM 22453
Nommuraea atypicolaIAM 13438JCM 22722
Paecilomyces aerugineusIAM 14801JCM 23169
Paecilomyces farinosusIAM 14762JCM 23150
Paecilomyces isarioidesIAM 14763JCM 23151
Paecilomyces javanicusIAM 14805JCM 23170
Paecilomyces lilacinusIAM 7002JCM 22499
Paecilomyces marquandiiIAM 7015JCM 22506
Paecilomyces variotiiIAM 12157JCM 22622
Paecilomyces variotiiIAM 13425JCM 22715
Paecilomyces variotiiIAM 13426JCM 22716
Paecilomyces variotiiIAM 13427JCM 22717
Paecilomyces variotiiIAM 13428JCM 22718
Paecilomyces variotiiIAM 13429JCM 22719
Paecilomyces variotiiIAM 13430JCM 22720
Paecilomyces variotiiIAM 5001JCM 22440
Paecilomyces viridisIAM 14807JCM 23171
Penicilliopsis clavariiformisIAM 14603JCM 23034
Penicilliopsis clavariiformisIAM 14604JCM 23035
Penicilliopsis clavariiformisIAM 14605JCM 23036
Penicillium aculeatumIAM 7120JCM 22556
Penicillium arenicolaIAM 13822JCM 22859
Penicillium argillaceumIAM 14716JCM 23135
Penicillium aurantiogriseumIAM 13793JCM 22838
Penicillium aurantiogriseumIAM 13794JCM 22839
Penicillium aurantiogriseumIAM 7146JCM 22567
Penicillium bilaiaeIAM 13679JCM 22748
Penicillium bilaiaeIAM 13680JCM 22749
Penicillium brevicompactumIAM 13808JCM 22848
Penicillium brevicompactumIAM 13809JCM 22849
Penicillium brevicompactumIAM 13810JCM 22850
Penicillium brevicompactumIAM 7306JCM 22602
Penicillium camembertiIAM 13796JCM 22840
Penicillium camembertiIAM 13797JCM 22841
Penicillium canescensIAM 13693JCM 22758
Penicillium canescensIAM 13694JCM 22759
Penicillium canescensIAM 13695JCM 22760
Penicillium charlesiiIAM 13702JCM 22764
Penicillium charlesiiIAM 7278JCM 22594
Penicillium charlesiiIAM 7285JCM 22596
Penicillium charlesiiIAM 7287JCM 22597
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 13780JCM 22826
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 13781JCM 22827
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 13782JCM 22828
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 7114JCM 22552
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 7119JCM 22555
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 7123JCM 22557
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 7125JCM 22558
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 7127JCM 22559
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 7145JCM 22566
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 7176JCM 22575
Penicillium chrysogenumIAM 7320JCM 22609
Penicillium citreonigrumIAM 13685JCM 22752
Penicillium citreonigrumIAM 13686JCM 22753
Penicillium citreonigrumIAM 7107JCM 22549
Penicillium citreonigrumIAM 7113JCM 22551
Penicillium citreonigrumIAM 7118JCM 22554
Penicillium citreonigrumIAM 7131JCM 22560
Penicillium citreonigrumIAM 7133JCM 22561
Penicillium citreonigrumIAM 7135JCM 22563
Penicillium citreonigrumIAM 7138JCM 22564
Penicillium citrinumIAM 13716JCM 22776
Penicillium citrinumIAM 7003JCM 22500
Penicillium citrinumIAM 7011JCM 22504
Penicillium citrinumIAM 7019JCM 22508
Penicillium citrinumIAM 7024JCM 22511
Penicillium citrinumIAM 7032JCM 22517
Penicillium citrinumIAM 7036JCM 22519
Penicillium citrinumIAM 7316JCM 22607
Penicillium communeIAM 13802JCM 22845
Penicillium communeIAM 13804JCM 22846
Penicillium corylophilumIAM 13719JCM 22777
Penicillium corylophilumIAM 13720JCM 22778
Penicillium corylophilumIAM 7076JCM 22531
Penicillium corylophilumIAM 7080JCM 22533
Penicillium corylophilumIAM 7083JCM 22535
Penicillium corylophilumIAM 7088JCM 22537
Penicillium corylophilumIAM 7094JCM 22540
Penicillium crustosumIAM 13786JCM 22832
Penicillium crustosumIAM 7009JCM 22503
Penicillium crustosumIAM 7297JCM 22600
Penicillium crustosumIAM 7300JCM 22601
Penicillium cylindrosporumIAM 14717JCM 23136
Penicillium decumbensIAM 13688JCM 22754
Penicillium decumbensIAM 13689JCM 22755
Penicillium decumbensIAM 7260JCM 22592
Penicillium decumbensIAM 7275JCM 22593
Penicillium diversumIAM 7228JCM 22585
Penicillium duclauxiiIAM 13742JCM 22795
Penicillium duclauxiiIAM 14369JCM 22976
Penicillium echinulatumIAM 13791JCM 22836
Penicillium echinulatumIAM 13792JCM 22837
Penicillium emersoniiIAM 14566JCM 23024
Penicillium emmonsiiIAM 13772JCM 22820
Penicillium expansumIAM 13777JCM 22823
Penicillium expansumIAM 13779JCM 22825
Penicillium fellutanumIAM 13703JCM 22765
Penicillium fuscoflavumIAM 7196JCM 22580
Penicillium glabrumIAM 13661JCM 22734
Penicillium glabrumIAM 13662JCM 22735
Penicillium glabrumIAM 13663JCM 22736
Penicillium glabrumIAM 7082JCM 22534
Penicillium glabrumIAM 7090JCM 22538
Penicillium glabrumIAM 7093JCM 22539
Penicillium glabrumIAM 7097JCM 22542
Penicillium glabrumIAM 7102JCM 22545
Penicillium glandicolaIAM 13811JCM 22851
Penicillium glandicolaIAM 13812JCM 22852
Penicillium griseofulvumIAM 13801JCM 22844
Penicillium hirayamaeIAM 13727JCM 22785
Penicillium hirsutumIAM 13788JCM 22834
Penicillium hirsutumIAM 13789JCM 22835
Penicillium implicatumIAM 13675JCM 22745
Penicillium implicatumIAM 13676JCM 22746
Penicillium implicatumIAM 7236JCM 22586
Penicillium islandicumIAM 13759JCM 22809
Penicillium islandicumIAM 13760JCM 22810
Penicillium islandicumIAM 13761JCM 22811
Penicillium islandicumIAM 7021JCM 22509
Penicillium islandicumIAM 7029JCM 22515
Penicillium islandicumIAM 7040JCM 22520
Penicillium islandicumIAM 7046JCM 22522
Penicillium italicumIAM 13817JCM 22856
Penicillium janczewskiiIAM 13696JCM 22761
Penicillium janczewskiiIAM 13697JCM 22762
Penicillium janthinellumIAM 13690JCM 22756
Penicillium janthinellumIAM 13691JCM 22757
Penicillium janthinellumIAM 7018JCM 22507
Penicillium janthinellumIAM 7023JCM 22510
Penicillium janthinellumIAM 7026JCM 22513
Penicillium janthinellumIAM 7034JCM 22518
Penicillium janthinellumIAM 7158JCM 22570
Penicillium janthinellumIAM 7161JCM 22571
Penicillium janthinellumIAM 7164JCM 22572
Penicillium lilacinoechinulatumIAM 7071JCM 22529
Penicillium lividumIAM 13668JCM 22739
Penicillium lividumIAM 7191JCM 22578
Penicillium lividumIAM 7200JCM 22581
Penicillium ludwigiiIAM 13736JCM 22791
Penicillium meliniiIAM 13699JCM 22763
Penicillium meliniiIAM 7250JCM 22589
Penicillium meliniiIAM 7259JCM 22591
Penicillium miczynskiiIAM 13721JCM 22779
Penicillium miczynskiiIAM 13722JCM 22780
Penicillium miczynskiiIAM 13723JCM 22781
Penicillium miczynskiiIAM 7152JCM 22568
Penicillium minioluteumIAM 13745JCM 22798
Penicillium minioluteumIAM 13746JCM 22799
Penicillium minioluteumIAM 13747JCM 22800
Penicillium montanenseIAM 13677JCM 22747
Penicillium multicolorIAM 7153JCM 22569
Penicillium nalgiovenseIAM 7173JCM 22574
Penicillium notatumIAM 7168JCM 22573
Penicillium ochrochloronIAM 7116JCM 22553
Penicillium olsoniiIAM 13820JCM 22857
Penicillium olsoniiIAM 13821JCM 22858
Penicillium oxalicumIAM 13707JCM 22768
Penicillium oxalicumIAM 7224JCM 22584
Penicillium paxilliIAM 7103JCM 22546
Penicillium phialosporumIAM 13766JCM 22816
Penicillium pinophilumIAM 13748JCM 22801
Penicillium pinophilumIAM 13749JCM 22802
Penicillium pinophilumIAM 13750JCM 22803
Penicillium pinophilumIAM 14613JCM 23043
Penicillium purpurescensIAM 7028JCM 22514
Penicillium purpurescensIAM 7031JCM 22516
Penicillium purpurogenumIAM 13753JCM 22805
Penicillium purpurogenumIAM 13754JCM 22806
Penicillium purpurogenumIAM 13755JCM 22807
Penicillium purpurogenumIAM 15392JCM 23216
Penicillium purpurogenumIAM 7095JCM 22541
Penicillium purpurogenumIAM 7098JCM 22543
Penicillium purpurogenumIAM 7101JCM 22544
Penicillium purpurogenumIAM 7104JCM 22547
Penicillium purpurogenumIAM 7109JCM 22550
Penicillium raistrickiiIAM 13713JCM 22773
Penicillium raistrickiiIAM 13714JCM 22774
Penicillium raistrickiiIAM 13715JCM 22775
Penicillium restrictumIAM 13683JCM 22750
Penicillium restrictumIAM 13684JCM 22751
Penicillium roquefortiIAM 13798JCM 22842
Penicillium roquefortiIAM 13799JCM 22843
Penicillium roquefortiIAM 7241JCM 22587
Penicillium roquefortiIAM 7254JCM 22590
Penicillium roquefortiIAM 7292JCM 22598
Penicillium rugulosumIAM 13765JCM 22815
Penicillium rugulosumIAM 7179JCM 22576
Penicillium sclerotiorumIAM 13672JCM 22742
Penicillium sclerotiorumIAM 13673JCM 22743
Penicillium sclerotiorumIAM 13674JCM 22744
Penicillium sclerotiorumIAM 7001JCM 22498
Penicillium simplicissimumIAM 13710JCM 22770
Penicillium simplicissimumIAM 13711JCM 22771
Penicillium simplicissimumIAM 13712JCM 22772
Penicillium simplicissimumIAM 7070JCM 22528
Penicillium solitumIAM 13806JCM 22847
Penicillium sp.IAM 13752JCM 22804
Penicillium spinulosumIAM 13664JCM 22737
Penicillium spinulosumIAM 13665JCM 22738
Penicillium spinulosumIAM 7045JCM 22521
Penicillium spinulosumIAM 7047JCM 22523
Penicillium spinulosumIAM 7052JCM 22525
Penicillium spinulosumIAM 7054JCM 22526
Penicillium spinulosumIAM 7063JCM 22527
Penicillium spinulosumIAM 7180JCM 22577
Penicillium spinulosumIAM 7193JCM 22579
Penicillium steckiiIAM 7051JCM 22524
Penicillium sublateritiumIAM 7248JCM 22588
Penicillium thomiiIAM 13669JCM 22740
Penicillium thomiiIAM 13670JCM 22741
Penicillium thomiiIAM 7006JCM 22501
Penicillium thomiiIAM 7203JCM 22582
Penicillium thomiiIAM 7207JCM 22583
Penicillium variabileIAM 13762JCM 22812
Penicillium variabileIAM 13763JCM 22813
Penicillium variabileIAM 13764JCM 22814
Penicillium variansIAM 7084JCM 22536
Penicillium velutinumIAM 7310JCM 22604
Penicillium velutinumIAM 7315JCM 22606
Penicillium verrucosumIAM 13813JCM 22853
Penicillium verrucosumIAM 13814JCM 22854
Penicillium verrucosumIAM 13815JCM 22855
Penicillium verrucosumIAM 7284JCM 22595
Penicillium verruculosumIAM 13756JCM 22808
Penicillium verruculosumIAM 7073JCM 22530
Penicillium verruculosumIAM 7079JCM 22532
Penicillium vinaceumIAM 7143JCM 22565
Penicillium viridicatumIAM 13783JCM 22829
Penicillium viridicatumIAM 13784JCM 22830
Penicillium viridicatumIAM 13785JCM 22831
Penicillium vulpinumIAM 13743JCM 22796
Penicillium vulpinumIAM 13744JCM 22797
Penicillium waksmaniiIAM 13704JCM 22766
Penicillium waksmaniiIAM 13706JCM 22767
Penicillium waksmaniiIAM 7308JCM 22603
Penicillium waksmaniiIAM 7313JCM 22605
Petromyces alliaceusIAM 13825JCM 22862
Pichia angustaIAM 12898JCM 22074
Pichia anomalaIAM 04967JCM 21895
Pichia fabianiiIAM 04950JCM 21887
Pichia membranifaciensIAM 04904JCM 21879
Pichia membranifaciensIAM 04911JCM 21880
Pichia membranifaciensIAM 04986JCM 21911
Pichia methylivoraIAM 13159TJCM 22142T
Pichia minuta var. minutaIAM 12900JCM 22076
Pichia naganishiiIAM 12902TJCM 22078T
Pichia pastorisIAM 12267JCM 21999
Pichia philodendriIAM 12894TJCM 22070T
Pichia wickerhamiiIAM 12227TJCM 21961T
Plectosphaerella cucumerinaIAM 14692JCM 23116
Pochonia suchlasporia var. suchlasporiaIAM 14707JCM 23129
Preussia aemulansIAM 14571JCM 23029
Preussia aemulansIAM 14572JCM 23030
Preussia aemulansIAM 14730JCM 23140
Protomyces inouyeiIAM 14512JCM 22201
Protomyces macrosporusIAM 14489JCM 22191
Protomyces pachydermusIAM 14514JCM 22203
Rhizopus oryzaeIAM 14560JCM 23018
Rhizopus oryzaeIAM 14561JCM 23019
Rhizopus oryzaeIAM 6241JCM 22492
Rhizopus oryzaeIAM 6257JCM 22497
Rhodosporidium toruloidesIAM 13469JCM 22145
Rhodotorula mucilaginosaIAM 12983JCM 22118
Rhodotorula mucilaginosaIAM 12984JCM 22119
Rhodotorula mucilaginosaIAM 12987JCM 22122
Rhodotorula rubraIAM 12232JCM 21966
Rhodotorula sinensisIAM 13560JCM 22174
Rosellinia aquilaIAM 13143JCM 22697
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeIAM 04178JCM 21857
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeIAM 12238JCM 21972
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeIAM 12240JCM 21974
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeIAM 12242JCM 21976
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeIAM 12251JCM 21984
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeIAM 12252JCM 21985
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeIAM 12266JCM 21998
Saccharomyces unisporusIAM 12494JCM 22016
Saccharomycodes ludwigiiIAM 12243JCM 21977
Sagenoma virideIAM 14797JCM 23168
Sagenomella albaIAM 14788JCM 23159
Sagenomella bohemicaIAM 14789JCM 23160
Sagenomella diversisporaIAM 14695JCM 23119
Sagenomella diversisporaIAM 14790JCM 23161
Sagenomella diversisporaIAM 14791JCM 23162
Sagenomella griseoviridisIAM 14696JCM 23120
Sagenomella griseoviridisIAM 14792JCM 23163
Sagenomella griseoviridisIAM 14811JCM 23174
Sagenomella humicolaIAM 14793JCM 23164
Sagenomella oligosporaIAM 14764JCM 23152
Sagenomella oligosporaIAM 14765JCM 23153
Sagenomella oligosporaIAM 14766JCM 23154
Sagenomella sclerotialisIAM 14794JCM 23165
Sagenomella striatisporaIAM 14795JCM 23166
Sagenomella verticillataIAM 14796JCM 23167
Sakaguchia dacryoidesIAM 13562JCM 22176
Schizosaccharomyces pombeIAM 04863JCM 21876
Schizosaccharomyces pombeIAM 04879JCM 21877
Septofusidium herbarumIAM 14698JCM 23121
Simplicillium lamellicolaIAM 14701JCM 23124
Sporidiobolus salmonicolorIAM 12258JCM 21990
Sporidiobolus salmonicolorIAM 13473JCM 22149
Sporidiobolus salmonicolorIAM 13474JCM 22150
Talaromyces byssochlamydoidesIAM 13445JCM 22723
Talaromyces eburneusIAM 14455JCM 22987
Talaromyces emersoniiIAM 14566JCM 23024
Talaromyces flavus var. flavusIAM 13768JCM 22817
Talaromyces flavus var. flavusIAM 13769JCM 22818
Talaromyces flavus var. flavusIAM 13770JCM 22819
Talaromyces flavus var. flavusIAM 14614JCM 23044
Talaromyces luteusIAM 14714JCM 23133
Talaromyces luteusIAM 14715JCM 23134
Talaromyces stipitatusIAM 13772JCM 22820
Talaromyces wortmanniiIAM 13773JCM 22821
Talaromyces wortmanniiIAM 13774JCM 22822
Taphrina coerulescensIAM 14517JCM 22206
Taphrina coerulescensIAM 14910JCM 22215
Taphrina deformansIAM 14516JCM 22205
Taphrina flavorubraIAM 14518JCM 22207
Taphrina letiferaIAM 14494JCM 22193
Taphrina populinaIAM 14485JCM 22190
Taphrina pruniIAM 14498JCM 22196
Taphrina pruni-subcordataeIAM 14502JCM 22197
Taphrina robinsonianaIAM 14503JCM 22198
Taphrina ulmiIAM 14505JCM 22199
Taphrina virginicaIAM 14532JCM 22210
Taphrina wiesneriIAM 14515JCM 22204
Thermoascus crustaceusIAM 13447JCM 22724
Thielavia terrestrisIAM 14666JCM 23093
Thielaviopsis basicolaIAM 14958JCM 23186
Tolypocladium inflatumIAM 14699JCM 23122
Torulaspora delbrueckiiIAM 04188JCM 21859
Torulaspora delbrueckiiIAM 04952JCM 21888
Torulaspora delbrueckiiIAM 04953JCM 21889
Torulaspora delbrueckiiIAM 12241JCM 21975
Trichocoma paradoxaIAM 14601JCM 23032
Trichocoma paradoxaIAM 14602JCM 23033
Trichoderma aureovirideIAM 14953JCM 23184
Trichoderma ghanenseIAM 13109JCM 22678
Trichoderma longibrachiatumIAM 13107JCM 22677
Trichoderma polysporumIAM 14951JCM 23182
Trichoderma pseudokoningiiIAM 14952JCM 23183
Trichoderma reeseiIAM 13106JCM 22676
Trichoderma virensIAM 14950JCM 23181
Trichoderma virensIAM 5061JCM 22446
Trichothecium roseumIAM 14954JCM 23185
Uncinocarpus reesiiIAM 14751JCM 23141
Verticillium albo-atrumIAM 14961JCM 23189
Verticillium chlamydosporium var. chlamydosporiumIAM 14700JCM 23123
Verticillium insectorumIAM 14728JCM 23138
Verticillium lecaniiIAM 14702JCM 23125
Verticillium leptobactrumIAM 14703JCM 23126
Verticillium leptobactrumIAM 14729JCM 23139
Volutella cilliataIAM 14708JCM 23130
Wallrothiella subiculosaIAM 14694JCM 23118
Warcupiella spinulosaIAM 14616JCM 23046
Yarrowia lipolyticaIAM 04947JCM 21884
Yarrowia lipolyticaIAM 12188JCM 21924
Zygosaccharomyces rouxiiIAM 12879JCM 22060
Zygosaccharomyces rouxiiIAM 12880JCM 22061